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  1. All, Another new one for me. Just got the call from "LHI Care" (?). All my previous exams have been done at the VA hospital. The good. They are scheduling the C&P thirty minutes from my home. The place doing the exam is the same place where I had my rehab for my plantar fasciitis a few years back. The bad. I have never done a contracted exam before (so at least I will know what you Veterans are always talking about). The ugly. I am schedule for lower back, spine, shoulder/arm, esophagus and hiatal hernia. This place had no doctors, just physical therapists,
  2. I just had my PTSD C&P exam/evaluation and have a few AAR points and questions. This exam was for an increase to an existing rating. My LHI paperwork said "Appointment length up to: 90 minutes or more *exam length varies based on evidence that presents itself during the examination." My appointment took less than an hour and this includes the time I spent to fill out the following questionnaires: PCL-5 with Criterion A, Roche Inventory and Beck Anxiety Inventory. This was 5 pages of questionnaire that probably took me 10-12 minutes to complete. I took pictures of what I filled out so I
  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I got a call from a VA rep today scheduling me for an exam in relation to my claim I recently filed. All my past exams have been done at a private doctor. Does the VA actually do C&P exams also?
  4. What is advisable to do following the receipt of this letter of proposed reduction in disability rates? After 3 1/2 years and just visiting an outside, C&P doctor, (QTC Medical), I received a letter from the VA to reduce my 100% temporary disability. 3 1/2 years ago I underwent a radical prostatectomy, (surgery removing all they could find of prostate cancer). A week after visiting this outside doctor that the VA ordered, came this reduction letter. When I read the conditions under which the VA can reduce a disability it reads as follows: 1. The VA must determine whether
  5. Scene setter - Retired Navy vet who left service with 40% SC in 1981 - Degenerative joint disease - cervical spine 30%, Hypertension with mild renal insufficiency 10%, sinusitis 10%, bilateral hearing loss 0%. At this moment the individual is in a nursing home with severe dementia (does not always recognize his wife), has COVID19 (asymptomatic) and has diagnosed severe kidney insufficiency moderate to severe. I found out he had VA disability and after 2 months finally got the wife to ask the VA for what his disabilities are. She has POA for him in all matters. How do we get him evaluated
  6. I’m currently rated at 50% for ptsd and anxiety. This C&P exam is for a ratings increase, insomnia, drug abuse disorder, and IU 1. Diagnosis a. Does the veteran now have or has he ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder? [x]yes icd code: f43.8 if the the veteran currently has one or more mental disorders that conform to dsm-5 criteria, provide all diagnoses: #1 other specified trauma and stressor related disorder. Icd code f43.8 #2 cannabis use disorder, moderate icd code f12.12 2. differentiation of symptoms a. Does the veteran have more tha
  7. Welp, Just found out they closed my claim. Surprise surprise, nothing changed EXCEPT they reduced my GERD from 60% down to 10%! WHY and What the?! So apparently that random C&P without my knowledge played a significant part. So my questions are the following: 1. Should I reopen my claims or file an appeal? 2. How do I go about getting ALL of my C&P claim notes, especially whatever was said from this C&P without my knowledge? 3. Should I even attempt to ask for the much qualified for increase on other areas of my body, that have gotten worse, or fight this
  8. Hey Everyone, I wanted to post here to get some advice. I went to my latest C&P this past Friday May 17th, 2019 for an increase to my original condition of Lumbosacral strain as well as secondary NSAID induced GERD because of taking NSAIDS for years of treating the pain from my back and legs. Here are the issues that I had and am wondering should I submit an additional document to my claim to let the RO know of my concerns before they make a decision or should I wait for decision and then go for higher-level, supplemental, appeal road. Examiner did not use Goniometer to measur
  9. I recently (October 2018) made my first claim and was examined and rated @ 10% for Tinnitus. Immediately afterwards, I received a letter from the VA stating that they had made an appointment for me for back pain that was from a claim in March of 2000. (I left the USAF in January, 2000). This is the result of that C&P exam. I was also sent a letter about foot pain that I had claimed in 2000. I ended up filling out more paperwork to explain condition, and sending in medical records from private doctors. I believe that they combined the foot pain, and the back pain into one claim.
  10. During my military separation physical, I told the doctor that I had a injured left shoulder from weightlifting on the ship out to sea. It was the first and only time I mentioned it because I didn't want to be a burden at the time. That was back in May 2008. Since this time, I have always had pain in that shoulder that would come and go. But, fast forward to 2017 and my left shoulder has been in non-stop pain limiting me from doing many things people take for granted. During 2017 & 2018, I went to a pain doctor on three separate occasions for a steroid injection which helps temporarily and
  11. I have been rated 80% with TDIU since 2013. I recently attended my 5 year re-evaluation for PTSD. My exam results showed up on Myhealthyvet today, but I shouldn't get a decision until June or July according to VA.gov. I just wanted to know what you guys thought my rating "MAY" be based on this C&P. Of course, my PTSD and MDD are firing at max speed right now worrying about it. My concern is the part where the Dr says "Moderately Severe" PTSD and depression. I have heard stories about the raters pulling small words like that out and using them for a reason to reduce benefits.
  12. I am thinking 20, 20, 20. Anyone see anything else? Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No ACE and Evidence Review ---------------------- Indicate method used to obtain medical information to complete this document: [X] In-person examination Evidence Review -------------- Evidence reviewed (check all that apply): [X] VA e-folder (VBMS or Virtual VA) [X] CPRS [X] Other (please identify other evidence reviewed): JOINT L 1. Diagnosis ----------- D
  13. Newbie! So i had 3 C&P exams on Janurary 18th, back to back. General, audiology, and mental health. Yesterday I went to get copies of each one and my general wasn't available. After a few different phone calls I am being told that the doctor hasn't finished the notes of the exam and it is still being drafted. Mean while my exams for the other 2 have already been recieved. Tell me is this normal? The guy I spoke to was extremely rude and informed me that I was well aware that this process takes months or years, sure maybe the entire process from start to finish but months to typ
  14. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME MAKE SENSE OF THE RESULTS OF MY C&P EXAM FOR IU? LOCAL TITLE: COMP & PEN MENTAL HEALTH/PSYCHOLOGY EXAM STANDARD TITLE: PSYCHOLOGY C & P EXAMINATION CONSULT DATE OF NOTE: SEP 07, 2018@09:00 ENTRY DATE: SEP 10, 2018@13:29:26 AUTHOR: HILBORN,ROBERT S EXP COSIGNER: URGENCY: STATUS: COMPLETED Mental Disorders (other than PTSD and Eating Disorders) Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: Derick Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No SECT
  15. Hi everyone, So I thought I would see if I can get an answer on this. So I got out in October 2011 and had a C&P Exam 5 days later where I got denied on a SC Condition. I reopened the case last year in July, denied again because of no new evidence. This year, reopen the case again, no new evidence but given a c&p exam and was rated at 10% on it. Now, should the effective date be from my original C&P Exam where I got denied, or from 2017?
  16. Hi all; Long time reader/lurker during which I have received loads of good info! I thought i would ask a question of my own. I am going through a claim for IBS (3rd time), I am considered a Gulf War Veteran and I am trying to claim it under presumptive condition since it has already been diagnosed by the local VA hospital here in Virginia. Following my C&P exam, the VA wants some documentation about Gulf War Illness which I will provide, but I have noticed I have a mysterious second C&P scheduled at the local VA hospital? So far, I have not received any formal information in
  17. Hi, This afternoon I have my C&P exam for PTSD secondary to MST, with a contracted provider. I found out Friday evening after work. Fed Ex had delivered the paperwork earlier, but I didn't get a chance to see it until I got home from work. To say that I am nervous would be the understatement of the year. I am desperately trying to hold myself together. My digestive system is all out of whack. I did spend an hour on the phone last night with a wonderful person from a non VSO group. She is a Marine and has trauma history, so that made the connection pretty easy. She gave me a lot
  18. Hello. I went for my fibromyalgia C&P exam and just got the results from myhealthvet. It looks like it was several DBQ's including my back now. Can someone explain these results. I only see one error which is my pain is refractory to medicine. They have my pain is constant but then state NO to the refractory to medicine question. But anyways what do you guys think. IT IS LONG. Sorry. Attached & pasted MHV Fibro.docx CONFIDENTIAL Page 4 of 31
  19. Sort of Long I joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve in July of 1986, and received an honorable discharge in July of 1994. For approximately 45 days in early October of 1986 until late November of 1986, I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC with the Warehouse Unit (3051) for training (ACDUTRA). Several years after my separation from service in approximately 1993, I really began to experience the effects of consuming the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. My mood changed drastically and I began to have major panic attacks. At one point in 1995 I was even taken by ambu
  20. Hello Fellow Vets, I'll try to make this a quick an easy read. I joined the Navy in July 2008 and served 5 years of continuous duty. By the time I was out I had several issues that were not present at my join date and eventually filed a claim for my benefits. Upon departure from the Navy, I filed a claim and was denied benefits for headaches, depression, a left knee and right knee condition. When I received my decision packet, it stated that these conditions could be granted a rating if found service connection. When I met with the DAV representative, he stated that if I could have
  21. In recently received my C&P exam and here is a summary of the results. What do you believe my raiting would be? This was done using the DSM 5 standards.The examiner found that you do have a diagnosis of PTSD that meets the DSM V criteria. He also opined that your PTSD was at least as likely as not incurred in or caused by the claimed in service stressor event. It was also noted that your primary diagnosis is bi-polar Veterans Diagnosis: Depressed mood Anxiety Suspiciousness Chronic Sleep Impairment mild memory loss, such as forgetting names, directions or
  22. I finally received a hard copy of my recent C&P exam. I had to travel to the actual VAMC in DC to retrieve it even though I submitted a paper request about a month ago. Anyway, here are the results… Please tell me what you think my chances of receiving a favorable rating are. My claim was remanded back to the VARO by the BVA for further development and a C&P exam. Here are the results… ICD code: 309.28 (F43.23) Mental Disorder: Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood Under #3 Occupational and social impairment [X] Occupational and soc
  23. So I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had a C&P exam that they do not have to be at?? I did this past Thursday!!! I found out about it because for the past week the ebenifits site has not been working right for me. I cannot check my status or most information that is of a personal nature. I keep getting this error code. I reported it. Talked to a tech on the phone he took all the necessary information and said they would contact me via email. Well that was over a week ago. But I keep checking to see if they have fixed the problem. But they haven't! Anyway I called again an was ta
  24. Asked this question earlier -- please excuse if it has been answered somewhere in the archives -- my brother recently had his C&P Exam. Where can I get a copy of his Examination findings ? His MyhealteVet online does not have any records whatsoever. Do they come with the VA Rating Decision ?
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