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Found 9 results

  1. I was found to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) as a Medically Unexplained Chronic Multisymptom Illness (MUCMI) and was awarded a 40% evaluation in 2011. I suppose I was lucky in that respect knowing how many vets are denied this condition. However, a future exam completed in April 2016, found that my condition was due to "poor sleep quality" and "insomnia," which contraindicated the 2011 evaluation. The VA cannot terminate service connection (SC) based on a single exam, so I'm scheduled for a future exam in Oct 2017, and depending upon the outcome of that exam, the VA will either terminate or continue the SC for CFS. I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around how my CFS can be attributed to military service as a MUCMI, and then, not. The April 2016 examiner attributed the condition to "poor sleep quality" and "insomnia," which are symptoms of CFS. This begs the question; was the first examiner too incompetent to discern "poor sleep quality" and "insomnia" from unexplained etiology? While my condition has grown markedly worse over the years, the VA now claims my CFS has improved based on this recent examination. I, as the veteran dealing with CFS, know that is a patently ridiculous determination. The condition has not improved!!! When I reported to the Washington DC VAMC for my exam in April 2016, the physician greeted me by telling me there was no such thing as "Gulf War Illness". While the VA does not use that terminology, it is colloquially used to describe MUCMIs associated with the Gulf War - the phrase "Gulf War" being an adjective to delineate association with that war, and not the name of an illness or disease. The examiner seemed hell-bent on "correcting" the record based on his belief that there is no such thing as a MUCMI (he based on his analysis that I had no exposures to cause it and thus it must be caused by something else not associated with the Gulf War) - DUH!! - that's why it's unexplained. Pursuant to the November 30, 2015 update of M21-1, Part IV, Subpart ii, Section D, if you are diagnosed with CFS during the presumptive period (Aug 1990 - Dec 2016), and you were in a designated Gulf War location, and there is no known etiology explaining the symptomatology, then the condition is PRESUMED to be associated with military service. Additionally, M21-1, IV.ii.D.3 instructs the RVSRs to follow "normal procedures for reduction of benefits or severance of SC outlined in M21-1, Part 1, 2." and cites an example of a grant of compensation under 38 CFR 3.317 where one examiner granted SC for a MUCMI and a second attributed the condition to a "clinically diagnosed condition with a clear etiology." My interpretation of M21-1, IV.ii.D.3 is that there is no VA standard regarding MUCMI, but rather rests upon the opinion of the most recent examiner, regardless of previous opinions. Is "poor sleep quality" and "insomnia" a clear etiology? It reeks of a catch-all to me. While I expect to lose this portion of my benefits at the end of 2017, there is essentially nothing I can do about it in the interim. I know I can take the DBQ to my TRICARE doctor and ask her to complete it, but the burden is on me to convince her, a MD, that it's a MUCMI, and not co-morbid with some innocuous pan-etiology like "poor sleep quality." But I must wait for the VA to give me 60 days to lose the benefit before I can contest anything - at this time, the VA will argue I have nothing to contest since nothing has changed.
  2. Hey all, I've been a lurker here for about the last year, and finally decided to jump into the fray. I need some help finding a chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia specialist in northern illinois. I've been receiving treatment through the VA at Hines, but for purposes of disability, I believe my 3rd party company would rather have an outside doc to talk to. Additionally my PCP at Hines seems unwilling to do anything regarding disability. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Penelope

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] TDIU - Permanent and Total

    I retired from the Post Office 4 years ago due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It was a regular retirement. I left on my doctor's advice because I could not do the job and the stress was making my CFS worse. I filed for SSDI and that was granted for CFS, as well as other issues. Since that time, My rating of 60% disabled for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been in effect for more than 20 years and I am 63 years old. I think I should file for Permanent & Total and or TDIU, but am hesitant on doing so. I tried to write up the paper work today, but it is so difficult to relive that time in my life. I should also add that my VA doctor has written up letters over the 20 years with the same restrictions the entire time and stated that my disability and these restrictions were permanent and no endpoint was defined. I was accommodated in my position until about 2007. At that time, things changed and they no longer wished to accommodate me, as well as others. They didn't want anyone there that had any type of restriction. After more than 17 years in a bid and being accommodated for that long, the bid was abolished and it took more than 3 years to get a bid and an accomodation. In that accomodation, I was told it was an accommodation of last resort and could be changed at any time. They also abolished the occupational code, so I took a bid that I thought I had a chance that I could do. It turned out that I was unable to do the bid and realized that I would have to start the whole process over again to find a job I could do and get accommodated. That is why I retired. I feel paralyzed and am not sure if filing this is the right thing to do or if I should just keep the 60% and let the rest lie. I cannot risk my 60% rating. My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and restrictions are what lead to my retirement. SSDI decision addressed the fact that I can no longer even do sedentary work. The stress of even thinking about and following through on another VA claim is taking its toll. I think that is why I have waffled on making this decision. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  4. I recently joined the forum though I've been reading it for awhile but was afraid to join before my claim was approved. I got a call from the local VA office the day after Thanksgiving and was told that my claim was done and I'd be getting a large deposit into my bank account. This was from my initial claim from 2009 for CFS which was approved at the BVA. I did hire a lawyer but didn't think I had much chance of even getting service connected due to the length of time I'd been out of service and the issue - CFS related to vaccines I was given for my laboratory research position while in service. I did have a nexus letter from a private doctor and two letters that my VA neurologist wrote (for private disability) that said I could only work 3-4 hours per day due to my cfs. My C and P was very favorable also. The C and P dr had done her homework, reading my files and the statement for TDIU that I'd sent to the lawyer days before the C and P exam. She even did the correct dbq (for CFS) when the paperwork requested the wrong infectious disease dbq. Just wanted to share my story of a successful claim to give others hope for positive outcomes too. Tracy
  5. So I went to my local Va and filed a 21-456EZ form for: Tinnitus Insomia memory problems Fibro(gulf war) Cfs(gulf war) Gastrointestinal disorders,hiatal hernia(gulf war) sleep disorders anxiety shingles/rashes and a few other things in my record I was honorably discharged from the USMC in 96 was dealing with this stuff then but, right or wrong I just dealt with it. I mean if I could get up and put my boots on in the morning and go to work thats's what I did. Only now it's taking longer to get going in the morning and so with the urging of my wife and fellow vets I went and filed. They took down my info and sent the form off. Also told my to go get a gulf war registry exam, which I am still waiting on. He didn't ask for med. records, x-rays, DBQ or anything. I told him about my PSTD symtoms and he put down anxiety. I'm just wondering what I'm in for and what to do next. So any advice , info, or help you guys can send my way is much appreciated. Semper Fi, Gadevildog
  6. I need some HELP. First off I am already 70%. PTSD 50% Fibromyalgia 40% Tinnitus 10% I do not know how to file my claim and need guidance. I do not want my conditions to be lumped together as one. Ok here is what I have medical diagnosis for and being treated for since getting out of the service 15 years ago. I show the diarrhea in my military records but not the migraines or chronic fatigue. But I did file a claim for migraines immediately when I left the military and also started receiving treatment from the VA for the headaches/migraines. The claim was denied. lol. go figure. 1. IBS. Being treated with medications Simeticone and one more I can't remember. 2. Migraines. Being treated with Topamax and Sumatriptan. 3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - I was just diagnosed with this overlapping my fibromyalgia last week by a doctor who is not associated with the VA. The doctor is a specialist in Rheumatology. I know these are all under the CMI (chronic multi illness)conditions of the Gulf War and would be a considered a diagnosed condition instead of a presumptive condition. But would the VA try lumping them together or overlapping them? How do I file them? Should I file them individually and wait for them to come back or all at once? So who want's to help here.
  7. Hi, I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. As always, thanks to all the Elders and everyone who make this place possible! I have to submit my NOD by June 18th, 2014 - soon, I know. I'm hoping Berta, Carlie, Bronco Vet and/or the others can weight in on how/whether to file my NOD. First, do I have a legitimate NOD for either or both: My OSA rating being combined with other ratings, when OSA is supposed to stand on its own? Seeking a 60% rating for CFS because the decision letter cites "no compensable symptoms"? Regarding CFS, my symptoms rise to the 60% level, as they stand all on their own. So, am I missing something here? In other words, does the CFS being secondary to OSA neturalize the 60% rating, rendering that condition a 0% rating? I am puzzled; however, NOT SURPRISED if this a V.A. overisght - in their favor of course. Decision Letter of June 18, 2013: I TRIED UPLOADING MY LETTER; but, it was 11MB. T-bird is there anyway I can post it? I will e-mail it to those who can help, if not. With appreciation, PJ
  8. I have a C&P exam in the next few weeks for CFS and IBS. What do I need to prove for CFS and IBS? I am a veteran of SW Asia. I have it documented of chronic mononucleosis while in the service and out of the service. I am not sure if IBS was documented in the service. I have heard that some of these are presumptive for GWI. Can someone give me some guidance with these.
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