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Found 15 results

  1. Good afternoon. I am waiting on my supplemental claim results from the VA. Nothing has updated in e-Benefits and on va.gov it the status shows that the VA has made a decision (under the status tab) and under the issues tab it says "currently on review - compensation issue". Has anyone seen this and know what it means? Many thanks! Heather
  2. I have a question that I have not been able to get an answer to from anyone. I am 30% service connected for Knee that had a total knee replacement in Dec 2015, I received 13 months temp 100% and than received my 30% for the knee. Knee never worked right and Dr recommended a revision of the total knee replacement done in 2015. Had revision done to my previously totally replaced knee on 25 July 2017, surgical notes list surgery as revision left total knee arthroplasty. Surgeon had to completely remove and replace all prosthetics and components from previous knee replacement, plus added some more
  3. I appealed for an earlier date for PTSD and Individual Unemployability. I received my 100% December 10, 2010, and appealed to the date I originally applied for benefits (November 2007). I just received the Order approving both but the Order states "It is granted, subject to controlling regulations governing the payment of monetary awards". Does this mean that I get no back pay - as I didn't receive any back pay - just got the approval from Veterans Law Judge, Board of Appeals. Should I appeal the fact that I received no back pay? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Improper handling of 1999 VA Compensation Claim I will do my best to present this in a short and respectful manner. I will do my best to truthfully represent all facts and evidence as it was presented in 1999 VA Claim. It is therefore I am seeking help in identifying any missing documents, missing evidence, non compliance of VA Regulations, etc... I will post the photo copies of the record on my C-file which I received in 2015. I will present the Claim as it was filed through the local VSO in Farmerville, Louisiana County/Parish: Union Subject: VA Compensation Claim
  5. My claim was put in 2 months after being released from the vamc hospital after being inpatient for 5 days due to my iron deficiency anemia going to 7.3 hemoglobin levels , I was dizzy , shortness of breath , fatigued, and tachycardia. I could not even hold my head up. I received 2 blood transfusions my level was 9.8 when i left the hospital, I was anemic in the service but when I got my denial letter it said something funny. " Service Connection denied because the medical record fails to show that this disability has been clinically diagnosed. The evidence does not show a current diagnos
  6. Hello, i had traumatic event happen before i was in the military . i never had symptoms of PTSD until about 9 months before i was to get out. would this be covered if i received care while in the military?? and didn't have any trauma while in.
  7. Thursday, I spoke with my American Legion representative at the Houston VARO to check on my status. I usually do it once a month to see how things are percolating. He said that as of October 29th, my file had moved to "Special Ops", and he noted that it was probably because my claim was on of the ones that is over two years old. Anybody had their claim moved over to that section in the past? If so, does it mean a good thing? Or just another delay? I'm still in Gathering Dust stage on eBenefits, but still patiently watching the paint dry. Good luck to all of you, and happy Vetera
  8. Well, ePeggy updated today and now shows that my completion date went from January 28, 2013 to July 15, 2012. I guess since we are having fictional completion dates, I will also make up a fictional rating. Therefore, I rate myself 100% with no future appointments. I wonder if they will buy that? Btw, since eBenefits started displaying the estimated completion dates, this is now my third version. My first estimated completion was October 30, 2012, and I was disheartened a bit when it was bumped back to January, 2013. Now I'm just finding the whole process hilarious. Can I get rated for
  9. SOOOOOO.......I pretty much gave up on checking my ebenefits account for any movement on my claim status. Actually I called the 800 number for the VA trying to get some info on what was going on with my GI bill since they decided to move it from one office to another and didin't "know where it was" haha. Anyway, so I go through and to my surprise 2 things happened I never expected: They not only found my Education file but they put a rush on it and my back pay will be coming through next week, ANNNDD there was a note attached to my medical claim saying something along the lines of should be
  10. I have a claim in for serveral disabilities. I'm on step 5 ( I think that's preparation for decision). Not taking this serious but I know some of you are really good at this by now so if anyone would like to take a crack at what you think my rating will be I'm interested in hearing it! here is a list of my disabilities that are on ebenefits: 1. Sleep apnea w/CPAP (sleep study on file) (New), Had the CPAP almost 2 years now, did 3 sleep studies to get it. 2. Bilateral heel spurs (New), (Dr.s while I was active duty said they were freakin huge, same with the VA doc) 3. Bilateral a
  11. This morning I noticed that the upgrades the VA performed on ePeggy this weekend added a "What Did We Not Receive?" section on my compensation claim status screen. I'm glad that they added this, but wish they were clear as to exactly what requested information was not received. For instance, one line says, "Medical evidence from private provider", but I have no idea what piece of paper, examination, lab result, doctor, date or anything that they are talking about. Anybody else notice this new screen? Or has it been there all along, and I just never received it before? Have a great morni
  12. How's it going everyone? I am currently on Active Duty in the Navy, and going through the long process of a MEB. I have a few questions based on a service connected disability in my left eye. In Sept. 2011, after arriving home from deployment, my son had accidently poked me in my eye with a plastic sandbox shovel, in turn cutting my cornea up. Long story short, the cornea didnt heal properly with bandage lenses. In Feburary 2012, the cornea had opened back up, and the Navy had sent me to a Civilian Opthomoligist in town. From there the doctor performed a PRK surgery, removing the cornea to
  13. Wouldn't it be great if they forced the VA to increase a veteran's rating 1% for each month that the VA took to process a claim after their magical 125 Day response time. 1% might not sound like much, but even under the VA's mysterious rating system, added up, it would definitely make a difference. Plus, it would compel the VA to process claims much more effeciently, knowing there is a 1% penalty per month hanging over their heads. I know it'll never happen, but I had an extra strong cup of coffee this morning, so my brain is in overdrive. Good morning, y'all. Mark
  14. Filed a compensation claim for (adjustment disorder with depressed mood (now claimed as bipolar condition) (Increase), unemployability ) On 12/17/2010. Currently rated at a 70% combined SC. Had C&P done Oct 2011. All Medical Evidence including C&P has been submitted according to "Peggy". Ebenefits shows "Gathering of Evidence" and "What we still need from you". Spoke with REP at the 1000 number several weeks ago and he claimed 13 months was extremely long to be in Gathering stage. This is a pretty simple cut and dry. 2 questions: 1) Is ebennies accurate? 2) Is 13 months an inordinat
  15. Hello everyone. I am a brand new member (See introduction in that section) and I am wondering the same thing that most people probably do when they first start this process. That is how much will I get? While I understand that every case is different and nobody can tell for certain what ratings I will or will not get, I was hoping that some of you that have been through the process already would be able to give me an estimate based upon the information that I provide. I have read through the regulations, these forums and others and I have also studied the VASRD thoroughly. The best estimate
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