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Found 4 results

  1. If I'm granted say 3 months of 100% convalescence pay does that preclude me from working any job? Can I work part time in a job other than my original one? Also, if I return to work earlier than planned do I need to do anything like notify the VA?
  2. How long to you have to file for temporary 100% convalescence for surgery on a service-connected condition? I asked a VSO this question and he said I can file retroactively. so I put in a claim for surgery that was done in 2010. But since, I have heard, and read a BVA case, where you only have a year to file. I need to know whether or not to withdraw the claim. The VA is scheduling me for knee exam that is being scheduled that I believe is unnecessary. I am sure it is being scheduled because of my request for retroactive pay, however I already had a knee exam on 21 April 2016 as part of a re-evaluation exam.. The 2016 exam should be sufficient to determine my level of recovery from my 2010 surgery and it says "no future exams are required". It seems like a new exam is a waste of time and money, so how do I cancel it? Is this a sign I might get retroactive pay and I should go to the exam, or should I just contact the VA about cancelling the claim and the exam? Since I am over 55 and I've had the knee condition for more than 5 years, I think it would be rather difficult for VA to reduce my rating, but I wouldn't put it past them to try. I almost feel like this is a form of harassment for filing 3 CUEs this year. Thanks for your advice.
  3. Okay I know that you CAN get the 100% temp conv. for a s/c disability if you have surgery BUT can you get 100% temporary convalescence for a surgery to a condition that is NOT S/C ? My surgery was on my right foot fracture AND the fracture was due to my left ankle giving out and that left ankle is S/C. I have a good letter from my VA doctor stating the left ankle is the reason why I had the injury to my right foot and the reason why I had surgery. I have been NWB going on two months now and still have another month of NWB to go..... Has anyone ever heard of this before??????
  4. Is a temporary convalescence leave paid at the 100% rate considered the same as SMC(s-1), which according to what I'm looking at was awarded for 2.5 months and then discontinued? There's a story with this, but I think that's the root question. I thought convalescence at temporary 100% and SMC (s) were separate animals but maybe I'm wrong. At the time of convalescence for S/C hernia repair surgery, my husband was rated at 90% and was paid at the 100% rate for 30 days of convalescence and nothing additional above that for SMC (s). And to make things more interesting, the RO supposedly made this award in a rating decision dated October 6, 2014. My husband was rated 30% on that date for IHD presumptive to AO, but by that time was already 100% P&T as a result of subsequent appeals and retroactive awards, and there is no mention of SMC(s-1) anywhere in the October 2014 rating decision. This was all found under the "Additional Benefits" section of Ebenefits. According to that, he received 2.5 months of SMC(s-1) 5/14/04 -8/1/04. He was only on convalescence leave from his job at the time under FMLA for 30 days, not 2 1/2 months. I have everything on file and there's no mention of SMC(s-1) in either 2004 or 2014 from the RO. Am I wrong about temporary 100% for convalescence and SMC(s-1) being two different things? Is this a an error merely of record with no real consequence, or are we leaving money on the table that belongs to my husband? That's what I'm trying to figure out, thanks!
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