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Found 7 results

  1. Got a letter regarding my deferred neck claim from recent exam. QTC has to send my file to another MD to review and fill out the DBQ based on last exam I had (which was only a few weeks ago). I assume this could be due to the person who did my exam was not qualified to complete that specific DBQ? This is a new one for me lol
  2. Hello everyone, So my story is that I filed for an increase, ended up getting reduced from 50 to 30. Overall rating wasn't effected. I filed a supplemental with a DBQ from my private doctor so now I have an upcoming CP exam with QTC. I have read that some people on the forums say " tell them about all your mental health issues (PTSD, anxiety, etc..). However, I am only S/C for depression secondary to tinnitus. So should I just only talk about depression? For my last exam in May I elaborated on all my mental health issues and it got me reduced. Thanks
  3. I recently had a cp exam for two things. One, I have a note of in service complaint of the issue, complaining of the same issue at the VA and current diagnosis of the problem. The examiner said less likely than not service connected and due to having babies.......yep, started in service after birth of second child. Two, I have note of in service and never had another problem with ever again. I never went to the doctor for it once in 20 years plus since getting out, she service connected me for it.......only thing I can figure is that One is rated at 60% and Two is 10 or 20%. I was rated for my mental health for one note, one visit, no diagnosis in service. I am not sure why this is any different? I was shamed when I brought it up by the corpsman and the doctor at my annual and told to suck it up and wear a pad (bladder stress incontinence) and I was 22. I was embarrassed as hell, I had circled it in the questionnaire and told them and they blew me off. I didn't bring it up again until 10 years later at the VA and the gyn told me to lose 10 lbs and it would go away (wasn't overweight then or ever). Finally, last year I brought it up to my pcp because let's face it those damn pads are expensive and I am now 45 and between the stress incontinence itself and the fact that I puke regularly from my migraines (sc) he sent me to a urologist who said it has nothing to do with my weight and most definitely did start in service (in my va notes, not that it matters) but how can this quack cp nurse say it isn't sc because I waited 21 years and it is from having babies in one breath.........then say my sinus infections are sc but I don't even have them anymore? Seriously, I do not understand their rationale on this at all.
  4. I thought the rule for service connection was note of the condition in service as well as current diagnosis? So, here is my situation. While on active duty I had bladder incontinence, I was young. It was embarassing. I finally brought it up during my annual physical because it was one of the questions asked. I circled yes to leaking urine when laughing, sneezing, etc. When the corpsman read over my form, he and the doctor both laughed and told me to wear a sanitary pad and that was that. I was on a ship and quite frankly we all knew better than to let medical things that could be embarrassing get spread around. I dealt with it for many years and finally had the courage to bring it up again with my VA gyn about 10 years later, she suggested oh, lose 10 lbs and it will go away. (I wasn't nor have I ever been overweight). Discouraged and again humiliated I let it go and continued to wear pads. Last year I got the courage up to ask my primary care physician to order my incontinence items for me because they are quite expensive and I am rated high enough that I have no copays for prescriptions. He immediately sent me to urology. The urologist not only ordered me the pads/briefs but also noted that it started after the birth of my second child while I was on AD. I also found the note in my AD service records. I never put in a claim for this. I finally put in a claim and had my cp exam. The examiner was a NP and she never examined me but went off only what I said and my records. She did check all the boxes that if she had service connected it would rate me at 60% easily for this condition. She noted that it had been 21 years since I had gotten out, not sure why that would be relevant? What does that have to do with anything? If I have note of the condition in service, another from approximately 8 years ago at the VA and still currently from a urologist why would she then say less likely than not service connected? She is saying it is from child birth.........I gave birth to children during active duty. I even submitted that page of my medical record to her. I would love advice on how to fight this claim before it is decided if possible. This would be a 60% rating.
  5. Folks: Recently, I spoke about a Cardiac Exam and Ear Exam that were done improperly than later to find major medical problems existed. The Cardiac CP Exam was completed by a local contracted Doctor whom is listed as a local "Family Practitioner"? The main issue is that none of the information on the Cardiac pre-exam sheet that I was required to fill out was ever used? I would have thought that I would have at least been sent to a Cardiologist whom is a specialist in such things? Anyway, the final outcome was a lowball rating of 10% for Hypertensive Heart Disease? Unfortunately, that diagnosis disagrees with another diagnosis done in the Army 15 years ago which painted an entirely difference picture of advanced heart disease? Anyway, I had a Shoulder CP exam 2 years ago and challenged the results when I noticed most of the key information was absent? As a result, it was not used and that contention was put in limbo for a couple of years and is being reviewed tomorrow. It appears that the Nurse Practitioner who did it has been removed from CP exam duties now? Anyway, when I received the new shoulder exam sheet this week, I knew something was familiar? I noticed that it was the same contracted family doctor that did my previous Cardiac Exam, is now going to do my Shoulder exam? Anyway, I've been struggling with the idea of asking this same doctor since he's the same one for my Cardiac CP, "to ask why none of the Cardiac pre-exam paperwork comments" was ever used in my Cardiac rating decision? Especially, when the A8 letter expressly says,"veteran denies, fatigue, chest pains, weakness, right arm & neck pain, shortness of breath" it was the exact opposite of what I said in the pre-exam and is covered in my records"? I later learned that any one of those symptoms would have increased the rating, but that "all" of them were left off which really bothers me? As a result, I've ordered a C-file FOIA to see if the cardiac pre-exam sheet that I filled is there and to use it for my future NOD? Currently, I'm filling out a similar pre-exam paperwork for my pending shoulder CP exam but from pervious experience, I know that it's probably not going to be considered anyway for my contention which really disappoints me. I still don't understand why critical disability related information such as this can be selectively just left off if it is clearly consider "evidence"? Frankly, it's probably best not to say anything about the previous Cardiac CP exam to this doctor because he may not take it correctly and may effect my rating in a negative way?
  6. I went to my second C&P Exam for my knees. The first exam about 9 months ago went well and normal based on the board stories. The doctor measure my ROM while I was sitting in a chair. No big deal I just move it forward to I feel pain. Well today exam I expected the same thing. During the exam, instead of sitting down measuring my range of motion I was told to lay down on the table. The doctor had me move my leg by bending and measuring that way. I thought it was very strange for ROM measurement. Has anyone else experience a measurement for ROM on legs while laying down vs in a chair/sitting up? Concerns.....
  7. Folks: Does anyone know of a doctor that specializes in Explosion or more specifically Blast/Wave related diagnosis and injuries? One of the problems that I'm facing is that I got to CP exams for "Residuals of Explosions" and none of the doctors have a clue to either diagnose or treat such injuries and it's frustrating. Frankly, since OEF/OIF there should be plenty of doctors that have seen these conditions. So, if anyone has come across anyone in the medical community that treats this, please let me know or best, please provide the contact information if you have someone that can help.....
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