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Found 11 results

  1. Hello had a few questions. Husband was made 100% p&t Aug 2017 but he has been medically retired since Jan 2013 and been collecting Va and CRSC since then. Well today we logged in and it now says retirement pay adjustment AEW dtd it’s in status under review. What all does that mean? Thank you everyone for your service.
  2. Hello everyone, I served in OIF at the onset of the war from 3/2003 - 4/2004 as a front line medic.I also did a tour in 2008. I am currently 70% PTSD/Major Depression, 20% Cervical Radiculopathy and receiving 100% IU P & T as of 5/2013 but have been receiving 100% IU for my PTSD since 2/2010 . I also receive 80% CRSC for both of those conditions since 2013. I was denied service connection for asthma/COPD and Sleep Apnea. Since 2013 new information, and I assume evidence, has come out to establish burn pits as a cause for COPD and that sleep apnea can be a secondary condition to PTSD. My question is 1. Should I attempt to get these two conditions service connected with the goal of a 100% scheduler rating rather than IU or will that most likely adversely effect what I have now? 2. Is sleep apnea secondary to PTSD and COPD linked to burn pits, combat related? So I can keep my CRSC or possibly get it increased?
  3. Hello Hadit, It has been about a year since my last post here. I am trying to find out if I am entitled to CRSC and if it is based on what the VA says the rating is for? Looking over my award letter I only see one thing that mentions a hazardous zone. Should I submit all of them anyway or just the migraine would apply? I am also not sure how the pay works for CRSC also. I know the formula is complicated.
  4. Good afternoon all, I'm new to the forum. I am 100% service connected combat veteran who received 30% for PTSD. Under the USC 1115 it states that I can receive $376 for my 30% rating for special compensation pay. Do I apply for this or is this paid under CRSC? Thank you in advance.
  5. I already get CRSC- 30%, recently the VA upped it to 70%. I think I'll be getting too much VA money to keep getting CRSC, and I will get back pay from the VA. I am worried that I'll will incur a debt to the CRSC program for getting money I wasn't entitled to
  6. 12-B-mbrews


    I already get CRSC- 30%, recently the VA upped it to 70%. I think I'll be getting too much VA money to keep getting CRSC, and I will get back pay from the VA. I am worried that I'll will incur a debt to the CRSC program for getting money I wasn't entitled to
  7. Folks, Hello. I have been medically retired now for 2 years. I have been paid CRSC for those two years. As my appeals keep getting approved by the VA, My CRSC keeps being adjusted. My final appeal has just been approved, and I am at 100%. My last approval from the VA informed me the VA is calculating my CRSC. In 4 boxes on the award and payment start date section it says: Combat Related Special Compensation adjustment. I have only ever worked with the US HRC at Ft Knox when dealing with CRSC. What would be the reason that the VA is doing this? I fully understand what happens between retired pay, VA compensation and the offset of CRSC regarding all pay concerned. I called DFAS, and they informed me that they Pay CRSC. I try to tell them that I understood, and why is the VA trying to pay that to me. I asked her why DFAS did not send a letter to explain the previous CRSC adjustment. She informed me that no actions were taken by DFAS to adjust the entitlement. I then asked her why my CRSC increased by $200, and she could not tell me. I called the VA, and they told me that they do not do CRSC, and to call DFAS. Has anyone seen this before? What do I do beside make my VSO pull the rest of his hair out?
  8. So I'm new, been searching everywhere and it seems most relevant information is on a case by case information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My situation: Currently active duty less than 4 years of service. In the early stages of getting MEB, package hasn't been sent off yet. In past year there was incident on duty out at sea shots fired, and a death, i wasnt physically harmed but did develop PTSD and depression. The base doc sent me to the VA to get an assessment, VA initally said 30% confirmed PTSD, now in process of discharging me due to PTSD( over 6 months now), im fine with that. My life is completely different or at least I am. I think VA doc said 30% for like longterm but there is absolutely no way I can function at work. My questions: 1.If being medboarded out for PTSD is it an automatic 50% 2.Since my disability is directly related to duty and i would say probably (armed conflict?) would I qualify for CRSC, I'm in CG so not sure how that affects anything. 3. Since my situation is pretty clear cut should i worry about the military trying to lowball me at PEB, should i get a lawyer or is JAG sufficent. Im sure I have plenty of other questions just wanted to learn as much a possible before it happens. I'm messed up, my marriage is struggling due to me being a wreck, I just want what Im entilted to.
  9. Folks I just finished my fight with the va so I figured this would be as good a time as any to turn the focus on the dfas and military retirement system. They've set up this strange and incomprehensible math that supposedly grants them the permission to pay out only a fraction of what disabled young vets are entitled to and I think it's time we discussed just how accurate and just this math is. Correct me if I'm wrong but if a young marine sgt. Medically retires from combat wounds after 5 years, the med board first robs him by low balling his percentage as much as possible with a kangaroo court in which he represents himself without the benefit of any real knowledge of what is owed him, not to mention the fact that he is unwell and is still barely recovered enough to comprehend the process; they then turn him over to the va with the excuse that he will get his full pension concurrent with the va pay when he hits the 100% combined rate. I assume they do this because they figure it'll take the vet another 30 years to get to that rate. When the vet beats the odds and gets 100% too soon, they fall back on the " offset to the 20 year rule" excuse. Basically, so what if you're 100%, you didn't meet the 20 year requirement so we'll pay you little to nothing till congress tells us otherwise. My question is, isn't that offset already factored into the pay scale, which would explain why a sgt would make less than a sgtmajor? I mean why is it fair for crdp retirees to get their full pensions in addition to va pay but chapter 61 retirees get denied this benefit. Nothing against the 20 years vets but why isn't the fact that they get paid more enough of an offset? Why is it necessary to confiscate the little pension available to the chapter 61 vet? I gave them the benefit of the doubt when they claimed the vet had to reach 100% rate, but I don't get their reason for refusing to pay beyond this point. He earned his pension just as much as the 20 year vet, i would argue he even paid a higher price but that's neither here nor there, he is already paid less pension wise so what's the excuse for all the shell game math?? My only conclusion is PREJUDICE. The boards and staffs that lobby for retirees are composed of 20year retires/ lifers who are prejudiced against or are at least neglectful of their duties and obligation to lookout for the interest of the young war fighters who bear the brunt of these wars. They return home in body bags and are maimed permanently, not the generals and top brass. I can accept them paying us less than themselves but this ridiculous idea that we've not earned the right to a pension at all is archaic and laughable on its face. Where else do they want the maimed and butchered young soldiers and marines to go earn pensions? Isnt that why the top brass arent on the frontlines getting mutilated? i thought they Were supposed to be hard at work protecting the welfare and interests of the folks doing the bleeding, not just getting theirs and turning a blind eye to congress cheating those folks. Wasn't that new addendum to the 2008 crsc law supposed to correct this farce? Somebody tell me why I'm wrong to have come to this conclusion. Sorry for the long rant.
  10. I know this has more then likely been discussed several times in the past, but I'm putting it out there because it's my current experience as I'm living it. Trying to keep it all in one place by adding to other threads that discuss this topic is somewhat frowned upon, which is why I'm starting this one. Synopsis of my process so far: Initial award: 50% in 2004 for a laundry list of things typical to a 25 year Army career of jumping, deploying, sleeping on rocks, not sleeping, not eating, stressing etc, etc, etc. I was in the middle of a bunch of life changes so didn't appeal anything. Bad decision on my part. I would recommend appealing if you feel you didn’t receive the outcome you deserve. Don’t wait and re-file or request increases like I did. Fast forward to 2010: As we age, our "100% more abused then the average citizen" bodies are on a fast deterioration...and it was becoming evident that my days are numbered to continue at the pace I am now, or was. So I filed for increases in several areas and added a couple. I'd like to believe that's why my claim sat idle for almost 2 years, but...my C&P's were done in July 2012. All paperwork/documentation was in and final in December 2010. So, what was happening (Other than collecting Houston VARO dust) from Oct 2010 to July 2012, is an unknown. Maybe it had to do with it being an election year?? Who knows... Anyway, a quick rundown: Second claim opened: 10/08/2010 - I received 3 notifications via mail (Other then the C&P notifications) between Oct 2010 and 1 February 2012 telling me that they were still working on my claim. After that, I received nothing until the C&P notifications. - eBenefits stayed in "Gathering Evidence" until August 2012. - April 2012: I said enough is enough. I contacted my Congressman. They said they were glad to take this on. They sent a letter to the VA inquiring into the status in early May. - Nothing changed. Early June, I contacted the Houston RO and got hung up on three times. - C&P exams (2) done in July 2012. - August 2012: eBenefits back and forth’s from "Gathering of Evidence" to "Review of Evidence".Second claim closed: 09/01/2012 - Found 100% P&T. - Received partial retro deposit before I got the brown envelope in the mail. - Packet received about 6 days after eBenefits showed closed. My AB8 and commissary letter showed 100% on 1 September 2012 with an effective date of 1 September 2012 but the retro amouont was in line with an effective date of 1 November 2010. - Partial retro paid: 09/06/2012 (~40% of total) (If you are a "For time" retiree and under CRSC/CRDP, the VA withholds a majority of the retrospective payment to allow DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) time to do an audit of your pay to make sure you don't owe them or they don't owe you. If you owe them, they get their cut straight out of the retro payment. If they owe you, they pay up and it's reflected in your Retiree Account Statement (RAS) in MyPay. - No contact from anyone, in any way, about anything, concerning the remainder of my retro. I did a lot of digging on the forums here and gleaned some good information, but it was scattered and none of it was consistent.Authorization Review Claim opened: 10/17/2012 - Asked questions here and had several different answers. Still not sure what this type of claim is. - Contacted DFAS on 20 September 2012 and they told me that the retro was under audit, call back for more info in a week or two. Called them back on 3 October and was told the DFAS audit was completed on the 29th. They then BATCH them and send them back to the VA once a month on the 15th. Some say it's the 19th but mine was back at the VA on the 15th of October. - DFAS paid out the CRSC difference in my current retired pay on 10/16/2012. (Too bad the VA can't process payments as fast as DFAS!) Authorization Review Claim closed: 11/16/2012 [*]Retired Pay Adjustment claim opened: 10/17/2012 (**Note: This didn't even show up on eBenefits until the 16th of November, after it was already closed!) - This can have to do with a couple of actions. 1. The DFAS audit and CRSC/CRDP difference (**But that was paid out the day before this claim was opened) or 2. The final retro payment after the audit by DFAS and the review by the VA (Signatures) due to the amount of the retro, which is >$25K. [*]Retired Pay Adjustment claim closed: 11/16/2012 Another thing: My AB8 (Benefit Verification) letter effective date also changed from 1 September 2012 to 1 December 2011, which of course has me curious. Is this the actual date of the most recent payment adjustment to 100%? Or, in other words, the last time COLA was adjusted? Remaining retro received 11/19/2012. Hope this timeline helps reduce someone else’s stress!
  11. I received a reply back from DOA regarding my CRSC claim and I am unsure of how to procede. ----------per letter---------------------- Your claim cannot be processed due to the reason cited below. RECORDS SHOW THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE A VA WAIVER: If you do not have a VA Waiver off-setting your retired pay, please call the Veteran's Administration (VA) Call Center at 1-800-827-1000 to request a VA Waiver (VA Form 21-651). OTHER: We will maintain the claim documantation you submitted in the U.S.Army's iPERM's system until you are eligible. ----------------end letter------------------------ Question- Does this 21-651 need to be routed/signed off by VA or can I just fill this out and send it to DOA CRSC? Background- I submitted the CRSC claim along with PEB findings of 70% and other related documents as requested however, my initial VA claim is still in "review" (280 days). Thank you!! Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I searched CRSC and it looked like most of the CRSC stuff was on this thread.
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