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  1. Has anyone ever heard of any of these three codes being given separate ratings? I realize these are all rated by the range of motion, with the only exception being IDS, which can be rated by how many times you are placed on bed rest (incapacitating episodes). I'm getting a lot of conflicting information about this, as some people seem to think there are special circumstances which the VA will separate at least some of these out. But, no one can explain what those circumstances would be. 1. thoracolumbar strain (5237) http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/thespine.html 2. interver
  2. I was rated 20% for my shoulder due to many dislocations and 10% for cervical strain. I applied for lower back condition thru the DAV. It was denied because they stated the scoliosis I have is not service related. I appealed and asked for a hearing. Since I didn't mention scoliosis in the claim I'm not sure why that is all that they looked at. I've had a back Xray which showed "2. Mild anterior endplate spurring, with disc heights maintained. 3. Thoracic dextroscoliosis, measuring 22 degrees" Which I'm told is indicative of degenerative disc disease and/or a
  3. I served in the Marine Corps from 1980-2000. During Boot Camp and throughout my 20 career and even now, I suffer from incapacitating lower back pain, which is far worse today than it was during my years of active duty. The back issue was noted during my VA exam upon retirement, and didn't receive at rating in 2000 after I retired. In 2014, I decide to file a claim due issues with my, which had worsened. In May 2015, I was awarded a 10% disability rating under VA Code 5235. I know for a fact the lower back pain I experience today is a direct result of the trauma, wear and tear and misuse of my
  4. Can someone please explain how a C & P examiner can write what he or she pleases without regard to the examination? I finally got to look at the x-ray results and examiner's notes from my C & P exam. I couldn't bend forward 60 degrees if I had someone forcing me forward and may have made it to 45 degrees with pain during the exam. Can a NOD be for a specific disability(s) or does it have to be for everything in the notification? Is there an alternative to a NOD when the examiner made numerous incorrect entries in his notes? Finally, in the decision it states "xxxxx unless the evidence
  5. Well, I just sent out this email and sure hope I get a helpful reply. If I do not have a reply by Friday morning I am going to my VA Regional Office in person and try to get to the bottom of this. carlie Under Secretary Veterans Benefits Administration U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs March 31,2015 Your Honorable Allison A. Hickey, My name is Carlie. I am an honorably discharged US Army veteran. I am in receipt of service connected disability at the 100 percent rate along with SMC/S, adjudicated to be permanent and total by both the Social Security Administratio
  6. I have the following disabilities rated by the VA: lumbosacral strain with degenerative arthritis and vertebral fracture 20% Service Connected right shoulder strain with glenohumeral joint osteoarthritis 20% Service Connected left shoulder strain with AC joint osteoarthritis and calcific tendinitis residuals of arthroscopic or other shoulder surgery 20% Service Connected These stem from a parachute malfunction and later exacerbated by a fall with full diving equipment (dbl 90s). I had chronic shoulder pain my whole career. I continued to have this post retirement and the
  7. Sorry i can not figure out how to format this better... But long story short i am posting this for a friend since both her and I are confused on how this either of these 2 DBQS read. on one hand the examiner seems say yes and then later on says no but maybe so but then probably not but mostly yes, so if any one can translate all this that would be awesome since this is a 10 year old claim that was remand to the AMC for further development. Back (Thoracolumbar Spine) Conditions Disability Benefits
  8. I've been wanting to put a claim in for arthritis that I've developed after my discharge, however, I was told I should wait after my appeal was completed or it could hold up the process. I have two remanded items left which my RO estimates will be completed in 6-9 months. What I'm wondering is, is it too late to file? I EASd back in September 2012. In my medical records from service I had complaints of knee and ankle instability. After a couple of years I started having a lot of pain in my feet, ankles, and knees. When I went to the doctor they said I had degenerative arthritis in my feet and
  9. Hi to all, Great site!!! I was hoping I could get some help deciphering the below C&P results. I am currently 10% on both knees for knee strain. I submitted to get an increase for the left knee, and to also get a secondary left hip Service connection from the bad knee.... Any help would be greatly apprciated! Curt Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No ACE and Evidence Review
  10. Hello All, I am a 41yr old disabled vet (70%) Degenerative Arthritus of the left Knee 20%Degenerative Arthritus of the Right knee 20%Degenerative Disc Disease of the Lumbar Spine 10%Radiculopathy Right Lower Extremity 10%Radiculopathy Left Lower Extremity 10%Degenerative Tears, Bilateral Knees 20%Tinnitus 10% This exam was scheduled 1 week after my back surgery (Fusion of L4/L5). Hip and Thigh Conditions Disability Benefits Questionnaire Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes
  11. Hello. I went for my fibromyalgia C&P exam and just got the results from myhealthvet. It looks like it was several DBQ's including my back now. Can someone explain these results. I only see one error which is my pain is refractory to medicine. They have my pain is constant but then state NO to the refractory to medicine question. But anyways what do you guys think. IT IS LONG. Sorry. Attached & pasted MHV Fibro.docx CONFIDENTIAL Page 4 of 31
  12. Can anyone help me to understand my c&p exam notes? I would like to know what it all means and what kind of rating if any I am looking at. Thank you Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No ACE and Evidence Review ----------------------- Indicate method used to obtain medical information to complete this document: [X] Examination via approved video telehealth Evidence Review --------------- Evidence reviewed (check all th
  13. ...Or is this another way they would benefit from holding off on making me permanent, besides what my kids aren't getting in College? It seems like I should qualify but, since I reached 100% "naturally", I don't have a TDIU ruling either. Here are my ratings, do you think they are shortchanging me? I almost never leave my house, either, btw. Thanks, SMC is very confusing to me. 70% post-traumatic stress disorder (also claimed as adjustment disorder) 50% obstructive sleep apnea 50% sinusitis (claimed as chronic pansinusitis) 30% headache syndrome to include occipital
  14. If you want a particlular benefit, such as "Space A" travel, I simply suggest you show up with your id and present it, then shut up, and let the Space A attendee decide if you are eligible or not. Its not your job to decide if you are eligible..its the space A' attendee's job. Let him do his job. If you look closely at an id card for 100% disabled Vets and retiree's, you notice barely any difference. Mine says, "Exchange, MWR, Commissary" and the term "disabled" is nowhere to be found on my id card. IM sorry I dont hear well enough to hear/contribute to the podcast, (wh
  15. Can I get SMC awarded back to original Effective Date? Not having been aware of the SMC at all, has anyone ever successfully been awarded SMC back to their original Effective Date? In reading these blogs, I came across a webpage providing an overview of all SMC’s. One line stood out: “If the VA did not give Special Monthly Compensation in a case that qualifies, the veteran can request for his case to be reviewed, and Special Monthly Compensation will then be given dating back to the original VA Rating Decision.” I plan on filing for SMC “L”: – In regular need of anot
  16. I went in for an increase of my back, left knee and left hip. I was seen by a overly nice female examiner that turns out to be a nurse practitioner and the outcome of this c&p was shocking to say the least! When we got done talking for a least a half an hour she said "oh this is only for an increase so lets take a look at your back. She never used a geinommeter or any device to measure my ROM but said to turn around and face the chair and bend over which I did to approx. 30 degree range and she said OK that's all we need. The next couple of days i read this on e-benefits Is this
  17. I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my right shoulder with a range of motion of 40°. They awarded me 30%. According to the schedule of ratings degenerative arthritis is supposed to be rated under diagnostic code 5200. DC 5200 says intermediate between favorable and unfavorable for major is 40%. Have they made a mistake? What should I do?
  18. In my past threads i posted that in 2014 i put in a claim for hip pain, and after x-rays and C&P was denied service connection.I did not put in a NOD. Fast forward to 2016. Put in claim for hip pain secondary to knee, sacroiliac joint and back arthritis. Two weeks later BBE came. Denied service connection,states lost med records. Well after some fuming i gathered my evidence in my copy of my service medical records and made an appointment with my VA PCP. I showed her where in 1984 a had a bad auto accident that involved my entire left side. After showing this to her i explained that i wa
  19. In another post I had tons of questions regarding my claim and the TKR! Thanks all those who helped! I hope I put this one in the right topic! I was told to go to my VA and get copies of my clinic visits and my surgical reports, which I did yesterday! I have a couple questions/concerns that I fear may make me ineligible. Clinic Notes: Several times it was mentioned that I wanted the TKR on my right knee (fact), I was concerned about this until you get to the clinic note where we met with the surgeon and he stated "Mr XX wants the surgery for fancy word for TKR, given the state o
  20. I was just getting gas at my local corner gas station. They had a photo of a Vet there, and asked for donations for his widow. Being a curious fellow, I had to ask. She responded that the deceased got gas, soda, etc, there almost every evening. He told her the Va had diagnosed "a pulled muscle" and sent him home. A couple months later VA diagnosed "headaches"..and sent him home. About 3 months later this Vet was dead from brain cancer. This is the VAMC I use. I can see exactly why it happens. You get maybe 2 minutes with the doctor WHEN you can get an app
  21. Because of the pure number of disabilities I have posting them as a sig would be ridiculous. I started my MS battle shortly after I was diagnosed 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with its symptoms almost 25 years ago after I got out so I was able to make service connection requirements. I started out at 30% disabled at the beginning, then fought to 40% a few years back because of my hips. MS got me to 70%, but my VSO had no secondaries and told me not to file them till after i was rated for MS. I filed my secondaries myself and am now at 90% (93.165%) The claim is partially awarded but has 4 mo
  22. Has anyone had knee replacement surgery done at VA? I would like to know details, such as when, which VA, did the doc know what he was doing, and did you get a good result. I would also like to know the brand or type of fake knee, and did you have pain, and how long to recover. I just found out yesterday I have severe degenerative arthritis (both knees) AND a leg length disparity. (One leg is shorter than the other). I will likely have to have knee replacement surgery. I was told this also about 3 to 4 years ago, but the pain is worse now. Also, my condition has wo
  23. I am unfamiliar with SSDI. I have an attorney, so I am not drawn into the bureaucracy like with the VA. They submitted my claim and put together the required documents, including my 2k page service records. I am currently 44. I just did a few questionnaires sent to me directly from SS. They almost seemed like they were in lieu of an exam. Is this possible? I have not seen any SS Doctor's or received any requests to do so. I am a 100% scheduler, but too young for P&T, I guess. What can I expect next? Here is a list of my rated disabilities (many are lowballed, a
  24. I got a letter a week ago that the VA wants to reduce the rating I currently have for Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine from 20% to 10%. I have had the 20% rating for over 5 years. The disability is the result of an injury that occurred when I was in the military and is well documented. I have prepared a statement contesting the reduction, but I'd like someone to read through it to see if I could be messing anything up. This is my first post here, so I'm not sure if this is a valid request for these forums. Here is the statement I have so far. Any advice or information is apprec
  25. I have been having a lot of left and right knee pain the past several months. Sometimes I get pain in left knee just standing for a few minutes and have a problem with fully extending both knees during knee exercises. I reviewed my SMRs and it is documented that I complained of left knee pain on 5 occasions while serving in the military back in the 70s and 80s. Post service medical records document 2 occasions for left knee pain. Could not find any documentation for right knee pain. I am assuming that my knee problems might be as a result of abnormal gait putting more stress on my knee jo
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