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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone, I recently had to have surgery on my shoulder (that was service connected); after surgery, they told me that my shoulder does have arthritis now. I filed for an increase for my shoulder and filed a secondary arthritis claim. The increase will be re-evaluated at a later date (they felt it was too soon after surgery, as it has only been several months), but they have now changed my claim shoulder claim to state, "right shoulder bicipital tendonitis, right shoulder arthritis/bursitis (previously rated as residuals, right shoulder musculoskeletal strain)" and kept the rating exactly the same. Anyone know how I can fight this? Is it not possible to have it be a secondary claim? I honestly think because I am at 93% and this would put me at 95%, the VA has denied every claim I have brought forth and instead combines every claim with an existing one and has kept my ratings the same. I feel so defeated sometimes....
  2. UPDATE Sept. 19, 2022.... Still fighting this. I received a sleep study through the VA, where they diagnosed OSA and snoring and ordered a CPAP. I asked my VSO to resubmit this claim under supplemental, since the VA has now deemed a CPAP machine medically necessary and he said it would still probably get denied. I thought once the VA orders you a CPAP, it all but guarantees you a MINIMUM rating of 30%? Am I wrong? Anyone out there, how were you able to get your OSA approved? Okay, so I know that a lot of times, insomnia is put under the symptoms of PTSD, however, I am trying to get it as a separate condition ( that insomnia is now worsened by my PTSD). I was treated for insomnia (with medications) while active duty. I was not diagnosed with PTSD until several years AFTER I was discharged, and after years of being on medications to treat my insomnia. I have tried putting in for the insomnia, and they keep putting it under PTSD and denying the claim-I even put in for a higher review, which was just quickly (20 days) denied. I am now sending in my medical records while active duty (because apparently they are not even looking at these), but I am wondering if anyone has any idea/verbiage, etc.. to get them to look at my insomnia as a separate claim from PTSD? My PTSD has increased now to 70%, and they are listing insomnia under symptoms, but, again, the insomnia was being treated for years, while active duty, and BEFORE PTSD was diagnosed AFTER being discharged..... Side note: I am personally not submitting these claims. I am working with a VSO, who is working on this claim... Also of note: I am not having breathing issues/CPAP; I cannot fall asleep or stay asleep, (even with some serious medications being prescribed). And the insomnia has gotten worse as my PTSD has also worsened......
  3. I am not adversely affected by this outright bold face lie since I am P&T 100% with SMC-S and combined VA rating of 250 and no need to pursue this matter for claim purpose. Just received a decision VARO letter saying my 30% heart disease (AO) increase claim was continued at 30% due to my failure to report for an EKG at their LHI Sacramento imaging office in June when in fact I did report to that office on the appointment date and at proper time and location. A BVA remand ordered this EKG. The low life clerk informed me that the EKG technician was out sick and they would reschedule me later in August but never did and they do have my correct address. Also received no text, email or phone calls. The guy was an unclean punk mx with a smart ass attitude. I do not need any more conflict with VA after 30 years of dealings with the ********* and now their LHI low life contractors. I recently had excellent results with QTC examiners that netted me 60% for Gerd and 10% for Tinnitus. Heads up and watch out for LHI. I will soon file complaints with various politicians and agencies to help other vets.
  4. Can anyone direct me to a place where I can get FREE advice or help about disability claims. Seems like a lot of places lead you on to believe they're going to help until you get to their fee structure. I am 73, retired, not working, currently getting VA disability but would like help in how I can possibly achieve a 100% rating, and I'm not paying for it. I just filed for Hypertension righ after President Biden signed the PACT Act. Anyhow, I'm in southern AZ. I'll travel somewhere to get my questions answered or do it online or texting. Whatever works for the person that would give me advice. Charles Borozinski
  5. Just for your info I was very recently awarded GERD @60% and Tinnitus at 10% by VARO on initial claim. The decisions were only based upon a review of my long term VA medical records to include copies of prescriptions since 1985 and 2000 and also Army medical records in Nam and Japan in 1970 (for Tinnitus). I again supplied my own duplicate copies of all records and prescriptions just to be sure and save time and no excuses from VARO that there were no records or evidence. Favorable decisions on both were fast within 20 days from filing. VARO agreed with my own claim request statement that GERD is secondary to long term VA VN PTSD and PTSD medications and that my Tinnitus was direct service connected to my repeated combat incidents in Nam in 70 as Army medevac pilot and receiving the PH and CMB. The nice ladies Nurse Practitioners (not doctors) at QTC exam immediately agreed with my records as a mere formality. In 2000 the VA Austin, TX outpatient clinic made a simple one sentence note I had GERD among other medical issues and issued me a prescription for Ranitidine that I have taken over 20 years to present day. Medication was changed to Omeprazole few years ago. Over the many years other VA doctor and nurses entered GERD in my notes. I made always copies of my prescriptions for VA claims. Works well for me. Never did I receive any doctor's actual diagnosis or nexus statement from anyone that my PTSD caused GERD only my own statement in the GERD claim. If you have strong medical records evidence as me then you have a good chance to win your claim if you cannot find a VA or private doctor to give you a nexus opinion statement. I would have won my claim on appeal to BVA if it was necessary to do so. My very friendly VA primary care doctor is very lazy and speaks very poor English but is helpful with labs and meds and referrals only and will not give out nexus opinions or letters for anything at all. Also this note from Nurse Judy Rose at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Austin in 2000 about my GERD acid reflux. Problem: OTH SP DISORD/ESOPHAGUS Date/Time Entered: 17 Feb 2000 @ 1200 Location: CENTRAL TEXAS HEALTH CARE SYSTEM - TEMPLE DIVISION Status: ACTIVE Provider: ROSE,JUDY In 2017 VA Sleep Clinic nurse in Nevada stated I had acid reflux on Axis III My comment is not legal advice as I am no lawyer, paralegal or VSO.
  6. I filed for IU back in February of this year. Yesterday I checked va.gov and my rating had increased by 10%. So I'm pretty sure IU got denied. I thought they had increased my 3rd & 4th metacarpal. Today I got on va.gov and found I was awarded 20% for limitation of left thumb, 10% for limitation of left index finger, & 0% for limitation of left little finger. I didn't have any of these issues claimed. Anybody ever have something like this happen?
  7. Hello All, I know there are NUMEROUS questions asked about the VA disability ratings, and even a disability calculator, but, my question is: my total combined disabilities are rated at 85%, so, it was rounded to 90%. I submitted a new claim for GERD, which I am expecting them to bring it from 10% up to 30%. For the disability calculation, will they work from the 90% and then factor in new claims or percentages or do they re-enter all my disabilities and so my rating could still remain at 90%? thank you!!
  8. Good afternoon - I am currently 100% P&T (63 yrs old) and need to have surgery on my foot. I am 0% service connected for a bunion and 0% service connect for hammer toes. The pain is getting the better of me on this one. The doctor is going to operate doing the standard bone shortening/bunion removal/plantar repair on my foot. It is a civilian doctor performing the surgery - VA hospital is too far to put my wife through that hassle. I will be without a shoe and crutches for two months plus (limited to house for 30 days). Do I file this as a new claim or increased on earlier 0% service connect? Do I file this and if so what are the benefits? Thoughts?
  9. Got a call from the Regional office around 1600 answers the call and the person said that the line was recorded and it was a conference call about va disability claims if I had a claim that I had a problem with and want to talk to the speaker on the conference call at the RO live. I listen to the call about thirty minutes as Veterans were calling in about their claims, the speaker would listen to the Veteran and tell than that a person from the RO would call back about their claim and see if it was done right. Has anybody gotten a call like that,wanted to talk about my claim but had second thoughts.
  10. My husband, Marine Korea, Camp Lejeune, received 100% disability for kidney cancer, then VA cancelled it saying not enough proof. Can't be biopsied due to congestive heart failure and location of small tumor and radiologist and urologic oncologist have stated he has renal cell carcinoma. There are CTScans. He appealed. Now ALL his medical records from the original disability claim and the appeal, all filed by the local VA rep. have disappeared from his online file. This was confirmed today by the VA dr. who did his yrly. checkup. He could not find them either and said it is very difficult to delete the files and they are gone; showed me the empty screens. For those that are wondering his medical for the cancer was done at outside source because he has retired medical insurance from NYS and medicare. Has anyone heard of files disappearing this way and what have they done about it? We live in Bayfield, CO, 4.5 hrs from Albuquerque, NM and 7 hrs from Denver? I do have copies of the relevant files. Thank you for any help, Bob and Alice
  11. Good afternoon. I am waiting on my supplemental claim results from the VA. Nothing has updated in e-Benefits and on va.gov it the status shows that the VA has made a decision (under the status tab) and under the issues tab it says "currently on review - compensation issue". Has anyone seen this and know what it means? Many thanks! Heather
  12. Hey guys, I don't know if I'm in the right place but i was needing some clarification. After fighting with the military for six years, the C&P examiner stated that my condition precludes me from any physical occupation. I developed asthma back in 2012, while in service. Is that typical wording for pretty much everyone? I guess my English isn't that great and i would like someone to please explain to me what that entails? The examiner also stated that there is a 50% chance or greater that my injury was incurred in the line of duty, does that mean that they service connected me? thank you for responding.
  13. I filed a claim in october of 2018 for ptsd and TDIU, long story short I tried to do everything myself and didn't have the proper diagnosis so I was service connected for anxiety based on having a medical marijuana card diagnosis for anxiety but the rating was 30% and I much worse off then that. So I obtained a referral from the va to a fancy psychiatrist from the university of north florida's behavior health department and was diagnosed with ptsd, bi polar 1 and panic disorder. I used this new medical evidence as my supplemental claim evidence and filed it April 16, 2019 after receiving my letter March 20, 2019. My claim is now at Pending Decision Approval with an estimated completion date of july 2, 2019 which is super fast from all I have read. My question is, Am I going to be awarded tdiu with the evidence I submitted if they adjust me up to 70% which I think it will . Or if they award 70% for ptsd on this new supplemental claim will i have to re-apply for tdiu again? Or would that all be considered in the final review of the entire claim? Thanks for any help. 1-22 1BCT 4th I.D. "Regulars by God"
  14. Hey everyone, love the sense of community and support here, long time reader first time contributor...Anyway, just another OIF marine veteran from the mid 2000s here with a few questions. I initially filed a claim in 2010 - was awarded 80% in 2011/2012 and filed an appeal shortly thereafter for tdiu. I was awarded ssdi and have had continual treatment from the va for ptsd, tbi and lower back injury. I was denied initially, filed a nod and hired an attorney. Seven years later my claim seems to have been diversified, my appeal for an increase in rating has been sent to the board (vets.gov shows this as an “open” issue) and beneath that under “closed” issue my appeal for tdiu says GRANTED. When I called the va to ask for more info the rep confirmed a DRO had approved it August 18, 2018 and that it was awaiting final signatures for the paperwork and benefit to be dispersed. My question to you all is does this seem about right? That the DRO granted tdiu while a p&t appeal was pending board review? It’s been over two months since the DRO approved it, how much longer do you think it’ll take to conclude? I saw that awards over 100k need to be authorized by the central office, is this a likely cause in delay? What are some average times between DRO granted benefits and benefits received? Lastly, this has been seven long years and my heart dropped seeing this update, I know anything can get screwed up in the government but would I be foolish to think it’s incoming? My life following Iraq and the things we did to those people had been a nightmare burdened with grief and guilt. While I’m working towards a whole life, the stress of financial burden alleviated would be a great supplement to focus on my recovery without needless strains. I really want this to be true!! Thank you all for your help!
  15. I am the primary caregiver for my father. He is a Vietnam Vet, recently diagnosed with a presumptive disease, multiple myeloma. I went through a VSO to file a disability claim on his behalf. She listed his myeloma, along with other health conditions on his application. We faxed all requested health records and needed information. He has now been told he needs to go to two different C & P exams. My father is unable to complete these exams due to his physical condition and extremely compromised immune system. He is in the middle of an intense chemo cycle. It is extremely difficult to get him to his chemo appointment once a week in a cancer center. We can not risk him getting an illness from visiting one of these appointed sites. I believe these C & P exams are likely for the conditions listed by the VSO other than his cancer. Can his claim possibly be approved , considering he has a presumptive disease, if we cancel these appointments?
  16. Good day all, i know eBenefits is less credible than my 2yo girl, but mine at least has shown some consistency. Couple questions... mine is moved to PDA. How can I tell what I'm getting or how disappointed I will be, other than waiting for the official BWE/BBE? EBenefits, since updating this morning to PDA shows an appointment request was made but no details? Would this be related to closing out my claim or possible that only part of my claim is being worked on while the other is being deferred? any advice/guidance/insight would be appreciated. Thank you all!!
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