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Found 9 results

  1. Good morning everyone, I just got rated at 70% for PTSD after previously being denied as not service connected. For the first claim, I was going through a company (VAclaimpros) which was a big mistake. I appealed and just simply told the examiner what I was going through as well as my family. I submitted a letter from my wife and a report from when I was Police Officer stating that I had PTSD and the list of medications. I have previously been denied claims for sleep apnea and tinnitus. They acknowledged that I did have sleep apnea from my personal medical records and the UPPP surgery I had years ago but said it was not service connected. They also acknowledged my hearing issues but said it was not service connected. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ED, Peyronie's disease (because of the ED), hypertension and insomnia from both private and VA doctors. I have been taking medicines for all three. I have sciatica My question is what should I file a secondary claim for or if I should even file one at all and leave well enough alone since I have 70%. Thank You
  2. here is the latest question. I got my decision letter for my ED claim and a copy of the DBQ. The attached award letter says in the writing at the bottom that I can possibly file for a voiding dysfunction by opening a new initial claim. The actual DBQ for ED has several errors in how he documented my answers to the Voiding Dysfunction section of the ED DBQ which is VA Form 21-0960J-2 There is another DBQ VBA-21-0960J-4-ARE for bladder issues. since the doc recorded my answers incorrectly should I NOD that DBQ to keep the earlier Effective Date? Or should I just file new claim as the letter says and write a statement describing what info he recorded incorrectly? Thanks. redacted decision page 0ct 2018 award letter copy for Voiding claim.pdf
  3. I need to learn more about inferred claims and how they are decided/spotted by the va raters and acted on. The situation is I was rated 70% PTSD in 2013 around july was that C&P. In april 2013 I had a C&P for Bilateral Hearing loss and one for Sleep apnea. I knew nothing about secondary conditions, inferred claims, etc and by this time my VSO was awol dealing with pancreatic cancer (so I don't blame him). This year in July I was notified about a Review PTSD C&P, and that started me on the information hunt. I learned that ED, which was well documented in my VA med records before the first C&P, was/could be a secondary to PTSD. I also learned the Sleep Apnea was/could be a secondary to PTSD and my Sleep Study produced a CPAP and diagnosis of OSA and my Epworth Sleepiness Scale: 20/24 Since I knew nothing about secondary claims then I did not file for them then. With the PTSD Review this year I filed a claim for SMC-K for the ED. Today when Ebenefits was unaccessible I called Peggy who told me the claim was partially complete and a letter had been/was being mailed out today. The only issue left was on dizziness. This was in the A.m. Around 1 p.m. I tried ebenefits again and it was up. Under my disabilities tab it shows that I am 0% for ED Service Connected and awarded SMC-K1 with an effective date of 20 Aug 2018 the date I filed that claim I have filed an ItF on the SA claim but was waiting until this cleared. What I need to find out are the boundaries on "inferred claims". Meaning what does and does not need to be in the record for me to claim an EED back to the date of my PTSD claim. The ED was in my record before the PTSD C&P and the doc and I discussed it. He did not opine either way and the benefits award letter is completely void of any reference to it. Is it likely to be worth the trouble trying to file a claim for the EED on this? the evidence is there but no statement tying the two together back then, but I feel i should have been inferred by the rater. The SA claim is the same but a little different. The VA recently changed its requirements for granting service connection for OSA. It used to be, until this year, that being prescribed the CPAP was considered to be sufficient to read as "being medically necessary", but the new regs require that specific statement in the file. For this claim I know I have to have the diagnosis made as service connected as a secondary to PTSD so what I would like opinions on are what the value of asking to have the VA decide based on the old standard as I was unaware it was even a ratable condition. No one at the VA mentioned it. The rater on my initial Claim did not comment on it in the Award Letter. I believe this should also have been inferred. the two items are all over my records as being present months before the C&P and I am hoping that the Duty to Assist which includes a Duty to Infer will cover my claims. Any thoughts?
  4. Recently I was DX and granted SCD for PTSD due to personal trauma (MST). I have also noticed a dramatic reduction in performance capabilities as well. I have not mentioned this to any of my doctors, VA or private. It's been hard enough to admit to the MST, without having to add the ED to it. But I've reached a point where I can no longer ignore it. I'm only 44 years old and have far too much life left to live to continue ignoring the ED. I'd like to hear any suggestions or guidance as to the best way to file a claim for this as secondary to my SCD PTSD. Any and all suggestions from all parties are welcome. Also, should I start with making an appointment with my PCP? Thank you to all who read and respond to this delicate and humbling matter. Semper Fi Andy
  5. Hello, I just completed a C&P but am unable to see the C&P notes in ebenefits.Not sure why i was told by the C&P doctor that I was service connected for all claims from my med board physical. Anyone's thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thank you to the Hadit community! ED secondary to 200Mg Setraline for Combat PTSD currently 70% Left knee injury,the md just looked at my knee after removing brace and since I could not bend it she told me to put the brace back on but no measurements were taken.I showed her the notes from Military xray saying there was arthritis. Pes Cavus:the doctor looked at my feet and then had me put my shoes back on? Notes from VA podiatrist: ORTHOPEDIC DEFORMITIES- HIGH ARCH BL WITH BUNIONS BL, LEFT MORE THAN RIGHT. +TENDER SUB 1ST MET HEAD BL, TENDER ARCH BL,PAIN INFERIOR MEDIAL HEEL BILATERAL RT>LT INVERTED HEEL POSITION BL CONTRACTION OF DIGITS BL LOWER EXTREMITY NEUROLOGIC STATUS GROSSLY INTACT B/L WITH 5.07 SEMMS X-RAY 1/2016 BILATERAL FOOT Impression: Mild degenerative changes bilaterally as described without acute fracture or dislocation. Nonspecific erosion in the medial head of the left first metatarsal. Tiny bilateral calcaneal heel spurs. ASSESSMENT: CAVUS FOOT AGGREVATED BY STRESSES OF CARRYING HEAVY PACKS IN SERVICE, WITH RESULTANT FASCIITIS BL [RIGHT MORE THAN LEFT]. POOR PROGNOSIS. R/O CHARCOT MARIE TOOTH VARIENT FASCITIS BUNIONS BL CLAW TOES
  6. Folks: I was earlier rated 0% for Hypertension and 0% for ED during the first part of my claim. Then last week after my Cardiac CP results (deferred claim) finally came in, I was finally rated 10% SC (low balled) for Hypertensive Heart Disease which is a catch all for a lot of heart stuff? Anyway, can anyone tell me what it takes to get 10% of higher for Erectile Dysfunction? I did get SMC -K for loss of a creative organ so is that how VBA generally takes care of ED ratings? The other issue is that I was injured and in a Tank Accident which was service connected for my back which resulted in a spinal fusion/decompression surgery. However, I learned that there's a scientific study that shows a high correlation to decompression surgery and ED. Also, I also take multiple HBP medicines to try and keep my HBP down...
  7. NO C-FILE 1. Diagnosis Does teh Veteran now have or has he ever been diagnosed with any conditions of the male reproductive system? YES If yes, indicatate diagnosis: <X> Erectile dysfuncion Date of diagnosis: 2005 2. Medical history a. Describe the history (including onset and course) of the Veteran's male reproductive organ condition(s) (brief summary) DX with ED in West Virginia VA and given Cialis, now on Viagra 3. Voiding dysfunction Does the Veteran have a voiding dysfunction? YES If yes, complete the following section: a. Etiology of voiding dysfunction: UNKNOWN. HE IS OBESE. e. Does the voiding dysfunction cause signs or symptoms of obstructed voiding? YES If yes, check all that apply: <X> Hesitancy <X> Slow or weak stream <X> Decreased force of stream 5. Erectile dysfunction Does the Veteran have erectile dysfunction? YES If yes, complete the following section: a. Etiology of erectile dysfunction: UNKNOWN, DM DX in 2009 so less likely as not related to DM or G/W 13. Remarks, if any: ED
  8. Hello, I am 100% for mental issues...ptsd,gad,depression,etc and just (04/27/2012) contested a proposal to assign a fiduciary because of incompetancy and a claim for Erectile Dysfunction due to drugs prescribed by V.A. What was eventually decided was that my legally prescribed medical cannabis was to be considered "Cannabis Abuse" secondary to my SC conditions!! and that is what caused my ED!...? OK...so it is compensable. That seems like a landmark decision to me. A little round about way but??
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