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Found 15 results

  1. If you have a vendor exam and they cancel because of Covid they are supposed to reschedule when they are able, and alert us as well through our portal of the exam status (we log onto them and check anyway just in case). However if YOU call and cancel an exam and don't reschedule (due to covid, difficulty, whatever) they are NOT reaching back out to reschedule. They are NOT closing the exams request, it just sits in stasis....and sits.....and sits....... you have to call them, or call/write/email/21-4138 US so we can contact them to let them know you are open for scheduling contact again.
  2. Not sure if this is a dumb question or not. I was rated for TDIU in July 2020, effective 2014. I have an appeal on another claim from 2015. Does going to an exam to get rated for your claim even matter? I’m asking because I have an exam with VES this Wednesday. I’m currently rated at 80% combined. If VES exam results in positive outcome, should receive 70% for depression and anxiety as recommended by IMO doctor report and his DBQ. I’m just wondering if you would still receive backpay if you’re already rated at TDIU level. My brain says no because I’m being paid at high
  3. Victor Ray


    I have found that the VA has had evidence decades before they say they knew. They have been deceiving us, Liang to us, and depriving due benefits for 5 decades at least, and me personally for 46 years. They are dishonest and deceptive, and have been the root cause of Veterans suffering to death, needlessly. Over 300,000 and it's probably double that at least. Your claims are delayed to deceive you and delay you, nothing more. NOTHING MORE. My claim went from the crooks in St. Louis, to the lazy jerks in Atlanta, to to numb nuts in Nebraska, to the warped minds in Waco, TX, before determining t
  4. C&P(Compensation and Pension)Exams Sub-post, Mental Health/PTSD Exams (means you'll see a Psychologist or MH "Expert") Most of us here on Hadit.com LOVE to see C&P's. it is practically a GUARANTEE that we never see exams that are exactly the same. i believe the reason most of us look at these things is to help you all ease your own tensions, waiting for the Results of a C&P is no where near as intense as waiting for the Rating decision based of said exams. when you all come here, asking us to look, we do it for you, and us, because we are all still fighting as well.
  5. I have a C&P for GW Illnesses. I don't know why because most of my compensation I have % for outlines the diagnoses for GW illnesses or relate to them. Have anyone out there been through one of these type C&P's and if so can you share your outcome/results?
  6. Hello everyone! this is my first post on this site, but I have been stalking it for a while now. I have a question that maybe someone can address. I'll try and make it short and sweet.... I received my SC disability for psoriasis 30% in 2009. At the time I was only on topicals that did nothing for me... For the last 2 years I have been on Humira which has been a blessing! I just received a phone call from a rep stating that I was coming up for an exam on my psoriasis... I told them I was on auto-immune suppressants, so of course my skin is clearer.. She stated that woul
  7. So here is my predicament. I'm 70% service connected with PTSD and have been for almost four years now. I recently received a phone call from the QTC Corporations asking me if I was available for an appointment. I asked them what it was about. They said the VA is now "outsourcing" their patients and I was on the list. My question is this. If I already have my rating why do I need to go to the QTC? I've got my rating and I go to the VA as much as possible, not as much as they would like me to BUT I do go(think the last time was over a year ago). I'm all anxious about this shit and its causing m
  8. Folks: I finally have my TBI Exam next week. The Tank Main explosion that I was involved with is well documented and I was service connected for bilateral hearing loss as a result of the incident, but it was many years ago in 1983. I'm not sure how the process works and have been told that it's a series of questions? Can anyone who has had a TBI exam recently could give me a few impressions or lessons learned from the exam, I would appreciate it.
  9. Folks: Today, I got into ebenefits and noticed that my second claim has already moved into the "review of evidence" phase without any CP exams for the contentions? Earlier, in one of my "statements of support", I mentioned as a way of "explanation" that my long standing "claustrophobia" sometimes limits my ability to do some MRI's? However, I was still able to do a few more a couple of years ago which are still key evidence in my overall case, but it's harder and harder for me to do them now. This claustrophobia is directly associated with a tragic experience that I had in the Army and
  10. Folks: It's a long story and I'll spare you most of the details. Anyway, when I first filed my FDC claim, I did 13 DBQ's and the subsequent exams that go along with them to speed along the FDC. So, little happened at first for over 6 months as my claim was stuck in "Review". The original estimted completion dates for my claim went from 15 months to 31 months as of 12/10/2014? So, I filed a FOIA to enusre that all of my files were present and were digitised into the VBMS System.? But..this action appeared to birng my case to a screeching halt? After several FOIA status letters, I got a letter
  11. Folks: At this point it looks like I finished all of my C &P exams last week and I'd like to know what happens next from you seasoned, Hadit.com veterans? Although I'm not satisfied with all of the exams, I did get to retake the one that I was most concerned about and suspect I'll be appealing some contentions? Also, originally, I submitted 13 DBQ's with exams as part of my claims submission package, so that part of my claim is very robust. I'm not sure I would have done the DBQ's again because I retook most of the same exams again anyway and it just cost me more time in the proces
  12. Folks: I'm doing my Orthopedic, mostly back, neck and spine exams this week and need to know if anyone has some advice for me? The first DBQ Exam that I had was not done properly so at least I get a chance to try and get this done properly. Also, I'm going to do the Gulf War Exam for some undiagnosed issues. I was at Camp Doha Kuwait during the early 90's and there was an explosion in which a lot of depleted uranium ammunition was burned from tank main gun rounds. Also, the camp issued a memo that a gross contamination of Ecoli Poisoning was found in the camp water system and a lot of soldie
  13. Folks: Does anyone have any idea of once VBA orders an ACE exam or ACE Exams, how long it generally takes to get contacted and set up the telephone exams?
  14. I just finished my last C & P exam in June. The first medical doctor I saw stated my disabilities and that I need aid and attendence for daily living. The VBA sent me on their on an application for unemployability and aid. I included this with my final records and evidence I turned in. The second doctor for rheumatology stated the same, but also stated he can trace my disease back to my military records. Does this good for me on being granted for compensation?
  15. I filed my claim in September 2011; I do not understand as far as ebenefits states, as to when I will be set up for C&P exams?
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