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Found 13 results

  1. Victor Ray


    I have found that the VA has had evidence decades before they say they knew. They have been deceiving us, Liang to us, and depriving due benefits for 5 decades at least, and me personally for 46 years. They are dishonest and deceptive, and have been the root cause of Veterans suffering to death, needlessly. Over 300,000 and it's probably double that at least. Your claims are delayed to deceive you and delay you, nothing more. NOTHING MORE. My claim went from the crooks in St. Louis, to the lazy jerks in Atlanta, to to numb nuts in Nebraska, to the warped minds in Waco, TX, before determining that the month I was hospitalized in Vietnam did little to nothing. Since July I had another stroke, now a brain hypodensity,and the coma and migraines on duty don't mean crap to the liars at the VA. They lied to deprive me of a life, and they did. Despite 20+ FOIA Requests, they withheld medical evidence and documents that could have changed my life, so they just say screw you, go die. They knew all along, and are lying to you now.
  2. C&P(Compensation and Pension)Exams Sub-post, Mental Health/PTSD Exams (means you'll see a Psychologist or MH "Expert") Most of us here on Hadit.com LOVE to see C&P's. it is practically a GUARANTEE that we never see exams that are exactly the same. i believe the reason most of us look at these things is to help you all ease your own tensions, waiting for the Results of a C&P is no where near as intense as waiting for the Rating decision based of said exams. when you all come here, asking us to look, we do it for you, and us, because we are all still fighting as well. we learn, from your flaws and chaotic whirlpool of hope and despair, but we try to calm that storm for you. it's really rather sad that only us Veteran Civilians can give as much support and attention unlike those programs that claim to be lookin out for us. if Hadit.com was where ALL Veterans came to get the help they needed i believe our Veteran Community as a whole would be a lot better,but that isn't the case, so we make do with what we have. and what do we have you ask? Each other, that's it. just to the left and right of each one of us is someone still fighting a horrible system that seems not only to benefit, but THRIVE on denying a majority of us the Compensation's we've been guaranteed by Law. So, what's the point of this little post you may ask? well, look at it this way, those of us here, those of us who fight, not just for ourselves, but for each other, we have limited time. we DO have to fight our own cases as well, and we have to garner enough Information as we can.....so i despise when people waste my phukin time. and even more, i despise how they waste my fellow Shield brethren's time, it seriously feels to me as those who waste our time, literally waste moments of our Life. you know, that highly limited thing that we have so little of. Why am i posting this in the C&P Forum you may ask? Because, it is HERE, where it is the SIMPLEST to weed out the Scum.....those who would manipulate and twist all that WE do, for their own gains. How is it so simple you may be asking yourselves? well, lets take a look see at what exactly a C&P exam actually IS. and no i don't mean the fancy VA tracking numbers and Military-ish style jargon. i mean, what as LAYPEOPLE we must understand it as. Compensation and Pension- The underlined really only deals with us Vets here on Hadit.com, it's for those of us, who were broken, but since we signed a Contract, held up our Right Hand, and Swore an Oath, we are COMPENSATED for Damages that are based on a wonky azz math system that pretty much guarantees that you'll be Compensated, no matter how Slight or All Encompassing your injuries are. Mental Health Exams are ALWAYS conducted by MH professionals, personally, i wouldn't accept anything less than a PhD holding Psychologist, they actually get their Doctorates in Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders. most of us have been to them, SEVERAL times, always poking, prodding, asking questions that we deem unnecessary, and lots of times the Exams themselves seem to be rather scatterbrained. what one Doc does in St. Louis Mo is not even close to the tests ran by old Doc in Seattle Wa.....why is this? who knows? but the general theory of ALL MH medical evaluations is the same. they're not Medical Exams, they are FORENSIC Exams. which means, that PhD Doc ain't your buddy, he's a COP. they need to shock you, destabilize you, rile you up and see what is REALLY in there, if you're such a GOOD faker that you can fool a well trained Doc, then that is in and of itself another form of Psychosis, you all wonder why sooooo few cases of Fraud cause the termination of Compensation Benefits? because most of these "shifty" Docs are REALLY good at their jobs. even the way you react to how they react tells them many things. there is a common misconception of "buiding to deny" a case or something of that order, but for MH, not quite so. when it comes to MH, the VA HAS to be sure, it HAS to base all their decisions off of the Law, and MH is one area, where i believe we get very very very little Frauding of the system. the VA needs it's own Doc's, because lets face a solid fact, as a Treating Doc your own personal Doc is caught up in your well being and health, a VA Rating Officer has to know that what Information they get is 100% legit. i don't blame them, MH is only Treatable, not Curable. pretty much translates to benefits for life, i.e. Compensation on a Tax Free Check if you come here, and post your C&P Exam, and you think we're gonna sugar coat it and say try harder, you're sadly mistaken. this is my Callout, if you come here, looking to waste my time, and the time of the Veterans who kept me sane, who filled me with Hope, and even more, gave me the Knowledge i needed to win my Claims, i'm gonna shame you into Obscurity. we don't have time for you, if you post a C&P that you even THINK may cause some of us to think you're a liar, you better go find a Lawyer to look at your Shite, because you are NOT welcome here. i will find you, you can't lie to me, if you post your information, as i have done, as i have opened and bared my soul to my fellow Vets, and i see your Cancerous lies, i will call you out, and haunt your Posts. the few Rotten Apples such as yourself have caused a backlash against Broken Veterans on orders of magnitude that are both offensive and onerous in themselves. i would rather see a piece of Shite like you get your benefits, if it meant EVERY Vet who needed them right now got them, but that isn't how our System works, so you ain't gettin Shite from me..... Carry on Shield Siblings....
  3. I have a C&P for GW Illnesses. I don't know why because most of my compensation I have % for outlines the diagnoses for GW illnesses or relate to them. Have anyone out there been through one of these type C&P's and if so can you share your outcome/results?
  4. Hello everyone! this is my first post on this site, but I have been stalking it for a while now. I have a question that maybe someone can address. I'll try and make it short and sweet.... I received my SC disability for psoriasis 30% in 2009. At the time I was only on topicals that did nothing for me... For the last 2 years I have been on Humira which has been a blessing! I just received a phone call from a rep stating that I was coming up for an exam on my psoriasis... I told them I was on auto-immune suppressants, so of course my skin is clearer.. She stated that would drop my rating.....?? My issue is this... if they take away my 30% for my psoriasis... who would pay for my Humira?? And isn't the fact that I am on auto-immune suppressants enough to keep my rating as is?? any advice would be greatly appreciated:)
  5. So here is my predicament. I'm 70% service connected with PTSD and have been for almost four years now. I recently received a phone call from the QTC Corporations asking me if I was available for an appointment. I asked them what it was about. They said the VA is now "outsourcing" their patients and I was on the list. My question is this. If I already have my rating why do I need to go to the QTC? I've got my rating and I go to the VA as much as possible, not as much as they would like me to BUT I do go(think the last time was over a year ago). I'm all anxious about this shit and its causing me stress I do not need. Can the VA be trying to reduce my rating? Is that possible?
  6. Folks: I finally have my TBI Exam next week. The Tank Main explosion that I was involved with is well documented and I was service connected for bilateral hearing loss as a result of the incident, but it was many years ago in 1983. I'm not sure how the process works and have been told that it's a series of questions? Can anyone who has had a TBI exam recently could give me a few impressions or lessons learned from the exam, I would appreciate it.
  7. Folks: Today, I got into ebenefits and noticed that my second claim has already moved into the "review of evidence" phase without any CP exams for the contentions? Earlier, in one of my "statements of support", I mentioned as a way of "explanation" that my long standing "claustrophobia" sometimes limits my ability to do some MRI's? However, I was still able to do a few more a couple of years ago which are still key evidence in my overall case, but it's harder and harder for me to do them now. This claustrophobia is directly associated with a tragic experience that I had in the Army and I started treatment today with the VA for the first time. Last weekend my wife said, "enough is enough" as I told her about my claustrophobia during a work trip 2 weeks ago in which the confined space of the commuter flight affected me a lot and she advised "you are getting this checked out as soon as possible? I've been married 34 years and my wife is really amazing. That said, now I'm pretty sure that it was a very big mistake to bring this to light in any capacity to my rater? The rater made a veiled statement in my last A8 that my inability to do some of the MRIs hurt my ability to gather sufficient evidence for my case but I have provided key medical documentation? However, I did provide the actual MRI that was so difficult for me to do as evidence and they have it. Currently, my file has over 200 smr documents that are related to the same condition and the evidence is overwhelming. The absolute worst part of this is that I never thought that something like this ( a medical condition) would actually be used against me and I see now that I was very naïve to disclose that information? When I asked friends it was about 50/50 if I should bring up the issue? Who knows, in retrospect, I probably should have run releasing this information past this forum first to see what you Vets would do before I told my rater about it? Any Advice or Comments on the Subject? Godspeed ...Roobeer22
  8. Folks: It's a long story and I'll spare you most of the details. Anyway, when I first filed my FDC claim, I did 13 DBQ's and the subsequent exams that go along with them to speed along the FDC. So, little happened at first for over 6 months as my claim was stuck in "Review". The original estimted completion dates for my claim went from 15 months to 31 months as of 12/10/2014? So, I filed a FOIA to enusre that all of my files were present and were digitised into the VBMS System.? But..this action appeared to birng my case to a screeching halt? After several FOIA status letters, I got a letter from the RO that I could come down and review my C-File? Well, when I got there...they were surpised that I showed up and said "no" at first to reviewing the file and then after I spoke up said, "not then" but a very nice VBA Rep helped me before I left and later on another call a few days later. I was told that VBA had to go out and find "all" of my records and that's the reason for the extra time? I argued that they already had "all" of my records beause I filed an FDC and further certifited earlier that all of my records were in their possession already as part of my FDC package. Also, I argued that with all of the extensive prep work that I did that it made no sense to double my claim completion dates and it should have actually cut them in half...and the VBA Rep agreed. Also, he notified me yesterday that I was being scheduled for at least four new ACE Exams for Tinnitus, Obstructive Sleep Apena, Gulf War Issues and one I could not remember? I already have SMRS' confirming all of this including a lot of audiology tests in the military. I was involved in a surprise explosion as a Tank Commander without hearing protection being on me. I would not have been wearing protection at that time anyway based upon the mission. But, it's interesting that they would do something like this Tinnitus Test over the phone anyway? Because, I'm not familiar with these (ACE Exams) I am doing my research now to prepare, I'm not sure if it's either, good, bad or nuetral that we are doing ACE instrad of more C&P Exams? I know that the Hadit.com Forum has some information on the ACE Exams and I'm doing my reserach now. Consequently, my file does have very extensive SMR evidence (about 1500 pages) and the OSA was diagnosed in the Military and again by a very prominent Sleep Doctor in the civilian Sector who confirmed it. Frankly, I have not sleapt in the same room with my wife for many years because she says that my night time breathing really scares her? Frankly, that's my biggest motivator to get this claim done so I can get some help on the OSA...otherwise some OSA patients stroke out and have many other issues that I'm really worried about now. Anyway, if anypone can shed some light on the ACE's and how they work, I would appreciate it..
  9. Folks: At this point it looks like I finished all of my C &P exams last week and I'd like to know what happens next from you seasoned, Hadit.com veterans? Although I'm not satisfied with all of the exams, I did get to retake the one that I was most concerned about and suspect I'll be appealing some contentions? Also, originally, I submitted 13 DBQ's with exams as part of my claims submission package, so that part of my claim is very robust. I'm not sure I would have done the DBQ's again because I retook most of the same exams again anyway and it just cost me more time in the process? That said, I was never able to confirm that all of my hard copy files ever got fully digitized into the VBMS System? I did get a "verbal" from a senior VBA official that they were in fact there? But, like many vets, about half of my service medical records (SMR's) are handwritten by military doctors and I believe they don't get the same attention as the newer chrisp typed records that come out of DOD and the VA Systems today? For me, some of my most important SMR evidence is on these handwritten SMR's. So, I was advised by some seasoned, claims veterans that have turned in claims over the years to provide statements of support and buddy statements to bridge that gap for the VBA claims raters? It's supposed to "tell the full story" so the raters can peice it all together? One note is that I'm more convinced now then ever after my interactions with examiners that the final outcome of a claim is due in large part to the "luck of the draw" and who works your claim? In one case, I came across someone, whom had their mind already made up before I ever walked thru the door and I suspect that this is more of a "personality type" than the way business is usually done. Just like "global warming", some may have a bias that the whole "Gulf War Syndrome" an in their opinion, it just - does not jibe? However, although there are examination rules, policies, regulations, etc. in place ...many professionals also have a lot of subjective leeway in filling out the forms and personal biases and if you "draw" someone like that, it's like a spawning salmon,( you or me) are swimming against the current to get where you need to go..to get your just due?
  10. Folks: I'm doing my Orthopedic, mostly back, neck and spine exams this week and need to know if anyone has some advice for me? The first DBQ Exam that I had was not done properly so at least I get a chance to try and get this done properly. Also, I'm going to do the Gulf War Exam for some undiagnosed issues. I was at Camp Doha Kuwait during the early 90's and there was an explosion in which a lot of depleted uranium ammunition was burned from tank main gun rounds. Also, the camp issued a memo that a gross contamination of Ecoli Poisoning was found in the camp water system and a lot of soldiers got sick. Also, there was a soil analysis done and the soil had 4 times the amount of lead contamination in the soil that would be allowed in the United States. So, the was great environmental risk being assigned there that many troops were not alerted to and there should have been more precautions taken.
  11. Folks: Does anyone have any idea of once VBA orders an ACE exam or ACE Exams, how long it generally takes to get contacted and set up the telephone exams?
  12. I just finished my last C & P exam in June. The first medical doctor I saw stated my disabilities and that I need aid and attendence for daily living. The VBA sent me on their on an application for unemployability and aid. I included this with my final records and evidence I turned in. The second doctor for rheumatology stated the same, but also stated he can trace my disease back to my military records. Does this good for me on being granted for compensation?
  13. I filed my claim in September 2011; I do not understand as far as ebenefits states, as to when I will be set up for C&P exams?
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