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  1. Hello! I've been silent in the background for awhile now sifting through all the information while I put together my Fully Developed Claim. This site is absolutely amazing and I'm extremely grateful for everyone's wealth of knowledge they have shared to help veterans. I've recently run into a problem hopefully someone can give me advice on. I started my FDC Oct 9th 2016 and it was set to expire 2017. About a week before the expiration I had a doctor give me new medical information to add to my claim. He told me to send a fax requesting a 90 day extension for the new medical information.
  2. An advice anyone can give would be appreciated. I go in for my first C&P exam for my knee issues. I submitted a FDC with my military medical records showing foot issues, shin splints, and issues with bunions. They wanted to operate on the one bunion but I would have had to reenlist. I also submitted my personal medical records that include my recent MRI reports that show various knee issues. (arthritis, patellar maltracking, meniscus tears...) I received a call to set up my C&P exam about a week after submitted my FDC online. I have been looking online, and found out that if I s
  3. Hey all. My claim seems to be going oddly and I was hoping to get some advice. I put together a fully developed claim for my conditions. I had tons of medical records, nexus letters, DBQs, buddy statements, and more. I decided to file the claim on the eBenefits website. When I went to upload the evidence, I uploaded my entire claim as a single PDF file (about 70 pages). When you upload evidence, they make you choose a category. I choose "correspondence" as the most general category for this file. In retrospect, I think this may have really screwed things up (more on this later).
  4. so my claim was submitted on 12/12/2016. I submitted for bipolar/depression (reopen) and tinnitus (new). I sent it in as an FDC with all my evidence. I checked ebenefits on 12/21/2016 and the status is already showing preparation for decision. Is this normal? I haven't even gone to a c&p exam, I haven't recieved any correspondences or anything. For the bipolar depression it is a reopen because when i first filed in 2011, I missed my appointment. After I missed my appointment, the VA sent me papers (back in 2011) saying that they see that i was treated for depressio
  5. I have asked a lot of questions and i continue to ask alot of questions to learn even more. I think this may be my final question before i file. So i am currently service connected at 80% 60% asthma 30% allergic rhinitus 10% carpal tunnel 10% cystic acne (due to jet fumes) Now here's my question. Back in 2009 i began seeing a shrink for depression. ive been on pills and have gone to a counselor very often ever since. It is believed that my depression came from the 3 plane crashes that i witnessed. And another 1 that i didnt witness, but i was apart of t
  6. Im in the middle of the NOD process with an older claim, about to submit an FDC for a new disease not addressed before. Do I need to resend my MSR's with the FDC. The VA already has everything from my old claim. Ive been retired for over a year now so nothing has changed in my MSR's. Thoughts?
  7. Folks: Anyone have recent experience with how long the Pending Approval Decision Phase is now taking? I know that are a lot of variables by location, # contentions, and complexities but it's clear that the "big push" to clear the claims backlog is on. Also, today I saw something said that claims prcessing accuracy is almost at an all time high?
  8. So most know on here my situation. I filed an FDC back in January for several issues to include 100% temporary convalescence for right foot due to left ankle. Right foot is NOT S/C so since my left ankle caused the fracture I put in the FDC. After filing the FDC, my NOD finally processed and I had my DRO review hearing last month. I noticed after receiving my C-file my FDC was "RTR" ready to rate but I assumed that it was going to wait until AFTER my DRO hearing and all those issues were resolved. My NOD included all my feet issues. Ebennies showed Preparation for Decision back in Februa
  9. So I received the DAV "official" letter last night in the mail ATTACHED. I am curious as to why the 100% temporary evaluation is June 3rd, 2015 to October 1, 2015???? Look at numbers 2 & 3. I also got SMC housebound for the same dates. What is puzzling me is I had my surgery to my right foot January 6th, 2016. I know my right foot is not yet S/C as it is under appeal but I was granted the 100% temporary evaluation for my left ankle b/c it caused my fracture to my right foot. Any idea why they went back to 2015???? The dates they awarded me the 100% temporary evaluation, does tha
  10. So my DAV rep just called. I am so happy!!! I not only got an increase to 70%, I got 100% temporary convalescence for my broken right foot due to my left ankle! I am so amazed! I was told so many times that there was no way I would get the 100% because the right foot was not S/C, well I did! They not only gave me the 100% for 3 months because my left ankle caused the right foot injury, I got 3 months of SMC-House Bound for three months as well! My NOD is still pending for my right foot s/c, right ankle, and left toe condition. My effective date is January 4th, 2016 for my new 70
  11. I wanted to pass this on and share with all fellow Veteran's. The CFR for Convalescence is not just for S/C contention as the CFR indicates http://www.benefits.va.gov/COMPENSATION/claims-special-convalescence.asp I applied for 100% Temporary Convalescence for my right foot (which is NOT s/c) due to my left ankle (is S/C). I was told it would be tough so I got all my ducks in a row. I had my podiatrist write a very good IMO to support my claim. That the left ankle was the cause of my right foot fracture. The letter is what I truly believed help this claim. I wanted to share this
  12. My FDC claim finished! Filed on 1/12/16 for increase. Had C&P exams 2/4/16. Went to PFD in February, then last week PFN, back to PDA today, to closed this afternoon. I requested PTSD increase, left ankle increase, and 100% Temp Convalescence for right foot due to left ankle. Well....I went from 60% to 70%! I got the PTSD to 50% which I have no idea how I did with the report I read. I got no change to left ankle other than adding additional issues under it to include scars 0%, and I am not sure about the temporary convalescence??? I don't know how to see that or not? My
  13. HI everyone, I am helping my dad with his recently submitted claim. He requested an increase to his 30% rating from 2003, among other things. On ebennies it has DBQ PTSD Review recommended under "evidence needed." I sent quite a bit of evidence showing worsening conditions since 2003 when I submitted the FDC in December. Will not providing one hold up the process? Does he need to submit this DBQ? If he does, will it take him out of the Fully Developed Claims for submitting new evidence? Thanks for the help as usual.
  14. So I filed my FDC claim on 1/12/16 - had C&P exams on 2/4/16 and today I am in Preparation for Decision. I went from GOE to PFD in a matter of a week. My timeline changed too. Status of Your Claim Submitted: 01/12/2016 (Compensation) Estimated Completion: 03/24/2016 - 04/30/2016 I am a bit worried but will be optimistic....
  15. Okay I know that you CAN get the 100% temp conv. for a s/c disability if you have surgery BUT can you get 100% temporary convalescence for a surgery to a condition that is NOT S/C ? My surgery was on my right foot fracture AND the fracture was due to my left ankle giving out and that left ankle is S/C. I have a good letter from my VA doctor stating the left ankle is the reason why I had the injury to my right foot and the reason why I had surgery. I have been NWB going on two months now and still have another month of NWB to go..... Has anyone ever heard of this before??????
  16. HI everyone, I am helping my dad with his recently submitted claim. He requested an increase to his 30% rating from 2003, among other things. On ebennies it has DBQ PTSD Review recommended under "evidence needed." I sent quite a bit of evidence showing worsening conditions since 2003 when I submitted the FDC in December. Will not providing one hold up the process? Does he need to submit this DBQ? If he does, will it take him out of the Fully Developed Claims for submitting new evidence? Thanks for the help as usual.
  17. So I just got a FedEx envelope with my C&P exams. One is for my L ankle synovitis increase and my other C&P exam is for my PTSD increase. Both are scheduled for February 4th, 2016. Pretty excited I got them so quickly. I just filed my FDC on 1/12/16 but I think a lot of "fast tracking" is going on with my situations. I put my FDC in originally for my 100% temporary convalescence, increase for L ankle synovitis, and PTSD. Going to have to get a lot prepared coming up next month! I have these two C&P exams (QTC) and I have my NOD (DRO Hearing) next month as well! Sh
  18. Well with all that is going on for me....With my DRO hearing at the end of the month, I now have my C&P exams scheduled for tomorrow that pertain to my FDC that I filed on 1/12/16. I got the packet in the mail last week and I have gotten all my evidence ready for each exam. My one exam is for an increase to my Left Ankle Synovitis. I have a great letter from my podiatrist to back me up doctor letter_Redacted.pdf as well as I have all my medical records from the time I was S/C to current. Not sure if the examiner has them or not so I am bringing them. I plan to bring my Osteogenesis s
  19. Hi everybody, I'm helping my dad through this claims process. I requested his C-File via FIOIA on Nov 19, 2015. I submitted his FDC on Dec 16, 2015 and per E-Ben, the date of completion for claim is 5/15-9/15. However, the CFile's completion date is 12/16-7/17! Wow! If I send another request to expedite c-file request, could it delay the comp decision? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  20. First off...THANK YOU!!!! I love you guys and I appreciate all the knowledge I have gained. Second....I look forward to helping to helping those in need as the way I have been helped! This is my story: Claim Submission: 11/19/2015 Prep for Decision: 12/14/15 Prep for Notification:12/15/15 Completed: 12/17/15 Award Letter on E Benefits 12/17/15 Military InformationYour most recent, verified periods of service (up to three) include: Recent periods of military serviceBranch of ServiceCharacter of ServiceEntered Active DutyReleased/DischargedArmyHonorableMay 29, 2003December 01, 2004(There may be
  21. Folks: Thanks again for everyone that helped me with my recent FDC Claim. Frankly, without many of your advice, I would not have had such a solid outcome of 80%. Currently, I've read everything very carefully in the claim decision letter and I'm moving towards the second stage now of my claim and am working on the NOD for areas that I disagreed with. I appreciate the fact that the decision letter spells out exactly what a Vet needs to have to go to the next level with almost any given contention? Anyway, I know that I have to spell out the disagreements in writing, support with facts o
  22. Folks: I've still on "Cloud 9" about my 80% rating and also surprised that I had 5 more contentions of 0% and a large number of deferred contentions still to process. Also, the VBA also put me in for other contentions that I was not aware of and I was very surprised by this. Anyway, when I first started the process, I did a lot of research about the new FDC Program and especially the incentive to "save the date" for an informal claim that became my FDC main claim. Anyway, I submitted the claim to an American Legion VSO and she entered the claim into the computer and processed the depende
  23. Thanks to all of you for being so informative. I read and reread many of the posts and decided to be my own advocate...best advice I learned, and I am a huge advocate of. Submitted 11 conditions on 1DEC14, which was my retirement date as an FDC. Claim completed 11APR15 (just past the 125 day mark). Came out to 92%, rounded down to 90%. I will be appealing/asking for reconsideration for the following: Awarded 20% for degenerative arthritis of the lumbar spine also claimed as spondylolisthesis. Explanation: "Forward flexion of the thoracolumbar spine greater than 30 degrees b
  24. Hi there! Hope all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here is background.....I am service connected for Anorexia Nervosa and in November I fainted/passed out and hit my head/face/mouth on the concrete pavement. I was taken to the VA ER and treated for my issues dealing with my eating disorder. When I fell I injured my mouth pretty good! I damaged my two front teeth and because of this I now have endured $4,500 in dental bills to repair my teeth. I tried at first to get a consult with dental but the Chief Dental Officer stated I had to be 100% S/C for it. So I took the rou
  25. Folks: I just saw the update on my ebenefits today, that it went from "Gathering of Evidence" to "Prep for a Decision" and it looks like they are still moving it along under the FDC Program for me? Also, we'll see if the 13 DBQ's that I submitted originally, will actually make a difference for me in the process? Interestingly, I've been reporting based upon the VBA Monday Workload Reports to this forum that Disability Claims outcomes are moving along very rapidly now for completion to reduce the backlog for FY 15? It has been reported as a "leadership goal" in the news over the last cou
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