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Found 7 results

  1. Can anyone tell if this rateable... Not sure what to make of it..... VA medical disability exam results: RA - minimal talonavicular degenerative change is seen. Anarthodesis is seen at the base of the first carpal metacarpal articulation. A small superior calcaneal spur noted.
  2. Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I haven't been on here since late last year. Life is going good. As most know my story and it was a doozy, I finally got everything I deserved! Overall 90% and I couldn't be happier. It took a lot of hard work and sleepless nights and a lot of C&P exams and fighting the VA but I prevailed. I was thankful for this sight b/c without it I would have never met a great guy that helped me with the final phase of my rating. I am now just waiting on an EED for my contentions but I am really not really worried about it and if it happens great and if not, I am good. Don't give up EVER!
  3. So on Monday I had my C&P exams for my feet/ankles/toe and scars. I think it went rather well and the doctor was thorough. These C&P exams were ordered on September 8th, 2016 by the DRO in WACO after she over turned the other DRO's decision. She ordered the C&P exams so I could get a proper rating on my contentions. She over turned the DRO's decision due to his egregious errors in my decision that I brought to the attention of Mr. Robert McDonald's office and my local Congressman. After getting the representative from McDonald's office to contact me and then to get the WACO office to contact me, I sit here today awaiting the decision I should have had years ago. I am grateful the new DRO reviewed the decision that the previous DRO made and over turned it. The DRO that made the egregious errors in my decision has apparently done this to other Veterans. I hope they investigate this DRO. I am thankful I did not have to go another 2-4 years to the BVA to appeal a decision due to the egregious errors by one DRO. I am grateful the new DRO assigned saw the egregious error and reversed the decision at the RO level. I did talk to the DRO on Wednesday and she said she received the scar C&P exam but not yet received the Foot/Ankle/Toe C&P exam. She said it shouldn't be too long and then she can rate me. I am so anxious right now!
  4. Hi everyone; I have several threads going but i want to get these C&P exams out there in the open. Please look at both C&P exams (Foot Conditions) (Ankle Conditions). Look at the errors done by ONE doctor. The first C&P exam I attached is for Foot Misc. The very first error by the C&P examiner is the fact that he states under #1 Diagnoses Avulsion Fracture 5th Metatarsal - date of diagnoses 6/23/2013. That is WRONG! If you look at the other C&P Exam for Ankles, under #1 Diagnoses he states right 5th metatarsal fracture - date of diagnoses 1993! YES that is right! See where I am going with this???? Let's continue on.... C&P exam for Foot Misc - #2 Medical History - he specifically states Toe condition left toe. The date of the symptoms 1991. #3 Morton's Neuroma - YES left. #15 Functional Impact - YES #16 Remarks - For the claimant's claimed of RIGHT FOOT CONDITION, there is no diagnoses because the claimant does not claim the condition. For the claimant condition LEFT FOOT CONDITION, the diagnosis is already noted in the diagnosis section. For the claimants condition of TOE CONDITION ON LEFT FOOT, the diagnosis is already noted in the diagnosis section. He is obviously mistaken on my right foot condition because it was in my original claim May 2013 but let's continue.... C&P exam for Ankles - #1 Diagnosis - He notes ankle sprain 1993 and he notes right 5th metatarsal fracture 1993 BUT he puts it as LEFT foot! WTF????? Do you see this??? First he has the right fracture on my foot C&P exam with the wrong date, then on this one he has the right fracture but noted on the left foot! #2 Medical History: States my history #17 Functional Impact - YES #18 Remarks - The claimant now has or has had ankle condition. For the claimants claimed condition of RIGHT ANKLE CONDITION, the diagnosis is already noted in the diagnosis section. For the claimant's condition LEFT ANKLE CONDITION, the diagnosis is already noted in the diagnosis section. this doctor has F'd both C&P's up!!! To add to this I get some medical opinion in November 2014 from some doctor who apparently reviewed these C&P exams, my DBQ's submitted on my behalf by my Podiatrist at the time. This is so ridiculous! On top of this, the DRO takes my Nexus letters supposedly into consideration but no rationale? See attached the Nexus LetterNexus letter-redacted .pdf C&P Exam Feet 7-2013_Redacted.pdf C&P Exam Ankles 7-2013_Redacted.pdf
  5. Well good afternoon my fellow Vet's!!! I am really deflated right now....It's going on 3 months since I had my DRO review hearing with no end in sight. I was told that it could be weeks to months to up to a year for the decision. What erk's me is the fact that I had my hearing why can't the DRO take the time to review and come to a ruling? It's so frustrating! I am going on 3 years since my initial claim and almost 2 years since I filed my NOD. I understand there are others in the same boat or worse boat and I do sympathize with all my fellow Vet's! Now on top of this, most of you know my story.....I broke my right foot in two places on Christmas Eve. I had surgery on January 6th, 2016 and I filed an FDC January 12th, 2016. I filed that my left ankle was the cause of my right foot injury. I was granted 100% temporary convalescence for 4 months due to my left ankle giving out on me and causing my right foot injury. Now if you all remember, I have my NOD since 2014 trying to get my right foot/ankle and left toe S/C which was denied in 2014. My medical records back up my s/c as well as my doctor's letters (IMO) that state my injuries are directly related to my active duty. But here I sit awaiting the NOD decision. Well yesterday I took a bad tumble and fell down the stairs causing sever bruising and swelling to my left ankle and left leg. I am sitting here at the West Palm VA as we speak awaiting to see my Podiatrist for the results of the X-rays BUT while I had my visit with him today, he had another doctor come in and look at my X-rays for my right foot and both of the doctor's state I need revision surgery to my right foot because the bone graft is not "uniting" the bone together. The Podiatrist I had do my surgery in January put pins/screws/plate in the one fracture but only bone graft in the other. Since then the bone is separating and the doctor feels the surgery is necessary and will require me to be out about 2-3 months once again! It's my right foot so I can't drive and it's frustrating! On top of this, my left foot/2nd metatarsal toe has two screws in it that are "coming up to the skin" and they feel that at the same time they do the right foot surgery they need to look into that! I literally just got back on my feet and was feeling okay! My feet/ankles SUCK! I feel so depressed! I just want to cry! I will update you with my X-ray findings but I needed to VENT!!!
  6. So, I recently began feeling like my feet are on fire. It feels like I stepped into a campfire that's been tamped down, no visible flames, but still very hot down under. It comes and goes, no rhyme or reason. Also, for a year or two been getting the same on the back of my L hand. It's not hot enough to make me holler, but nearly so. I told my PCP a while back, about the hand fire, said it feels like scalding hot water was poured on it. Feet fire feels a little different. While the hand burning feels like it's on the outside, the feet fire goes all through, skin, flesh, bone even. Nothing makes my MDD seem so much better like adding more fuel to the fire(pun intended). Any ideas what can cause that type of sensation? I know it's not diabetic nuropathy, as I get my blood checked several times a year...and my sugars are well within the normal operating range.
  7. Okay as I sit and wait for my NOD decision to come back I have been looking at both the feet and ankle CFR ratings http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/thefoot.html#top http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/theankle.html#top I have multiple issues with my feet and ankles. For Morton's Neuroma it's pretty clear that is 10% period. For fractures to the foot do they rate under "broken bones"? After my hearing yesterday, the DRO indicated that regardless of residuals a broken bone at a minimum is 0% so if you have issues would the rating fall under this category? I have two prior fractures to the left ankle and now two fractures to the right foot....I do have residuals so I am sure I warrant higher than 0% For the ankle, if you have synovitis as well as limited ROM and prior broken bone to the ankle, do they lump all the ratings into one? Or do you get separate ratings for each disability? Once they determine the total disabilities is it my understanding that you can not be more than 40% PER FOOT/ANKLE or is it 40% combine for both FEET/ANKLES and does that include the Morton's in the total % of disability?
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