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Found 24 results

  1. Hey all, I've been a lurker here for about the last year, and finally decided to jump into the fray. I need some help finding a chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia specialist in northern illinois. I've been receiving treatment through the VA at Hines, but for purposes of disability, I believe my 3rd party company would rather have an outside doc to talk to. Additionally my PCP at Hines seems unwilling to do anything regarding disability. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Eric and I am rated at 80% for sever back spasms, anxiety, depression. I also have complex ptsd from childhood. I have va surcical consult with the va for more lipomas right on my sciatic nerve yet again. Every 6 or 7 years mulitiple excisions. I may have hearing loss AF vet flightline part delivery 6 years. Do you think pursueing both will pull me over the top?
  3. For +10 years, I have been rated at 40% for fibromyalgia as a presumptive to my service is SW Asia. I completed Gulf War registry, etc over a decade ago. I have also been being treated for years for unexplained hives/dermatitis as well as disturbed sleep (no apnea, but no REM sleep). I have been having headaches for years, but about a year ago was diagnosed with migraines and prescribed medications that I continue to take. My question is, can I file for migraines as part of the "undiagnosed illness" presumptive to my SW Asia service, or am I not allowed to because I am already diagnosed and compensated for fibromyalgia? Thank you.
  4. Like the title says, i go to have an exam for fibro, gerd, and eczyma. Now the last one is a toss up, and the gerd maybe too i don't know. A doctor outside the VA diagnosed me with fibro a few years back. He was an idiot though so i don't know if it was documented(probably, but i also have 30 percent for p.s.t.d. so i'm probably being paranoid). Then again this doctor told me it was my weight blah blah blah. I told him multiple times that a few years prior i was going to the gym alot and the pain has become worse as i age amking it harder to be as active. I try to eat good(chicken and rice, oatmeal) most of the times but we are human. So back to the exam, i have only had one for the p.t.s.d. I was in Iraq day one of the war(March 2003). I was around burn pits and was exposed to the aftermaths of exploded tanks and buildings(hell some we even enter to make sure nobody was hiding or any wmd. I'm registered for the burn pits. I just don't know what to expect, will it be questions, will it be a physical? It's an outside contractor, so i'm hoping less va bias. I'm also too the point of drowning in debt. It's trigger my p.t.s.d. to the point my wife can't even sleep due to my nightmares and waking up with night terrors. I have become much angrier and lashing out. Not physically though, but i don't know what state i'll be in if i get another denial(btw with what i mentioned, i have a bva for freaking tinnitus even though i have stated where i have been. I was also a cavalry scout in the army so i was trained for combat. I have lay statements from a battle buddy, mom, wife, ex and a friend. I just need to know what to expect or what else i need to do to have a shot at an approval? I'm also filed for apnea, va diagnosed me and i have a cpap. Never had a chance to have any of this documented in service due to being told to man up.
  5. I've also posted this over at PEB forums and I'd really like to get a clear answer because I think understanding what they mean in how this is written will be very helpful. So this is reproduced verbatim in text and format from a 2012 decision letter based on only my service records. In the heading, it says "(to include claim of neck condition...)," does that mean the neck condition could be rated at some % but they combined it or subsumed it with fibromyalgia to raise that rating to 40% and avoid pyramiding? What about the things listed under "Additional symptom(s) include:"? Were the combined somehow or are they just noting other symptoms? Thank you in advance!
  6. I first experienced kidney problem while on active duty as a Marine Security Guard in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1994. The doctor treated me as having been dehydrated. Years later, in May 2012, I experienced my first official Kidney Stone at 9 mm on left side, which I had to have a lithotripsy. In 2016, I developed a second kidney stone measuring at 6 mm on right side, treated by VA in Ann Arbor, MI. In June 2018, I developed my third kidney stone measuring 3 mm on right side, treated by VA Ann Arbor, MI. VA doctors informed me that I still had several smaller stones in both kidneys. In July 2018, I developed a fourth kidney stone measuring 4 mm on left side, a stent was implanted, and tomorrow I am scheduled for another lithotripsy. While, awaiting the lithotripsy, it appears i have another stone developing on the right side again. While in Ethiopia, I was constantly in Eritrea and Massawa having swam in the Red Sea. I do know that Gulf War Syndrome lists the Red Sea as an area of claim but during the Southwest Asia Threat. It appears, that I should still be service-connected but I'm unsure as personnel at Battle Creek, VA, suggested that I couldn't claim Gulf War Syndrome. This was also prior to my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. To add, I was also stationed at MWSS 272 New River Airbase during 1990, where vehicle were being painted as well as a motor transport driver moving airplane and helicopter parts and working in the areas of jet fuel during the commencement of wartime. What if any course of action do I need to take to have these service-connected as it relates to kidney stones and fibromyalgia? I am already 70% TDIU, for tennitus and PTSD. I have been diagnosed finally as having fibromyalgia in June 2017, for which previously I was denied neurological disorders. I am a diabetic with, high blood pressure and 16 of 18 points for fibromyalgia.
  7. In March I filed a presumptive claim for GWI for fibromyalgia. I know that C&P exams are not always required and so was wondering if anyone knows if they are usually required or not for a presumptive claim. I also wondered if it matters to the VA that my diagnosis was given by a military doctor at a major military hospital versus a civilian doctor. I included a letter in my documentation clearly stating this was a presumptive claim quoting the 38 CFR § 3.317 reg for fibromyalgia.
  8. Hey, I'm service connected for IBS, chronic migraines, anxiety, reynaud's syndrome, and lumbosacral and cervical strain. Upon coming home from Afghanistan and while in country was treated for insomnia and many of my symptoms above progressed in the first year after returning in 2011. I was treated and diagnosed while still on AD. My rheumatologist an AD Col diagnosed me with fibromyalgia end of 2016. I filed a VA claim and told my fibromyalgia was not service related. Is it worth appealing and if granted could the VA take away my other conditions saying they are just part of my fibromyalgia diagnose? My rheumatologist wrote a letter stating he felt my fibromyalgia was service related. Any guidance on how to proceed or do nothing? Any help would be most appreciated. Regards Herb
  9. I recently filed a claim for my newly diagnosed Fibromyalgia as secondary to my PTSD and was outright denied. My PTSD started out as panic/anxiety disorder at 30%. My mental health counselors diagnosed with me with PTSD and stated that I should go file. I did and my panic/anxiety disorder increased to 50% as PTSD with panic/anxiety disorder. I went in for an increase to the PTSD as my medication strength was increasing and I was finding myself isolated and such and it was increased to 70%, ever since the PTSD was getting worse, the symptoms of Fibromyalgia began to appear alongside the PTSD. How do I go about claiming or appealing their decision as I was told by DAV to suck it up, you're at 90% and to not f**k with the 5 year VBA rule, otherwise they can reduce all my percentages down to 0% and have me just at service-connected 0% and just pay all my medical, which scares me because I have 3 boys who are highly active and as a single parent with this new, painful diagnosis, it stresses me out more that I can't keep up or participate and be active with them. The DAV rep did say to have my Dr state that the fibro is "at least as likely not" to win my case, but if I'm claiming it as secondary to my PTSD what do I need to do? I'm not sure what I need as both symptoms of the PTSD and Fibro are very much related. So I'm not sure what I need to do at this point as it's becoming increasingly frustrating, because had I not had PTSD, the fibro would not exist. Does anyone know what to do or has been in this similar situation and can help guide me? Side note* I was physically abused by my husband, both of us were active duty at the time, where I did complain about pain in my lower back, neck and elbows and was seen for medical for all three, all of which each of those areas are intensified from the Fibro. I have put in claims for those 3 areas too and have been denied because there's a break in treatment, but if I can handle the pain for a while, and then later seek treatment for them and can only relate them to that time frame/injury, can't those be claimed as stand alone service connected? I know that symptoms and pain can lay dormant for years even decades and can be brought back to surface due to age or aggravated by another event. So how can I get these conditions service connected as well?
  10. I had applied for disabilities secondary to my Fibromyalgia and instead of any indevidual ratings they just lumped all together. The decsion letter says.Fibromyagia (now claimed to include anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, painful joints and fattigue. I am at the max scheduler rating of 40%. I had a Mental Health C&P exam where the Dr. talks about Chronic Adjustment Disorder and said [X] Occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity b. For the indicated level of occupational and social impairment, is it possible to differentiate what portion of the occupational and social impairment indicated above is caused by each mental disorder? [X] Yes[ ] No[ ] No other mental disorder has been diagnosed Should/could I get not get rated individually for the anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, painful joints and fattigue? What should i do?
  11. Does anyone know a doctor who does IMO letters for Fibromyalgia. I have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia from a Rheumatologist from Scott & White, Chronic Pain Syndrome and Myofacial Pain from the VA. The C&P clearly went my way except the nurse practitioner who did the C&P stated I had a diagnosis but it does not seem related to Active Duty Service by review of SMR's. So it is going to be hard to pass this under Gulf War presumptive illnesses. Any Help in this matter will be appreciated.
  12. Hello everyone! First I want to introduce myself. I am a recent USN retiree, 6 years active duty, 14+ years reserve (with deployment), and a qualified submariner. I am a long time reader and first time poster. I want to give my sincere gratitude to everyone who posts here, the information in this forum is priceless! I will spare you all the medical details, the long and short is: I have a number of chronic service connected disabilities, chiefly IBS and Fibromyalgia, as well as chronic urticaria (hives), scaring secondary to hives, and chronic fissure due to IBS. Utilizing the knowledge I learned here and from shipmates, I worked with my private physicians and prepared a series of disability benefits questionnaires (DBQ) which the VFW submitted on my behalf. My claim process was unbelievably fast- it went from intent to file, to filing, to award in seven months. I was recently awarded the following: IBS 100%, Chronic Urticaria 60%, Fibromyalgia 40%, Facial Scars 30%, Anal Fissure 20%. I was awarded 100% total disability compensation with a Special Monthly Compensation (S-1). I have not yet received my letter, however I can see the benefits in benefits and my VFW rep called me to inform me of the award. I am very grateful for the award, and consider myself lucky based on the stories I have read here. I do have a couple of questions, and in advance, thank you for taking time to read this! 1. I have never heard of anyone being awarded 100% for IBS. I have chronic oscillating constipation and diarrhea, and constant abdominal pain, which is noted in the DBQ. I miss a few weeks of work over a year's time due to inability to eat, compounded with the aforementioned bowel issues. While I am grateful for the award, I do not understand how the VA awarded me 100%. I thought 30% was tops unless the veteran requested an extra-schedular award (which I did not). What do you make of this? Was I assigned a TDIU or something similar without applying for it? Will or can the VA provide an extra-schedular award without the veteran asking for it? 2. My award indicates that I was also awarded SMC S-1. What does this mean? I do not require a home health aid at this time, although my wife did leave her job to assist me with activities of daily living such as cleaning and cooking since at times, I am not able to complete those tasks due to either bowel issues or exhaustion from fibromyalgia. The SMC S-1 code indicates that the award was given due to having a 100% disability (IBS) and a second award of 60% (Urticaria). Is it just standard process to issue an SMC S-1 for someone suffering from two diseases that are over a certain percentage each? 3. Does any of the above legally impact my ability to seek and maintain employment? Again, I do not have my formal VA letter yet, however, the above mentioned awards seem to indicate that the VA issued a TDIU or something to that effect. While I am in constant moderate to severe pain, and the problems are chronic and debilitating, I strongly prefer to try to maintain employment because working and staying active as I can seems to help me, at least mentally. I am afraid that if I quit working and focus solely on my chronic illnesses, my overall life outlook would suffer. 4. Lastly, am I missing anything? Thank you so very much for you time. As I learn more, I will be glad to assist anyone here by sharing what I did (almost of it learned here). Thanks again everyone!
  13. Rated 10% (SC) painful joints/Arthritis. When filed for increase unaware, but last week! diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Explains why my pain is severe. I need information. A condition caused or worsened by a SC condition is rated secondary to the SC condition. I don't know how to address acquiring after service a condition that aggravates existing SC condition. Am I stuck at 10% rating for painful joints or can I get compensation for the disabling pain either for effects on arthritis or as a secondary diagnosis? BTW I have SC conditions (IBD,PTSD,Migraines) which are common with fibromyalgia,... still getting Fibromyalgia SC is unlikely. Fibromyalgia alone is painful, but co-existing with arthritis is unbearable. Is there precedent to allow increase above 10% or allow secondary diagnosis? ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!!! I'm in constant pain. My claim is in reviewing evidence and will be decided soon. Any good advice is appreciated. Thank You
  14. Hi, I'm currently 60% disabled, having been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia though suffered with it "undiagnosed" for 6 years before I was actually given a diagnosis, Fibromyalgia is medically unexplained, I've done tons of research already on the disorder, my question now is can anyone point me in the right direction to validate my claim when it comes to Gulf War Syndrome, what evidence would be heavily weighted evidence in proving Gulf War Syndrome illness? My understanding is that no nexxus needs to be formed between service and the illness only pre-qualifying factors of whether I fit into the category of a Gulf War Vet which I in fact do.... More so where can I find Training Letters? And any information pertaining to the health effects on Gulf War Veterans and the use of Anthrax vaccine and Malaria pill both of which I was given amongst other vaccines. ANY information that would help me in filing my claim under the presumption of Gulf War Illness would be great. Thank you much, this is my last claim I will be filing with the VA and prayerfully no other illness pops up in light of all the crap and toxins I was exposed to in country...
  15. Hi I am new here, and trying to sort through all of this, and it is a bit overwhelming. I have a C&P scheduled in a few months, and just received my appointments. C&P MHC C&P PSYCH TEST C&P Primary Care C&P Audiology So my question would be, I assume MHC = Mental health...So would it really be 4-hours of MH and psych testing? I am having a longer wait as it is because I need to see a female doctor for the MST part. I am really nervous about this whole process, and have read so many horror stories about the MST claim process (I understand it is PTSD via MST). I have a wonderful psychiatrist (private) that has helped me a lot, and she has submitted the Nexus. I guess I just feel like I am walking into an appointment where they will want to prove me wrong rather than help. I have been avoiding this whole situation for 17-years. Can anyone give me any advice that has been through this? Thank you in advance.
  16. Does anyone know if fibromyalgia can be a cause or associated with occipital neuralgia? I didn't know I had occipital neuralgia I just thought it was migraine headaches or tension headaches. I started receiving acupuncture and have some post stuck in my ears to block pain, anxiety, nightmares and so forth. Have been on multiple medications throughout the years with little success. Now I have ventured down the road with acupuncture and have been scheduled for Botox. I was planning on filing a claim for migraines/headaches related to fibromyalgia but now after reading the notes from my last two treatments I question the validity of my claim and if the two would be symptomatic of each other. Fibromyalgia and Occipital neuralgia. The headache is a headache either way you look at it but could or could not be related. Anyone have any experience in this area or know of the two to have a comparison that might substantiate the claim?
  17. I need some assistance on filing a claim for Migraine Headaches. I don't have any record of headaches while in service but I had them and had it noted during my out-processing physical. After getting out I signed up at the VA and begun treatment for them. I am on Topamax twice a day and sumatriptin at the onset of the headache. Here is what I would like to know. I have Fibromyalgia and receive 40% for it. I was told to keep a log of the headaches. For the last month I have done so and can say that when my Fibro is acting up I have some of my more intense headaches. But I also have headaches when my Fibro is not acting up. Should I file my migraine headaches as a secondary issue to my Fibromyalgia? or Under the Claims for Gulf War Illness a presumptive diagnosed condition under section cfr 38. 3.317? This way I would be filing with a diagnosis and I would state they are a result of my service while actively serving in South West Asia. The illness then would not have to be shown in service records but have manifested and be debilitating at least 10%. The window for filing under the GWI presumptive illnesses with or without a diagnosis is open until Dec 2016. Anyone have advise on this?
  18. I am looking for advice. I need to write a letter for support of my claim of Fibromyalgia. I have a diagnoses from the Rheumatologist that states I have Fibromyalgia and my C&P was clear I have a severe case of Fibromyalgia. But it also said "not connected to Active Duty Service by review of service records". So I think they are going to screw me. What content should I include in the letter to support the claim related to the Gulf War/SWA. I am already 50% connected with PTSD that validates I was in the Gulf War. There is a lot of stuff about presumptive illnesses diagnosed and undiagnosed. So Please provide guidance on the content and format that I should put in this letter so I don't screw myself with my own wording. Thanks
  19. I need some HELP. First off I am already 70%. PTSD 50% Fibromyalgia 40% Tinnitus 10% I do not know how to file my claim and need guidance. I do not want my conditions to be lumped together as one. Ok here is what I have medical diagnosis for and being treated for since getting out of the service 15 years ago. I show the diarrhea in my military records but not the migraines or chronic fatigue. But I did file a claim for migraines immediately when I left the military and also started receiving treatment from the VA for the headaches/migraines. The claim was denied. lol. go figure. 1. IBS. Being treated with medications Simeticone and one more I can't remember. 2. Migraines. Being treated with Topamax and Sumatriptan. 3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - I was just diagnosed with this overlapping my fibromyalgia last week by a doctor who is not associated with the VA. The doctor is a specialist in Rheumatology. I know these are all under the CMI (chronic multi illness)conditions of the Gulf War and would be a considered a diagnosed condition instead of a presumptive condition. But would the VA try lumping them together or overlapping them? How do I file them? Should I file them individually and wait for them to come back or all at once? So who want's to help here.
  20. I got out of the Army in 1997, on my physical leaving the Army the doctor annotated I had headaches, muscle and joint pains and so forth. I started going to the VA in 2001. Immediately I started complaining about muscle and joint pains, headaches, IBS, Acid reflux. For years I was bounced around from doctor to doctor with treatment for each symptom individually. It wasn't until recently in 3013 A civilian Rheumatologist doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Then a VA doctor reviewed all my records and diagnosed me with Chronic Pain Syndrome and Myofascial Pain. I received my C & P and it has me with the diagnoses, unsuccessful treatments, medications not working, interferers with daily activities, It even addressed my wife's assistance. But the lady who did the C & P annotated it is not related to active duty service because it wasn't diagnose on active duty and was not treated during active service. I talked with my DAV rep and he said it will probably be denied due to that statement. HELP. What do I need to do?
  21. I talked with my DAV service rep today about sending a support letter in to identify that although I have a diagnosis from a doctor for Fibromyalgia, it is still a Gulf War Illness. I read that Persian Gulf Illness could be presumptive illnesses either undiagnosed or diagnosed. The diagnosed could be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, IDS. Is this true and should I hold off for the decision or send a letter in now? If I send a letter how do I reference the correct information.
  22. Hi Everyone, I haven't been on in a while and have a question. I filed a fibromyalgia claim as a secondary to my PTSD. I checked Ebenefits today and noticed that it's in the notification. I thought that was a little odd since I hadn't been called in for a C&P exam. I have documentation from my rheumatologist outside of the VA. My concern is that for the longest I had been going to doctors for different aches, pains, etc for years not even knowing a thing about Fibro. Last year it was what my doctor suspected and sent me to a rheumatologist. Would it have any negative bearing that my diagnosis came years after my military career? Any comment is appreciated. Thanks
  23. I just recently got my 100% service connected disability granted. What kind of letter or proof do I have, to show, so that my children can get tuition assistance. Do you have a request to be granted P&T or is this something the VA decides on thier own? Any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am service connected for PTSD,migraine headaches and Fibromyalgia all of which have been chronic conditions. The PTSD I have been in treatment for 10 years and the fibromyalgia is a chronic disease with no known cure.
  24. Hi, Im bewildered by all of this. I feel brain damaged with the ptsd, how do yall remember all of this stuff. I really dont know what Ill do, if they turn me down again. Its been a tough row to hoe, no sht. Im lucky to be alive, because Ive tried the other way, not my time I guess. Will a congressional oversight help or hurt more.
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