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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/05/17/researchers-think-theyve-found-cause-of-gulf-war-illness.html?ESRC=mr_220523.nl Just saw this. It sheds some light which the VA will likely say needs to be peer reviewed for the next 20 years. But what about other veterans who did not serve directly in theater? Did they also develop the same weaker variant of the gene which helps to digest pesticides or was it a strange coincidence?...
  2. When I originally filed for Gulf War Presumptive IBS, they awarded me 0% because my Dr. didn't note any complaints about pain and discomfort. They realized that they made a mistake by giving me 0% instead of 10% because of gulf war presumptive but decided to let it stand at 0%. I'm preparing to file for an increase so I recently requested my Dr. treatment notes. For the last year and a half I have complained of near constant abdominal pain and discomfort every time I saw my Dr., even if I was their to talk about an ingrown toenail. I asked her to include this in my treatment notes every time. I haven't seen my treatment notes yet, I'm still waiting for them. My question is, will they base my increase on the treatment notes alone, or will I have to show lost time from work as well? Is there anything else I should include to help win the increase. I believe my records and treatment should support a 30% rating. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, I'm trying to find any female that was deployed to Afghanistan or Middle East during Operation Enduring Freedom 2002, that is now suffering from ovarian failure, early menopause or menstrual issues. I have been trying to file a claim for over a year due to the above issues with no luck. There is no medical documentation to prove my case. If there is anyone out there suffering from the same issues, or you know of anyone who could be, please get in touch with me. I have no family history of ovarian failure but managed to go through menopause by 35. Looking for help!
  4. Researchers find evidence of DNA damage in Vets with Gulf War illness Share Tweet Share October 19, 2017 By Mike Richman Veterans Affairs Research Communications (Source: VA.gov) “Mitochondrial dysfunction among Veterans with GWI may help explain, in part, the persistence of this illness for over 25 years.” Researchers say they have found the “first direct biological evidence” of damage in Veterans with Gulf War illness to DNA within cellular structures … Continue reading
  5. Hi, Ive had seizures and joint issues with PTSD since getting back from Desert Storm. Ive been battling with the VA for years with the same result, they denied everything about the seizures and join pain and rashes. They gave me 10% disability for anxiety, im in Milwaukee and see the same doctor over and over again. Im not giving up and will continue to press this issue for GWV, how can we get anything done when gulf war vets have and 82% denial rate.
  6. This is what an highly regarded environmental specialist had to say in my medical records. Since then I keep getting told that gulf war illness in not a real diagnosis. What do I do to get my docs to take this seriously? What can I do? We talked about your exposures during your military service including your deployment(s) to Iraq You indicated that you were exposed to Burn pits, chemicals from industrial plant, exposure to organophosphates and unknown chemicals from manufacturing facility and Uranium. You would like to know whether your exposure(s)are related to development, migraines, fatigue, joint pain, PTSD, and DJD. The remainder of this discussion focuses on exposure concerns and their possible relationship to current health issues. GULF WAR ILLNESS- Based on your description of your health issues and your exposures during your military service, your current symptoms and medical condition are consistent with, and meet the criteria for the VA case definition for Gulf War Illness/Syndrome. The VA case definition for Gulf War Syndrome is as follows: A medical condition affecting some veterans of the Gulf War, characterized by fatigue, headache, joint pain, skin rashes, nausea, dizziness, and respiratory disorders, and attributed to reactions to prophylactic drugs and vaccines, infectious diseases, or exposure to pesticides and other chemicals, radiation, and smoke from oil fires. For more information, please see - Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses. Gulf War Illness and the Health of Gulf War Veterans
  7. Hello everyone, I was diagnosed recently with Gulf war illness specifically. This was done by an environmental specialist at the War Related Illness and Injury Study center. I have had problems finding many people with a claim for Gulf war illness specifically. There is a lot of talk about chronic undiagnosed illness and multi symptom illness but I am hoping to get some advice about how to proceed with a claim for Gulf War Illness? I actually thought that this term was done away with by the V.A. but this specialist was very adamant about that being what was wrong and using that wording. I hope I posted this in the right area and I will continue to read through previous questions that have been asked to see if I can figure anything out. If it's important I am 90% for PTSD, TBI, Migraines, ankle injury, and lots more but paid at 100% tdiu. None of my rating so far is for anything related to Gulf war illness.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has a good list of what exactly is considered to be a Gulf War related neurological condition? I've seen ALS, Parkinson's, and a couple of others. Reason I'm asking is that I wonder if my TIAs and cerebral thromboses could relate back to my deployment to Operation DESERT STORM? I never considered myself someone who had or would have the Gulf War Syndrome that was all the talk some years ago. I was on a Navy warship in the Red Sea for a few months supporting DESERT STORM a while after the major active combat ceased. Now I have what have been diagnosed as TIAs, very difficult migraines, and pretty consistent tingling and numbness on various patches of my left side at any given time. As a Gulf War vet with a Southwest Asia Service Medal on my DD214, I'm very interested not only in trying to find answers to my condition but also to establish service connection for TIAs and the thrombosis issue. I'm in the process of compiling a NOD of a recent decision to not SC my TIAs, etc. However, if this could be covered as a presumptive condition, I feel like I need to make that connection on the appeal. My migraines were SC via the initial claim at discharge and just increased to 30%.
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