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Found 24 results

  1. Good Evening, I have a question in regards to who qualifies as a Gulf War Veteran being able to claim certain issues under the presumptive criteria. I read that in order to have Gulf War Syndrome or to be diagnosed with "un-diagnosed illnesses" related to the Gulf War that you would of had to been part of Desert Shield, Desert Storm etc., and those that served in the Gulf during 1991. How about those that were in the Gulf in 1995. I have a friend that was on the USS Belleau Wood in 1995. They were part of Operation United Shield helping safeguard those exiting Somalia. He was given p
  2. I'm a Gulf War veteran with 90% S/C for various conditions. Some conditions that have been denied have been frustrating since I'm still suffering with symptoms. How can I create a Nexus for sinusitis and sleep apnea? I'm 30% for asthma and tried to create a relation between sleep apnea and asthma, but that was a no go. I was thinking trying again and tying my PTSD to that. Any thoughts? I was also shot down on sinusitis from the get go, but I thought all I had to do was tie my gulf war time to that condition. I guess I was wrong.
  3. Here is my C& P Exam results for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Bronchitis & Chronic Sinusitis: I put in a new claim for chronic fatigue/malaise. I put in for an increase based upon increased shortness of breath for lung condition Pulmonary Nodules (related to Environmental Hazard in Gulf War) currently rated at 0%. I put in new claims for chronic sinusitis (related to: Environmental Hazard in Gulf War) (New), chronic bronchitis (related to: Environmental Hazard in Gulf War) (New). What does all this mean as far as service connection/possible percentages? I am currently rat
  4. DAV told me there is no expediting claims anymore even for Vietnam Vets. Only terminally ill vets, homeless, or going to be homeless are expedited, so it took DAV 5 months to get my claim into the system because they trashed it the first time because they are a corrupt organization. Mr. Edwards in St. Louis for DAV got Mr Stephen Kelly his 12 years of retro pay in one week without even filing a claim, the way I read it. Dan Knabe For DAV got Mike Franko’s claim “Expedited” after he had been denied once already, also got him service Connected, got his retro pay, and got him a job with DAV
  5. I filed my first claim and recently received va decision. 10% awarded for tinnitus, sleep apnea denied, wrist tenosynovitis denied, and hearing loss denied. I have county VSO but I know they are very busy and want to put paperwork in good order before I file the NOD with them. I was only given audio exam from VA but no other exam. I retired from the Air National Guard and have twenty years of service. The service history is convoluted but I have all the records involved 3 DD214's (Active Duty Army and Air Force), Title 10 orders for (Air Guard), and NGB22 (Air Guard and Army Guard). My
  6. Hi, I filed for gulf war conditions not really talking to the DAV or other organizations. They have denied all my conditions which have been diagnosed by VA as well which was as early as 2012. Two questions I wanted to ask was : 1. Whether I should file NOD for these conditions? 2. Will I be able to apply for these conditions not using assumed gulf war conditions as they have been diagnosed and not an unexplained illness or condition? Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood I was diagnosed with this condition in 2016 Mental Disorder Diagno
  7. Am I the ONLY ONE OUTRAGED by this prejudiced, stigmatizing, doubled standard *%#! calling VETERANS drug addicts!! That is exactly what is happening here! Oh, Holy Mother of God! How are you all not speaking out about this injustice? We have bore the Injuries on the Battlefields resulting in lifetime injuries of pain and suffering to our Knees, from jumping out of planes, boats, trucks, helicopters; to our Necks and Spines from carrying the loads not meant for the human body; suffered the TBIs -with constant migraines....these are but a few that are DENIED their CHRONIC PAIN MEDS by the very
  8. Does anyone know a doctor who does IMO letters for Fibromyalgia. I have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia from a Rheumatologist from Scott & White, Chronic Pain Syndrome and Myofacial Pain from the VA. The C&P clearly went my way except the nurse practitioner who did the C&P stated I had a diagnosis but it does not seem related to Active Duty Service by review of SMR's. So it is going to be hard to pass this under Gulf War presumptive illnesses. Any Help in this matter will be appreciated.
  9. I had this C& P done on the 16th. From start to finish was 1hr and 45 mins. the doctor hardly touched me and looked mostly at her computer. the statement about me having flat feet going into boot camp. I am not sure how she came to that because I didn't tell her that. Any feedback or suggestions would be helpful. I have my PTSD C& P on the 26th. Thank You! Gulf War General Medical Examination Disability Benefits Questionnaire * Internal VA or DoD Use Only* 1. Medical record review ---------
  10. Hi folks, I'm going in tomorrow for the Gulf War exam, but not as part of a C&P claim. Does anyone know what I can expect, should I bring any records, are there DBQs or other documentation that I can review prior? The Environmental Coordinator from the VA has been absolutely no help and just to get the Coordinator to respond to weeks of phone call and emails I had to contact the Public Affairs office at the hospital. Appreciate the assistance.
  11. Has anyone ever filed a claim for weight loss without etiology? I have been going through lots of medical issues for the past several years. but as of late I have been loosing weight and the doctors can not explain why. I was weighing 179 and now I go back and fourth from 135 to 145. I lost the weight in about three months and have not been able to be able to gain it back in the past year. I complained to my doctor about a year ago when the problem started and the first thing she said was quote "You have PTSD and Major Depression are you taking your medications". I got mad and requested a new
  12. Hi, long time user but first time question asker... I just started using the ebenefits online page. I put in a claim in 2008 for gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, which was denied. Under the "Rated Disabilities" section, It has the GERD listed, with the decision as "Not Service Connected". In the column next to it titled "Related To", it has an explanation of "Environmental Hazard in Gulf War". I'm not an expert by any means, but if my GERD is related to an environmental hazard in the Gulf War shouldn't I be compensated for it? Any suggestions on how to proceed?
  13. Does anyone know if fibromyalgia can be a cause or associated with occipital neuralgia? I didn't know I had occipital neuralgia I just thought it was migraine headaches or tension headaches. I started receiving acupuncture and have some post stuck in my ears to block pain, anxiety, nightmares and so forth. Have been on multiple medications throughout the years with little success. Now I have ventured down the road with acupuncture and have been scheduled for Botox. I was planning on filing a claim for migraines/headaches related to fibromyalgia but now after reading the notes from my last two
  14. Looks like we were right all along! http://www.disabledveterans.org/2015/03/30/former-va-chief-of-staff-linked-to-gulf-war-scandal/?inf_contact_key=d88fc72cae9ad59f9bca50441e7b05349dd2addd62f053fd3ee1b6294730caed
  15. I need some assistance on filing a claim for Migraine Headaches. I don't have any record of headaches while in service but I had them and had it noted during my out-processing physical. After getting out I signed up at the VA and begun treatment for them. I am on Topamax twice a day and sumatriptin at the onset of the headache. Here is what I would like to know. I have Fibromyalgia and receive 40% for it. I was told to keep a log of the headaches. For the last month I have done so and can say that when my Fibro is acting up I have some of my more intense headaches. But I also have headaches
  16. I need some help. I file a claim for PTSD and was awarded 50%. But the C & P showed I should have been higher. The Beck Anxiety Index score was 56 severe Depression Inventory II was 49 severe Global Assessment of Functioning was 41 serious symptoms I don't want to put the whole C & P on here but I have some issues and they were noted. I didn't have help with the claim so everything else I claimed was denied. I didn't think the rating was fair and was looking at the possibility of it being 70% (but oh well) The VA's reviewers stated although the GAF score sta
  17. I am looking for advice. I need to write a letter for support of my claim of Fibromyalgia. I have a diagnoses from the Rheumatologist that states I have Fibromyalgia and my C&P was clear I have a severe case of Fibromyalgia. But it also said "not connected to Active Duty Service by review of service records". So I think they are going to screw me. What content should I include in the letter to support the claim related to the Gulf War/SWA. I am already 50% connected with PTSD that validates I was in the Gulf War. There is a lot of stuff about presumptive illnesses diagn
  18. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have been receiving treatment unsuccessfully. I filed a claim under the Gulf War Illness as a presumptive illness under 38 CFR 3.317. But now since the VA has me listed with Insomnia and sleep pattern disturbances they want me to go to a sleep study. I am worried if I am diagnosed with Sleep Apnea would that ruin my case for CFS. I ask this because a diagnoses of Sleep apnea could be considered the reason for none refreshing sleep. Is there anyone who has been in this situation or is there anyone who could give me good information on th
  19. Well I don't know where to go with this. Seems I have more issues. I went for my sleep study the other day. First off I was terrified and was uncomfortable. I often have a hard time going to sleep or if I go to sleep I wake up continuously. Being scared I wouldn't sleep or just to take the edge off I had a couple drinks. Two to be exact. That wasn't the problem. After taking all my meds I fell asleep but while asleep I became entangled in the cords and started having a violent dream. I was awaken by security trying to hold me down and then given some type of shot that knocked me out. I then w
  20. I need some HELP. First off I am already 70%. PTSD 50% Fibromyalgia 40% Tinnitus 10% I do not know how to file my claim and need guidance. I do not want my conditions to be lumped together as one. Ok here is what I have medical diagnosis for and being treated for since getting out of the service 15 years ago. I show the diarrhea in my military records but not the migraines or chronic fatigue. But I did file a claim for migraines immediately when I left the military and also started receiving treatment from the VA for the headaches/migraines. The claim was denied. lol. go figure. 1. IBS. Bei
  21. I got out of the Army in 1997, on my physical leaving the Army the doctor annotated I had headaches, muscle and joint pains and so forth. I started going to the VA in 2001. Immediately I started complaining about muscle and joint pains, headaches, IBS, Acid reflux. For years I was bounced around from doctor to doctor with treatment for each symptom individually. It wasn't until recently in 3013 A civilian Rheumatologist doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Then a VA doctor reviewed all my records and diagnosed me with Chronic Pain Syndrome and Myofascial Pain. I received my C & P and it
  22. I am trying to decide how to file a claim and need assistance. I have not had a sleep study because I have not wanted to be given a diagnosis. I have read on different forums that since my sleeping problems was not documented while in service except on my out processing physical then I should file my difficulty sleeping as a presumptive illness caused by or due to service in the gulf war. The VA has been giving me sleeping pills since 2003 and has records of my complaints of not being able to stay asleep more than a couple hours at a time. Then waking just as tired. First, should I accept on
  23. This is from my Gulf War C&P Exam. Any thoughts on possible rating are appreciated. I didn't feel as if the doctor was as thorough as he should have been, as he asked very few follow up questions and seemed in a hurry to get me out of there. He checked off "occasional" even though I told him this is an every day thing. Intestinal Conditions (other than surgical or infectious), including irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/V
  24. I talked with my DAV service rep today about sending a support letter in to identify that although I have a diagnosis from a doctor for Fibromyalgia, it is still a Gulf War Illness. I read that Persian Gulf Illness could be presumptive illnesses either undiagnosed or diagnosed. The diagnosed could be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, IDS. Is this true and should I hold off for the decision or send a letter in now? If I send a letter how do I reference the correct information.
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