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Found 12 results

  1. My headache claim was denied. I had headaches prior to service but they turned into migraines while I was in and I still suffer with them monthly. My supplemental claim came back and it was denied. Best part is it says “I have been diagnosed with a disability. VA examinations on the dates confirm diagnosis of migraines” what do I do here? Refile with a claim for migraines?
  2. Hello, I have C&P exams all in one day in January. Any advice on what to expect? Here's a synopsis on what I'm up against/working with. - PTSD increase is based off several years of VA mental health treatment and a Nexus letter written by my mental health doctor, which named PTSD, Depression, Chronic Pain Syndrome with depression, Panic D/O with Agoraphobia and survivor's guilt as a diagnosis (last 3 are recently added to records). - Knee pain- VA issued me a big knee brace and my primary care (tricare) orthopedics specialist just put me an Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) brace b
  3. Like Shipyard7 it's been a long battle for vendication and will be longer to accomplish what needs to be corrected. I should have been medically retired with full pay, full medical for life, full Exchange privileges, and everything a completely disabled veteran is entitled to as of the day before left Vietnam with a Form DA3349 declaring I was permanently defective in the body organs and systems preventing me from performing at full capacity except for short periods. The P-3 is permanent and supersedes all other profiles. i tried for several months to get any medical records I could while
  4. Hello Vets and Berta!!! Does anybody out there in Hadit land have any experience with non-TBI related headaches? I suffered headaches nearly everyday while on AD. And still do. I never thought it was anything more than stress. But now I know better, stress does cause headaches, but so do physical injuries. I complained of neck pain after I fell down the stairs, but it was less noticeable than the pain in my knees and back. I do plan on telling the orthopedic specialist when I go, next Monday. Any advice or comments are welcome. Thanks Andy Semper Fi
  5. i had my headaches:migraines increase C&P I think it went ok I gave him my prescription from the VA doctor for pain meds for my headaches and this cefaly Shock pad I use at night before bed. I told him about the breaks I take at my new temp job I was able to get when my old employer said they were going to give me a reasonable accommodation for my disabilities. I said it not a permanent job and they can fire me at any moment if I make a another mistake, as I have made 2 in 3 weeks and big ones that cost the company money. I'm hoping this increase is enough to get me 100% it's currently at
  6. OK Experts, I am currently rated 30% under migraines for headaches NOS. Before i ever put in a claim, I was experiencing jumping of my left eye. I kept going to my family doctor and telling her about the issue and also at my year eye exams. Explained the issue with my optometrist. Kept being told it could be stress, eye strain, lack of sleep. As my headaches became more frequent due to the issue or thee issue made headaches that much worse and the jumping moved down the side of my face to my lips. Well this scared me so I made an appointment with an opthamology specialist, he ordered a ca
  7. Forgive the first effort, injuries have a way of making things difficult..... Twenty-four years of dealing with the VA, and the difficulties at hand ensure negative results..... These are the copies of a C and P recently done at the VA, and leaves me to doubt this system is capable of conducting themselves in an ethical manner. Enjoy the insanity, this veteran is tired of paying the piper; Eighteen Years were Enough !!!! (Remand posted earlier.) Still waiting to address attorney with the results of this remand and the Shabby, Disrespectful, and unethical way in which this Veteran has
  8. Hey everyone. Ive been in the army for 5 years and im getting out in 197 days exactly and im just down right terrified. I wana cry at night cause im scared but my body wont let me shed one tear. Im here partly to get help to understand what i should do to get va disability, personal stories and partly for emotional support. Im going to behavior health for suicidal ideation, depression and anxiety currently. Ive been speaking to my ex girlfriend shes studying to be a shrink and she thinks i have paranoid schizophrenia and i was speaking to my mother the other day she said my sister has said for
  9. Does anyone know if fibromyalgia can be a cause or associated with occipital neuralgia? I didn't know I had occipital neuralgia I just thought it was migraine headaches or tension headaches. I started receiving acupuncture and have some post stuck in my ears to block pain, anxiety, nightmares and so forth. Have been on multiple medications throughout the years with little success. Now I have ventured down the road with acupuncture and have been scheduled for Botox. I was planning on filing a claim for migraines/headaches related to fibromyalgia but now after reading the notes from my last two
  10. Could anyone tell me what could be considered a secondary claim for a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia? OR, Should these be stand alone claims? I am 40% for Fibromyalgia and was considering filing a secondary claim. PTSD 50% Tinnitus 10% Currently 70% NOD still pending. My S&W DR. say's my insomnia,IBS and headaches could be from fibromyalgia. The VA has scheduled me for a sleep study for the sleep disturbances. As far as the headaches I have two ways to pursue them. Although I did not complain while on active service I did have them annotated on my out-processing physical. I have also been
  11. We submitted a claim to increase SC from 0% to 50% for headaches in May 2013. Currently rated at 70% PTSD, 10% seizure and 0% headaches with 100% TDIU as of February 2011. Also drawing SSDI since 1990. Vet has not been able to work at all since 1990 largely due to mental illness as well as daily headaches at some level since 1970. No mental hospitalizations to date, and no active therapy due to area availability. Should we be concerned about the re-evaluation as vet is static for PTSD, neither improving or getting worse in respect to healing. Vet just turned 63 in September of this year. Curre
  12. Hi Everyone, Could anyone tell me if I could possibly claim a CUE for the denial of service connection for headaches based on the fact that I believe that the claim is well grounded. A well-grounded claim is a plausile claim, one which is meritorious on its own or capable of substantiation. Such a claim need not be conclusive but only possible to satisfy the initial burden of 38 U.S.C.A $5107(a). Murphy v. Derwinski, 1 Vet. App. 78,81(1990). My service medical records do show treatment for headaches and I also reported sinus headache on my VA examination. My concern or argument wo
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