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  1. Greetings all, I served from 1988 to 2009, roughly 18 of those 21 years were as an Army CID Special Agent. In 2001, I was shot in the leg, which destroy the femur. This occurred on a US military installation, however I was taken to a civilian hospital for the surgery and was later transferred to a MEDDAC. The bullet traveled through the femur, so a rod was inserted with two lower and two upper screws. I lost not only length in the leg (2cm) but my hamstring atrophied. Since then, I've encountered continued pain in my knee and hip. All was documented in my military medical records. Often times, the pain would have me seek medical attention about 2 times per year, which again is documented. I underwent surgery last year to remove one of the screws (all are now broken) that was pressing against a tendon causing extreme pain. The surgeon explained the others will need be replaced and I will also need a hip replacement in the coming years. The pain continues. My VA exam was in 2009 and at that time the length difference in my legs was disclosed to me for the first time and as xrays were obtained, the screws were discovered to be broken. The VA Rating Decision gave me 0%. Unknown to me was the appeal process. Last year, I found someone who is helping me with the appeal. I live in a remote part of southern Germany, so connection to other retirees and vets is nil. This week, through my appeal representative, the VA has contacted me. They want all the background information on the shooting. They require the who, what, when, where, why, and how of this incident. I am also to supply them with records I have that they don't. First, they have a copy of my entire medical record. How am I to know what they don't have? Second, the Rating Decision states that this injury was service connected and in the line of duty, so why is the background information required? Had I been shot while in Afghanistan would they be asking the same questions? Perhaps I simply do not know exactly how the VA adjudicates the claims. As this is not a presumptive matter, evidence of the injury must be presented. They have that in the form of my military medical records. Do the circumstances behind the shooting hold weight on determining the extent of either the injury or the level and percentage of my disability? Does the background on an injury play some part of the adjudication process and awarded disability to which I am unaware? Thank you in advance for any insight into this.
  2. Hello, I hope someone here can help me. My claim for hearing lost was denied a few months ago. Ebenefits showed "Not Service Connected" just like the other claims that were denied. I am SC for PTSD and have ED due to the medication I am taking. So, I filed ED as secondary to PTSD and had the C&P exam a few weeks ago. Today, I log into eBenefits and I see that the previously denied (closed) claim of hearing lost how shows in the Rating column "0%" but then next to it "Not Service Connected". The "0" wasn't there before. The claim for ED as secondary to PTSD shows "Not Service Connected". My questions are: 1) Is it normal to have a rating and no Service connection? Why assign a rating if not Service Connected? 3) Have you ever had a claim that is closed as denied and then weeks/months later the rating changes without you putting an appeal? 3) Could it be that they made a mistake and actually meant to assign the 0% to ED? Any help to try to understand is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. below is my personal statement for my hearing loss. i beleive this might be a CUE and have outlined in my statement why i belive that. if anyone has any input on this i greatly appreciate your help! please if you have any follow up questions regarding my denials etc let me know tahnks again in advance PERSONAL STATEMENT: I started having these symptoms after the IED explosion I was involved in while serving in Iraq, which I suffered a mTBI (please refer to the provided personal statement regarding the event). Before the event, I was a good student in school, usually getting A’-B’s, and never presented or was diagnosed with any attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], language impairment, and learning disabilities. None of the other symptoms misunderstanding or difficulty “hearing” movies, songs, etc. presented them selves until 2008, after the event. During my tour in Iraq (9/2017 -4/2018), I was also exposed to a fuel known as JP8. We used multi-fuel vehicles during our convoy missions, and JP8 was the primary fuel we used. I was exposed to JP8 at least 3 times a week (as many as 5x) during this period for missions that lasted from 8-12 hours depending on the trip. Fueling was done before and after each mission which could be as long as an hour of waiting and fueling before the mission and sometimes as long as 2 hours after a mission; exposure to JP8 fumes during this period as well as the exhaust during the missions. On long missions that required return of the same convoy we came with, we also would fuel before the return trip. The symptoms I have are listed below: · difficulty understanding or following conversations with competing background noise · problems understanding dialogue on tv or in movies (often requiring use of closed captioning) · struggle to understand or make sense of song lyrics (misinterpreting whole phrases and cannot hear the correct phrase even after being told what the actual lyrics; i.e. “Wild Thoughts” by Rhianna(thinking the chorus that contains the same name as the song is saying “When I'm with you, all I get is why-thos”) and “Got Whatever It Is” by Zac Brown Band (thinking the chorus that contains the same name as the song is saying ”she goggle pennants” and the phrase “you got whatever it is” is saying “gobble gebble goo”) · confusion of names of people with who I have had long relationships with close alternatives names that are not correct (i.e. Diana and Deanna, Sidney and Cindy, Micaiah and Mikala) · strain to locate direction of sounds, in silence and with background noise · difficulty following conversations that are rapid fire or fast speakers · Frequent requests for repetitions, saying “what” and “huh” frequently · Misunderstanding for sarcasm or other tone and sentence cadence that give clues to speaker’s intent, which result in Inconsistent or inappropriate responses · sounds like listening to through water · difficulty understand children (while others around me understand them and help me with grasping what is being said) · feeling exhausted from listening The symptoms I have experienced do not equate to an organic hearing loss (outer or middle ear or hearing loss at the level of the cochlea or auditory nerve) that can be detected by standardized puretone audiometry frequency and speech discrimination testing I have had done in the past. All my hearing tests done by the VA and from my outside audiologist reflect normal organic hearing along with undamaged structures in my ears. This lead me to seek out another explanation for the auditory problems I have been suffering with that eventually pointed to CAPD. The VA has provided information and studies that have linked blast injuries to CAPD. JP8 was also linked in the disorder (please see below links to VA websites provided information). With these clear connections, my exposure and injuries, my symptoms and the clear diagnosis by a licensed audiologist the obvious link to service is distinct. I also have been reporting these problems since 2008 when I first filed a claim for hearing loss. I described these symptoms to the VA audiologist at that time with no mention of CAPD as a possibility. A normal standardized puretone audiometry frequency and speech discrimination hearing test was done that showed no discernable hearing loss and my claim was denied. I again put forth a claim in January 2019, saw the VA audiologist, described the symptoms above and the result was a normal standardized puretone audiometry frequency and speech discrimination hearing test was done that showed no discernable hearing loss and my claim was denied again. This is a “Clear And Unmistakable Error” by the VA in their “duty to assist” me as the veteran in my claim of hearing problems. Regardless of how and what label is used to file a claim, the claim should be evaluated by the symptoms reported by a veteran, and if further testing or examinations are needed, it is the duty of the VA to provide these. The correct facts were therefore not before the adjudicator, resulting in a denial of claims based on the facts provided to the adjudicator at the time of review. This is not an argument or disagreement with how the facts were weighed or to correct and an earlier diagnosis to CAPD, but rather the fact that the VA failed to assist me as the veteran to have the correct examination/testing based on my reported symptoms during the C&P (Compensation and Pension) examinations and hearing testing and get those results before the adjudicator is an undebatable error. If the correct facts would have been provided, a clear service connection for CAPD would have been given in 2008. -§3.159 Department of Veterans Affairs assistance in developing claims(c)(4) *****UPDATE**** DID NOT FILE CUE BASED ON DTA. PLEASE READ THREAD TO SEE BERTA EXPLANATION ON WHY THIS IS NOT VALID! BUT MAYBE CUE FOR OTHER REASONS. STILL PENDING AS OF 4/17/2020
  4. I have a rating for a strange ear disease that is 0% and won't go up without an increase in hearing loss. Is temporary hearing loss enough to get an increase? Its called "autophony." where I hear my own voice very loud and can hardly hear anything outside of my own head. Is this temporary hearing impairment enough to get an increase in rating from 0% or does the hearing test have to show the hearing loss? They rated this disease analogous to perforated ear drum. Does getting rated with a disease open up any type of special treatments you can get for the disease? Such as going to a specialist out side of the VA since only a few specialist in the world try to operate on this type of disease?
  5. I am currently service connected at 0% for hearing loss and have an upcoming C&P hearing exam (request for increase) for my hearing in hopes of getting a % of at least 10%. My question is even if my hearing loss if significant but the Maryland CNC test yields decent results (speech recognition is normal) would I have any chance at getting an increase over the current 0%? Thank you in advance.
  6. I was just diagnosed with Meniere's after years of having periodic dizziness and vertigo that has gotten progressively worse and more frequent. I am already service connected for bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus. (Ironically I had never even heard of Meniere's until about a year ago when I was doing the exams to get the service connection for the tinnitus and when I mentioned the dizziness to the audiologist she said I should have more testing to see if it was Meniere's). My question is when I file the claim, should I file it as primary, secondary to the hearing loss and tinnitus, or both?
  7. I originally filed a claim for bilateral hearing loss for both my left and right ear, but 2 years ago was only awarded Service Connection for my Left Ear, but only at 0%. The VA said that it was at 0% due to my Right Ear being at normal hearing at the time of my hearing test. But I just now filed a claim for an increase in my Left Ear hearing loss. I went for another C&P hearing exam. I told the Hearing Doctor that now my Right Ear was getting bad too and could she test me for hearing loss in my right ear this time. When the test was all over she told me that I did have some Right Ear hearing loss this time, but it was no where near as bad as my Left Ear. So I left there thinking I would be awarded something for my Right Ear now that the Hearing Test showed Right Ear hearing loss. But on Ebenefits it still shows Not Service Connected. How can you have your left ear service connected for hearing loss and not your right ear, if you were exposed to an explosion? It doesn't make any sense. That was the whole reason they service connected my Left Ear to begin with. Now that the hearing exam shows hearing loss in my Right Ear, the VA gives the excuse that my Right Ear hearing loss isn't Service Connected, because whenever they originally tested my Ears 2 years ago for my original claim the hearing exam didn't show any Right Ear hearing loss. But everyone knows that Hearing Loss can occur many years after the fact. My Dad served in Vietnam and was exposed to explosions on a daily basis, but he didn't show any immediate signs of hearing loss for decades. It wasn't until the last few years that we've noticed his hearing getting worse, and so now he filed a VA claim and was awarded for Hearing Loss and that was from back in 1969. So Hearing Loss doesn't have to happen overnight. Just because I didn't have it 2 years ago, but I now do, doesn't mean it isn't being caused from the same explosions from whenever I was in the service and what caused my Left Ear hearing loss. Has anyone else been through anything like this before? Any suggestions as to what I might be able to do to help? Thanks.
  8. I'll try to be brief. Va claim filed April 2019 for sleep disturbances, jaw condition, scar in mouth, painful scar. In June my scar was rated 0% and pain 10%. Jaw condition was deferred and sleep disturbances ignored. In July I filed somatic symptom disorder and mood condition secondary to all my denied disabilities and current ones. I received a letter saying I did this incorrect and ebenefits updated accordingly deleting the claims. Then in August I filed somatic symptom disorder and mood condition secondary to jaw condition and scar pain. I also filed hearing loss primary. Ebenefits updated accurately showing what i claimed. In October I get a call from the regional office wanting to clarify what I was trying to claim. They then attached my somatic symptom disorder and mood condition to my sleep disturbances claim. The person told me I would retain my original effective date of the April claim. I attended c and p for jaw condition and hearing loss. I submitted a dbq from a board certified psychologist. The October called said I had plenty of information to get it rated. I looked at ebenefits December 14th and have now been rated 20% combined due to my scar pain and TMJ. Claim CLOSED. I called VA 1800 number and they tell me the somatic symptom disorder and mood condition, as well as hearing loss are attached as secondary to tinnitus which is pending appeal (and nothing else). What I did from there this week was submit a 21-4138 explaining I claimed those secondary to tmj and scar pain, not tinnitus. Also hearing loss as primary. I then called the VA and they took a statement to send to the regional office. Has anyone had experience with this and should I be worried? Will I still retain my effective date with my original claim?
  9. Hey all i recently put in a claim to reopen a prior decision on bilateral hearing loss and one with dizzines. VA tested but C&P doc only looked at first enlistment. said hearing loss is there but not service connected and did not give a percentage of what that hearing loss is. The hospital itself has ordered me to take a new hearing test but that is not until december 2018 VA deferred claim on dizziness and order new c&p and hearing test the hearing test is on the 13th of November 2018 and C&P is on the14th at QTC facilities. The question I have is should I bring my copies of military STR's concerning hearing test. Original claim was denied had this finding [X] Sensorineural hearing loss (in the frequency range of 500-4000 Hz)* ICD code: 389.11 and this write up 3. Etiology If present, is the Veteran's hearing loss at least as likely as not (50% probability or greater) caused by or a result of an event in military service? [ ] Yes [X] No [ ] Rationale (Provide rationale for either a yes or no answer): 1.RME dated XX/XX/XX (at induction) documents hearing within normal limits bilaterally. 2.RME dated XX/XX/XX (at separation) documents hearing within normal limits bilaterally. 3. Comparison of induction and separation exams indicate no significant change in hearing sensitivity and documentation of an OSHA-defined STS during military service CANNOT be established from this audiometric data. 4. The documentation of hearing within normal limits at induction, documentation of hearing within normal limits at separation, and the lack of documentation of an OSHA-defined STS during military service indicate that it is NOT at least as likely as not (50/50 probability) that veteran's current hearing loss is related to his military service Items 1 and 2 only refer to my first enlistment and what she called my "separation is actually marked as a re-enlistment physical. Item 3 there is an OSHA STS in the records she did not look at. The award letter used the same language denying my claim to (at least) service connection but probably 0%. The decision letter on reopening the claim should arrive by Monday the 12th and I plan on filing an appeal/nod on their denial of service connection based on them not looking at all the files and tests. AS it pertains to this newest C& P and hearing test, I want to make sure that this time they look at all the records to demonstrate that the hearing loss occurred in service particularly if they suspect Meniures (sp?) disease is causing my vertigo and dizziness. So will bringing my hearing test records and the first C&P to the tests at QTC help or hurt me? Thanks
  10. I am new to all of this so I just have a quick question that maybe someone can explain to me. I went to the VA last year and received a 10% rating for tinnitus and )% rating but that it was service connected for hearing. After my 3rd hearing test I was given a set of hearing aids because they deemed that certain frequencies and speech I could not hear. I did an appeal for the 0% hearing loss cause makes no sense to me that there is enough to rate hearing aids but not within specs for a 10% rating. Does this make sense to anyone?
  11. Im currently rated 70% from the VA 50% hearing loss 10% tinitus 10% left shoulder 10% right shoulder 10% right wrist I was recently awarded Social Security Disibility (SSDI) My award letter states Social Security Disibility benifits are awarded due to... Hearing loss Tinitus Right wrist Left shoulder Right shoulder Meiners disease *SO BASICALLY ALL THE SAME DISIBILITIES OTHER THAN THE MEINERS DISEASE* I want to go give the VA copies of my social security award letter... But I am terrified that they may make me do a c@p exam????? I know my VA conditions have not improved bit all it takes is an evil or incompetent VA Dr. Saying somthings slightly improved and then my hearing loss or wrist ect. gets reduced in rating. Is there a way to avoid c@p exams? Does every TDIU applicant do a new c@p exam? I feel that Im deserving, afterall the US goverment just said Im disabled for the same disibilities that are from my military service.... But the thought of c@ps and possible reduction is terrifying. Im thinking about just giving the VA my Social Security award letter and hoping they can put two and two together and just infer TDIU on their own. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  12. I'm trying to figure out what this means regarding loss of use of foot. VA definition, "Will be held to exist when no effective function remains other than that which would be equally well served by an amputation stump at the site of election below elbow or knee with use of a suitable prosthetic appliance. The determination will be made on the basis of the actual remaining function of the hand or foot, whether the acts of grasping, manipulation, etc., in the case of the hand, or of balance and propulsion, etc., in the case of the foot, could be accomplished equally well by an amputation stump with prosthesis." Because of my COPD my rapid depletion of oxygen requires me to use walkers, wheelchairs or other devices for me to move from place to place. I am 100% service connected for COPD, 30% for PTSD, 10% for hearing loss. I require oxygen 24/7. I still deplete oxygen rapidly when using a walker but not in the wheelchair. I want to apply for an Automotive or Adaptive equipment grant. Does this functionally mean that I have loss of use of a foot or both?
  13. I just had two C&P exams this morning and am trying to keep a positive mindset, but the glass looks half empty to me. Maybe someone else can offer some insight on my situation. Since April, I have been rated at 60%; 50% for PTSD and 10% for tinnitus. The claims process for those went pretty smoothly, really, and I was awarded my disability ratings in very short time. I have since then filed three additional claims. My intent to file was back in April, but I submitted the claims on July 25. These three claims are for hypertension secondary to PTSD, sleep apnea secondary to PTSD and for hearing loss. Today I had my C&P exams for the hearing loss and hypertension. I have heard nothing about scheduling a C&P for the sleep apnea. My first exam this morning was for hypertension. I was diagnosed with hypertension, by a private doctor, about 4 years ago and have been on medication since then and am currently being treated by the VA for my hypertension. My hypertension isn't very severe, but it is outside of normal parameters and has been this way consistently for quite a few years. Even though I wasn't officially diagnosed until 2013, I have (and submitted) evidence of prior medical records that show high blood pressure readings well before my actual diagnosis. I don't think I meet the criteria for anything more than a 0% rating, but that's all I really want, or need. I believe I have bradycardia (abnormally low pulse), as a result of my high blood pressure. My blood pressure has always fluctuated and spiked in relation to my PTSD symptoms, so I certainly think the PTSD aggravates my blood pressure, but I don't feel good about my C&P exam from this morning. The doctor was one of the weirdest people I've come across at the VA, so it was hard to get a good read on him. All he did was take my blood pressure 3, or maybe 4, times, all from my right arm, while I was seated. He wanted to know when I was first diagnosed and how many times they had taken my blood pressure during the visit in which I was diagnosed. I told him it was in 2013 and, although I didn't recall how many times they took a blood pressure reading, I did remember how high it was when I was diagnosed. I tried to discuss the evidence I had submitted to support my having actually had high blood pressure before my 2013 diagnosis, but he shut me down. He said anything that I sent in with my claim wasn't his concern. All he was doing was "checking the boxes" on my blood pressure exam and someone else would look at everything that was submitted. This doesn't make sense to me. Isn't the purpose of the C&P exam to look at the evidence, as well render an opinion? I have already been diagnosed with hypertension and am receiving treatment. I'm guessing my blood pressure readings from the C&P exam are within normal parameters...that's what the medication is for. I don't understand the point of putting me through this dog and pony show, but I certainly didn't walk out of there feeling good about it. Next, I had my audiology exam for my hearing loss claim. I just had a audiology exam a little less than 2 months ago from a VA contractor and was subsequently issued hearing aids from the VA about a month ago. As I mentioned earlier, I already receive compensation for tinnitus, so part of me feels like the VA has already conceded that I had sufficient noise exposure in-service to cause damage, but I have also heard of people winning on tinnitus and losing on hearing loss. Since I had just recently had an audiology exam, I was only given an abbreviated C&P exam for my hearing. The audiologist stated that the contractor had not "submitted a full report", or something to that effect, so she only needed to do a partial test today. She asked me a little about my in-service noise exposure, as well as about my civilian occupations. It was over pretty quickly. I didn't feel quite as bad, or confused about that one as the hypertension C&P, but both of them seemed rushed and indifferent. When I got home, I logged in to eBenefits to check on something unrelated and decided to look at my claim status. It had gone from Gathering Evidence to Preparation for Decision, since the last time I had checked on it. How could it be in Preparation for Decision? Mind you, I just had two C&P exams a couple of hours before. There is no way those reports had been sent in and considered already, so it had to have moved to Preparation for Decision a day, or more ago. Since I have not been scheduled for a C&P exam for my SA secondary to PTSD, I suspect now that they don't plan to give me an exam for the sleep apnea. The fact that they'd already moved my claim to Preparation for Decision before my exams leaves me with the impression that my claims are doomed to denial. Realistically, both the hypertension and hearing loss should each be rated at 0%, so that won't get me an increase in disability pay anyway, but a positive decision on the SA would. I also need the 0% ones, though, because of their relationship to other problems I have. I'm a little confused by all of this and am certainly not feeling hopeful about my prospects at this point. Am I jumping to conclusion prematurely, or am I making a reasonable conclusion that things aren't going my way? It's been less than 30 days since my claims were filed and it's already been moved to Preparation for Decision before my C&P exams. I don't know what that means, but it doesn't seem good.
  14. Hi, I am new here, so let me know if I do something wrong. In 2015 I filed Compensation for Bilateral Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Depression, and Anxiety secondary to the hearing loss. They denied the hearing loss due to an "incomplete" or "could not test" C and P hearing exam. My tinnitus is so bad some days, I can't tell the difference in it or beeps that the audio test gives out. So they denied the claim. Now mind you my hearing has been tested in several other venues, SSDI had an ENT and board certified audiologist test and I have severe to profound hearing loss...I was awarded full SSD disability. I was at an appointment with my VA psychiatrist who basically said, "I can't treat you until we get your hearing addressed" So she demanded the VA test me and treat my hearing loss, because it was "impacting my quality of life, and mental health"....long story short....VA audiology test concluded severe hearing loss and fitted me with bilateral hearing aids,,,,they do help, but don't solve all my problems. Fast forward....I filed an NOD contesting hearing loss and mental health issues....My VSO recommended a new hearing exam...so they sent me to a civilian audiologist who specializes in VA comp exams...a PhD in fact......they did the exam and my readings were as follows: Puretone Threshold Average: Left Ear :82 db HL Right Ear: 57 db HL Word Recognition (Maryland CNC) Right Ear: 56% Left Ear: 48% Negative stengers at 500 and 1000 hz For you guys who know how to use the chart to figure that out...that comes to 50% The statement from the audiologist was included saying it is at least as like as not (50% or greater) that veterans hearing loss was caused by his military service........etc etc Currently, they are threatening to deny the NOD because the new DBQ did not state whether or not they reviewed my STR . The DRO also said he is requesting an IMO, because of this and that my service records showed hearing loss PRIOR to enlistment. My early service record states I had a H1 hearing profile, which is normal for VA purposes. Do DROs normally lie about these things, and by stating this to the potential author of the IMO, isn't that "baiting" the outcome against the veteran (me) ?
  15. Hello, My name is John, I served in the Marine Corps from 90-94 and I am getting ready to start my process with the VA. I have a good job with insurance benefits but have some issues. I have been dealing with stomach issues (?), I have pain on my left side that keeps me from sleeping, my spleen is enlarged 3 times its normal size and liver is not working properly. I have been seeing Gastroenterologist and a Oncologist for this but they have no answers. I am hopping maybe seeing a VA Dr will help. I also have Urinary Incontinence; I have been incontinent for the last 9 years. My Dr prescribes catheters but they hurt like hell and our insurance wont pay for my diapers. My last issue is hearing loss; I have constant ringing in both ears and have been told that I have noted hearing loss in both. Hope I can get some assistance through them. Stay safe, John
  16. I filed my first claim and recently received va decision. 10% awarded for tinnitus, sleep apnea denied, wrist tenosynovitis denied, and hearing loss denied. I have county VSO but I know they are very busy and want to put paperwork in good order before I file the NOD with them. I was only given audio exam from VA but no other exam. I retired from the Air National Guard and have twenty years of service. The service history is convoluted but I have all the records involved 3 DD214's (Active Duty Army and Air Force), Title 10 orders for (Air Guard), and NGB22 (Air Guard and Army Guard). My career was Infantry to start and Flightline Avionics for the latter part. I have my Air Force medical records. What I don't have is my Army medical records covering Active Duty Army (including initial entrance exam) and Army National Guard. Somehow Army records never crossed over into the Air Force but I located (after many requests) the records in MO and have requested 8 months ago. The recently confirmed that received the request but said it would be about 2 more months...I was not able to provide any Army medial records with my initial claim. I have request my C-file last week by fax and certified mail so hopefully I will receive soon. Just wondering what else I should be doing while I wait for those records to show up. Sleep apnea: The denial letter stating the sleep study date was wrong, I had it 10 years previous to the date they mentioned. So I figure I would point that out first thing. Also believe I will have evidence in Army medical records to back up the claim but there is the waiting game. Wrist Tenosynovitis: For this I have complaints on webHA and civilian medical records but it was aggravated by fall from helicopter. Stupidly I did not file an incident report, wrist hurt but also was embarrassed and just want to "shrug it off". I did have witness and maybe I could get lay statements....but this was also preexisting condition, but also aggravated by regular flightline work. Hearing Loss: I was told that I that I have left ear hearing loss but i didn't show service connection. I remember being told by Army medical on exam that I had hearing loss related to gunfire and that "I would want to keep these records.". I was very young at the time and was ignored it but now those are the records in MO that I am waiting on. I was also recently diagnosed with severe and recurring depression and prescribed medication and have long history of diagnosed sleep disorder and medication. I don't know weather to purse these as separate claims or as part of sleep apnea, which are symptoms. I do qualify for both gulf war exam and burn pit registry exam due to Kuwait deployment I and am wondering what the difference between those two are and if they are worth pursuing? I had throat surgery for diverticulum and diagnosed with barretts esophagus that could be related as well as forest fires in Idaho (Army) as well as fires during LA riots (Army Guard) and breathed in massive amounts of dust driving personal carrier in Mohave desert during 4 Ft. Irwin rotations. Once all my C-file and Army medical records show up I was considering going to the Ellis Clinic for exam and report to file with NOD...I figure I could fly out and pay for exam less than $1000 and was wondering if anybody else thought it was worth it? Sorry, that is a lot info to throw out there but I'm trying to figure my way through this claim process and would just appreciate any advice form the community. Thanks!
  17. First post... I read some posts recommending Dr. Nash to do an opinion letter. For just a medical opinion letter for hearing loss/tinnitus appeal... any other recommendations on who to contact. THANKS.
  18. I had my C&P exams done and was awarded 30% for a foot/ankle injury sustained while at drill. I ended up in the ER because of it and to be honest with what I had read previously expected to be service connected, I just didn't know to what extent. However I also had an audiology exam and was denied service connection because even though there is hearing loss apparently it isn't enough in each of the categories. I've had multiple PHA exams done that show "asymmetrical hearing loss" and now had an audiology exam at the VA and it even shows hearing loss in almost every frequency range with a 94% speech recognition pattern. I guess my question is this, can I appeal it and is it likely to be successful? I've got ringing in my ears constantly and its not getting any better. I constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves. I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm thankful that I established a service connection for the musculoskeletal exam, but am frustrated with the audiology part. Thank you
  19. My dad had a heart attack at an "exhibition jump" with the National Guard Reserve; to which family were invited, and a picnic was held. He had been told about two years ago he was ineligible for disability compensation due to his reserve status, so he didn't apply. Now, a person at DAV thinks he is, and has helped us with a Fully Developed Claim application. It seemed that the DAV person expected us to send in his work unread without going over it, but I strongly advised against it, after having read posts here. My mother then advocated delaying filing until more research could be done. Now, we have been advised by a DAV person it will be better for our application if it were filed within a week; and it has been about two weeks since our intent to file was filed. The circumstances of his injury are this: My dad was at this "exhibition jump," but the jump was into a river. He claims that water jumps were necessary for paratrooper training; and it was his first. I take it this is inactive duty, although I take it this does mean he was active at the event. He relates that when he hit the water, there was a significant undertow taking him off course, and he was exhausted trying to reel the parachute in. A boat engaged for the jump eventually picked him up. We didn't know when to expect him to join us at the picnic, so we waited a while, and then got some food and sat down at a table. He joined us shortly; but when he sat down, he didn't have food, and he complained of a sensation like a huge pressure on his chest. A doctor happened to be nearby, and affirmed that he thought it might be a heart attack, as I was suspecting. A helicopter carried him to a military hospital as per regulations, even though they had no cardiologist on staff. I could see that his EKG was very erratic. They could offer no treatment, other than an EKG and a saline drip. After he stabilized somewhat, they moved him to a city hospital where he received clotbusting drugs. Over a decade after that attack, he complained of pain in his chest while jogging. We urged him to go to a doctor. He was admitted to the city hospital, and ultimately received a dual coronary artery bypass graft as well as a pacemaker. After one of these two cardiac events, a doctor estimated he had a 50% loss of heart muscle due to ischemia (cell death due to oxygen starvation). It is now more than a decade since this second event. After his initial heart attack, he quit the Guard Reserve, out of concern for his heart. Some time before the second event, the open heart surgery, he reduced his civilian employment to part-time; but he did so at age 65, and doesn't feel he his heart attack was involved in this decreased employment. That being said, doctors who have read his EKG's all indicate them as abnormal, again, we remember being told of substantial heart muscle damage. I have a number of questions raised by this process: First and foremost, what moves can we make to file a stronger application? This site has reams of information, but I am trying to do other things in my life after helping him with his application process for some time. It is hard for me to have the time to do homework. He was under the mistaken impression that this site had mostly posts from one person, and hasn't utilized the forum for the first of the two weeks I imagined he would do research here. We seem to be OK on the nexus part; as we have a notarized statement from his jump safety official, myself and his wife; but it is unclear as to just how related his heart surgery years later is. What's the best way to approach this question? It seems likely to be related, IMHO. Do you believe that delaying his application by much more than another week will hurt his application? We supposedly have a year since filing an intent to file. It has been about two weeks since filing an intent to file. Should he have an examination for employability? We do know that he had curtailed his employment on heart concerns. Should this be a VA person? Should it be a private doctor, and if so, what kind? What form might we file regarding this? I realize this would be a separate examination from his formal VA examination. Where do I find out what criteria they use to determine percentage disability in cases of cardiac arrest as a duty-related injury? We have a friend whom the same DAV employee helped, and they were able to collect back disability resulting in a substantial lump sum. He and mom have had a lean time of it, and their savings has shrunk. One of the forms the VA sent us explains how intent to file protects us as to the start of disability, for a year. Do we need to do anything special to ask for back disability? I've read here that hearing loss can be a factor in disability. He has substantial hearing loss at some frequencies in one ear according to a test, which he attributes to firing rifles. He has difficulty understanding some things that seem to be clearly said, even repeatedly; where other times he seems to hear fine. He can't document exactly when it happened. His back was damaged by a trailer hitch while in the service, but he doesn't have documentation for that either. Should this factor into our claim? TIA for any and all help you guys would care to pass along.
  20. I have a hearing loss claim on appeal. Attorney suggested we drop that claim as the compensation will likely be 0%. My idea is hearing loss progressively worsens over time and at some point will require hearing assistance medical devices as I age. As that happens, I could submit new claims for an increase. Personally I think it is worth fighting for.
  21. I am currently rated at 40% combined and have filed for both TBI and Tinnitus (ringing in ears) three times and have been denied three times. The VA neuro tech that saw me during C&P exam stated that my getting knocked out after falling down a stairwell on a ship was not serious enough to constitute a TBI, but maybe a mild concussion, and that I show no cognitive issues now. I also have Tinnitus in both ears, and VA denied me; yet after the denial, they sent me to a VA contracted audiologist who determined that I needed hearing aids for hearing loss (minimal at certain ranges) and Tinnitus. I now wear hearing aids with Tinnitus maskers, and the VA says that it is not service connected; yet they paid for the devices....makes no sense to me. Well my wife would disagree. I have issues sleeping, memory issues, become argumentative about not remembering and just flat out do not act the way I did in my younger days. Now I admit that some of this may be my own issue, but I truly believe that the TBI has something to do with the memory and sleep issues. Being argumentative is a bi-product of the memory and I get pissed because I cant remember things. My long term memory is not bad, but my short term is getting worse all the time. My question is: What avenues do I have, other than filing a 4th appeal and being denied? I know I have a TBI: I can prove it occurred in service (in my medical records) and I have cognitive effects to this day. Any advice is appreciated.
  22. I am new to this forum and hope I am posting in the right section. My husband fought the VA for the last 10 years and in 2014, the Board of Appeals granted him 100% with SMC S, P&T. I am confused as to the levels of SMC and if he is entitled to a higher level of SMC due to a recent claim that was adjudicated, giving him a temporary rating of 100% for lung cancer for 6 months. His disabilities are as follows: PTSD with alcohol dependence - 100% Lung Cancer - 100% (temporary for 6 months) Bilateral hearing loss - 70% Tinnitus - 10% Right fibula stress factor - 0% Right foot degenerative joint disease - 20% Left foot degenerative joint disease - 20% Residuals, fracture, left clavicle - 20% Cervical Spine degenerative disc disease - 20% Instability with degenerative joint disease and fibula stress fracture, left knee - 20% Right knee degenerative joint disease s/p partial knee replacement with right fibula stress fracture - 10% Left knee instability - 20% He was diagnosed in September with lung cancer and finished radiation treatments in October. He didn't file the claim for lung cancer until January of 2017. By the grace of God, we had gone into the VA to try to get a medication through the VA and because they had not had a current chest xray, they ordered it that day and before we left the VA, he was diagnosed with the lung cancer (had no symptoms). Needless to say, it absolutely devastated us since he had had xrays 3 months prior by his primary pulmonologist and it showed nothing. In summary, after a biopsy he was diagnosed with Stage 1 lung cancer and his prognosis is good. There is a chance he does have Radiation Pneumonitis which is the scarring of his lung from the radiation but we will not know this until we get the results from his CT scan. He has Alpha-1 with COPD and Emphysema which are by-products of the Alpha-1 and have made things more difficult for him but we are thankful it was caught at Stage 1. We know they will drop the 100% temporary rating for the lung cancer but to what degree we don't know. He already has difficulty breathing because of the Alpha-1 with the COPD and Emphysema so the lung cancer has just added to that problem. My question is, is he entitled to a higher level of SMC due to the 100% rating for lung cancer even though it is temporary?
  23. I registered my intent to file a claim for hearing loss, but now I'm wondering if there's really any point. I was just granted 60% disability, so the VA should provide the majority of my health care at no cost now, right? I read somewhere that if your rating gets you free health care, that includes free hearing aids, regardless of whether or not you are rated for hearing loss. It's my understanding that there is no financial compensation for hearing loss, anyway. If you win your claim, they just give you the hearing aids for free. So, now I'm wondering if there's really any point in filing a claim for hearing loss. If it's true that I can get hearing aids for free anyway, what benefit is there from investing the time and energy in trying to win a claim? If there is some other benefit to it, I"m willing to go to the trouble, but if not, then my energy is better spent working on other claims which need to be dealt with. Can anyone clarify my thinking on this, or offer some advice?
  24. I am currently rated as 60% disabled by the DVA. The DVA webpage(s) show that based on my current disability rating I am in priority group one. Does this mean that I will not incur any costs if I become an inpatient at a VA Hospital? As an example - say I need surgery for a torn meniscus, my cumulative rating is based on an assigned 20% disability rating (foe hearing loss) after I retired and was recently revised to a 60% disability rating in August of 2016. I am employed and have been described by the doctors and other medical professionals (that I have been seen by) as a highly functioning individual and that I compartmentalize my PSTD, which causes me embarrassment.
  25. I am currently rated as being 60% disabled, a combination of tinniutus and hearing loss, from the Artilllery, you see! :-) I have documentation of depression and want to pursue an increase in my compensation, but I am leery of VA downgrades, etc. I am 73 and draw retirement SS. Thanks for any help. Semper Fi!
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