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  1. below is my personal statement for my hearing loss. i beleive this might be a CUE and have outlined in my statement why i belive that. if anyone has any input on this i greatly appreciate your help! please if you have any follow up questions regarding my denials etc let me know tahnks again in advance PERSONAL STATEMENT: I started having these symptoms after the IED explosion I was involved in while serving in Iraq, which I suffered a mTBI (please refer to the provided personal statement regarding the event). Before the event, I was a good student in school, usually getting A’-B
  2. I have a rating for a strange ear disease that is 0% and won't go up without an increase in hearing loss. Is temporary hearing loss enough to get an increase? Its called "autophony." where I hear my own voice very loud and can hardly hear anything outside of my own head. Is this temporary hearing impairment enough to get an increase in rating from 0% or does the hearing test have to show the hearing loss? They rated this disease analogous to perforated ear drum. Does getting rated with a disease open up any type of special treatments you can get for the disease? Such as going to a specia
  3. I am currently service connected at 0% for hearing loss and have an upcoming C&P hearing exam (request for increase) for my hearing in hopes of getting a % of at least 10%. My question is even if my hearing loss if significant but the Maryland CNC test yields decent results (speech recognition is normal) would I have any chance at getting an increase over the current 0%? Thank you in advance.
  4. I was just diagnosed with Meniere's after years of having periodic dizziness and vertigo that has gotten progressively worse and more frequent. I am already service connected for bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus. (Ironically I had never even heard of Meniere's until about a year ago when I was doing the exams to get the service connection for the tinnitus and when I mentioned the dizziness to the audiologist she said I should have more testing to see if it was Meniere's). My question is when I file the claim, should I file it as primary, secondary to the hearing loss and tinnitus, or both
  5. I originally filed a claim for bilateral hearing loss for both my left and right ear, but 2 years ago was only awarded Service Connection for my Left Ear, but only at 0%. The VA said that it was at 0% due to my Right Ear being at normal hearing at the time of my hearing test. But I just now filed a claim for an increase in my Left Ear hearing loss. I went for another C&P hearing exam. I told the Hearing Doctor that now my Right Ear was getting bad too and could she test me for hearing loss in my right ear this time. When the test was all over she told me that I did have some Right Ear hear
  6. I'll try to be brief. Va claim filed April 2019 for sleep disturbances, jaw condition, scar in mouth, painful scar. In June my scar was rated 0% and pain 10%. Jaw condition was deferred and sleep disturbances ignored. In July I filed somatic symptom disorder and mood condition secondary to all my denied disabilities and current ones. I received a letter saying I did this incorrect and ebenefits updated accordingly deleting the claims. Then in August I filed somatic symptom disorder and mood condition secondary to jaw condition and scar pain. I also filed hearing loss pr
  7. Hey all i recently put in a claim to reopen a prior decision on bilateral hearing loss and one with dizzines. VA tested but C&P doc only looked at first enlistment. said hearing loss is there but not service connected and did not give a percentage of what that hearing loss is. The hospital itself has ordered me to take a new hearing test but that is not until december 2018 VA deferred claim on dizziness and order new c&p and hearing test the hearing test is on the 13th of November 2018 and C&P is on the14th at QTC facilities. The question I have is should I brin
  8. I am new to all of this so I just have a quick question that maybe someone can explain to me. I went to the VA last year and received a 10% rating for tinnitus and )% rating but that it was service connected for hearing. After my 3rd hearing test I was given a set of hearing aids because they deemed that certain frequencies and speech I could not hear. I did an appeal for the 0% hearing loss cause makes no sense to me that there is enough to rate hearing aids but not within specs for a 10% rating. Does this make sense to anyone?
  9. Im currently rated 70% from the VA 50% hearing loss 10% tinitus 10% left shoulder 10% right shoulder 10% right wrist I was recently awarded Social Security Disibility (SSDI) My award letter states Social Security Disibility benifits are awarded due to... Hearing loss Tinitus Right wrist Left shoulder Right shoulder Meiners disease *SO BASICALLY ALL THE SAME DISIBILITIES OTHER THAN THE MEINERS DISEASE* I want to go give the VA copies of my social security award letter... But
  10. I'm trying to figure out what this means regarding loss of use of foot. VA definition, "Will be held to exist when no effective function remains other than that which would be equally well served by an amputation stump at the site of election below elbow or knee with use of a suitable prosthetic appliance. The determination will be made on the basis of the actual remaining function of the hand or foot, whether the acts of grasping, manipulation, etc., in the case of the hand, or of balance and propulsion, etc., in the case of the foot, could be accomplished equally well by an amputation stump
  11. I just had two C&P exams this morning and am trying to keep a positive mindset, but the glass looks half empty to me. Maybe someone else can offer some insight on my situation. Since April, I have been rated at 60%; 50% for PTSD and 10% for tinnitus. The claims process for those went pretty smoothly, really, and I was awarded my disability ratings in very short time. I have since then filed three additional claims. My intent to file was back in April, but I submitted the claims on July 25. These three claims are for hypertension secondary to PTSD, sleep apnea secondary to PTSD and for
  12. Hi, I am new here, so let me know if I do something wrong. In 2015 I filed Compensation for Bilateral Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Depression, and Anxiety secondary to the hearing loss. They denied the hearing loss due to an "incomplete" or "could not test" C and P hearing exam. My tinnitus is so bad some days, I can't tell the difference in it or beeps that the audio test gives out. So they denied the claim. Now mind you my hearing has been tested in several other venues, SSDI had an ENT and board certified audiologist test and I have severe to profound hearing loss...I was awarded fu
  13. Hello, My name is John, I served in the Marine Corps from 90-94 and I am getting ready to start my process with the VA. I have a good job with insurance benefits but have some issues. I have been dealing with stomach issues (?), I have pain on my left side that keeps me from sleeping, my spleen is enlarged 3 times its normal size and liver is not working properly. I have been seeing Gastroenterologist and a Oncologist for this but they have no answers. I am hopping maybe seeing a VA Dr will help. I also have Urinary Incontinence; I have been incontinent for the last 9 years. M
  14. I filed my first claim and recently received va decision. 10% awarded for tinnitus, sleep apnea denied, wrist tenosynovitis denied, and hearing loss denied. I have county VSO but I know they are very busy and want to put paperwork in good order before I file the NOD with them. I was only given audio exam from VA but no other exam. I retired from the Air National Guard and have twenty years of service. The service history is convoluted but I have all the records involved 3 DD214's (Active Duty Army and Air Force), Title 10 orders for (Air Guard), and NGB22 (Air Guard and Army Guard). My
  15. First post... I read some posts recommending Dr. Nash to do an opinion letter. For just a medical opinion letter for hearing loss/tinnitus appeal... any other recommendations on who to contact. THANKS.
  16. I had my C&P exams done and was awarded 30% for a foot/ankle injury sustained while at drill. I ended up in the ER because of it and to be honest with what I had read previously expected to be service connected, I just didn't know to what extent. However I also had an audiology exam and was denied service connection because even though there is hearing loss apparently it isn't enough in each of the categories. I've had multiple PHA exams done that show "asymmetrical hearing loss" and now had an audiology exam at the VA and it even shows hearing loss in almost every frequency range with a 9
  17. My dad had a heart attack at an "exhibition jump" with the National Guard Reserve; to which family were invited, and a picnic was held. He had been told about two years ago he was ineligible for disability compensation due to his reserve status, so he didn't apply. Now, a person at DAV thinks he is, and has helped us with a Fully Developed Claim application. It seemed that the DAV person expected us to send in his work unread without going over it, but I strongly advised against it, after having read posts here. My mother then advocated delaying filing until more research could be done. N
  18. I have a hearing loss claim on appeal. Attorney suggested we drop that claim as the compensation will likely be 0%. My idea is hearing loss progressively worsens over time and at some point will require hearing assistance medical devices as I age. As that happens, I could submit new claims for an increase. Personally I think it is worth fighting for.
  19. I am currently rated at 40% combined and have filed for both TBI and Tinnitus (ringing in ears) three times and have been denied three times. The VA neuro tech that saw me during C&P exam stated that my getting knocked out after falling down a stairwell on a ship was not serious enough to constitute a TBI, but maybe a mild concussion, and that I show no cognitive issues now. I also have Tinnitus in both ears, and VA denied me; yet after the denial, they sent me to a VA contracted audiologist who determined that I needed hearing aids for hearing loss (minimal at certain ranges) and Tinnitu
  20. I am new to this forum and hope I am posting in the right section. My husband fought the VA for the last 10 years and in 2014, the Board of Appeals granted him 100% with SMC S, P&T. I am confused as to the levels of SMC and if he is entitled to a higher level of SMC due to a recent claim that was adjudicated, giving him a temporary rating of 100% for lung cancer for 6 months. His disabilities are as follows: PTSD with alcohol dependence - 100% Lung Cancer - 100% (temporary for 6 months) Bilateral hearing loss - 70% Tinnitus - 10% Right fibula stress factor - 0%
  21. I registered my intent to file a claim for hearing loss, but now I'm wondering if there's really any point. I was just granted 60% disability, so the VA should provide the majority of my health care at no cost now, right? I read somewhere that if your rating gets you free health care, that includes free hearing aids, regardless of whether or not you are rated for hearing loss. It's my understanding that there is no financial compensation for hearing loss, anyway. If you win your claim, they just give you the hearing aids for free. So, now I'm wondering if there's really any point in filin
  22. I am currently rated as 60% disabled by the DVA. The DVA webpage(s) show that based on my current disability rating I am in priority group one. Does this mean that I will not incur any costs if I become an inpatient at a VA Hospital? As an example - say I need surgery for a torn meniscus, my cumulative rating is based on an assigned 20% disability rating (foe hearing loss) after I retired and was recently revised to a 60% disability rating in August of 2016. I am employed and have been described by the doctors and other medical professionals (that I have been seen by) as a high
  23. I am currently rated as being 60% disabled, a combination of tinniutus and hearing loss, from the Artilllery, you see! :-) I have documentation of depression and want to pursue an increase in my compensation, but I am leery of VA downgrades, etc. I am 73 and draw retirement SS. Thanks for any help. Semper Fi!
  24. I am currently rated for severe/chronic migraines which have been diagnosed by ENT and Neuro as also being vestibular migraines. (which is a symptom of migraines and not a separate diagnosis) I applied for tinnutis secondary to migraines as well as peripheral vestibular disorder. This would be very similar to Menieres, without the progressively hearing loss but with debilitating migraines with bouts of vertigo and dizziness as well as ear fullness, balance issues and tinnitus. I was shocked to see that in myhealthyvet an audiologist had been sent my records and determine
  25. I'm new to this so excuse me if Im doing something wrong. I served 62 to 65 and did not know until 30 or so years later I had Hep C and the only place I could of gotten it was form the place where we all got our shots before we were indoctrinated and most were bleeding and now one knew anything about it. I have tried to get all records from that day but would not comply, saying they had no records. I found out years later the buddy I joined up with also had the same hep c but unfortunately he passed but not from hep c but from cancer. I filed 2 claims and was allowed my hearing loss a couple o
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