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  1. Hi all,My name is Wesley (and I'll be the first to Dox myself). I created an NFT (Non-Fungible Transaction) project that runs off the Ethereum Blockchain (A cryptocurrency blockchain). We are an NFT collection of 13,000 known as the Goat Troops. Throughout our project the number 13 is pretty significant because we are giving back to the 13 US families that lost a loved one in the Kabul Afghanistan bombing. Furthermore, just to give some insight, every-time an NFT is traded or sold (Think of it as a museum where people can bid on art) we earn 5% of the "royalties" because we are the founders. With this 5% we plan on donating 3% to active duty service member organizations such as Black Rifle Coffee Company (A Veteran owned company that provides coffee to those serving). Just circling back, our collection of 13,000 goats are sold (minted) for .06 Ethereum (Approximately $160-$200 USD). With the profits from our collection selling out, we plan on donating 13% (around 200K+) to the 13 US families that lost a loved one in Afghanistan. We have been in contact with the Fisher House Foundation & the Hat Trick Foundation and have meetings with them this week to form our partnership. Lastly, we have active-duty service members and veterans speaking about our project and backing us weekly on Twitter:@GoattroopsNFT . This is the future of selling art and it has been increasing rapidly on the NFT exchange OpenSea. If you are interested in our project and supporting our cause then please reach out to our twitter account. I will happily support Veterans & Active Duty Service members by personally showing you how to purchase an NFT and become apart of our project. The purpose of purchasing an NFT is for investment purposes and art enthusiast purposes. Many people are actively coming into this space. As such, the latest big company to purchase an NFT was VISA MASTERCARD.So there is a little summary about the project I have created to support you guys. I am here for you and making sure the money goes to the correct organizations to help veterans. If you have any questions, feel free to message me directly, reach out to our twitter, or google our website www.goattroops.ioThank you,Wesley aka Co-Founder of the Goat Troops NFT Collection
  2. I'm a old dog, but I'm still trying to learn tricks. LOL............... Can anyone explain Special Monthly Compensation in detail ?
  3. My Q will be....does the Gov't owe me back pay? I've gone 50 years without anything.....now what? Here are the particulars. I was medically put on the TDRL in 1969 at 30% for seizures due to a SC - TBI. I was on the TDRL....and after about 2 years....receiving $70 a month from the DOD...not VA. The Navy Capt's called me to Great Lakes for an Eval...they weren't Doc's. It wasn't a CP as we know them. They shortly after informed me...that my Seizures were over...and everything is fine and life will be okay !! At that point, as a 20 year old confused sailor / working on my college degree.........I looked at the CDR and Capt...and said "okay". I'm an E4....and saluted. The 30% disability monthly then stopped ( like $75 or so ). The Navy did have me sign a form....which I read....from Brittany at the VA 800 number for the first time this week 12/03/2020.......That I was opting out of retirement pay.....to get VA disability comp. ( The smart thing to do right ? ) I did get some follow up care at the Milwaukee and Madison, Wi. VA hospitals.....those once a year check ups.....required so that I could continue to get the seizure meds. Fast forward to NOW. In 2017 my Vet buddies said....go to the Madison VA for Health care. I did....our VA could not be better. it's in the top 8 national for care. after applying.....all my clinic Doc's......cardio, sleep, psych....etc.....told me: why haven't you applied for dis payments....You're rated at 30%" Answer: I was on the Dis list, did receive $$ for a few months...and the Navy and/or DOD.....stopped it. What's really PO'd my VA Drs.....is the lack of regard for a TBI back in '69. There were no scans, no MRI's....no X-rays after the accident. the NAVY ER dr's USNH-GUAM.....after 20 minutes....said....hey, you're due to be on duty.....we have to let you go. ( statement from Drs near exact ) And out the USNH I went and back to work. I always knew I could go to the VA Hosp. here in Madison Wi, for help. I did to keep the meds....but Thanks to my vet buddies in 2017...and my VSO: I applied for TBI, seizures, migraines and depression. The Depress was just added in September......that brought me up to 100 P/T. ( I'm 66 ) NOW: the VA today recognizes I've been 30% since 1968, My Effective date on the last VA letter ( where I was rated is 30% effective 1968 ) Thanks for reading. I have ZERO motives to get back pay......I just want my record straight. Why'd the NAVY not inform me I could apply for VA care and Payments? Since I began this......The GOV'T sent me my father's Med records......he's not with us but a Navy Capt. Who Ever is in charge of health records....needs a spanking ! LOL. I don't have diabetes....my deceased Dad does. Last Word: The VA 1-800 peeps were jaw dropped ref the 30% being dropped amid continuing TBI related issues....that continue. I'll repeat......out great VA here has helped me get to 100 T/P as of 9/2020
  4. Can someone help fix this thread? Lynette is a New member and both of my replies are out of order, for some reason. One reply did go on page 4 properly, then page five popped up and an older reply for something else was there.I think the second reply I made is there. Somewhere. I have been having problems getting to the main Claims Research forum today----I will try to figure out why----if I go to a recent post there, then I can ask a question but something has changed since yesterday I think....
  5. I had a claim for hearing loss denied by the VA, but the VA conceded in Military noise exposure, what do I need to do.
  6. Any veterans or others out there have any luck proving that as a maintenance working on a AF plane, they had to climb aboard and go into Vietnam? the problem I'm running into is that my service record does not put me in Vietnam, so I am unable to claim any Agent Orange presumptive conditions. I have multiple. ANy help is very appreciated.
  7. Hey all, In December 2019, I received a decision for my appeal to be remanded back to my regional office. I was scheduled appointments there after and in march of this year I called to check on the status of my claim and I was informed that my file is awaiting review for a decision. my question is how long does this process take... I'm getting tired of fight the VA I have been at this sense 2011!!!!
  8. Hi, I received me letter today, and I was denied. This time the error is clear. The Doctor who preformed my ACE examine said my initial diagnoses was Epilepsy then proven to be pseudo seizures. Initially at the ER (and my week long hospitalization after) and for about one month after I was diagnosed with PNES and not epilepsy. However since I kept experience both petite mal and grand mal episodes and then Epileptic medication treatment began to WORK, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. My doctor in my civilian record's back dated the diagnoses to the May when the first event occurred. I've attached my letter; you'll see that they received my Neurologists note about my treatment since may and then confirmed my Diagnoses on 04DEC2019. Pseudo seizures are only mentioned in my records between May2019-June2019. I think this VES contracted doctor saw the diagnoses labeled in may but didn't review(or care) to look at the LETTER AND NOTE DATED BY MY DOCTOR ON 05DEC2019 WITH MY CONFIMRED DIGNOSES AND THEN UPLOADED TO THE VA ON 24DEC2019. Opinions? HLR or do I wait 3 months to see my VA Neurologist, as I no longer have Tricare to see my UCHealth DR., and have him confirm the diagnoses... I'm only 5 months away from all this stuff lasting a year and getting really fed up with the VA. My first denial was also because of the phraseology used by my ER and Hospital doctors after the first event in may. Hint that's why I had my specialty neurologist who had been seeing my since June confirm my Epilepsy diagnosis... uuuhhhggg.
  9. Hi there, Recently actually yesterday the 21st of February the VA gave me notice that my supplemental claim had been decided and that they had sent out the letter that morning as well (meaning the decision was actually made on the 20th). This of course prompted me to check Ebenefits, where I saw no change in my rating. I'm currently rated at 40% for other issues. And in the past Ebenefits updated almost instantly leading me to believe that this supplemental claim was denied. I originally submitted my Epilepsy claim back in august, it was denied about 4 months later due to conflicting phraseology given by one of my doctors (mind you i still have a diagnoses of Epilepsy with 15 witnessed Grand Mal seizures at this point). Once i got the original decision letter I contacted my County VSO's office and set up an appointment. After they reviewed everything they we surprised that my claim was denied as it has a clear nexus and on top of that falls under the conditions; that if they manifest within a year its considered service connected (I separated 02/01/2019, first seizure onset was 05/25/2019). They did review the 112 pages of evidence from my civilian doctors and did see the conflicting phraseology. They told me that if I could get my Neurologist to just confirm my diagnoses and say i was and have been under treatment since 05/25/2019 that we could submit a supplemental claim since that's the fastest route. So that's what we did. That brings us to now. Under the standards for Epilepsy I was looking at a single rating of anything between 80%-100%. An 80% from 40% would have resulted in something Close to 90%. While i'm holding out, since in either case the retro pay (if my claim was awarded) would be greater then 20K that the additional signatures required are slowing down Ebenefits from updating, but as in most cases if the letter has sent and Ebenfits doesn't updated, 90% of the time you Claim/Supplemental/Appeal is denied. ( I mean correct me if I'm wrong). Whats the moral of the story? No matter how much evidence you have to support you the VA will be the VA. I'm lucky that I'm rated for other conditions so that I can at least have the VA help me cut down on the costs of treatment for Epilepsy, but it would have been nice to have it service connected so that I wouldn't have to wait months on months for Neurology appointments since I don't have priority. If any one has any information for me that might help moving forward, I'm all ears as once my letter is received and upon reading of the denial ill be filling an appeal.
  10. Can i receive a VA rating for kidney stones ? I first had Kidney stones while at 29 Palms Ca in the Marines I had 2 separate events one on right side and the other on the left side sent to the emergency room both times . I was also sent to Camp Pendelton for a urine study. All of this is in my Medical File. After my discharge I have had 11 different passed stones .One surgery to break up stones and a stent put in .I currently have 5 more stones in my kidney now . Questions Should I file a Clam ? Can I file a clam? Could it be considered service connected recurrent issue ? If i do file how do i go about getting it Service connected? If it is approved what kind of rating could i expect?
  11. Hi, Berta (everyone), I am curious if there’s any instructions on how to go about: DIC is granted & accrued / death pension benefits are denied. My VA rep (Colorado VA office), recently explained to me that my mom was awarded DIC benefits ( I filed on her behalf ), effective the day of his death (my dad died Dec.30, 2017) of... 1-Pneumonia 2-COPD 3-CAD but, we (she) was denied accrued because the Army / VA did not owe him any money, since he never filed for benefits while alive. While that part is true, he never filed because he was told he did not have agent orange, he was told he “wasn’t in the right theater”, course that “theater” explanation is false. Vietnam establishes theater now, period. My dad was on ground (in air) for a year. Further my dad’s records I received from archives (medals included) do not have a lot of information in them. I have a hard time understanding what they do say. My dad was 191st Military Intellegence, not sure if that is why I have trouble making sense of the records they gave me or if that has anything to do with why I had such a trouble free approval on DIC portion of our claim (approved first time & expedited approval within 3 months)..to which we are grateful. However, I have an original document from 1989 that reads, “ In regards to YOU’RE request to be tested for agent orange...Donald L. Welch...” (my dad)..you’re appointment is scheduled for ...1989 at ... etc. then written in red pen on the top of the document is written “6-8 weeks”. I prusume his “testing” (set for an entire day 8am-6pm) did not inform my dad he had exposure, because he then would have filed! Yet, clearly he did (death certificate reads CAD) & DIC awarded for presumptive CAD! Throughout his lengthy medical history of: Arteries blocked (multiple), Surgical stents, cardiac-arrest, COPD, bronchitis-chronic, lung problems, etc. He believed he did not qualify for benefits. Months before his death he went to VA medical at his brothers insistence & on the way home from getting RX (for the first time ever from the VA) he told his brother he was told he wasn’t in the “theater” for agent orange benefits. By the time he got his first RX delivered through the mail...he was dead....of CAD. How do I prove establish that he would have filed for benefits (as far back as 1989, document attached), if they had not told him he didn’t qualify & wasn’t exposed? How do I get addditional records when he was military intelligence? I can’t even find out what battles, his medal citations are even from. I also know his helicopter crashed while he was in Vietnam and his back had either whipping marks or shrapnel scarred all over it...I want to know why. No records if him being a POW. Can anyone link me in the right direction? I’ll have to figure out how to attach documents to post- will follow through.
  12. is this in my favor? The veteran's use of opiates, cannabis, and alcohol began prior to service, thus current/recent use/abuse is not caused by an in-service related event. Given the veteran's consistent diagnosis and treatment of PTSD, and the frequency of relapse of substance use, it is as least as likely as not that his substance use (to include opioid use disorder) is aggravated beyond its natural progression by his PTSD symptoms.
  13. Hello everyone- I just discovered this site and am wondering if anyone could offer some guidance. While stationed in Sicily in 1979, I was in a head-on auto collision. Since Sigonella didn't have a hospital, I was medivac-ed to Naples where I had surgery for broken feet (with surgical screw) and broken knee. After a week, the nurse threatened me with a feeding tube if I didn't eat. I told her I couldn't open my jaws. They x-rayed and found both jaws broken. They didn't do ct scan or anything for my head injury. I was sent to Germany for my teeth to get wired. In 1991 a friend encouraged me to file a claim, which I did and was awarded 20% for ankle, 20% for knee and 0% for misaligned jaw. I didn't file a NOD or anything at the time. I also started having panic attacks in 1991 and agoraphobia (in my record) and subsequently had to quit my job in 1996. Since I lost my insurance, I haven't been to a doctor (except for a few minor things) in over 20 years. I've been reading a lot and see so many things I am eligible for file a claim for. Even things they put in their own c&p exam-- like TMJ and painful scars, etc. I have recently started going to the VA for medical and would like to make several claims. I have hep c from the blood transfusions in Naples, I just had a CT Scan and EEG (both with abnormalities) and I can not walk more than half a block without extreme pain in my feet, legs and hips. I have serious depression and rarely sleep or leave my home. I have much trouble with memory, cognition, etc., so it's hard for me to figure out where to begin. Any guidance or suggestions would help tremendously.
  14. I separated from active duty service in the Air Force with in 2010 and had undiagnosed non-combat military connected PTSD with alcohol use in remission (According to my VA disability paperwork which puts me at 50% for ptsd.) This was granted the beginning of last year. I recently put in to have my discharge upgraded to honorable from general and have yet to hear back from them. (E-benefits say maybe I'll hear about it early February 2018.) There were a few selfmedicated incidents with alcohol that happened while I was active duty that resulted in going into a civilian rehabilitation facility, a perscription to an antidepressant, and a lot of suicidal ideation I recently admitted in my paperwork to the review board that I was afraid to admit to my command because they would do things like write someone up for a sunburn (destruction of government property), or purposefully keep spouses apart by writing one up for something they didn't do and keep them from going during their significant others' PCS (because someone else did it to them for five years and "they turned out fine"(There was no way to prove otherwise.)). I was recently reading about medical retirement from the military. It's a little confusing. I was wondering if there was a way to submit for reconsideration and medically retire from the military after separation?
  15. Ok I’m trying to figure out when I add my dependents to include my wife and kids how this works. I’m told if I include them they get half what I make but split in three ways. But since my wife works part time she makes over the 17k limit so much rather she would get nothing but the other two have the reduced split amount. But I have the option to just have my kids listed on my benefits and not my wife and they would receive 420 instead of 280 since it’s only spilt between my 1 and 3 year old? Why if my wife helps take care of my children does she even have a limit to her income? He said he didn’t know anything about spousal benefits but to call my local SSA office.... am I missing something?
  16. Hello everyone, I have now completed 2 of my 3 C&P's, took a look at Ebenefits and noticed that for Request 3 it simply has the following after it "Request 3 DBQ ADMIN CLCW" My C&P's that I have completed were for Back/Cervical and Hearing Tinnitus. Does anyone know what that means? When doing my own research I keep seeing Camp Lejune Contaminated Water claims....I've never been to Camp Lejune and obviously none of my claims has anything to do with Contaminated water... Thank you
  17. I have some questions and wondering what some of your observations are. I had a c and p exam recently and got ahold of the DBQ. All the boxes the doctor checked were good for me. She checked all the right boxes and checked that I had PTSD and all the symptoms they went with it but in some of the comments she made, they seem really bad. So I'm wondering what matters more, the doctors observations or the boxes she checked? I'm rated at 60% currently with anxiety NOS and Tinnitus. I did not initiate the exam for an increase. It was one of the random c&p to see how things are going. This is from the PTSD initial DBQ that she filled out 1) yes 2) PTSD, paranoid personality disorder with avoidant features, other specified anxiety disorder with depressive symptoms 3) a. Yes. B.no 4.) A.Occupational and social impairment with deficiencies In most areas work, school , family relations...etc B. Yes--most impairment is attributed to PTSD and anxiety disorder with paranoia secondary. Under PTSD criteria she checked 2 in A, 3 in b, 2 in c, 6 in D and 4 in E . 6) Argumentative and irritable veteran who is hiding behind his wife and looks at her instead of the examiner; has poor eye contact; unable to tolerate questions without interrogating examiner about "meaning" of question; makes people want to avoid him due to his paranoid arguing. Hopeless attitude; does not accept hopeful comments; arrogant and appears to think he knows more than others; thinking was designed to perceived threat, not to answer questions; emotional overactivity; exaggerated affect; affect constricted; everything annoys him; meds do not touch symptoms and he does not sleep; problems with lack of trust. 7) " he may be playing this up out of a desire to avoid working at jobs that are low pay---he has no job skills and comes from a highly educated family --father is lawyer, sister a geophysicist; he may prefer the sick role, rather than go back to school and stretch himself; there is an element of malingering and playing to an audience." I found this highly offensive because I've been going to the VA for at least 5 years. I didn't initiate the exam so I'm not trying to get more money. However, I wasn't honest in my first c&p in 2011 because I was ashamed and held back a lot of the really bad things I experienced. This time around I made sure that I was brutally honest. I know that I'm supposed to tell them about my "worst" day and how bad it really is and I did. And now my sincerity is questioned? The lady was incredulous that my wife married me even though I didn't have a job and still don't. I said that I don't believe I can work which I don't think that I can because I barely can stand to leave the house and that I hate being around people because I'm constantly thinking in my head that I'm going to be attacked or have to attack someone else. I also don't sleep, I have diagnosed insomnia from the VA. Because of all this I don't think I'd be able to hold down a serious job. Is that crazy? I haven't worked in a long time. I stay at home and take care of our kids. I said something like at least I can feel useful like that. The woman seemed stunned by this. I'll admit I was extremely uncomfortable during the exam because I hate talking about this stuff and prefer to not think about it. And she interpreted it in the way above. Her comments seem contradictory to all of the boxes she checked. If I'm "malingering and playing to an audience" why did she check all of the other boxes? It's driving me crazy. Am I crazy to worry about how this will turn out for me? This woman was in her late 70s or early 80s. The exam was through VES and was done at her in home practice
  18. Hello HadIt Family, First a little background, in 2009 I used my Post 9/11 GI Bill to get my Bachelors. I was working full time at a job that I felt was increasing my depressive state and was constantly degraded. In 2012, I applied for VocRehab stating my current job was just making my depression worst and they made me take tests, talk with a Voc Rehab outside consultant and a counselor and they recommended I get a Masters in Accounting (my math scores were really high) because it would open the door to not work around so many people (severe agoraphobia). I got my Masters degree in 2015 and pretty much used up 48 months of chapter 33 and 31 educational benefits. After 5 months of getting my degree I had a follow up and they felt I was good to go since I was already working and I have a Masters. No help finding another job assistance or anything, it was a different counselor and she just thought I was working and was good to go so she closes my case. Fast Forward to the beginning of 2016, still working at the same place for a pretty good salary but my depression, Agoraphobia, and tyrant of a boss have become too much to bear that I leave work and go to a mental hospital. So I filed a claim in 2015 that was denied and an appeal for an increase in depression and for TDIU and am currently waiting on a DRO Appeal. My question is should I obtain the records from Voc Rehab for my appeal and will it help based on what I have said? Can I reapply for VocRehab even though I have already completed Voc Rehab? Any help or advice would be appreciated. CaliBay
  19. To be short and sweet i found out I am facing an MEB today. i am wondering what i might expect for benefits and how they work. Some ppl say you cant take va compensations if you get 30% MEB or more. others say i will have to pay back my separation pay if i take it ($90,000 maybe). and i really dont know how to judge what money i will make outside the Army. i have bad feet, ankles, knees, hip, back, left shoulder, ptsd, anger issues, migraines, sleep apnea, restles leg sleep disorder, depression. if all of these are 10-20% 140-280 % what do i do?
  20. OK hold on to your hat quick review. Haven't worked since DEC 2012. Filed SSDI claim JAN2013 Was awarded TDIU Jan2015. I'm 80% combined rated at 100% Scheduler. Went in front of ALJ June 2015. The fat A$$ judge called me obese, a liar and denied my claim. Appealed on several issues the best one was new material evidence. I was able to get a Residual function test done by OT. And after reading the mission statement I was able to get my PCP to fill out a 6 page questionnaire done by Binder and Binder (NOT happy with them btw) Any how my DOC was thorough and definite as to my disability and inability to work any job. So that's where I am at today. They owe me around 70K but I am approaching the date that I will not be able to file a new clain if this goes bad. How does the new evidence help and what should I do? they have me by the B**&'s Thanks for advice support and your service Semper fi
  22. Hey everyone. Ive been in the army for 5 years and im getting out in 197 days exactly and im just down right terrified. I wana cry at night cause im scared but my body wont let me shed one tear. Im here partly to get help to understand what i should do to get va disability, personal stories and partly for emotional support. Im going to behavior health for suicidal ideation, depression and anxiety currently. Ive been speaking to my ex girlfriend shes studying to be a shrink and she thinks i have paranoid schizophrenia and i was speaking to my mother the other day she said my sister has said for the last 4 years that she thought i have it as well, they both have never met in their life. However i did abuse cough syrup a few times. And im afraid they might blame the schizophrenia on that. But i was seeing behavior health before that even. Military found out. Never got introuble for it. Dark history in my life, but i have overcome that thanks to my asap class. Thank you God. I just got a psychiatric evaluation done, but im still waiting on the tests to come back to know whats really happening i dont even know who i am and worst of all for service connection, i have no clue at all what to make of this. I just had surgery for my shoulder impingement syndrome 2 weeks ago, they removed a bursa, did clavicular excision, and bicep tenesis. And ive healed well but still have a limited range of motion. (That much is all i know of va disability) I was told i have occipital nuralgia which causes me not only to have emence neck pain but to have incredible migranges daily i just walk around the motorpool acting like im busy but the pain is so bad i massage my neck and scalp to ease the pain and take naproxen like crazy, and when im off work not only do i stay home for fear of social interaction, i stay to nurse my headaches. I drink caffeine to help it and take more pain medication. I have lower back problems that came out of no where. 4 years ago my chiropractor said its facet syndrome but i stopped going to him for the last few years cause it wasnt helping and i went to see my primary care provider again for it he said its para spinal myalgia. Gave me some muscle relaxers and said have a good day after I asked for a referal back to the chiropractor. He just blew me off i feel. But i have social anxiety im scared to be a bother..... And i know im just screwing myself over but i cant help how i am. And i have to schedule appointments for anything and hes always a month backed up. Idk what to do about anything ladies and gentleman. Im begging for your help here. Im bugging my family so much about my anxieties they are ignoring my phone calls even... I want 100% disability not because it gets me out of work. I LOVE WORKING. It makes me feel accomplished and like I deserve to live and breath Gods air. But mentally im not right in the head.... If you all ask i can even show you all a text i sent to my mother when i was having a really bad episode, and even that doesnt cover all of me. (You all dont know me so i feel a ok sharing this if it helps the advice i would be given.) i mean its 0308. My mind is just racing itself i cant sleep at all!! PLEASE HELP.
  23. Sorry in advance, but this is a long one. History: currently 30% for migraines. Diagnosed with this eye condition through MRI and told it is caused by migraines. Had C&P exam for increase on migraines. then they scheduled this one. I have attached both exam. the first one is for the increase. the second one is for the secondary conditions that I feel are caused by the migraines. This last exam looks like it shot my in the head dead. please tell me you opinion. first exam no medical opinion. second exam states IMP not related. but I have an appointment with the VA opthamologist surgeon later this month. Was the Veteran's VA claims file reviewed? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, list any records that were reviewed but were not included in the Veteran's VA claims file: vbms If no, check all records reviewed: [ ] Military service treatment records [ ] Military service personnel records [ ] Military enlistment examination [ ] Military separation examination [ ] Military post-deployment questionnaire [ ] Department of Defense Form 214 Separation Documents [ ] Veterans Health Administration medical records (VA treatment records) [ ] Civilian medical records [ ] Interviews with collateral witnesses (family and others who have known the Veteran before and after military service) [ ] No records were reviewed [ ] Other: 1. Diagnosis ------------ Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with a headache condition? [X] Yes [ ] No [X] Migraine including migraine variants ICD code: 784.0 Date of diagnosis: 2009 2. Medical History ------------------ a. Describe the history (including onset and course) of the Veteran's headache conditions (brief summary): CO- "patient not aware when headache and migrains strated but got got worst in basic training, also in Germany after she delivered her daughter with migrains". Frequency of headache and migrains-18 per month. Prostrating attack frequency-5 per month. Work:- Computer private sector-full time for past three years b. Does the Veteran's treatment plan include taking medication for the diagnosed condition? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, describe treatment (list only those medications used for the diagnosed condition): Meloxicam.Sumatriptan. 3. Symptoms ----------- a. Does the Veteran experience headache pain? [X] Yes [ ] No [X] Pain on both sides of the head [X] Other, describe: sharp b. Does the Veteran experience non-headache symptoms associated with headaches? (including symptoms associated with an aura prior to headache pain) [X] Yes [ ] No [X] Nausea [X] Vomiting [X] Sensitivity to sound [X] Other, describe: dizzy,eye twitches,concentration problems c. Indicate duration of typical head pain [X] 1-2 days d. Indicate location of typical head pain [X] Both sides of head 4. Prostrating attacks of headache pain --------------------------------------- a. Migraine / Non-Migraine- Does the Veteran have characteristic prostrating attacks of migraine / non-migraine headache pain? [X] Yes [ ] No b. Does the Veteran have very prostrating and prolonged attacks of migraines/non-migraine pain productive of severe economic inadaptability? [X] Yes [ ] No 5. Other pertinent physical findings, complications, conditions, signs and/or symptoms ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- a. Does the Veteran have any scars (surgical or otherwise) related to any conditions or to the treatment of any conditions listed in the Diagnosis section above? [ ] Yes [X] No b. Does the Veteran have any other pertinent physical findings, complications, conditions, signs and/or symptoms related to any 56 conditions listed in the Diagnosis section above? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, describe (brief summary): HTN,Anxiety 6. Diagnostic testing --------------------- Are there any other significant diagnostic test findings and/or results? [ ] Yes [X] No 7. Functional impact -------------------- Does the Veteran's headache condition impact his or her ability to work? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, describe the impact of the Veteran's headache condition, providing one or more examples: Slows her prodoctivity. 8. Remarks, if any: ------------------- PE: BP-136/75 -HEENT-normocephlaic,EOME,PERLA,no facial drops or tongue deviations,cranial nerves II/XII gorssly normal. -Neck-Supple, no JVD or carotid bruits. Current level of headache and migrain severity:- moderate to sever based on subjective reporting by patient. [X] In-person examination Evidence review --------------- Was the Veteran's VA claims file reviewed? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, list any records that were reviewed but were not included in the Veteran's VA claims file: VBMS If no, check all records reviewed: [ ] Military service treatment records [ ] Military service personnel records [ ] Military enlistment examination [ ] Military separation examination [ ] Military post-deployment questionnaire [ ] Department of Defense Form 214 Separation Documents [ ] Veterans Health Administration medical records (VA treatment records) [ ] Civilian medical records [ ] Interviews with collateral witnesses (family and others who have known the Veteran before and after military service) [ ] No records were reviewed [ ] Other: 1. Diagnosis ------------ Does the Veteran have a peripheral nerve condition or peripheral neuropathy? [X] Yes [ ] No Diagnosis #1: henifacial spasm Date of diagnosis: 2014 2. Medical history ------------------ a. Describe the history (including onset and course) of the Veteran's peripheral nerve condition (brief summary): 51 Y/O female. Service connected for headaches. Pt was in the National Guard until 2003. Onset of twiching left eye in 2012. The twiching has progressed to a left hemifacial spasm at the present. b. Dominant hand [X] Right [ ] Left [ ] Ambidextrous 3. Symptoms ------ Does the Veteran have any symptoms attributable to any peripheral nerve conditions? [X] Yes [ ] No Constant pain (may be excruciating at times) [X] Other symptoms (describe symptoms, location and severity): Left facial nerve 4. Muscle strength testing -------------------------- a. Rate strength according to the following scale: 0/5 No muscle movement 1/5 Palpable or visible muscle contraction, but no joint movement 2/5 Active movement with gravity eliminated 3/5 Active movement against gravity 4/5 Active movement against some resistance 5/5 Were special tests indicated and performed for median nerve evaluation? [ ] Yes [X] No b. Does the Veteran have any other pertinent physical findings, complications, conditions, signs or symptoms? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, describe (brief summary): Pt received the first and only Botulin toxin injections March 2015 with an improvement of the spasms of 60%. it was a small dose. 15. Diagnostic testing a. Have EMG studies been performed? [ ] Yes [X] No b. Are there any other significant diagnostic test findings and/or results? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, provide type of test or procedure, date and results (brief summary): Normal MRI and CAT of the head reported by the patient 16. Functional impact --------------------- Does the Veteran's peripheral nerve condition and/or peripheral neuropathy impact his or her ability to work? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, describe impact of each of the Veteran's peripheral nerve and/or peripheral neuropathy condition(s), providing one or more examples: Data entry on a computer. Spasms distracts her concentration at work. 17. Remarks, if any: -------------------- IMP Left hemifacial Spasms unrelated to her service connected Migraines headaches
  24. This is going to be a wall of text about my story through the VA system and where I'm at right now. along with Questions at the end So I started my PTSD VA claim in late 2010 early 2011, I wasn't even going to file for a claim until I was told to by a va psychiatrist, hell he even told me he's not supposed to make that recommendation. I had such bad issues that I even worked for the VA and had to leave them and the medical field due to anxiety attacks at seeing burned patients. Although I did 400+ patrol missions in Iraq as a medic over two tours, I never witnessed or came under direct fire. What I did see and treat were plenty of Burned Iraqi women and children and american civilians floating in the waters of new Orleans during hurricane katrina rescue operations. That's the short version.... During my claim I had one private session with a counselor and the rest group sessions, I was asked to mail in some sheets documenting what I had seen in relation to ptsd and also had a one on one eval set up. My child needed surgery so I called to reschedule the appointment and the person over the phone stated I would receive a new appointment in the mail. Two weeks after that I am setting up a new round of group sessions and the lady up front tells me that I am probably going to have to start paying for my sessions, and if I'm audited I would have to pay for past appointments. I then called the VA's contact us number to find out the status of the appointment and the paperwork I sent in. Well two things there is no indication that I was ever given a reappointment and they didn't receive the paperwork. I then asked the operator can he note that I have called to inquire about these and the paperwork must have been lost by someone at the VA or the mail service. He agrees and says it wont be an issue. The next day as I'm going to mail out new statements I get a package in the mail saying claim is denied due to not receiving the paperwork and missing the one on one evaluation. I call them again and was told there's really not any thing I can do. I give up, I cant afford to pay for therapy so I just try to function the best I can. Some of what I go threw now is : I always have to be facing the front door of any location I go into I sleep on the couch most nights due to some paranoia of something happening and a feeling I need to be in the livingroom because that's the best place to be to confront anything that happens I average about 4 hours a sleep a night due to constantly waking up at any sound I have become a hermit because I feel I cant relate to most people I dont talk about being a veteran with anybody because I don't want to answer questions I have probably missed 20 days of work in 6 months due to having no sleep, and I'm running out of excuses. This is due to my mind start wondering into reliving traumas I dealt with I have attacked my wife on numerous occasions from when she has grabbed me in my sleep If I think anyone looks shady I position my self behind them the same way I did with the Iraqi military I have lashed out and have tried to start fighs My wife would say I use to take her places to experience the world and now I just want to sit home She would also say I never socialize Crying bouts at randomn times I still start to have panic attacks when I see burn victims. (Yes it is specifically burn victims) Well last week I get a letter in the mail 4 years later with the VA asking for more evidence and submit it in 30 days or else my claim will be decided. I'm still in shock and have no idea where to begin or why I received this. I have not sought treatment since the VA blew me off so my only records will be there from four years ago over a 2 month period, Is that going to be good enough? I can type a sworn statement My wife can type a sworn statement and since I'm kind of a hermit now I only talk to one person I served with and they can write a sworn statement I have some news articles about locations I was at along with a Mass cal that happened on my first day Iin Iraq that I took part in Will that be good enough for the VA? I do not want to be rejected again and would like to receive treatment, Is there anything else I should be looking into? I want to cover all my bases Thank you for your time, sorry if my first post is in the wrong area
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