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  1. Hello everyone, Happy labors day to all, so my question was i my current disability is rated at 50% since last years, since then i haven't seen any improvement myself, I haven't work much or able to keep a stable job, my last job was at home depot for prob 2 months as a greeters around the end of 2019, I just submit all my disability for an increase on may 2020 and my case just close on September 3rd 2020, when to only 1 C&P exam where the doctor just ask me about my injury and how it feel about it, if i pull any muscle or tears any thing, i told the doctor it just hurt when walk or s
  2. Hello, I am currently rated at 90% with a 50% rating for MDD. I have a remand for increase dated back to 2015. I just recently had a telehealth C&P exam for this increase. I feel like it went very well. It lasted over an hour with a civilian provider. I was very surprised because at the end of the exam she told me, "I truly feel like you deserve an increase for your mental health." Does that seem like a positive sign? I wouldn't think that a provider would say that, especially in a C&P exam. Also, if my appeal was remanded back to 2015 when I was 80% and I get an
  3. Got out of military 2004 (medical discharge) 2005 VA gave me 0% 2009 fought and got 20% 2010 fought and got 30% 2012 fought and got 40% 2013 fought and got 70% 2014 fought and denied claim 2015 fought and denied reconsideration of claim 2016 fought and submitted appeal 2017 hurry up and wait 2018 appeal changed to new ama 2019 ama appeal denied 2019 changed to bva appeal 2020 BVA appeal decision from judge November 2020 awarded 80% INTERESTED TO SEE WHAT THE NEXT 15 YEAR BATTLE WILL HOLD Regardless. I never
  4. I have a few questions I'm looking at trying to increase my Narcolepsy rating and I'm trying to figure out what all i will need. I already have 10 people that i work with whom are retired military and military members that have told me that they will write statements to me falling asleep at work 5 to 7 times a day along with my wife's statement. i was told that i dont need a Nexus letter when trying to increase a rating, so what would i have my Neurologist that's been treating me the past 8 yrs. last question is when i was going through my VA appointment's (all done by civilian doctors) i
  5. According to this, we may get a Cola in 2021 after all! Remember, we only have to show inflation for 3 months out of 12: July, August, and September. I noticed lots of stuff is going up. People are charging more because of Covid 19. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/07/25/good-news-you-might-get-social-security-cola-2021.aspx If you like charts, MOOA explains how Cola is calculated based on only the summer and fall. https://www.moaa.org/Content/Take-Action/COLA-Watch
  6. I have 4 C&P exams this Friday. All for increases. (Migraine, PTSD/depression/anxiety/chronic pain/agoraphobia, bilateral foot pain and knee pain increase [including VA issued knee brace and civilian issued AFO foot brace]). Should I have my wife ad adult kids who both witness and suffer from my mood swings, depression, anxiety and antisocial like living on a daily basis? They can also talk about my constant leg pain and migraines. I also want my supervisor to do one regarding my migraines that have me leaving work early, alot. But that is a touchy subject, because I don't want m
  7. I just discovered that a C&P exam was held without me even knowing about it on August 16th. I just happened to see it in my Blue Button VA medical record download today. I have submitted a few claims last year. One in May and another in October. The VA combined my claims and back dated them to May 2018. The estimated completion date has jumped around 4 times. In July it jumped to an estimated completion date of 9 May 2019. At the beginning of August it jumped to 22 May 2019. It's still in the "Evidence gathering, review, and decision" phase. Does anybody know why they did
  8. Welp, Just found out they closed my claim. Surprise surprise, nothing changed EXCEPT they reduced my GERD from 60% down to 10%! WHY and What the?! So apparently that random C&P without my knowledge played a significant part. So my questions are the following: 1. Should I reopen my claims or file an appeal? 2. How do I go about getting ALL of my C&P claim notes, especially whatever was said from this C&P without my knowledge? 3. Should I even attempt to ask for the much qualified for increase on other areas of my body, that have gotten worse, or fight this
  9. Currently rated 10% for GERD and applied for an increase. Had my primary civilian doctor look over my medical records and asked if she would fill out a DBQ. Luckily she did because I know how some doctors would not. Anyone have any guess on if I could be getting an increase or not? Also, does anyone know if I will be scheduled for a C&P as well? It's no problem if I have to go but I just figured with a DBQ then it could easily be fast tracked without having to schedule a C&P since I had already been service connected. Thanks!
  10. I am currently rated at 50% for PTSD and just had my C&P exam for an increase. Below is my current C&P results. Also I suffer from Major Depression and Erectile Dysfunction due to my medication. Could these two items be filed as secondary since the examiner did not list them in my C&P exam.Any input would be appreciated on to what my outcome may be. Thank you SECTION I: ---------- 1. Diagnostic Summary --------------------- Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with PTSD? [X]
  11. ok so ,,,, if you read back on some of my posts you will see the issues i was having with the va, long short.. i was : 20bilat 20bilat 20bilat 20bilat and 40 = 76.4 PAYS 80 NOW IM, 40 bilat 20bilat 20bilat 20bilat and 40. = 83.4 PAYS 80
  12. I filed for an increase recently to my 40% rating. In August 2009 my rating was increased from 20% (awarded in 1994) to 1) ankylosing spondylitis /spine thoracolumbar 20%, 2) ankylosing spondylitis/knee 10% 3) ankylosing spondylitis/cervical spine 10%. Since then my range of motion has gotten worse and I have been prescribed prednisone and two years ago Humira. They had rated me under arthritis and range of motion. I went for a C&P in May and saw my new rating on Eben: 1) NEW: (dated 4/27/18) ankylosing spondylitis /spine thoracolumbar spine 10%, 2) UNCHANGED ankylosing s
  13. according to 38 C.F.R. §§ 4.40 and 4.45 i believe i should be increased from 10% to 20% please look at these codes then look at the DBQ from Dr i provided you will see the flare up measurements. Code 5252: If the hip is limited in how far forward (flexion) it can move the leg, then it is rated under this code. If it cannot move the leg more than 10°, it is rated 40%. If it cannot raise the leg more than 20°, it is rated 30%. No more than 30° is rated 20%, and no more than 45° is rated 10%. Code 5253: All other limitations of hip motion are rated under this code. If
  14. I am currently rated at 10% for tendinitis in my left ankle. My question is, if my leg needs to be amputated for a reason other than the tendinitis in my ankle, will I get the rating(I believe 40%) for amputation even though the tendinitis is not the reason it has to be amputated? In other words I' 10% for my ankle. My lower leg above the ankle (not service connected) causes a below knee amputation, the service connected ankle is now gone, to I get service connection rating for it being gone?
  15. My is I filed for Increase on my Service Connected Disabilities. Service Connected Disabilities: Osteoarthritis Left Knee: 10% Osteoarthritis Right Knee: 10% Depressive Disorder: 70% Claim: Increase Osteoarthritis Left Knee: Reason for Increase 1) Total Left Knee Replacement: A) Temporary Total Disability B) Umemployability Secondary (New): A) Hip Condition B) Back Condition Increase Osteoarthritis Right Knee: Reason for increase Secondary (New): A) Hip Condition B) Back Con
  16. In July of '15, I appealed a denial of service connection for a R shoulder condition. I submitted actual copies of a shoulder injury from my Navy medical record, along with evidence of surgeries in 200 and 2015 done by non-VA doctors. At the same time, I filed for an increase in my cervical spine condition. Of course, nothing has happened yet, but it appears that the VA has lumped the two together as one "appeal." I submitted the paperwork under the direction of my NSO. I'm sure this question has been addressed here periodically, but I'd like a fresh opinion: As time goes by, I continu
  17. History, Going on for over 12+ years since left the militray .First raiting 50% Went for increase this was from my DBQ C&P .. Thoughts all? See below Is this 70 (most would say 70). could it sway 100%? If you think 100% do you believe sched or temp? I did not apply for IU but I am told they have to consider it anyways. The doctor also used some verbage that was interesting It is not possible to differentiate what portion of each symptom is attributable to each diagnosis because all of the veteran'schronic PTSD and bipolar symptoms have been chronic, progressive, biolog
  18. Hi everyone, I started voc rehab on October 10th of 2016, my counselor put me in a program extended evaluation because I have gone to school in the past and did not work out for me. I get BAH every month while I attend to this program, I volunteer at a call center and the manager submits the hours that I volunteer to my voc rehab counselor. I am required to complete 32 hours every week. During the month of November I completed half of the hours I was required to work resulting in an over payment from the V.A. I could not attend to my place of duty some days because I had ER visits, v.a. a
  19. Hello all, first of all thank you to all who share your stories and advice. While this is my first post, I've been stalking the forum for months as something to do during my insomnia as I wait for my decision. I have found both comfort and education here. I was hoping for some opinions, advice, or even encouragement. I realize I'm not in the worst shape compared to others, but this process has my anxiety through the roof. I am currently rated 30% SC PTSD-MST (total rating with other disabilities is 50%). My condition has progressively worsened, especially over the past few years. I submit
  20. I am currently rated at 50% for PTSD and just had my C&P exam for an increase. Below is my current C&P results. Any input would be appreciated on to what my outcome may be. Thank you SECTION I: ---------- 1. Diagnostic Summary --------------------- Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with PTSD? [X] Yes[ ] No 2. Current Diagnoses -------------------- a. Mental Disorder Diagnosis #1: PTSD, moderate to severe, chronic
  21. I am currently rated at 10% for tinnitus. I filed for SC for an ankle injury, bad knees and hearing loss in April, 2010. I was SC for hearing loss and pain in knees in 2012 at 0%. I filed my NOD within two weeks of the decision and have been waiting on appeal since. I just had had my C&P for ankles, knees, and hearing on April 14th. I was told by the C&P doc to expect a letter from them by June 14th (60 days). I am not holding my breath. I have a torn meniscus, effusion in the knee, and pain. I have been issued a hinged knee brace for each knee as well as hearing aids. So I feel strong
  22. Hey everyone! I just wanted to update you all on my claim filing status. Today, I received from FEDEX a pkg with 3 envelopes containing my appts from QTC C&P Exams! On Friday, tomorrow 03/25, I have a exam for my claim filing for an increase of TBI w/ residuals & depression. Then, next Friday for PTSD. So part of me is surprised, scared and excited all at the same time because it's been a while since I been to a C&P exam. I'm just glad its moving along after having submitted my claim about a month ago 02/12/16. It's in the "gathering evidence" stage, with the VA needing my records
  23. HI everyone, I am helping my dad with his recently submitted claim. He requested an increase to his 30% rating from 2003, among other things. On ebennies it has DBQ PTSD Review recommended under "evidence needed." I sent quite a bit of evidence showing worsening conditions since 2003 when I submitted the FDC in December. Will not providing one hold up the process? Does he need to submit this DBQ? If he does, will it take him out of the Fully Developed Claims for submitting new evidence? Thanks for the help as usual.
  24. HI everyone, I am helping my dad with his recently submitted claim. He requested an increase to his 30% rating from 2003, among other things. On ebennies it has DBQ PTSD Review recommended under "evidence needed." I sent quite a bit of evidence showing worsening conditions since 2003 when I submitted the FDC in December. Will not providing one hold up the process? Does he need to submit this DBQ? If he does, will it take him out of the Fully Developed Claims for submitting new evidence? Thanks for the help as usual.
  25. I went through a C &P Exam in September for a re-evaluation of PTSD. The exam lasted less than 45 minutes and the Examiner did not ask but a handful of questions or even consider paperwork in my C-file from Voc. Rehab stating that my medical conditions prevent me from working. The first update to E-benefits stated the following provided in the screen shot. Before clicking on the action tab the claim type said INC. Today E-benefits shows that someone read my submitted evidence because now it says under review. Has anyone had this claim type of INC on a proposal to reduce before? If so, did
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