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Found 7 results

  1. Right then, to get a wee personal here... I was born in the US, but never really lived there. I lived in Scotland from age 4 until I went off to uni at 18. I attended Southwest Texas State, which is now called Texas State. I joined CID after I graduated and was posted in Germany from 1998 through 2009, when I retired. I've been here 33 years. Long time. I have been giving it thought over the years. I'm 57 and will most like die here. I have no family in the US and my children live here as well. I could easily contact the VA, DFAS, Tricare, etc., to understand what happens if I became German. I would need to inquire in written from to have the proper responses written. But once that door's been opened, there is no turning back. So, to ask the hive mind: Does anyone have knowledge in this? Would I loose my benefits? I believe I would be able to keep my retire pay, but VA and Tricare? I don't know. Reasons: Well, they are many. I have to file two income tax returns each year and the US Government gets to take a portion. I live here and cannot vote. There are certain things I cannot do so long as I remain a US citizen. I am definitely not anti-US, so please do not go there. I had a grand job for 21 years and enjoyed not only serving the US but the friends I made. Although I feel loyalty to Scotland and the UK, I am and will remain loyal to the US. Shite, to a degree I owe a wee loyalty to Germany as well. Through former colleagues, I do know that I would be placed on a watch list by the FBI. The US Government does not like their citizens to leave. Looking forward to responses. Cheers!
  2. I have a question and I am not sure if I am posting in the correct forum I am the wife of Leroy . he is no longer with us He committed suicide last month , he choose to do this in front of me. I not dealing with this very well and dealing with the VA paperwork has been hard. The question I have is about mortgage insurance we had thru the VA. Will they pay off the mortgage since it was suicide He was service connected with 100% for PTSD, 100% for his heart, 100% lungs and 2 other 100% ratings along with about 10 other smaller ratings. He was P&T since 2003 for PTSD. He just had a C&P for TBI, he did not make his second C&P appointment they were still in the process of getting him that appointment when he left us. I received a phone call from a appeals office asking me if I wanted to continue his claim, he said that he could not tell me what to do but hinted that I should pursue the claim .So I did fill out the form and sent it back in with his death certificate . I again received a call from the appeals office letting me know he got the paperwork and that he would adjudicate it as quickly as possible. In 2009 he had C&P for TBI in which they separated TBI from PTSD and stated that both PTSD and TBI were severe .The C&P that he did this year the doctor stated to him that he defiantly had both TBI and PTSD. Anyway I don't know if you needed all the above information to help answer my question but thought it might be helpful to you to give a more informed answer. Thank you for your time in this matter.
  3. Today, I received a call from a VA Insurance Center supervisor regarding a HLR/CUE I submitted earlier this year. Despite one of their departmental attorneys discussing it with me in May for more than two hours over the phone, I never received a decision letter. They could see where the my documentation was received, but for "unknown reasons" a task was never generated to work it. We briefly discussed the details. They said they were familiar with CUE, but said it applies to compensation claims, not life insurance decisions. They said there was no requirement for them to fill out the long-form decision letter that responds in detail to each of the points I raised in my submission. I explained I needed that in order to properly formulate an appeal to the BVA. I even found a BVA decision regarding S-DVI which mentioned CUE, so it must apply there too: https://www.va.gov/vetapp04/files2/0414424.txt
  4. Should I use a public adjuster in processing my claims? My house got flooded by the recent hurricane and I do not know what else to do.
  5. 100% SC DAV are given a $10000 20 payment life policy. There is an option to increase to an additional 30000 for a fee which looks like it would be a dollar or two for every thousand @ 30k. So it seems as if it may be 20 to 40 dollars. My question is other companies do it cheaper, what is the benefit to this supplemental plan?
  6. As most 100% Vets know, our spouse is eligible for CHAMPVA. (We are not eligible, however, for unknown reasons). Champva enables our spouse to go to the VA for care (if approved by the local VAMC) OR go get private care as this insurance pays for it. However, 100% Vets must go to their VA for care and dont have the choice to go for private care and have insurance pay. (Exception: Vets choice, if you meet eligibility requirment of living too far away from VA, or cant get an appointment in 30 days and get your doc to give you a note that he is too busy to see you. (As required by VA choice) Its still unclear how your doc is gonna give you such a note if he is too busy to see you and you cant schedule an appointment in 30 days. More choices for care = Better care. So, why do our spouses who did not serve get better care than we do, when we served? Should not all Vets get "Veterans choice"? Oh, I know why! This is because VA care is substandard and VA does not want to pay for the good stuff! If the VA were truly "world class health care" they would not need "Veterans choice". I know Vets who wont set foot inside a VAMC and they have very valid reasons for this. Lots of Vets recommend signing up for medicare Part B. So, why should a Veteran pay for insurance (part B) if he gets VA care for free? I found out the hard way...VA care is substandard. I still can not figure out why a Vets spouse gets better care than the Veteran. Did I miss something? Its also becoming increasingly clear VA wants to dump some of its burden for caring for vets on medicare. The VAMC always asks if we have other policies or medicare. And, even Champva insists on the spouse having Part B medicare if eligible. (Remember, Part B medicare costs about $104 per month this year, that is, if you dont have late penalties for not siging up in time.) This means that Champva is not free for medicare eligibles. They must pay $104 per month. I will add that I want my wife to have good medical care. Definately. I dont want them to worsen her care, I want VA to raise the level of our care.
  7. My situation: I am an expat living in Europe that is taking a much-needed pause from work after being in Afghanistan the last 3 years straight. I anticipate taking the next year off from work. I recently separated from my employer on 30 Sep 2013. I currently have no medical insurance coverage from a private company. Paying for my health care out-of-pocket is feasible. I am 90% disabled, and expect that soon will be 100% disabled once my claim finalizes (December or January). I would rather not spend money on costly COBRA or anything else if I am in the situation I am in. I am currently looking for insurance that will cover me if something terribly catastrophic would happen (hit by a car, etc). My concern: CIGNA (and other big insurance companies do this too, I am sure) just sent me a ”certificate of group health plan coverage” indicating I was covered through 30 Sep 2013 that is seemingly useful to gain coverage for pre-exisiting conditions when getting a new policy **IF** I get insurance within 63 days of the policy expiring (approximately 02 Dec 2013 in my case). I want to make sure I do not screw myself by not taking action now, but do not want to buy insurance I do not need, or will be too much of a hassle to use. My question: Does being a disabled veteran exempt me from this ”lapse in coverage” stuff, at least for service-connected conditions that might not be covered in the future? And what about being outside the United States? If I am enrolled for VA healthcare, am I good to go? THANKS! ro → en the
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