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Found 19 results

  1. I have a question that perplexes me. I am 100% Permanent and Total for a total of 13 disabilities. I had a total knee replacement after many years of dealing with my arthritic 10% rated knee. i had the TKR in January 2020. I didn't tell regional office anything because I believe in let sleeping dogs lie quietly. However I do know that the VA hospital where I had surgery let the regional office know I had surgery for a service connected knee. I understand that the minimum rating after being reevaluated is 30%. Will they automatically contact me at the 13 month mark for a C&P exam? If so, ar
  2. I have a rating for 10% for:. right knee patellofemoral syndrome, claimed as gout and iliotibial band syndrome Is it common for VA to group conditions, can these be separated? Thanks for the assist...
  3. I served in the US Army from 1978 to 1982. In 1979 I hurt my knee while on active duty during physical training. It has never been the same since. I have seen my private Orthopedic Surgeon many times and his last diagnosis is a Total Knee Replacement. I was able to get a copy of my service medical records and it’s documented in there that I suffered the injury while on active duty and I saw medical personnel for treatment. I have not submitted a VA claim for this yet. Has anyone successfully submitted a VA claim for this type of injury and were you successful in getting it approve
  4. I have a question hope you can help, I'm going to have to have a Left Knee Revision arthroplasty Replacement this is service connected I had the full knee replacement back in December 2016 then I sustained an injury to the same knee resulting in Revision arthroplasty Replacement I just found out today. So question number one is, Will the VA put me back on Temp 100% since they are going to have to replace the left knee again? And how do you word the statement just right in order for the VA to start process this before I go into surgery? 2nd question is that the Doctor seen in the Xrays and MRI'
  5. An advice anyone can give would be appreciated. I go in for my first C&P exam for my knee issues. I submitted a FDC with my military medical records showing foot issues, shin splints, and issues with bunions. They wanted to operate on the one bunion but I would have had to reenlist. I also submitted my personal medical records that include my recent MRI reports that show various knee issues. (arthritis, patellar maltracking, meniscus tears...) I received a call to set up my C&P exam about a week after submitted my FDC online. I have been looking online, and found out that if I s
  6. Sorry for the 'wall of text' ... First off I would like to thank everyone for their service. Whether you served in one of the honorable branches or are just a contributor to this wonderful forum I have been lurking on, commitment to Veterans is valued. I am a female, Vietnam era, USMC vet. There are not many of us, as during those days they trained the women as the men, resulting in a high attrition rate. I believe it was due to this intense training that I am, in my old age, starting to feel the burn. I was never as proud as the day that my Eagle, Globe and Anchor were pinned on me.
  7. Hello, I’m hoping that someone can shed some light on a potential claim for me. I have 10% service-connected disability for my torn ACL ligament, left knee to include pain and 0% for post-surgical scars. During a recent VA appointment, the radiologist noted “X-ray of the Knee : 1. ACL repair in the left knee with medial compartment osteoarthropathy. 2. Normal right knee. Your x-ray results are as above, Knee joint x-ray was normal.” Based on this information, I believe that the codes below would apply at the 10% level for each one. 5003 Arthritis, degenerative (hypertrophic
  8. Hello, I just completed a C&P but am unable to see the C&P notes in ebenefits.Not sure why i was told by the C&P doctor that I was service connected for all claims from my med board physical. Anyone's thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thank you to the Hadit community! ED secondary to 200Mg Setraline for Combat PTSD currently 70% Left knee injury,the md just looked at my knee after removing brace and since I could not bend it she told me to put the brace back on but no measurements were taken.I showed her the notes from Military xray saying th
  9. Looking at the results in my file from the C&P. Does this look favorable? I know the degree of anything awarded goes off other particulars ect. RESTATEMENT OF REQUESTED OPINION: a. Opinion from general remarks: Is Veteran's sleep disturbance secondary to his stress related disorder? b. Indicate type of exam for which opinion has been requested: psychological TYPE OF MEDICAL OPINION PROVIDED: [ MEDICAL OPINION FOR SECONDARY SERVICE CONNECTION ] a. The condition claimed is at least as likely as not ( 50% or greater probability) proximately due to or the re
  10. Recently, I was told by my private physician that I need to have surgery to repair a torn meniscus in my left knee (service connected knee). The surgery will take place next month. Is there anything that I should be during regarding the VA?
  11. Looking at the results in my file from the C&P. Does this look favorable? I know the degree of anything awarded goes off other particulars ect. RESTATEMENT OF REQUESTED OPINION: a. Opinion from general remarks: Is Veteran's sleep disturbance secondary to his stress related disorder? b. Indicate type of exam for which opinion has been requested: psychological TYPE OF MEDICAL OPINION PROVIDED: [ MEDICAL OPINION FOR SECONDARY SERVICE CONNECTION ] a. The condition claimed is at least as likely as not ( 50% or greater probability) proximately due to or the re
  12. Ok Experts help me out, I think this exam was not focused on my complaints. I have already been rated 10% bilateral for shin splints (which was only approved when NOD filed and X-rays showed degenarative (sp) arthiritis in both ankles and knees. So i filed a claim for Exertional Compartment syndrome as NEW claim and lower leg pain as secondary to EXTERIONAL COMPARTMENT. My exam was suppose to be focused on lower leg pain and knee pain. This is the exam, don't match with ALL complaints. So does this sound like a denial for new or increase, because they already rated me for shin splints? Is
  13. He takes his glasses off, looks at me and says "son, you're rated at 90%, you could have been rehabbing your knees for the past 4 years free of charge. Some of those DAV guys are good, but some of them are idiots" At this point, I was extremely frustrated and may have slipped out a few expletives at a louder than normal tone. He told me "son, talk to your primary physician about getting seen by a specialist and ask to get an MRI because you're knee looks somewhat okay, but I imagine an MRI might reveal something else that will explain the pain. Regardless of what happened, we'll take car
  14. Hello everyone, my name is Mike and I have a exam by a VA Doctor next Tues Jan 12th 2016 . Upon entering the Air Force I had flat feet during my entry physical exam my blood pressure was 100/69 and exit physical exam my blood pressure was 134/91. There was no follow up visits for check ups on my blood pressure and while in there I was hospitalizes for two days with diarrhea and real bad stomach pains. I filed a claim for my feet and stomach pains because over the years both systems have gotten worst. I have also developed CHF as a secondary claim in which i have to prove that everything is se
  15. I apologize for the long post but I need help as the VA has made a complete disaster of my claim. My original decision from predischarge exam I was rated 10% for shin splints of the right and left leg along with 10% for each of STATUS POST LEFT KNEE MENISCECTOMY WITH DEBRIDEMENT and PATELLOFEMORAL SYNDROME OF THE RIGHT KNEE. The shin splints were rated analogously as 5262-5022 but MY condition never actually included a knee disability any where in my records as was noted in the rating decision here from October 2004 here: We have granted service connection· for your bilateral shin splints. Th
  16. Title 38 has only one standard exam position for measuring knee extension/flexion, that is the sitting position. See TITLE 38 § 4.71 Plate II (the official version at GPO Website or the hard copy, not VA Website.) I see QTC measuring standing, sitting, laying down, or whatever they want. Each position can give different results (5 degrees, 10 degrees or whatever.) What is often done is the QTC 'examiner' picks the least favorable measurement for the Vet and submits that to VA. Most Vets do not even know they are being screwed. The BDQ does not even say what position to use, so even your own d
  17. Hello All, This is my first post as i was brought to this place after trying to google on applying for 100% temp rating. my current rating on my left knee is 10% after 2 surgeries, and 10% right knee after 1 surgery. Got out May of 2013 after serving 10.5 years and couldn't pick up a job due to Snowden screwing up my actual lined up job i had offered to me from the NSA before seperation, putting my job offer on hold requiring me to look elsewhere for jobs due to the investigation, I tried working in construction for a while since it was the first offer at the time and i had to let it
  18. Good morning. This is my first post here. This site has been very helpful since I started reading it. I applied for PTSD starting back in June 2013. I was in Sadr City, Iraq in 2004-2005. I waited 8 years to claim, but my wife and parents were pushing me to claim it. I was awarded last month 50% for MDD. While I was applying for compensation, I was fixated on just getting the PTSD/MDD taken care of. Now that is over with, I am considering filing for the patellar femoral syndrome that I was diagnosed with back in 2008. At that time, I was called up to re-activate from IRR. I was release
  19. I need help reading my C&P exam. I went to the exam this month and was treated like trash. I am hoping someone can look at the report, and tell me if I need to appeal it because the examiner was extremely rude and made me go to certain points when doing a flex test on my knee. This caused a lot of pain and I feel if I was set up for failure. Please help. if someone could tell me what they need to give me some closure. I already have my C&P exam so just let me know what info you need.
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