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Found 14 results

  1. as some of you know i did win my claims and have been awarded 100% P&T scheduler. this was HUGE win for me and did mostly on my own with help of great from HADIT(become a member or patron!!!!) and my VSO from virginia department of veteran services(highly highly recommend over all the others out there if you live in VA) but still fight for EED is ongoing. i wanted to post something and thought maybe here would be a good place...like i said not quite there. but if anyone is looking for a good law office i wanted to give my 2 cents on the topic. i contacted many of the usual suspects when starting this fight. but because i still work, i was turned away by 4...the other 2 said they didnt know how they could help because it seemed out of their repertoire. i had one that wanted to take me on but was so booked he reffered me to his friend Sean Kendall! wow guys. i cant say enough great things about this office. they are Johnny on the spot and listen. they answer the phone return emails...just WOW! and not just by interns or call answering services....check em out if you are in the market or looking. hope i helped somebody today! https://www.seankendalllaw.net/
  2. My claims are going on 1 yr and 6 months since the time I filed. Been taking so long due to the months it took to schedule these exams. I had completed all my CP Exams with LHI contractor, then VA requested I redo all those same exams with VES contractor. 1 exam due to DBQ questionnaire changes 1 exam due to it being conducted over a year ago Another exam which was done 4 months ago, also had to be redone. Anyone else deal with this lately? First time I ever claimed it took less than a year, completed CP Exams once then received a decision.
  3. So I got a decision from the BVA that seems favorable, totally slam dunking the VARO in Atlanta and the various mercenary opinions they acquired. A few of the items on appeal were remanded for the usual reasons. I don't feel it's necessary to go into all the details. However, then I got a letter from the DAV, which has done absolutely nothing that I'm aware of to help my claims/appeals up to this point. After some boiler plate about CAVC and deadlines, it goes on to say this: So, is this legit? Why after so many lawyers refusing to help me all these years because there is nothing in it for them would these guys be interested in helping me now? I made it this far without any of their help. Why should I even consider such a program where if anything is gained they get a chunk of it? I'm sorry, but I don't generally trust special offers through the mail claiming only to help a select few. Also, I've been burned, let's see, by six separate attorneys on completely unrelated matters. I don't trust any of them, AT ALL. As far as I can tell, most of the problems in this country currently come about because of them--the ones who run for office, the ones who chase ambulances, and the ones who burn their clients for another snort of coke, because they are friends with the opposing attorney, or because they've been paid or threatened in private. I've been through a lot--you wouldn't believe me if I told it all. Already I doubt this will be taken as more than paranoid ravings by an unstable person. More importantly, anyone out there with genuine experience with these guys at CCK? Anyone who has a history of comments online proving they aren't just a hired goon posting social media commentary for pay that is.
  4. Anyone know a good lawyer to contact about representing me for my BVA and maybe CAVC?
  5. Often, you can get free legal advice, here. NVLSP is a nationwide program (non profit) that helps Veterans with legal needs. Things like Nehmer Vets, (normally Vietnam Veterans), discharge upgrades, and Veterans appeals to the CAVC are some of the things they often do. You need a DD214, they screen out "fake" wannabe Veterans. https://www.nvlsp.org/what-we-do/lawyers-serving-warriors Importantly, also, IF YOU HAVE A RECENT BVA DENIAL (120 days) you can usually take your pick of a NOVA attorney to represent you at the CAVC and EAJA pays the fees. Be sure and discuss this with your potential attorney, their fee plans vary. Since EAJA pays the fees, its no cost to you. Many attorneys, if they think your BVA denial is wrong, will accept payment EXCLUSIVELY from EAJA, you pay nothing. Pick from one of these attorneys most of which specialize in helping Veterans: https://www.vetadvocates.org/directory/widget_search?current_page=1&sort_type=featured&filter={"additional_info.show-profile-on-sustaining-membership-directory"%3A+"yes"}&asset_type=company_user&display_type=default Source: Personal experience. I have hired a lawyer several times and paid little or no fees.
  6. Hadit family, can anyone give me some advice on how to handle this Appeal process. I recently looked on VA.GOV and noticed this. how do I prepare to win?
  7. To list the many many Tags would have been ludicrous. My case is relatively new. I joined here last year, this place has always been great to calm burned out nerves. I sometimes don't make sense to myself let alone anyone else. But when I got out, I went tearing away from anything and everything that even REMOTELY resembled authority. People being able to control my life terrified me to the point where it has literally affected every single part of my life. I came here seeking help and I got it. So, if my story can help anyone else, and my opinions on what you can do to help your own Battle, because that's what this REALLY is, then I will feel like I have done a small and meager effort to pay it forward. My C-File isn't stuffed to the gills with medical records because I didn't serve long enough to qualify for VA Medical. My Claims were handled fairly fast compared to the average. My Story is simple, I got kicked out of the US Army Infantry, after Basic, but I did not finish my A.I.T. We were OSUT. How and why is my business, and I have completely accepted that now. I wasn't even aware I had "issues" until about 9 years after I got out of there. And, a further 6 years before I swallowed my pride and went and finally asked for the help, that I had been convinced by every Veteran I knew, that I now have. I filed my initial claim for PTSD with Anger and Depression. 5 months later they denied me without a C&P, oh gosh gee wilikers was I disappointed. But, once again, fellow Veterans pointed me the way. I went to my Second VSO, and they filled for Depression, and I was scheduled for a VA C&P Exam. Why do I emphasize the VA part, well, I had learned from reading here at Hadit that C&P exams don't show up on your VA website thingy. Which, I thought to myself, that IS kind of important, you know, so no one can "lose" your record of that particular exam. I must admit that my best decisions I have made after getting my actual 50% Service Connected decision letter last year was to continuously educate myself. Not just about me, but the VA itself. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU BRING YOUR COPYS OF YOUR PERTINENT INFORMATION WITH YOU. Sure that really friendly guy on the phone making your appointment is probably say it's not necessary to bring any documents, the Examiner will have ALL your evidence. Bullshit, don't ever leave your case DEPENDENT on ANYONE else' actions! Seriously, I took that advice from someone here, and it saved my ass. A actual Lt. Col. in the US Army Medical Hospital Diagnosed me with exactly what i was filing for. Match the Words, don't try to guess, don't try to infer. Take all your important verifying information with you. Don't leave out anything that you feel may hurt your case, if you think the VA is going to not use any excuse to take away what they give you, you are DEAD wrong. They will dig for it and hunt it down. Be honest, give them everything. But remember, you are literally not DEFENDING yourself to these Raters, you are pressing your case base on verified fact. They will work harder to rip your benefits away, than they are supposed to help you get them.Tell them something is wrong if you don't know exactly, and make them give you an examination, it is your right as a Veteran. I see too many Vets who are always asking others for help, guess what, it's up to US. DO YOUR HOMEWORK Seriously, you need to know more about your Disability's then the people who wrote the books and TREAT you for it. No one knows your Disability's like you. Because they are literally YOURS, not as a statistic or a Roster Number. Because remember, these are not minor discomforts or passing ailments. These damages are severe enough to make us DISABLED. You are LEGALLY entitled to the compensation for the damages done to you, maybe that's why the VA Denies us so consistently. No matter how many changes in Technology or public opinion, they have NEVER done it at a pace that allows most of us to barely maintain our composure and dignity. As far as the Law goes, if you have evidence, you're solid, it is not the RATER who is processing your claim wrong, it is YOU. Every "T" must be crossed, every "i" must be dotted. You have to make your case so solid,that it would literally be a breaking of the Law not to Service Connect you, or a fair Scheduler Rating, or TDIU. You have to SLAM THAT Claim DOWN ON THAT RO's desk, and CHALLENGE him to find flaw in every single interpretation of the Laws, Rules, Regulations....... Become your own greatest weapon, by realizing that you personally can't do that, you have to show it through your work, every page has to be meticulous, don't give them any reason to take the scalpel to your pages. I have a theory, based on how fast I was Denied the first Claim, how fast I was sent for a C&P for my second and winning Claim, and the fact that I was approved the DAY after my C&P exam. I personally feel, as if the moment a Rater can find a reason, and Literally the first reason, he denies and kicks out. Because I was denied without even a C&P exam. Then, when my second claim got sent up, they took one look at it, and knew they were caught out, so as soon as they got my results, they gave me 50% and expected me to be grateful for it. Never stop, always press on, continually advance, and when you can't advance, you bear down, shield up, and dig in. You are now in the Trenches of the VA, and we are literally all here because we are STILL Brothers and Sisters in Arms, against our own people. My OPINION of VSO's and LAWYERS A VSO, no matter where he works, is not gonna fight for you, oh they will file paperwork.....if you tell them what to file, you see, they just mostly don't have the balls for you, because they have balls for EVERYONE. A Lawyer, on the other hand, is motivated by Passion, and Profit. Think about it, if you were to Arm yourself with a Hypothetical Spear-like weapon, would you not want the one with the longest reach, sharpest point, and stopping power? A Lawyer, will fight, because he will look at your Claim, in whole, at ALL the FACTS, and take your case ONLY IF HE BELIEVES THE LAW IS ON YOUR SIDE AND HE CAN WIN IT! That alone, is a boost of confidence that will sustain your Hope, while unfortunately also being a two-edged sword. If he doesn't take your case, then do MORE HOMEWORK. If you can convince a VA registered Lawyer to take your case, you're fairly solid. ONCE AGAIN, MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION. Always Dig Deeper than the Surface Picture that the VA forces on you,If the Law is on your side, stand firm, and advance,Remember that you are right, and you need not defend against their No, but insist on your Yes. Good luck y'all
  8. My husband is in need of a criminal lawyer who helps veterans asap. He did something while ptsd symptoms were high and now needs criminal help. Before these charges were given we were working on getting him help with his ptsd, which I told him he should go get help as this will show he is trying to not make this mistake again. The VA referred me to VSO who could only refer for help with claims, not criminal. I've contacted my caregiver coordinator, social worker and the primary, with no answer. I need to get on this asap and I know there are lawyers who only work with veterans but have hit a dead end. Any help, is greatly appreciated!
  9. Any one ever used Law Offices of Gordon & Doner (injuredveterans.com). Everyone I have spoke too so far there has been great and they agreed to take my case. I just wanted to see if anyone else has used them in the past?
  10. Hey Everybody, I'm new to this forum and I see that this site is better then any lawyer or VSO. So I will lay my case out and see if anyone can answer these questions. I have looked high and low and haven't found answers to these questions. I am service connected with Tension Headache at 30% from an accident I was in while I was on active duty. I am 50% combined as of now and wanted to increase my combined to 70% by getting an increase of my headaches to 50%. I am positive that raising the headaches to 50% would make the 70% margin using the combined rating calculator. After achieving the 70% I would then apply for TDIU as I know the 70% number is required. I filed for an increase of my tension type headaches back in November 2014 which were currently 30%.I am looking to get them raised to 50% which is plausable as I have medical documentation and all the "requirements" that would give me the 50%. I did not use any outside representation and laid out all the evidence that would help me using E benefits. I received my answer 7 months later this June 2015. The rating letter came back and surprisingly said in so many words "We granted an increase of your headaches to 50% from the time of the Compensation and Pension claim in November 2014 to the time of the Compensation and Pension exam in June. After the compensation exam you will pushed back down to 30%. We will give you back pay as a 50% recipient from the time the claim started but we are moving you back to 30% after the exam took place. Now I know that I didn't say anything wrong or stupid in that exam. The examiner must of put wrong information in the claim or something because up until that point and today my headaches are still just as bad as they were when I put the claim in 7 months ago. With that being said....Do I appeal it? or would that make them reopen up the files and maybe try to take away other ratings. They must see all the evidence I turned in as being 50% headaches and they even agreed with it but then changed it back on the date of the exam. I am very confident If I appeal it I will win back that 50% headache percentage. If I appeal it I will then get that 70% combined number which can than in turn make me eligible for TDIU. Should I appeal the headaches, get the 70% and then apply for TDIU by appealing the new 70% number? Or should I appeal the headaches 30% decision then start a whole new claim for TDIU after they grant me the 70% combined Or should I appeal this decision and try to get TDIU now? Can I do that? Or would the TDIU claim be started from the time I put in for that rather then back to that november day I originally put in for the increase. Should I try to get the highest schedular rating I can before jumping into the TDIU boat in case I am able to work in the future and then they would drop me back to the 70% instead of this 50%. Can I go to school using my Post 911 GI bill if I recieve TDIU? If I am going to school will the VA ask about that on the application for TDIU and do they look down on that? If they do I will hold off on going to school until the application has been turned in. Should I get a lawyer who generally takes 30% of the back pay as they have a 95% success rate or do I also do this myself again? The lawyer said he is confident he can get me P&T. If I get 100% TDIU and stay unemployed is it hard to keep? If I take the do it yourself approach how can I know which IME is best for me to use? and the proper steps to take in order? As I said I looked at a 7 month turn around time for my increase. Are you seeing appeals going faster now after the scandals or still 2-5 years.Would my 7 month turn around time be an indication that my appeal would go pretty quickly? It seems like appeals are harder to get then new claims. I am married and have 5 children. per TDIU On the "below the poverty line" does that mean for me personally or me with a household of 7. Because the numbers are significantly different. Myself is rooughly below $12,000 and 7 in the family is below $36,000 per the poverty line government website. Thanks So Much Joe USMC
  11. So there is this: https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/vso-search Which turns up quite a few attorney results in the Austin, TX area. I'm in Round Rock; does anyone in Central Texas have experience with any lawyer for VA claims they can share? Background: I filed a claim for the Desert Storm illnesses the day after Congress made them presumptives (Thank you IOM!!). VA granted me the typical low-ball percentages, I did a NOD that got nowhere in 2014. Now I have a year (right?) I lost the 30-day window because I was dumb enough to believe my VSO rep who was retiring and didn't care much (full disclosure: he is said to have been very good in his prime, but I guess after so many years....) Current ratings: - PTSD 50% - IBS 30% (max allowed) - Fibromyalgia: 20% - Chronic Fatigue: 10% - Allergic Rhinitis: 10% - some 0% What I honestly believe I should have: - PTSD 70% - IBS 30% - Fibromyalgia: 40% - Chronic Fatigue: 60% - Allergic Rhinitis: 10% - random 0%
  12. My claimed was shut down and closed July 4, 2014, but haven't received my BBE yet which should come any day. I'm tired of dealing with VSO's who has no Idea of whats going on beside lunch. Anyone heard of a good attorney in Memphis, Jackson TNor w Memphis AR.
  13. I currently have 20% rating. I first received 10% in 2005 when I got out of active duty then in about 2010 after reopening claim it went to 20%. At that time I didn't understand how the process went. This time around I was considering getting a lawyer through allsup.com or fight4vets.com. I wanted know others experience. I was told it helps the process and time frame. What do you guys think?
  14. I am looking to get some counsel from an attorney that knows the ropes within the VA system. Is it important that an attorney for this be located in the state that you reside in? The VA is of course Federal so maybe being local is not that important unless you want to meet in person. I live in Nevada and there seem to be very few that are accredited by the VA around Reno. Also anyone know any attorneys to recommend that are knowlegeable about the VA (possibly one that previously worked at a VA Regional Office)? Some attorneys do work for Veterans but sometimes more as a sideline and I want someone that specializes in Veterans issues. I have seen some Excel lists of VA accredited attorneys but picking one is like opening the phone book closing your eyes and hoping for the best which I'd rather not do. Thanks
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