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  1. I am not adversely affected by this outright bold face lie since I am P&T 100% with SMC-S and combined VA rating of 250 and no need to pursue this matter for claim purpose. Just received a decision VARO letter saying my 30% heart disease (AO) increase claim was continued at 30% due to my failure to report for an EKG at their LHI Sacramento imaging office in June when in fact I did report to that office on the appointment date and at proper time and location. A BVA remand ordered this EKG. The low life clerk informed me that the EKG technician was out sick and they would reschedule me later in August but never did and they do have my correct address. Also received no text, email or phone calls. The guy was an unclean punk mx with a smart ass attitude. I do not need any more conflict with VA after 30 years of dealings with the ********* and now their LHI low life contractors. I recently had excellent results with QTC examiners that netted me 60% for Gerd and 10% for Tinnitus. Heads up and watch out for LHI. I will soon file complaints with various politicians and agencies to help other vets.
  2. I know the difference between opinions and facts and making a mistake with fact. This isn't about getting them to change the opinions. I love them because they are such clear BS and what they hung their hat on was an obvious error that has been retracted. I have an NP & a Neuro, working as a team for LHI in San Diego. They "recently" did C&P's the reports/dbq's are laughingly transparent attempts to cause claim denial. The NP even argued that a clearly charted MD's dx of solvent poisoning was speculation and claimed the corpsmen who didn't pay attention to his dx were right in "diagnosing" it as flu. This A-hole took the bizarre step of referring to statistics showing it was a bad flu year as argument to support the lie that the dx was speculation. Moreover, I had serious GI symptoms for a minimum of 21 days. No one knows how many more. On last visit I still had nausea and vomiting. The flu last 7 days max. So this pair are clearly defense whores intentionally causing denials of legitimate claims. Is there anyone in the VA that will give a shit? Or will they just patted on the back?
  3. My claims are going on 1 yr and 6 months since the time I filed. Been taking so long due to the months it took to schedule these exams. I had completed all my CP Exams with LHI contractor, then VA requested I redo all those same exams with VES contractor. 1 exam due to DBQ questionnaire changes 1 exam due to it being conducted over a year ago Another exam which was done 4 months ago, also had to be redone. Anyone else deal with this lately? First time I ever claimed it took less than a year, completed CP Exams once then received a decision.
  4. I applied for compensation for Rhinitis. Service connection is presumed based on my time in Iraq in 2003, but it is also noted in my exit exam when I left service. The c & p was set up through LHI and I had the appointment today. Service Requested on the appointment confirmation says DBQ General Medical Gulf War, DBQ ENT Sinusitis, Rhinitis & Other ENT Conditions, DBQ Medical Opinion - MED: ENT Sinusitis, Rhinitis & Other ENT Conditions. The appointment was supposed to last 75 minutes. I went in at noon and was out at 12:05. I know for a 30% rating for Rhinitis, I would have to have nasal polyps. I don't know if I do. I asked the evaluator about it and she said an endoscopy would need to be done and that she didn't know if I did, but probably not. Ok. How would the evaluator answer the nasal polyp question on the DBQ? I'm assuming she would need to leave it blank. Will the VA ask for an endoscopy before rating me? If I end up only being rated 0% after being properly evaluated, that's fine, but I do plan on adding my asthma, vocal cord dysfunction and Eustachian tube dysfunction as secondary to Rhinitis once it's on my record. Has anyone had success doing this? Also, I wasn't asked anything on the Gulf War DBQ. I did call the VA and report that it wasn't done as requested because I don't want to find out later that this doc turned it in with made up answers. Has anyone had this happen before where an evaluator does not do any type of exam or ask any questions for a DBQ the VA requested?
  5. Just finished my C and P for Tinnitus and Hearing loss. And why I most likely will be denied. My appointment was made through LHI. This was June 24, 2021 and the appointment was for September 10, 2021. I called LHI and asked why it would take 11 weeks for an appointment, no answer. My appointment was for 1PM. I arrived at 12:45 to find the location at a small store front in an older strip mall, my first thought was, Dingy and Dirty. No one was at the reception desk so I called out to someone in the back. Turns out it was the Doctor who answered she was with a patient and came to the front and informed me they were out to lunch and to sit down until the receptionist returns. Needless to say she seem a bit miffed that I bothered her. The receptionist arrived and took my info and asked that I take a seat until the Doctor finished with the other patient. I waited until 1:15 when the doctor called me in. Her 1st question was “how are you doing” and my reply was “I’ve been better” she seemed to want to push the issue and I pushed back saying I didn’t know want she wanted me to say. At this point I started to feel this was not going to go well for me. She began interviewing me first about my hearing. It was pretty basic like, are both ears affected, is one side better that the other. When did I notice my hearing lost and what may have caused it. I told her about being in the Artillery in Viet-Nam for a years. I was honest to tell her that age may also be a factor. Then she started asking about my Tinnitus, normal questions like, when did it start, what it sound like to me. I explained besides being in the Artillery there was one incident of a large road land mine that blew up right in front me. I was driving a deuce and half with some replacements from Pleiku to Kon Tum. The deuce and half in front of me hit the mine and it blew off the double dual tires of the deuce and half as well bending the bed as if it was a toy. It was the loudest thing I ever heard. She took notes about it but seemed to want to know about my life after Viet-Nam. At this point she seemed confrontational about my answers. I told her I worked in the accounting department of a large trucking company for about 15 years and then computer work. Nothing in noisy areas or running heavy machinery. She didn’t seem to want to listen how Tinnitus impacted my life. She just seemed to want to find some other reason why I might have Tinnitus. She keep asking about if I go hunting or to a shooting range. Then if I own a motorcycle or loud lawn equipment. I told I didn’t but she asked a second and third time about the same thing at which point I felt she was badgering me. We started the hearing test and to my surprise my hearing was better than I expected. I don’t know if she played with the equipment but it sure didn’t feel right, but the results are the results. So I doubt I would get any rating for hearing loss. As for the Tinnitus I assume it is what opinion she puts in her report but I have little hope it will be in my favor. Overall I didn’t find her to be a very professional and wish that they had choose another doctor to do the testing. Just wondering if anyone has any comment about LHI as a contractor?
  6. Just what the title says. Made me uneasy, but I felt like I couldn't say no. I changed the password once I got home, but given my history of examiners sometimes feeling like they can make stuff up or say whatever, I really don't feel comfortable that this guy now has access to everything in the VA online as if he was me, including communications, appeals, etc. I'm pretty sure all of it is linked and he can pretty much screw with anything he'd like. What can or should I do?
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong location - wasn't sure where to post. I have a very high disability rating from the VA and am also currently in the Army Reserve. I am due for my PHA and have to fill out a long medical question'd questionnaire by LHI, basically asking has ANYTHING medically bothered you in the past 12 months? How much of this does the VA have access to? Should I just click 'No' for everything so they don't question me being in the Army Reserves or kick me out? At the same time I don't want to answer 'No' for everything and then the VA sees it and thinks 'OH, okay he doesn't have any symptoms now according to this LHI questionaire? Let's reduce his %'
  8. LHI contracted with a doctor who is licensed only in South Dakota and Nebraska to perform my husband's C&P exam in Iowa. Can the doctor do an exam in a state where he is not licensed? He did the exam on 12/31/20, but as of today (March 12, 2021) has not returned the exam report to LHI. LHI has reached out to him repeatedly. I have even found out where he practices, called his assistant and asked that he return the report. He will not respond to anyone. The VA has close (denied) my husband's claim without these results, so it has to be appealed. Just trying to figure out WHY this doctor would drive 8 hours, perform a 2.5 hour exam, drive 8 hours back home, and not do what is needed to get paid for his time?
  9. LHI just sent me the details for my C&P exam appointment. This is for a PTSD increase claim. I looked up the doctor and even though there wasn’t much on him I found that he is a child psychologist, doesn’t have many and good reviews, wrote a book about social justice for children with disabilities that he sells on Amazon for $12 and was deposed for his professional credentials. One review says ‘I can’t believe this guy still has his license’. I’m including a link to his creepy deposition. Where does LHI find these doctors and how can I get this changed? Do I go to VA and ask for another contractor or take it up with LHI? www.dpdlaw.com/weistuc.htm
  10. For my supplemental heart claim, the VA's RVSR sent a request to LHI to specifically perform a cardiac/heart DBQ and offer an opinion whether SC migraine medication caused any heart condition. An LHI nurse practitioner called me last week to do a phone C&P and asked about atrial fibrillation, my heart attack last year, and the residual impact. They confirmed having received the medical opinion from my non-VA board certified neurologist regarding the heart attack being "more likely than not" caused by my SC migraine medication. Prior to submitting their medical opinion, they said they had to do more research. This morning, my VSO looked in VBMS and found the LHI medical opinion focused solely on atrial fibrillation, completely failing to opine on the heart attack. Because my claim is still open, an IRIS request was placed asking the VA to send the medical opinion back to LHI due to being inadequate by failing to opine regarding the heart attack. Fortunately, my claim was still open and the decision letter had not been sent. On va.gov, it still ironically says "We do not know your status", but it has been like that for weeks. I would not be surprised if the RVSR goes ahead and closed my claim based on the sloppy C&P performed by LHI just to get it out of their inbox. If they do that, then I would be forced to send yet another supplemental or HLR to address yet another case of the VA failing to consider evidence and ignoring laws, regulations, internal rules/policies, and it would put my claim back into the 125+ day hopper. This one should be won via relative equipoise. The VA has a nurse practitioner's "less likely than not opinion" with no medical rationale addressing the merits vs. my board certified non-VA neurologist's "more likely than not" opinion with strong medical rationale. So far, there is no predominate medical evidence against SC, so I am hoping they would at least get this one right at some point. After thinking about what has happened, I also put in a complaint to the WH VA Hotline. The VAMC C&P contractor I had last year screwed up their exam by failing to consider evidence. The LHI C&P examiner I had last week also screwed the recent exam by failing to consider evidence. It seems like a recurring pattern. If they are doing this to me repeatedly, then they are likely doing this to other veterans.
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