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Found 5 results

  1. Hello helpful Hadit community, I am trying to help my husband with some claims he originally submitted in 2009, all of which were denied. He never re-filed until 2019 but asked for an EED d/t missing STRs that appear to have been found in 2018. He did a FOIA for his file in February 2019 to see what was in there before submitting his claims again, and as a result, received copies of records that were previously missing and he had never seen before. Although some of those claims were now recently approved/SC'd they denied the EED's because they said HE sent them the records. They are so confused. I have put together the attached timeline with screenshots of their own records to try to un-confuse them. Would love it if some of the experienced folks could look it over to see if I'm making sense and/or if you think this is sufficient as far as an explanation? Thank you so much! Recovery of missing records_redacted copy copy.pdf
  2. Looking for the Wisdom of the crowd here. I have not fie a claim with the VA – yet. I intend to file an intent to file before the end of the month, so it would give me a year to further gather evidence and proof of my intended anticipated claims to be made and preserve ‘the month of ‘March of 2018’ as my file date. I already had received some files from St. Louis, but unfortunately not all clinic visits were included, and several other documents I know were supposed to be in there. So, I faxed St. Louis again today for everything – well see. I am a Vietnam Vet – so Agent Orange and all it is connected with will be on the list I intend to be checked out for. Of the missing clinic visits, the more important issues where problems diagnosed with my ears, that made me dizzy and nauseated daily, about 2pm everyday while on duty. Also, was a diagnosis and treatment with what I remember as a fungus that supposedly ate my skin pigment and left white circles on my tanned torso, I was given topical medication and pills of some sort. Yet another issue was the flaking of my skin on my head, face, mostly around the base of nose, eyebrows, and forehead. Seems like I was given topical meds and antibiotics. None of this was in the file I received. The clinic I was treated at was located in the secured compound housing HQ of the HHC 1st Aviation Brigade, Crypto Bunker and where I worked, , AVDAC (Aviation Data Analysis Center). Worse, I can’t find anything about where this was located on Long Binh base, or any information on it. There is noting in my file other than my assignment to HHC 1st Aviation Brigade, and I just noticed my file doesn’t even contain a review from HHC 1st Aviation Brigade, or AVDAC, just 3 hash marks under my review from the 101st Admin Company in Phi Bai. As far as I can tell, AVDAC received high praise, but our data and purpose were absorbed by other operations, as it should have been as technology advanced. So, I don’t know how to find anything about AVDAC, or how to find out what the clinic name was, who the doctor was, or how I might obtain the files if they are not sent to me in the request for all files today. We worked in a secured fenced in area and the tiny clinic treated mostly officers, lots of Generals, and the enlisted personnel that worked in the compound so we never had to be gone from or duty to the base clinic/hospital. I was told the old doctor, who was a hell of a nice guy, was the Surgeon General of Vietnam, but then, my Colonel (Colonel Short – about 6’6”) in charge of AVDAC really liked joking around with us. Any suggestions – I am stuck and the conditions that developed I in VN I had been able to control by various means for decades, but have always flared up with stress, illnesses, heat, dryness, etc. but the past several years have been very hard to control and painful. Every doctor I see says it is something different then the last doctor. So, before the year passes, I intend to be thoroughly examined by outside of the VA doctors, and I’ll take appropriate DBQ with me, even if they will not fill it out, maybe they’ll go over the checkboxes with me. Any Suggestions? Of the claims I intend to make, PTSD and MST PTSD will be on the list – top of the list in many ways. The PTSD has affected my life for about 44 years now, my kids and wife have suffered but all still love me. I have alienated nearly all my family, and have most other signs, there is no doubt I have PTSD, it depends if I am diagnosed with it. I started to going to a shrink a decade or so, but stopped short of being open, just couldn’t do it. Once again, any suggestions. I am also concerned as how to handle MST part of my PTSD. I have issues from VN, but the MST happened on base in our barracks on Bragg. The issue gets very complicated, but I know the truth just how to prove it will be the crux of the matter. I am also afraid, as I have been for 44 years to push it, as I might lose any claim to PTSD for other stressors. Last question for the people familiar with MST, what do you think of the 2 MST Agents in very state, I think they work for the VA, maybe each state. Are they people I can trust – I have breathed a word of this to anyone except family and 1 old army buddy since I left the army. OMG – this is a book already and I haven’t scratched the surface of what I need help with
  3. A local Kansas City man is suing the VA for $35 million in a malpractice suit, in my words basically, he was treated for 10 years of being misdiagnosed for a mental condition that he didn’t actually have, and it cost him his pilots career. Anyone can google it for accurate details. I made medical treatment record requests while on active duty months before my discharge, but were told they were all lost in transit from Vietnam, when I was medivac’d out. What I did receive at discharge was Form DA 3349 showing P-3 permanent profile for permanent defects under “physical capacity and stamina”. I had what we call now, Chloracne, Porphyria Cutanea Tarda, Upper Respiratory Infections with undetermined organisms, Group A Streptococcus, vision problems with eye aches, Migraine Headaches, abnormal Liver and kidney issues with urinating blood, uncontrolled pruritus, insomnia, urticaria, rashes, unexplained fevers, heart palpatations, abdominal pain and cramps, severe bone pain, and on and on. I was stuck thousands of times by mosquitos, ate or almost ate some nasty uncooked/undercooked fish, besides drinking nasty water. I probably had Liver Flukes, Filariasis, or Malaria or all of them because I was in a coma most of a week a few months after discharge, and I never recovered from RVN Service. My treatment records NEVER WERE LOST, but they were withheld for 45 years, and 6/7 months still are, plus all of them from Japan, about 4 days of test results. The VA has withheld the missing documents and medical board proceedings per FOIA EXEMPTION 5 for a year or two, but now say they mistakenly spoke when said they were withholding them in the two or three reply’s from FOIA Requests. I still have not received the records I have requested, such as pay records, morning reports, and I am at the point that I actually may need an attorney. I am being reconsidered now, but I was deceived and had no evidence for a disability claim before I was discharged. Being naive and 21, and never doubting the integrity and honesty of the Army or VA, I couldn’t see how I would ever get a disability claim approved. I barely had proof that I was even in Vietnam, but now have proof of a 28 day straight stay in the infectious disease wards. SHOULD I TRUST THE VA TO MAKE THIS RIGHT, OR DO I CONTACT THE ATTORNEY HANDLING THE $35 Million dollar suit? Sorry for being long winded, but a little history makes it clearer. It’s going on four years with Line of Duty, and 100% Direct Service Evidence, but only recently given 70%, but denied 100% Service Connection that was due in June 1971.Thanks again. Victor Ray
  4. I just received an email in response to a request for my in service records. To my surprise, I found that the only records related to my medical history in service are my entrance exam and the top sheet to my exit exam. The rest of the file is just SRB stuff. How does this effect my ability to provide proof of service connection for everything? Also, one more hitch is: I came home from Iraq in August 2003 and was discharged (on terminal leave) just a few weeks after my return. My EAS was 9-11-2013 (wierd I know), so that didn't leave much time to evaluate what was wrong with me. Either way, there are no records to find. I have been trying for the past 8 years, roughly. I am starting to collect more paperwork to help ease these claim processes, but this is a huge piece of the puzzle I'm missing. I don't know how I have gotten as far as I've gotten without them, but I'm not one to complain. All that, for this: what do I do? Are there any other avenues of approach for these records or do I just leave it be and see what happens? Thanks a bunch. -Mario
  5. I apologise for the length of this post, I've never been good at condensing information. A little information about myself first. My name is Joshua I'm 31 years old I'm an OEF/OIF Veteran I was honorably discharged from active duty Army in 2005 I have a PTSD and depression diagnosis by civilian doctor after a suicide attempt earlier this year. I'm now alcohol and drug free after years of abuse and self medication. I have many physical and mental problems which I attribute to military service. I Started my VA Claim 2 years ago yet it's somehow still in the gathering of information stage. I recently received a letter from the VA stating that they can't find my medical records. Because the VA couldn't find them they told me that I should do it. I at first laughed and thought to myself, if the Military can't find my Military Records, how am I supposed to do it? This was insanity, but I tried anyway. I've called my last duty station and they don't have them. They don't know where my records went nor do they care. I've called The National Archives and sent them letters in St. Louis, they don't have them and don't give a damn. I've applied to receive my records online, they sent me dental records and an apology. I went in person to the records keeping of my last duty station and was politely asked to leave. Because my records are lost, they have asked for the following information which doesn't exist or is impossible for me to get: Buddy letters: It's been 7 damn years, all of my military friends are LONG gone I've had no contact with any of my old friends from the military. I do not have Buddy letters and I honestly have no means to get them, I've tried everything I can to get in contact with anyone that knew me in the service for many years. People move on, they leave the military, they PCS, they die, they disappear, this is a fact of life that the VA doesn't understand apparently. civilian medical records for the last 7 years: I have none, They do not exist. I was living under a bridge, I had no income, I was eating garbage out of dumpsters, going to a doctor was the least of my worries. Only recently this year (April) did I become registered in the VA medical system. (They haven't yet provided me with a PCM so I can't make non-mental health appointments), I've tried to make appointments and I get the same answer every time, NO. The only records I have are already in the VA medical system. Statements from military medical staff, I have none. If they exist they would be in my somehow non-existent records. State or local accident and police reports: None exist. Employment physical examinations: I don't have these because I've been unemployed since military service. Any jobs I've applied for haven't gone past the interview stage. (What is your address? Employment rejected) Letters written during service: The few I did write were destroyed by an angry ex-wife Photographs taken during service: None Pharmacy prescription records: please refer to the first point in this list. Insurance examinations: yeah, right... I went to a VSO to help me with my claim which proptly closed it's doors, shut down and destroyed all records and paperwork within a month of me signing over a power of attorney. The VA won't talk to me, they don't have my records, they won't let me see a VA provider, they won't send me any information about my claim. I've been scheduled 3 appointments with the VA in the last 3 months. EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT has been an intake class for people new to the VA system. These appointments have also been scheduled in a city 40 miles away from where I am, even though there is a VA clinic 2 blocks from my apartment. I've taken the same class and filled out the same paperwork 3 times. Yesterday I got a notice advising me of a new appointment. Guess what it's for? New patient intake... What the hell is the VA doing here? Am I going insane? Who is running this rag-tag system? What do I do here? Should I just give up? I'm running out of time here. I can't live in this apartment forever. They are starting to tape notices to my door asking for money I don't have. I'm about to head back under my bridge and say the hell with it. What a disaster.
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