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  1. This is what I got for SC Aircraft accident which hurt my back The evaluation of chronic lumbosacral sprain, previously diagnosed as degenerative disc disease is increased from 0 to 10% disabling. Va exam results dated Dec 08, from the VAMC noted your medical history relating to your low back disability. The examiner noted your current subjective complaints of increased low back pain with radicular pain toy your left lower extremity and decreased motion. The physical examination your gait and posture were normal. The examiner noted range of motion testing of your thoracolumbar spine was
  2. I have a few questions for the experts here on hadit: First I am already rated at 90% that includes ratings for: Bi-lateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (30rt/20left) Bi-lateral Cervical Radiculopathy (20/20) cervical spine DDD with limited ROM (30%) Major Depressive Disorder (30%) Hiatal hernia/GERD (10%) Broken rt clavicle with malunion (10%) Tinnitus (10%) I recently went to the neurologists because my claim for headaches secondary to my cervical spine condition has been remanded due to my Doctors not providing rationale when saying my headaches are due to my cervical spine condition and
  3. would anyone know what is the difference in rating/pay between these two: "intervetebral disc syndrome" vs "lumbosacral strain" or "back strain"? mil medically discharged me with herniated disks a few months later, VA switched it to back strain over the years i have yet to have mri's that showed anything but bulging disks, severe degenerative disease, radiculopathy. so would "back strain" be correct or would "intervetebral disc syndrome" with regards to correct rating?
  4. Here is what it said. Entitlemen toidividual unemplyabilty is Granted effective January 13,2007. Basic eligibilty to Dependents educational assistance is established from January 13 2007 Am I P&T? In the letter it also said "Social Securty has found you to be 100% disabled due to right knee patella chondromalacia which is also a disability which is service connected". Can I know apply for 100% for my Knee? Here is how I am rated 5237 40% lumbosacral or Cervical Strain 5201 30% limitation of motion of the arm 5271 20% limitation of motion of the ankle 5271 20% limitation of motion o
  5. I currently have a claim in for herniated discs and sciatica as a secondary condition to my service connected lumbarsacral strain. My claim was in the Prep for Decision Phase a week ago but now has been kicked back to the Gathering of Evidence Phase and a C&P exam and medical opinion has been requested by the rater because of a new condition that I have that has been noticed since I filed my claim in Sept 2016. Apparently the rating saw that I have a CT Scan in my file that shows that I have Minimal levoscoliosis. No Signifcant abnormality of alignment. Vertebral body heights are preserved
  6. Hello all you wonderful folks! I just found some of my service medical records the other day and in it was a LOD from where I suffered a head injury while training. I had (no pun intended) completely forgot about it. I dont feel that there was ever a diagnosis provided but it did knock me out and I was out for quite some time, so I'm told. I dont really remember much after that. I was told that the doc that was seeing me said that I was out for a while ordered bed rest WITHOUT sleep and to follow up the next morning. I did not go to the hospital but I guess she was asking me several ques
  7. Hello all I retired in 2005 have a general question in reference to back disability. I'm currently at 60% with 10% of it for "residuals of post laminectomy, lumbar spine, with mild degenerative changes, claimed as chronic back pain with radicular symptoms." In 2005 (after my retirement) I went to the VA and they inputed this into my medical record: " Images of the lumbosacral spine were obtained on 5/12/05. Mild degenerative changes are seen. A scoliosis is noted." I never submited a claim for "scoliosis". When I submitted my orginial claim it was due to back surgery that I received while
  8. I am looking at one of my DBQ for Back (Thoracolumbar Spine) Conditions for which i have file for a increase evaluation for my S/C Lumbosacral Strain. The following is what the C&P Examiner wrote verbatim "The examination is neither medically consistent or inconsistent with the Veteran's statements describing functional loss with repetitive use over time". What does the mean. I am currently rated at 70% P/T with IU. The Social Security Administration has found me disabled as well because of my service connected back and cardiac conditions. A Medical Expert testified at my social security
  9. Good Morning All, I have a few questions regarding my VA compensation : 1) The (2) foot numbness and tingling disabilities are related to plantar fasciitis which was documented during one of my VA visits. Should I request this to be opened within eBenefits or do i need further documentation. 2) A few of my disabilities have further degenerated. Should I apply for an increase without any real documentation that supports my claims? 3) A few months ago I went to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. False alarm, apparently I was having anxiety
  10. On the 14th I had a C&P exam for SI joint/crest pain. The examiner used the low back dbq for the exam. Question, if so, then what ever findings would just be lumped in with the low back rating, right? That was the idea the examiner was trying to convey to me, that the max is 40%, which I already have. If so, then, would the SI crest pain, which is a pretty nasty burning sensation, be secondary to the low back? I know it gets a separate rating, since I had already looked it up on the rating chart. That exam was so...bogus, for lack of more polite way to say it. I wrote a pretty
  11. Hello brothers and sister! I went today for an increase on L Knee (currently 0%), R Knee and Back condition secondary to L knee. The left knee received a 0% rating at first because of the doc not doing the range of motion testing. This time the doc used the "at least as likely as not" and agreed that my Back and R Knee is because of my service connected L Knee. I cant get the C&P notes to transfer so ill type up the important parts on here and please ask questions. What im wondering is what my overall percentage would be. Back Condition: 1. Diagnosed Lumbosacral Strain
  12. Greetings all! I thank you all - in advance - for the wealth of information available on this site to help vets. I stumbled upon it while researching what to do, where to start, etc. on filing for an increase for my S/C rated disabilities. At this point, what I have is: a full copy of my service records, and I have filed a notice of intent this week with VA. I am going to chronologically organize & flag my service records this weekend so I can identify where these things are noted in them. This will be long, but I want to lay out as complete a starting picture as possible to help unde
  13. Thank you everyone on HADIT! Checked ebennies and I have been increased to 70% from 50%. I do not believe I was awarded TDIU, but I guess I will have to wait for BBE or DD to know for sure. Nothing in my VA letters except spouse benefits letter. (My husband is AD). Here is what disabilities shows as of now, Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date residuals of gallbladder removal with irritable bowel syndrome 30% Service Connected
  14. Good evening everyone, I opened an increase for a SD on my lower back pain due to its worsening condition. I've been service connected since 1996 starting at 10% at mechanical lower back then it was increased to 20% in 2002 and changed to Lumbosacral Degenerative. I also have fibromyalgia which is not yet been service connected. My primary doctor treats me for this condition with muscle relaxers, tramadol and a very strong cream. He has recommended that the next stage be steroid shot and possibly back surgery since the pain is persistent and worsening. The increase was opened on Augu
  15. Hello, I have a few questions. I just received a letter from the VA. I was not expecting anything. I opened the letter and they did a review under the special initiative. First off I do not know what that means anyway. It was just more in depth than the letter i received when they first denied my claim in September 2015. I read through it and basically what they are saying as to why they denied me was because they state that I had a substance abuse problem before I joined. I am not sure how they came up with that. I was 18 when I joined right out of high school. I am trying to think why they
  16. I’m 40% service connected for chronic lumbosacral strain. I want to add a “Secondary” claim as I have extreme chronic pain on a daily basis that affects my life big time. My chronic lumbosacral strain CAUSED my chronic pain and I have a doctor that will write “Is due to” for my NEXUS letter. If I understand correctly, they will most likely put this under “9421 Somatic symptom disorder”. A few questions about this... 1. Is my thinking above correct? 2. If my Doctor, a certified MD, writes that I have chronic pain that is DUE TO my service connected chronic lum
  17. lumbosacral spine strain with mild thoracic scoliosis20%Service Connected^^^ My current diagnosis... this was proven with an x-ray. My pain scale is at a 7, I went to the Examination for an increase and she seen how much pain I was in and how bad my muscles were swollen on the one side and she called it a "Flare up" even though I have this pain constantly and consistently every day all day. I can't even bench press half my weight with out it pinching and hurting enough to make me about drop the weight. They denied my increase, what more can I do to receive proper diagnosis and care? The doctor
  18. Has any body ever got a bilateral factor for 10% tinnitus. I just got my hearing test done and I look on myhealth.va.gov and notice he add in the report that I had bilateral tinnitus from years of ringing in the ears. I been back from Afghanistan 4 years now and I was thinking the ringing was normal but an veteran friend of mine told me about it so now I could possible be rated at a minimal of 80%. I wish I knew about this 4 years ago. Any body got any ideas. So know my disabilities look like this current Total Combined Disability You have a 70% final
  19. Has any body ever got a bilateral factor for 10% tinnitus. I just got my hearing test done and I look on myhealth.va.gov and notice he add in the report that I had bilateral tinnitus from years of ringing in the ears. I been back from Afghanistan 4 years now and I was thinking the ringing was normal but an veteran friend of mine told me about it so now I could possible be rated at a minimal of 80%. I wish I knew about this 4 years ago. Any body got any ideas. So know my disabilities look like this current Total Combined Disability You have a 70% final
  20. Hello All, I apologize anything redundant, i see this topic is overrun with similar cases but none ive found like mine exactly and Im hoping someone can help or provide some direction. Ive researched endlessly for an answer to my question. Im a medically retired fmf corpsman. Upon retirement in 2010 i was initially rated 80% (84) and ha a claim for tdiu as well as other increases. In 2013 after a c&p for psych and back injuries, I was upped to the following: 70% mood disorder (up from 30) 50% sleep apnea (up from 30) 40% lumbar (up from 20)
  21. Here is my latest comp exam for my back. At 80% with a contention for IU in this is a guarantee. Contentions: severe fatigue caused by "all the medication I am on" (Reopen), hallux valgus, unilateral bilateral foot condition (claimed as bunions) (Reopen), bilateral malunion of tarsal or metataral, foot condition (claimed as 2 heal fractures of the foot) (Increase), flatfoot, acquired (claimed as flat feet) (Increase), CUE peripheral neuropathy upper extremity secondary to cervical condition (New), CUE peripheral neuropathy lower extremity secondary to cervical condition (New), CUE cervi
  22. Hi, I’ve been recently separated as a USAF Captain from active duty due to reduction in force, and I am new to this realm. (I was not medically separated.) I’d sure appreciate some advice. Background While on active duty, I suffered a bulging disc and had a lot of left hip discomfort after some long runs at the unit’s physical training sessions. They called it piriformis syndrome and gave me physical therapy sessions at the base clinic, muscle relaxers, & some pain killers. I’ve long had an issue with my low back which have been well documented throughout my career, and have paid for a
  23. Background; This claim goes back 47 years. My induction in to the army took place in 1964 MOS infantryman. In basic training I was injured in a hand to hand combat training demonstration. The next day reported for sick call. A radiographic examination was made I was returned to duty by the examining doctor. My 1966 exit examination I complained of chronic pain in the lower back w/ lost of strength in both arms and hands w/lost of the ability to grip in both hands. In 1966 I was transferred to the army active reserve under honorable conditions. On returning to my previous work I found that my w
  24. Update 5/11!!! My current FDC that was filed Nov 2014 has just completed!!! Below is what has been granted Migraines were Reviewed and Increased from 30% to 50% Below is New Conditions granted SC hemorrhoids 0% left knee strain with osteoarthritis 10% lumbosacral strain 20% radiculopathy, right lower extremity 10% asthma 10% Denied Rectal Bleeding and Dizziness, which is crazy considering I have Crohn's Disease and take a lot of meds, no Big deal though I want to thank all of you good folks on here as usual. Especially NavyWife, Berta, Car
  25. Hello everyone, This is a bit lengthy, but if you guys can help provide advice on some or all of the questions I have, I would really appreciate it. I have never applied for a clothing allowance (CA), but am asking for advice as to whether I should even try filing for it. I did some reading about the clothing allowance changes and some of it seems to be confusing and possibly misleading. I'm 100% P&T effective 2008 and here are the related details: - 30% cervical rating + 20% bilateral upper extremity radiculopathy, both effective 2008 (assume my condition is considered static) - 40% lumba
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