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Found 17 results

  1. I am concerned the "Diagnosis and Rationale" section are going to be the stumbling block for a DRO; in MY opinion, they are contradictory. The examiner wrote out a DBQ that I would have paid an independent examiner to write. The wording the examiner used could not have been any more favorable to my claim, at all! If I had chosen the words to use in my behalf, I would have fallen short of her submitted DBQ. However, the examiner left the diagnosis and rationale sections open to intrepretation. Does any one here on this forum have insight that will be helpful in explaining what I am seeing? Basically, am I looking at a blanket denial, or is there the possibility of a "reasonable doubt" situation? The following is a cut and paste from a C&P for mental health. I am not currently rated for any service-connected disability. I also have a current VHA psychiatrist diagnosis which matches the C&P examiner's diagnosis (Major Depressive Disorder). I read the request for the recent C&P, the rater did request two separate issues to be addressed: 1) Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, or other mental disorder that was at least as likely as not (50 percent or greater probability) incurred in or caused by the claimed stressors?2) Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, or other mental disorder that clearly and unmistakably existed prior to his military service, and that was at least as likely as not (50 percent or greater probability) aggravated beyond its natural progression by the claimed stressors?"Taken as a whole, in this examiner's opinion, the evidence available at this time is most supportive of a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder With Anxious Distress, and is insufficient to determine whether this condition was incurred during the Veteran's military service, or was aggravated by it. To make such a determination would require evidence regarding his pre-military history which has direct bearing on the question of the onset and etiology of his mental health difficulties, and which was not available to the present examiner." I claimed 3 stressors, applied for PTSD, or other MH diagnosis. The DBQ was well written, addressing each of the stressors. The examiners tied each of the stressors to DSM-V. Then, as part of her narrative, she included the following: "Consequently, for the purpose of the present examination, the claimed stressors are considered to be corroborated. For the purpose of this examination, the claimed stressors are also considered to be sufficient to cause PTSD as specified by DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, a clinical judgment which is inherently and unavoidably subjective to some extent."However, instead of a PTSD diagnosis, she chose "Major Depressive Disorder with Anxious Distress." Now, I am most concerned about her "Diagnosis and Rationale": She used the same wording to answer both of the rater's questions. "OPINION: It is this examiner's opinion that the Veteran DOES NOT have a diagnosis of PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, or other mental disorder that was at least as likely as not (50 percent or greater probability) incurred in or caused by the claimed stressors. RATIONALE: The evidence available is insufficient to determine whether the Veteran's diagnosed mental disorder was incurred during his military service. To make such a determination would require evidence regarding his pre-military history which has direct bearing on the question of the onset and etiology of his mental health difficulties, and which was not available to the present examiner."
  2. I am 100% with MDD plus 60, 100%+60 will the va pay my wife for homecare
  3. Hello all, Let me start by saying thank you in advance for any help or information provided. Quick backstory: The first time I filed was in May of 2012(I lived in El Paso, Tx at the time), it was for PTSD, bursitis in hips, carpal tunnel, and a slew of other joint problems, however life happened and I missed a C&P exam that I was unaware of and the claim was denied at the beginning of 2013. I understand that this is my fault, but I did learn that the VA found nothing in my army records to justify a claim for any of the physical problems. The second time I filed was in Feb of 2015(I lived in Tacoma, Wa at the time), it was for PTSD. I had a C&P thru QTC at the beginning of APR 2015 and attended, however during the C&P the doc diagnosed me with major depression and anxiety rather than PTSD. Also during that C&P I was made aware that the dates for one of my deployments was incorrect and did not match the stressors I had listed and thus he did not recommend a service connection and I was denied at the end of APR 2015. It should also be noted that I received no diagnosis or treatment prior to during the claim process(I still had no idea how the VA worked and was under the impression that I needed to be service connected.) Of note on this claim I attempted to use a VSO thru DAV, however when I went to the office I was given booklet titled "Federal Benefits for Veterans Dependents and Survivors" and the representative highlighted the address of the vet center near me and the ebenefits website instructing me that I needed to file the claim there. In JAN 2018 after a low point I finally went to the American Lake VA office to see what treatment was available to me. This is when I discovered I qualified for no copay visits and partial copay of medication. I went through the intake exam at the behavioral health clinic there and have been in individual counseling sessions almost weekly as well as attending a few of the group counseling programs offered. I have also been put on various medications to combat the anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Since starting the sessions I have been diagnosed with chronic severe PTSD, chronic severe MDD, chronic severe anxiety, and chronic severe insomnia. My third and current claim I put in on 02/27/2018(I live on Joint Base Lewis-McChoord, WA). It is for PTSD, MDD, anxiety, insomnia, as well as an application for TDIU. I listed the MDD, anxiety, and insomnia as secondary to the PTSD. I included my DoD service records and my DoD payment records to show that the dates of the deployment on my DD214 were incorrect. I uploaded my medical records from the VA American Lake office just in case there was going to be any issues for them to obtain them, they were reviewed and accepted on 04/04/2018. I had the C&P in MAR 2018, while there the doc said he was recommending all issues be service connected. I filled out the 21-4192 Request for Employment Info on 04/25/2018 the best that I was able and added an attachment to it explaining that my last employment was over 8 years ago and the reasons why I haven't been employed. On 05/03/2018 I submitted a 5103 Claim Decision Request. Other Info: In FEB 2018 I requested my military medical records, when I received them the only document there was the medical exam from MEPS, the one you do prior to joining. However while in service I was treated for bursitis over a period of two years(physical therapy and medication) I had the occasional trip to sick call, and at one point had an in grown toenail removed. I filed my current claim as a new claim, however they reopened my 2015 claim instead. My ETS was in FEB 2007 after being extended 7 months due to deployment. I spent my entire time in the military at Fort Hood, TX as part of the 4th Infantry Division(the division has since relocated to Fort Carson, CO) Questions: Q. Is there a way to obtain the medical records that are missing from my file so that I am able to claim the bursitis and joint issues? Q. I am planning to move from JBLM, WA to somewhere in Iowa(Wife's decision) at the end of AUG 2018. This will change my regional office. Will it effect my claim and what do I need to do to ensure my claim doesn't disappear? Q. Will them reopening my older claim instead of accepting a new one have any effect, beneficial or not? Q. Should I request my C-File now or wait until the claim is complete? Q. Does contacting the 800 number or using IRIS to check claim status affect my claim in any way? (I'm curious where it's at because it has passed the estimated date, and the last date it seems anything was done is 04/04/2018 when they reviewed medical records.) Thanks you again for any info or suggestions able to be given. T
  4. Hello everyone, I wanted some help with my recent exam, because it seems to me that she addressed all my NSC's but never touched my SC issues?! I have a DBQ from an IMO as well. The link below will take you to the exam. I am open to any advice. C&P 02-14-18
  5. I received my C&P over the weekend. My exam was nearly three hours and I think the report is accurate and fair and represents how things are. I was as honest as I could be with the examiner and despite being nervous to the point of an anxiety attack about it the day before calmed down a bit and was OK during the visit. The doctor did a good job asking questions and made me feel at ease which is saying something. The report ended up being 18 pages which surprised me. I had PMd the results to a handful of people here on HADIT and a couple recommended I post it for more input. I was hesitant to do so but decided my desire for more information is more important than my paranoia of posting it. I'd really like to get the opinions of some senior HADIT posters like Berta and others. I'm thinking this is a good C&P for my claim but would like a more seasoned opinion than my own completely inexperienced one. I've posted the opinion and rationale below. . Thank you. JW. ___________________________________ 5. Symptoms For VA rating purposes, check all symptoms that actively apply to the Veteran's diagnoses: [X] Depressed mood [X] Anxiety [X] Chronic sleep impairment [X] Mild memory loss, such as forgetting names, directions or recent events [X] Disturbances of motivation and mood [X] Difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships [X] Suicidal ideation REQUESTED OPINION: Based on information from the clinical interview, review of records (C-file and VA medical records), and psychological assessment measures, It is my opinion that the veteran meets DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for (1) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to childhood sexual trauma with delayed onset, and (2) Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Recurrent, with Mood-Congruent Psychotic Features secondary to PTSD. While his PTSD and MDD were less likely than not to have been caused by an in-service stressor, both conditions were more likely than not incurred in service (i.e., delayed onset with clinically significant symptom presentation beginning while on active duty). PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT / OBJECTIVE TESTING: Objective psychological assessment measures administered: -- Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI): valid profile without any evidence to suggest inattention, inconsistency, or negative/positive impression management; primary code type - DEP/ARD (97T/85T) * Summary/interpretation of results: Briefly, the veteran's responses on the PAI were suggestive of significant tension, unhappiness, and pessimism, with various stressors (past and/or present) contributing to low mood and self-esteem. Individuals with similar profiles often see themselves as ineffectual and powerless to change the direction of their lives and feel uncertain about goals, priorities, and what the future may hold. In addition to depression, the veteran endorsed significant distress on measures of suicidal thoughts, traumatic stress, and social discomfort or detachment. His profile was most consistent with major depression, and while some traumatic stress concerns were indicated, he did not endorse the full range of concerns typically seen among individuals with PTSD. RATIONALE FOR OPINION: 1. The veteran's symptoms meet DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for PTSD due to childhood sexual trauma. The veteran's history of childhood sexual abuse is well-documented across multiple sources and during the current evaluation, he endorsed the full range of trauma-related symptoms meeting criteria for a diagnosis of PTSD. He was first diagnosed with PTSD while on active duty in xxxx by a DOD psychiatrist and mental health records (private and VA) dating back to xxxx also show that multiple mental Health providers have diagnosed and treated PTSD. Although the veteran experienced some symptoms immediately following the assault (bed wetting, night terrors), these symptoms largely resolved by the time he was in middle school due to reported "traumatic amnesia." His only residual symptoms throughout the remainder of middle school and high school were associated with a chronic mistrust of others and related social detachment. His enlistment exam was silent for any relevant concerns, as were STRs from the time of his enlistment in xxxx until the first disclosure of the assault and associated symptoms in xxxx and xxxx. Thus, there is no evidence to suggest that the veteran was experiencing clinically significant symptoms of PTSD prior to his enlistment and thus the question of aggravation is moot. Records clearly document onset of symptoms while the veteran was on active duty and indicate chronic trauma-related symptoms and impairments since then. 2. The veteran's current mental health symptoms also meet DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Recurrent, with Mood-Congruent Psychotic Features, secondary to underlying PTSD. His current depressive symptoms are a continuation of those first diagnosed in service as Dysthymic Disorder, and the veteran has been treated for MDD by multiple mental health providers (private and VA) since at least xxxx. As indicated above (Rationale #1), there is no evidence to suggest Clinically significant symptoms of depression prior to military service, and he was first diagnosed with a depressive disorder while psychiatrically hospitalized in service (xxxx). Subsequent records indicate chronic problems with depression since his discharge from active duty. 3. The veteran's history is suggestive of some underlying Personality features which are likely contributing to some of his on-going concerns (e.g., schizoid and avoidant features). Although he was diagnosed with a personality disorder in service, there is insufficient evidence to warrant a personality disorder diagnosis at present, as some of his on-going symptoms can be attributed to underlying PTSD (e.g., mistrust of others, social/interpersonal detachment, avoidance of intimate relationships). 4. The veteran showed no signs of significant exaggeration/feigning or minimization of mental health symptoms on objective testing, during the interview, or when comparing his self-report to the evidence in the record. As such, information from this evaluation is believed to be an accurate reflection of the veteran's current mental health concerns and relevant background.
  6. I went online to EBenefits this morning to see if nothing changed after my C&P last month. It said claim closed and Decision letter sent. After checking around I found a 70% rating for PTSD and MDD and a 3/15/17 effective date which was when I filed my claim. I hadn't set up banking info yet so I did that. Some questions: 1. Will they mail a retro pay check since I didn't have banking set earlier? 2. I know I need to wait for the letter but is EBenefits usually accurate with the rating? 3. Is there a certain day of the month VA sends payments (Like social security is always at the start of the month) or is it the claim date each month? 4. Where can I find information on how my VA class will change? I was class 8 before (big copays). 5. I have a very good private therapist I'm paying for myself. Now that I'll have a rating will the VA pay for him or do they only cover their own therapists? Thanks for the help! JW
  7. Hello everyone, It has been a while but I finally received my C&P examination for mental health. Currently am 50% for Major Depression, seeking 70%. I went to my examination in stained sweats, faded shirt, flip flops, unshaven, and hair frizzy and not brushed. For some reason, I believe my C&P examiner was wishing I did not come so she could go to lunch early based on her reaction to my arrival and her BSing with the receptionist prior. Anyway, I feel angry after reading her assessment and would like to know what you all think. I think she checked the box for 30% which is a decrease but all the symptoms are 70% looking. It feels really bad she is trying to make me out to be a liar when she doesn't know how I really feel. I have been suicidal, I have made attempts, I have researched the best methods, made plans, etc. The closest I have come is purchasing roper, tying it in a noose, and testing out a bar at work to see if it could support me in hanging myself. But I have really been feeling like crap and feel I have to fight really hard to not let my thoughts become the truth. All things she did not ask. What do you think will happen based on the below exam results? I thank you for your time and responses. CaliBay Mental Disorders (other than PTSD and Eating Disorders) Disability Benefits Questionnaire Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No SECTION I: - - - - - - - - - - 1. Diagnosis - - - - - - - - - - - - a. Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder? [X] Yes [ ] No ICD code: F33.2 If the Veteran currently has one or more mental disorders that conform to DSM-5 criteria, provide all diagnoses: Mental Disorder Diagnosis #1: Major Depressive Disorder, severe, recurrent ICD code: F33.2 Mental Disorder Diagnosis #2: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, with panic attacks ICD code: F41.1 b. Medical diagnoses relevant to the understanding or management of the Mental Health Disorder (to include TBI): severe sleep apnea 2. Differentiation of symptoms - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - a. Does the Veteran have more than one mental disorder diagnosed? [X] Yes [ ] No b. Is it possible to differentiate what symptom(s) is/are attributable to each diagnosis? [X] Yes [ ] No [ ] Not applicable (N/A) If yes, list which symptoms are attributable to each diagnosis and discuss whether there is any clinical association between these diagnoses Depression - depressed mood, not feeling pain, poor motivation, nightmares, few friends, feel worthless and helpless. Anxiety: doesn't like to leave his house, uncomfortable in crowds, some paranoia shakes c. Does the Veteran have a diagnosed traumatic brain injury (TBI)? [ ] Yes [X] No [ ] Not shown in records reviewed 3. Occupational and social impairment - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - a. Which of the following best summarizes the Veteran's level of occupational and social impairment with regards to all mental diagnoses? (Check only one) [X] Occupational and social impairment with occasional decrease in work efficiency and intermittent periods of inability to perform occupational tasks, although generally functioning satisfactorily, with normal routine behavior, self-care, and conversation b. For the indicated level of occupational and social impairment, is it possible to differentiate what portion of the occupational and social impairment indicated above is caused by each mental disorder? [ ] Yes [X] No [ ] No other mental disorder has been diagnosed If no, provide a reason that it is not possible to differentiate what portion of the indicated level of occupational and social impairment is attributable to each diagnosis: symptoms of GAD and MDD overlap and it is nearly impossible to differentiate between disorders. c. If a diagnosis of TBI exists, is it possible to differentiate what portion of the occupational and social impairment indicated above is caused by the TBI? [ ] Yes [ ] No [X] No diagnosis of TBI SECTION II: - - - - - - - - - - - Clinical Findings: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1. Evidence Review - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Evidence reviewed (check all that apply): [X] VA e-folder (VBMS or Virtual VA) [X] CPRS 2. History - - - - - - - - - - a. Relevant Social/Marital/Family history (pre-military, military, and post-military): The veteran has been married for 25 years, and they have 4 children ages 17, 12, and 7. His father lives at their home, but he is self-sufficient and assists caring for the children. His spouse works at Kohls. b. Relevant Occupational and Educational history (pre-military, military, and post-military): He works for the Federal Government as Transportation Specialist at the GS-11 pay grade. He stated that his supervisor has made a verbal accommodation for his mental disabilities to let him come and go as he pleases including arriving late and leaving early for work for appointments. He states he does not know exactly what he does at work but feels like a government worker that is unqualified for his position and got lucky to obtain his current job. He states he answers email correspondence all day and surfs the Internet. He stated that his duties are not really defined and much of his job requires little effort mentally or physically. He creates spreadsheets in Excel and analyzes financial data for travel. He works from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. He stated that he has used his all of his vacation and sick time because of his disability. He was out of work on FMLA for three months to receive mental health care and has returned in May 2017 with difficulty adjusting. c. Relevant Mental Health history, to include prescribed medications and family mental health (pre-military, military, and post-military): He stated that he was feeling better during for two months in a 12-month period. Since he returned to work, his depression has increased and has frequent panic on a daily basis. He stated that he feels paranoid that someone is out to get him. He feels like he is worthless at work even though his managers have never told him his performance is poor. He does not recall periods of remission and stated that he only remembers all the bad things that have happened to him. He uses a CPAP machine but states he rips it off his face every night due to nightmares. He has always had nightmares of when his daughter passed away and escorting human remains off of military cargo planes. He estimates waking up every hour to check on his children to see if they are still alive. He self-admitted to a Mental Health Hospital for 3 months. He was suicidal and very depressed. He has not seen a Therapist but he has spoken to his Psychiatrist. Nightmares: never decreased, nightly or every other night. His nightmares are of the same theme. No exercise Medical records review: DBQ from private provider Statement from veteran Treatment records from Private Hospital Treatment records from Mental Hospital These records are consistent with a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Many medications have been tried. He is at low risk of suicide at this point. Current Medication: Wellbutrin Abilify Prozac d. Relevant Legal and Behavioral history (pre-military, military, and post-military): None e. Relevant Substance abuse history (pre-military, military, and post-military): He drinks occasionally and states he is a “light weight” in consuming alcoholic beverages. Sometimes he inhales CO2 from whip cream to get a temporary high. f. Other, if any: No response provided. 3. Symptoms - - - - - - - - - - - For VA rating purposes, check all symptoms that actively apply to the Veteran's diagnoses: [X] Depressed mood [X] Anxiety [X] Chronic sleep impairment [X] Flattened affect [X] Disturbances of motivation and mood [X] Suicidal ideation 4. Behavioral observations - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - No response provided. 5. Other symptoms - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Does the Veteran have any other symptoms attributable to mental disorders that are not listed above? [ ] Yes [X] No 6. Competency - - - - - - - - - - - - - Is the Veteran capable of managing his or her financial affairs? [X] Yes [ ] No 7. Remarks (including any testing results), if any: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This 45-year-old veteran still struggles with depression and anxiety. I cannot diagnose him with PTSD because it appears to be secondary to MDD. He has not seeked therapy other than admitting himself to a Mental Health Facility. The veteran has been advised to get help for his symptoms and he has not complied. There doesn't appear to be any changes in his mental health status. The fact that this veteran continues to work without incident suggests that he may be functioning better than what he is showing. I recommend that this veteran receives intensive therapy and be re-evaluated after a year of consistent treatment.
  8. I have been reading on this forum and am really nervous about the C&P exam that I have coming up this Thursday. It seems there are so many horror stories. I was triggered with PTSD summer of 2013 and had to call VA crisis line Nov 2013 when I was thinking of killing myself because I was becoming so unraveled and didn't understand why...hadn't been in the service since 1996 and didn't even know that MST existed...it wasn't until i talked to the crisis DR follow up the next day that he said it sounded like I had PTSD. I thought PtSD was just for people who saw war. I was out of on short term disability at work in Nov 2013, Dec 2013, March 2014, and haven't been able to work since June 2014. Since June 2014 I have been hospitalized 3 times for PTSD and Bipolar. The first hospitalization was at a VA facility and I was there only for the PTSD-MST. It wasn't until then that I found out that I could even get compensation for what happened to me in the military where I was gang raped. It took me until the end of Aug before I could even write a statement to file my claim. I have been suicidal since then a handful of times, disassociate, blah, blah, blah. I use to work full time, working on a Grad degree, second bachelors, and have two kids. I couldn't even keep my kids at home over christmas break and had to pay for daycare because I can't handle having them at home even though I dont' work. I even applied for the VA CWT program where they help you find a job and have a disability. They dropped me from the program saying I was "occupational maladjustment disorder". I'm concerned about the whole proof thing like many others who have posted here. I'm also afraid that they will think I am exagerating my symptoms, although my VA counselor has stated that I can't do CBT for the MST until I have sufficient coping skills which right now I do not. OK...proof...when the rape happened I was on shore duty and the perps where stationed on a submarine. When word got out they started an investigation on the submarine but nothing ever came from it. Shortly after I was asked to move off base and couple months later had to get tested for STD and turned out they left me with a parting gift. Is this enough? What I went through was so traumatic I don't know if I can take someone telling me it didn't happen. Second question. My VSO said that my statement should be enough since they should be able to pull records to cooberate my story. They have my VA hospitalization and treatment records since Nov 2013. Should I upload my hospital documents from the other two hospitalizations? My VSO thinks it will delay my claim and understands what a financial strain I am under now with not being able to work. What do you think? What can I expect? We are falling so far behind bills, I'm pulling my hair because I have gone from a someone to a nobody in a matter of a year. Anyhow any advice would help....thanks
  9. Hello folks! I have recently submitted a claim with the VA to reopen my previously denied PTSD, depression diabetes and sleep apnea secondary to pain, medications, weight gain and depression and TBI and TBI residuals with headaches. I got a call yesterday from VES and I have never heard of them. Anyone have input on them? It looks like the only C&P they ordered was for TBI. Any reason why they wouldn't ask for a C&P for the other claimed conditions? Thanks for any and all help!
  10. Good Morning community- Earlier this month I recieved 100% service connection, a surprizing 2 1/2 months after submitting my claim on e-benefits. After living off of a few hundred bucks a month for the past 3 years I woke up to $6k in my bank account, so life feels great right now. A friend of mine is telling me to file my NOD anyways, for the other disabilities they didn't connect, and also to get my SC backdated to the onset of condition - which would be considered starting in the last 2 months of service before recieving my honorable discharge, 9 years ago. Who has experience with this? Is there a legitimate route I can take to get my 100% backdated to the diagnosis of my PTSD, and without a lawyer? Thanks and happy Sunday.
  11. I have seen my new psych 4 times total and each time he has added new meds, or increased the dosage of existing ones. appt 1: sertraline 50mg. (Now @100) appt 2: Seroquil (quetiapine fumarade) 50mg (Now @100). appt 4: bupropion 100mg. Long story short I don't want to take All of these. At my old VA I was prescribed 1 pill, Adderall, for 8 years. It did not fix my issues, but it made me happen when I took it. New VA, new Psych stopped the adderall and gives me these pills that make me feel zombified during the day and also haven't fixed my issues. I'm still angry at random and distrust people, still have days where Im so sad with my life I want to jump in a lake, still hear bad voices, still sleep 4 hours a night. I feel even worse than before. Has anyone else had a similar reaction to this combo? I mentioned this at my last appointment; brain fog for hours after waking, pysically drained, sad and sexually useless (I dont know how to make new relationships, and all my old ones are gone). Saying that got me the Bupropion rx, my issues written off with lines like "worry it will get better eventually." Instead of seeing me as an individual I think my doc has blind faith in his own personal process. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and Im worried that when I bring this stuff up I'll get another pill added to the regimen. My personal beliefs are that all these meds aren't working on me. Maybe I'm missing something about myself, something I can't see that is the root cause of my problems. That plus my scholiosis (I seen the x-ray from PMRS and it horrified me). Seroquil does keep me asleep - first few nights it knocked me out but no longer does that. I still stay up late, and wake feeling slow and weak. More than once my arms were shaking to the point where it was effecting my morning pages (writing 2 freehand pages each morning as therapy - these are actually fun and helpful). It felt like extreme fatigue. As far as the other 2 meds they have had literally no effect on my mood, the sertraline Ive been taking 3 months already. Welbutrin doesnt lift the brain fog. Coffee is more helpful. Thank you, if you read this lengthy post. I now realize how much this topic has been bothering me and I think that Had-it is the best place to get it out. Can't wait to read responses.
  12. Results are hereby posted for your reading pleasure/enjoyment. Any comments, suggestions, or opinions would surely be appreciated in this 23, year Battle!!! Image1.tif Image2.tif Image (3).tif Image (4).tif Image5.tif Image8.tif Image6.tif Image7.tif Image11.tif Image12.tif Image9.tif Image10.tif Image14.tif Image15.tif Image16.tif Image13.tif Image44.tif Image45.tif Image46.tif Image17.tif Image18.tif Image19.tif Image20.tif Image21.tif Image22.tif Image23.tif Image25.tif Image26.tif Image27.tif Image28.tif Image29.tif Image30.tif Image31.tif Image32.tif Image33.tif Image34.tif Image35.tif Image36.tif Image37.tif Image38.tif Image39.tif Image40.tif Image41.tif Image42.tif Image43.tif
  13. C&P was done on 30 march 2016. Does any one know what this means? Examiner, concludes objective evidence on testing of mild impairment of memory, attention, concentration, or executive functions resulting in mild functional impairment. Concludes, judgement mildly impaired for complex or unfamiliar decisions, occasionally unable to identify, understand, and weigh the alternatives, understand the consequences of choices, and make a reasonable decision. Concludes, social interaction is routinely appropriate. Concludes orientation always oriented to person, time, place, and situation. Concludes, motor activity is normal. Concludes, visual spatial orientation is mildly impaired. Concludes subjective symptoms that do not interfere with work; instrumental activities of daily living; or work, family or other close relationships. Concludes, one or more neurobehavioral effects that interfere with workplace interaction or social interaction. Concludes normal communication and comprehension and written language. Concludes residual subjective symptoms or any mental, physical or neurological conditions or residuals attributable to a TBI. Concludes, mental disorder of ptsd, mdd, and tbi... Moca test results, -1,-1,-2,-1. Total Moca score; 25... Normal range 26 or greater.. Diagnosis: ICD code: Z87.820.. Date of Diagnosis, 1991. Can anyone figure this out?
  14. Forgive the first effort, injuries have a way of making things difficult..... Twenty-four years of dealing with the VA, and the difficulties at hand ensure negative results..... These are the copies of a C and P recently done at the VA, and leaves me to doubt this system is capable of conducting themselves in an ethical manner. Enjoy the insanity, this veteran is tired of paying the piper; Eighteen Years were Enough !!!! (Remand posted earlier.) Still waiting to address attorney with the results of this remand and the Shabby, Disrespectful, and unethical way in which this Veteran has been treated at the VA hands...... Document 1.pdf ... Comments, opinions, and suggestion greatly needed and appreciated.... Sincerely, Mark Document 38.pdf Document 37.pdf Document 36.pdf Document 35.pdf Document 39.pdf Document 40.pdf Document 41.pdf Document 42.pdf Document 43.pdf Document 44.pdf Document 45.pdf Document 46.pdf Document 2.pdf Document 3.pdf Document 4.pdf Document 5.pdf Document 6.pdf Document 7.pdf Document 8.pdf Document 9.pdf Document 10.pdf Document 11.pdf Document 12.pdf Document 13.pdf Document 14.pdf Document 15.pdf Document 16.pdf Document 17.pdf Document 18.pdf Document 19.pdf Document 20.pdf Document 21.pdf Document 22.pdf Document 23.pdf Document 24.pdf Document 25.pdf Document 26.pdf Document 27.pdf Document 28.pdf Document 29.pdf Document 30.pdf Document 31.pdf Document 32.pdf Document 33.pdf Document 34.pdf
  15. Forgive the first effort, injuries have a way of making things difficult..... Twenty-four years of dealing with the VA, and the difficulties at hand ensure negative results..... These are the copies of a C and P recently done at the VA, and leaves me to doubt this system is capable of conducting themselves in an ethical manner. Enjoy the insanity, this veteran is tired of paying the piper; Eighteen Years were Enough !!!! (Remand posted earlier.) Still waiting to address attorney with the results of this remand and the Shabby, Disrespectful, and unethical way in which this Veteran has been treated at the VA hands...... Part 2, will be sent as soon as I can convert files to pdf....... Mark page 14.wps page 15.wps page 16.wps page3.wps page4.wps page1.wps page2.wps page 17.wps page 18.wps page 19.wps page 20.wps page 21.wps page 22.wps page 23.wps page 24.wps page 25.wps page 26.wps page 27.wps page 28.wps page 29.wps page 30.wps page 5.wps page 6.wps page 7.wps page 8.wps page 9.wps page 10.wps page 11.wps page 12.wps page 13.wps
  16. I'm preparing to apply for an increase in my rating for depression, ankle pain and submit a new claim for headaches, which result from my antidepressant medication and sleep apnea. I no longer work as a result of these. I planning to submit my claim and return to the U.S. in July. My antidepressants and the narcotic pain killers I take for the headaches are all over the counter here in Thailand so I've haven't seen a doctor about these issues in a long time. So, my question is, should I go to a local doctor to establish some documentation before I submit the claim in July, or will the VA scheduled exams be enough? Regarding my ankle pain, the pain has increased significantly over the years. However, unless I walk a few miles, it looks and moves like it should. No swelling or stiffness. It does swell and get stiff if I walk very far, so naturally I don't do that. Do I have any chance of getting an increase for the ankle or should I let it be? Finally, should I also claim total disability since I can no longer hold a job? I have a hard time getting my head around the VA process, acronyms, etc. It's incredibly taxing to even think about. So thanks for your help. Sincerely, LIT Sleep Apnea 50% Major Depression 30% Residual of Right Ankle Pain 10% Tinnitus 10%
  17. Hey y'all, Been digging through all this information for a while and I would though I would throw it all out there. I received my denials today after many years of fighting the system. I have 30% already for migraines and was trying for more as I have them more than once a week and have to inject Imitrex and get in a dark room with white noise and I am down and out (to the point of punching myself in the head) for anywhere from 1-4 days. I have all my leave records printed out from the pay system etc and have started to keep a log. I see the VA Neuro (finally) next month. I also filed for MDD and PTSD. Both were denied. I was in an in-patient psychiactric unit at Fitzsimmons AMC in Denver for 9 weeks or so and medicated to the gills after attempting suicide. My ex-wife had had an affair while I was deployed and told me on mid tour. She said she would continue the relationship when I returned to duty and noone would allow me to extend mid tour or curtail and I couldn't bear duty continuing knowing that was going on so I deciced to take myself out with my trusty ol' magnum. The VA's reson for denial was "marriage related and not service related" so I really don't know how to proceed on that. In the psyche-ward, I injured my neck and shoulder which I filed for also. That has also been denied. After returning to duty, my career went into the toilet. The powers-that-be at Fitsimmons and my First Shirt of my unit were of the opinion, "Suck it up or we'll kick your ass out!" I wish I had taken the MEB. The depression went on throughout the rest of my career, and I went from a high-flying airman (honor-grad from basic and tech school, ALS, Levitow award winner, BTZ board, Airman of the Year nom, multiple citations, joint service citation, etc.) all the way down to Article 15's and Correctional Custody. I re-injured my neck and shoulder in martial arts class. I had also had a car crash in Germany where I hit my head and injured my neck. Had some good times getting shot at by Taliban sympathizers in Germany, and having my 60 ready to rock, and just have to sit there and let it happen due to SOFA. Poor to horrible impulse control, anger issues, dark fugues, etc that are with me to this day. I have panic attacks at least weekly, along with the migraines, the classic hyperawareness from other situations, insomnia even medicated, anger issues. Sometimes I freak when my new wife (10 years now) have even the smallest argument. I am on more medications than Johnny Cash and more than half are from the VA for both the depression and the migraines. So i sit here, migraine thumping, depressed again looking at a stack of denial paperwork. I have been working through the Texas Veterans Comission and filing paperwork, but I just don't really see them DOING anything. They said I was because I filed it before I came to them. I am going to talk to them tomorrow about all this but this has really got me down. Should I say EFF it all and get a lawyer? Or am i missing something important? DO y'all have any input on the Texas Vets Comm? Sorry to dump all this as a newb here but I am about to give up. It is affecting my work, home life and general outlook. It causes almost as much depression as the issues I got it from. I have also filed for some knee and ankle injuries (dislocations, etc) and they said there was NO RECORD! I still had the boot they cut off my foot up till a few years ago!!!! Thanks for understanding. SullyTex (Big Blue Hairy Monster in Texas)
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