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Found 6 results

  1. I am turning 65 this year. I have Tricare Prime (retired military) and Champva (100% P&T). How does all this play to my advantage when enrolling into Medicare? Thanks in advance for replies.
  2. I recently signed up for the senior sneakers program. One of the "medicare advantage" plans, (mine is Humana) pays for Senior Sneakers. They pay the full cost of a health club membership, if you go to a participitang plan. Examples of the senior sneakers are: Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, YMCA, Curves and others. They are mostly "national" fitness centers like those I mentioned. Check with your medicare advantage plan, if you have one. Also, you can ask your favorite nearby health club if they take "senior sneakers". I recently turned 65, and signed up for the Medicare advantage plan as we all know, sometimes the line is too long to get into the VA, and you dont always get good medical care even then. Eligibility for Senior Sneakers makes the 130 or so per month I pay for the medicare advantage easier to swallow. Depending upon your state, the medicare advantage plan can be zero premium BUT, you have to have medicare part B which costs about 130 per month. I did NOT have Part B earlier, reasoning that I did not need it, I could just go to the VA. However, after seeing my wife being able to go to private care OR the VA, I saw the advantage of having both. Its very limiting to HAVE to go to the VA. Frankly, I was jealous of my wife having better health care than I have (but glad). Now, I can get private care also, through hunmana my medicare advantage plan. I think its a great idea for seniors/Vets to get exercise. Of course, you will have to start out slow. Today I did 20 minutes on the treadmill. Exercise helps, among other things, with depression. I dont see a down side to this, other than if you sign up and dont use it. I do recommend a facility that is close so you will use it. There are 3 within 5 miles of my home and one is less than a mile. However, since it does not have a pool, Im going with one 4.5 miles away as it has a pool. When I signed up for a medicare advantage plan, the senior sneakers was a very, very big issue for me. Yes, I can work out at the nearby post, but its a hassle to get in and get out of there as they always check id's, and the private places are closer, and less hassle to get into.
  3. I am 100% IU PT, I had the same neuro, psychiatrist, dentist, gyn, etc. for over 10 years. In the last 6 months my psychiatrist transferred, my gyn retired, my dentist mysteriously left and today I went on secure messaging to send my neuro a message about the pain clinic and I am no longer able to message her. I do have a new neuro in my drop down menu in secure messaging so I am thinking she left too. This is extremely frustrating and anxiety inducing for me. I still ahven't seen a new psychiatrist since mine left in Jan., the wait was so long they sent me to a pharmacist to renew my meds and I will see the new psychiatrist in July! I now have to drive 3 hours each way to see a gyn, a dentist, orthopedic doctor, neuro etc. This brings me to my big question, should I sign up for medicare and try to see someone locally using it? I opted out of paying for medicare when I first received SSDI because I saw no need for it honestly, I had received fantastic care for years from my local VA but now I am beginning to think things are getting worse instead of better with the quality of care here. Any advice?
  4. Should the VA be billing my Federal Employee Health Benefits Plans? I'm 80% SC for approximately five years, just recently approved TDIU P&T w/ retro back to September 2011, and a medicare recipient. My wife handles the bills and she asked me this same question. She further states the VA has been billing my FEHB Plan since September 2010. At least back to my initial award of 80% SC. I've always been in Priority Group 1 and I know the VA doesn't bill Medicare.
  5. I'll try to make this short, but my blood is boiling after receiving this bill, so excuse me if I go off on a rant. . 09/27/13 - Social Security makes a decision that I'm 100% disabled. They give me a lump sum check for time they said I should have received from SSDI, and I start getting a check each month. Of course, immediately upon receiving the check, every city, county, state, and federal agency/office/what-have-you wants part of it. I do my duty and pay all my "debts." I have been receiving VA medical care since about 2008. Before then, I didn't even know I was eligible, or that there was such a thing, until I needed a medication I could afford, applied through the pharmaceutical company for help, and they told me I was eligible for VA medical and needed to apply to VA to get it. I didn't believe them and thought they were wasting time. Turns out I was eligible, and had been since 1982, but was never told that. When I got out, I got my honorable discharge papers, a certificate for a VA home loan, and a swift kick in the butt. Since I've been getting VA medical care, I had never received a bill for medication nor for outpatient visits, etc., until about 6 months ago. That's when they started sending me outrageous bills for prescriptions. When I couldn't afford to pay the bills, they went to the Treasury Department and had them take it out of my SSDI checks, to the tune of over $100 a month! (If all you have is SSDI, you already know that you're only one step away from being homeless.) I told my doctor to cut off all my meds; that I wasn't going to take any of them anymore, because it was going to drive me into homelessness! Of course, he freaked out, but I meant it. So, he sends me to a VA Social Worker who helps me fill out another Means Test and a request for a waiver of the prescription bill. VA only waived part of the prescription bill, and I can't pay it. If I don't pay it, they will have the Treasury take it from me again, and I'll have other things that don't get paid because of it. While I had a phone, and was talking to VA about the Means Test, they wanted to re-visit the onset of my SSDI checks, and that lump sum everybody had been chipping away at. One lady, very rudely told me that they were going to take another look at my means tests and may, in fact, charge me for all of the services I had gotten from VA because of that lump sum. I told the lady that I had put everything, truthfully, on every means test I have ever done, and that all my SSDI payments were on the Means Tests. Not only that, but they get reports from the IRS about all of our tax returns! So where is the problem? Is there a problem? It's not like this lump sum from SSDI was a million dollars or anything even remotely close to that! Not only that, but part of the reason I am so FUBAR'd now is because VA messed me around for 7 years on getting a knee replacement that they admitted I needed, back in 2008! 7 years, I fought with anybody and everybody at the Cheyenne VAMC and the Fort Collins and Greeley clinics! I even got my Congressman involved (though that didn't do much good). The only thing that got the VA moving on my knee, was when they got exposed for letting all those people die down in Arizona, because of lying about patient appointment times, waitlists, and waitlists for waitlists, WHICH, I was subjected to -- the "radar" or the "waitlist for the waitlist" as I was told. Only when VA got exposed nationally, and in the media, did the suddenly decide I could get my knee replaced at a civilian hospital -- so, on 9/16/2014, I finally got my knee replaced. Now, I also applied for VA Disability (they call it compensation, I think). I didn't think I qualified to do that either, so you see, I am not trying to take advantage. I always assume that I'm not qualified for anything, or I don't even know about it, and no one cares, so I should just shut up. But while the Vet's office at the local workforce center was trying to help me find a job (while I was all crippled up, and had been on crutches for years), they started talking to me about the physical things that are wrong with me and when those happened. They decided that I should file a Disability Claim through VA. They even helped with navigate through it and filled it out for me, while I was sitting there. A year and a half, or so, later, of course, VA denied everything in my claim. They said that, since I couldn't show a "continuity of care" for any of my claim items, they didn't exist, I guess. Of course, that's a bunch of bull-oney, because if your younger, have no health care for a period of time, and something is physically bothering you, you just tough it out because you can't afford to go to the doctor. That's what really happened. It didn't go away, I just couldn't afford to get medical attention. And, surprise! That's why I am disabled today! When you don't, or can't take care of yourself when you need to, it catches up to you when you get old. Go figure! So, my response to the rejection of the claim was to feel like my time in the service didn't matter to them, and that their lawyers were going to eat me alive if I even attempted to appeal. (Obviously, I can't afford a lawyer... I'm on SSDI!) So, even though I know, and VA knows for a fact that I was injured while on active duty (I kept copies of my active duty medical file), VA insists that those things never happened. So, VA is denying that I got hurt while on active duty, never notified me that I was eligible for VA healthcare until I found out by accident in 2008, I've been living below the poverty level since 2005, I'm 100% disabled, and the first time I get any extra money, VA decides to, retroactively charge me for all my doctor's visits for a whole year, and the hospitalization for my knee replacement, oh, and my prescriptions! I can't make ends meet now, and have to sell my plasma twice a week, to try to make ends meet, and each month, fall short. It's a never-ending cycle of stress, and now, VA wants me to pay them about $2,000??? Where in the world am I going to get the money to pay for that? I rarely leave my house as it is now, because I have no money... what do they want? My left arm? They say you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip, but the VA can and will! They will go through the Treasury and take it out of my SSDI and make me fall short on all my other bills. What am I supposed to do about this? It's not like I can go get a 2nd or 3rd job, like I used to! Can someone please help with me some information about this? I don't even have a phone to call them! I can't even afford that!
  6. As many of you know, social security will send you a letter about 2 years after you get social security disability, asking you if you want Part b. You are automatically enrolled in Part B, but you can "opt out" and save the $104 per month premium for "opting out" of part B. They automatically deduct this $104 from your social security check. You can "opt back in" for part B medicare, BUT you have to pay a penalty except in certain circumstances, that is, if you have "credible coverage". "Credible coverage" normally means you have health care at work, so you dont need part B. The "Part B" penalty is equal to 10% PER YEAR for every year you opt out of Part B coverage. VA healthcare, for Veterans, is not "credible coverage", according to social security. If I was a VA employee, that would be credible coverage, but VA healthcare for Vets is not "credible coverage". My question is did anyone else do this (opt out of part b, and then want back in before your age 65. At 65, you can enroll in part b again, with no penalty) The problem is, now I have to use VA medical care, and can not use a "real" doc through medicare/or a medicare supplement. You can not get a medicare supplement until/unless you have medicare part b. So, please tell me if you had to pay the penalty for Part B with VA, or if the social security person I spoke with is full of it.
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