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Found 5 results

  1. UPDATE Sept. 19, 2022.... Still fighting this. I received a sleep study through the VA, where they diagnosed OSA and snoring and ordered a CPAP. I asked my VSO to resubmit this claim under supplemental, since the VA has now deemed a CPAP machine medically necessary and he said it would still probably get denied. I thought once the VA orders you a CPAP, it all but guarantees you a MINIMUM rating of 30%? Am I wrong? Anyone out there, how were you able to get your OSA approved? Okay, so I know that a lot of times, insomnia is put under the symptoms of PTSD, however, I am trying to get it as a separate condition ( that insomnia is now worsened by my PTSD). I was treated for insomnia (with medications) while active duty. I was not diagnosed with PTSD until several years AFTER I was discharged, and after years of being on medications to treat my insomnia. I have tried putting in for the insomnia, and they keep putting it under PTSD and denying the claim-I even put in for a higher review, which was just quickly (20 days) denied. I am now sending in my medical records while active duty (because apparently they are not even looking at these), but I am wondering if anyone has any idea/verbiage, etc.. to get them to look at my insomnia as a separate claim from PTSD? My PTSD has increased now to 70%, and they are listing insomnia under symptoms, but, again, the insomnia was being treated for years, while active duty, and BEFORE PTSD was diagnosed AFTER being discharged..... Side note: I am personally not submitting these claims. I am working with a VSO, who is working on this claim... Also of note: I am not having breathing issues/CPAP; I cannot fall asleep or stay asleep, (even with some serious medications being prescribed). And the insomnia has gotten worse as my PTSD has also worsened......
  2. Hello all, Ever since the desert, I have had weird migraines and extreme pressure/pain in ears about once every month-2 months. I have been to the VA doctor many times for this and they tell me my ears just have wax, or that I have an ear infection. After 2-3 days the issue always goes away. Their water blasting my ears and medications never help with the ear pain. I also get Migraines with the classification of "prostrating" where I am in extreme pain and I have to lay down in darkness. Finally comes the issue of coughing and clearing throat. For the past 8 years, I have been in a constant state of feeling like i have to cough up stuff, but nothing ever comes up. I had lung tests done long ago and my doctor told me that since the test results for breahting/lungs didnt reveal anything, theres nothing she can do and its probably my weight that is causing the issue. Fast forward 8 years of this happening and my VA doc not caring, I get a new doctor. I tell her my frustration of the coughing and ear issues/headaches. She tells me to start taking Zyrtec and Flonase. After one week, I noticed that my throat issues and coughing are gone. I also no longer have ear pain. I still have slight migraines but they are not nearly as severe. My new doctor also scheduled me for an ENT exam where the ENT specialist called me and asked me of my symptoms and such. I told him that the zyrtec/flonase has fixed all of my issues. He immediately diagnosed me with Allergic Rhinitis. Pretty cool, I hear that thats some sort of presumptive condition. So I filed for that one. My question is... Now that Migraines have been improved with the medication, do I not get rated for the prostrating condition of my Migraines? The ear pain has subsided with the meds, so I dont think I would qualify for a VA rating for the ears. But how does a rating work if taking medications for your VA service connected issue reduces the severity of a condition? Would the Rater rate you at your condition with the improvement from meds? Or would they rate you at your condition which forces you to take meds at the severity of not taking the meds? Does this mean that if you have a condition and take meds, which fully fix your condition, do you get rated at the lowest severity of the condition regardless of the extreme severity before?
  3. Would anyone be familiar with a publication dealing with control of procedures regarding prescription filling? In the private sector these publications are referred to as..."DUR"..."Drug Utilization Review/Report". It's a procedure's manual of what to do in unique circumstances within the pharmacy environment...ie, prescription exceeds recommended daily dosage. Thank you.
  4. I have seen my new psych 4 times total and each time he has added new meds, or increased the dosage of existing ones. appt 1: sertraline 50mg. (Now @100) appt 2: Seroquil (quetiapine fumarade) 50mg (Now @100). appt 4: bupropion 100mg. Long story short I don't want to take All of these. At my old VA I was prescribed 1 pill, Adderall, for 8 years. It did not fix my issues, but it made me happen when I took it. New VA, new Psych stopped the adderall and gives me these pills that make me feel zombified during the day and also haven't fixed my issues. I'm still angry at random and distrust people, still have days where Im so sad with my life I want to jump in a lake, still hear bad voices, still sleep 4 hours a night. I feel even worse than before. Has anyone else had a similar reaction to this combo? I mentioned this at my last appointment; brain fog for hours after waking, pysically drained, sad and sexually useless (I dont know how to make new relationships, and all my old ones are gone). Saying that got me the Bupropion rx, my issues written off with lines like "worry it will get better eventually." Instead of seeing me as an individual I think my doc has blind faith in his own personal process. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and Im worried that when I bring this stuff up I'll get another pill added to the regimen. My personal beliefs are that all these meds aren't working on me. Maybe I'm missing something about myself, something I can't see that is the root cause of my problems. That plus my scholiosis (I seen the x-ray from PMRS and it horrified me). Seroquil does keep me asleep - first few nights it knocked me out but no longer does that. I still stay up late, and wake feeling slow and weak. More than once my arms were shaking to the point where it was effecting my morning pages (writing 2 freehand pages each morning as therapy - these are actually fun and helpful). It felt like extreme fatigue. As far as the other 2 meds they have had literally no effect on my mood, the sertraline Ive been taking 3 months already. Welbutrin doesnt lift the brain fog. Coffee is more helpful. Thank you, if you read this lengthy post. I now realize how much this topic has been bothering me and I think that Had-it is the best place to get it out. Can't wait to read responses.
  5. So in my remand, the VLJ wanted a more recent C&P for arthritis. He also stated that this should be during a flare-up of the condition to see the full extent of the claimed disability. My question for my brothers and sisters out there is this: has anyone STOPPED taking medication for a condition so the C&P shows the extent of the condition? If not or if so, why?
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