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Found 22 results

  1. Hi everyone! As usual I appreciate everyone's input and opinions on all the subjects I read about here. Now on to my question. I have been seeing a VA Doctor for about 6 months now for a couple of MH issues I've had. Some are related to my hearing loss (service connected) and depression and some are related to an event when I was on active duty. The VA doc gave me a diagnosis of "unspecified traumatic stress disorder", insomnia and anxiety. My PCP based off of the phycologist opinion prescribed me a med to control the anxiety, stress and depression. My question is if I decide to fil
  2. Just wanted to share this with everyone as I prefer to give credit where it is truly due: After I won my recent claim, with this forums help for my mental health my brother-in-law, an Air Force vet, began to look at his mental health more seriously. With guidance I received via these forums, I helped by advising him on how to develop his claim and he submitted everything on Jul 1 2020. Today, he received a lump sum deposit from VA. Upon later review of his VA.gov account, it had been updated to reflect his mental health as secondary to his current back claim and was awarded 70%. Bringing
  3. May-1. Filed for increase on mental health condition (Depression 2nd to Tinnitus)2. VES exam, didnt go well, got reduced. Examiner said I had another condition, it wasn't service related, etc, etc. July-3. Filed a supplemental with a DBQ from a private psychologist (looked like 50-70 percent)August-4. New exam from QTC, went well, probably around 70 percent 5. VSO told me a few weeks ago they sent it back to examiner for medical opinion. I know the QTC examiner had mentioned that they did not ask for one in which he thought was odd during my exam in August. September- 6. VSO told me today tha
  4. Hello everyone, So my story is that I filed for an increase, ended up getting reduced from 50 to 30. Overall rating wasn't effected. I filed a supplemental with a DBQ from my private doctor so now I have an upcoming CP exam with QTC. I have read that some people on the forums say " tell them about all your mental health issues (PTSD, anxiety, etc..). However, I am only S/C for depression secondary to tinnitus. So should I just only talk about depression? For my last exam in May I elaborated on all my mental health issues and it got me reduced. Thanks
  5. For Starters, I want to thank anyone who takes the time to read this and give me a little perspective. I just got my final C&P results after a series of claims. Currently I am 94% combined rating if I include my Sleep apnea claim (The Dr. wrote it was medically neccesary to use the CPAP, so I do expect the 50%. This C&P below was conducted to separate my anxiety disorder from my TBI disorder. Currently I have a 70% rating for Anxiety with residuals of TBI. I was wondering if anyone could read this and tell me if they think I can expect a separate rating for TBI memory loss based on the
  6. Hi there! Long time member here but been MIA for awhile. Life has been busy and I have been dealing with health issues. Long story short, I went through a battery of tests to find out what is wrong with me. I did an ANA-TITER test, and it was positive for an auto immune disease. Was referred to the RA doctor for further testing to see if I had lupus. The RA doctor did blood tests and determined I don't have lupus. We did additionally physical exam at the VA back in May and he determined I had Fibromyalgia and diagnosed me with it. We discussed that my Fibromyalgia co-exists with PTSD/
  7. Hello, So recently I called the VA to make a mental health appointment. Up to now, I had been using a private psychiatrist, but now I'm dirt poor so I have to rely on the VA. Well, I called them up to make the appointment and the lady (turned out to be an RN) asked me, "Okay, so, any thoughts of suicide, any self-harm, stuff like that?" I took that to mean recently, as in, am I in a dire state right now. I answered "no" because I haven't had any of that going on in the last few months. The records I looked at state that she asked that to determine how soon I should be seen. It was then si
  8. Are there any other Veterans on here that were at the Pentagon 9/11-9/30 for search and rescue/recovery? I was denied PTSD in 2005 (VA said it wasn't service connected), I appealed it, but never received a letter that the appeal was denied, at that point I said f-it and gave up on the VA. I created an ebenefits account recently (December 2015) and it says that appeal decision (denied) was made in March 2006. I am still having issues. I am reopening the claim for PTSD. I have the VA ROI from 2005 that shows all the VA Psychologist and LCSW notes on file chronic PTSD and GAF:40. I was going to t
  9. Hello everyone, It has been a while but I finally received my C&P examination for mental health. Currently am 50% for Major Depression, seeking 70%. I went to my examination in stained sweats, faded shirt, flip flops, unshaven, and hair frizzy and not brushed. For some reason, I believe my C&P examiner was wishing I did not come so she could go to lunch early based on her reaction to my arrival and her BSing with the receptionist prior. Anyway, I feel angry after reading her assessment and would like to know what you all think. I think she checked the box for 30% which is a d
  10. Voiceless Veterans We arrive, angry, confused, hurt, untrusting, extremely defensive, with a strong tendency for coming off "rudely direct" and somewhat scatter brained. By the time, we finish speaking, we've likely already "pissed off" our intended receivers. Then, we receive our threat of VA police intervention, unless we comply, and speak with respect. Who are we? We are the "voiceless members" of the "highest VA risk group" known as "mentally challenged veterans". We perhaps impact the high rate of suicide, more than any other group, found among veterans, past and present. Every
  11. Hello all. I am looking for some thoughts on how much of an impact a VA psychiatrist note in my record. I am filing for aggravation of mental conditions the pre-existed prior to service. I had a special waiver signed prior to joining where the military doctor granted me permission to enter because I had been taking lithium trials. The psychiatrist note from 2016 therapy session that states "In brief, -------- has contended with depression, anxiety, and anger as far back as teenage years. There were aggravating circumstances during his time in the Army (1988-96), though he was not
  12. I have a secret to tell. I am afraid of falling down the stairs. A few weeks ago, I was going down the steps at home, carrying my 13 pounder aka 5 month old foster babygirl., and I felt a near blinding pain in my R foot, which made me nearly finish my trip down the stairs in stunt person style. So, here's the problem, ever since then, every time I am faced with going down any flight of stairs, I keep seeing the stairs I fell down during boot camp. Is this something to be concerned with? It sure bugs the crap out of me. I was always leary of stairs ever since that boot camp fall...but
  13. My psychiatrist of over 10 years transferred last December. Protocol with him was always call and I got in within a week or two. He let me know before he transferred and said to just call a few weeks before I needed to be seen. In January, I had an appointment at the hospital 3 hours away and had a severe panic attack in the waiting room. I called my local mental health clinic for an appointment afterwards and I was told the wait was at least 4 months. They assured me that I could see a pharmacist to "bridge" my medications. I have seen her twice and had an appointment with a new psychia
  14. So I am trying to understand my whole MH rating. I just looked at my award letter from November 2014 and I was awarded 30% for "other specified trauma and stressor". What diagnostic code is that??? What is other specified trauma and stressor??? What is the diagnostic code for this? 11/2014- On the award letter where it details the disability It stated chronic sleep impairment; anxiety; depressed mood; and the occupational/social impairment verbiage that warrants the 30%. 11/2014- On the award letter I was also awarded anorexia nervosa (diagnostic 9520) 0% which is a totally sepa
  15. A few years ago my PTSD was so intense I attempted suicide twice. First by drug overdose and then two months later by slicing my wrists. "Stupid on my part"! My two questions are; 1. Has anyone ever heard of a way to have the scars corrected so they don't look so bad? 2. Since I did slice my wrist during a PTSD panic attack would they be eligible for compensation secondary to a service connected condition? Would really be interested in a way to correct the scars if anyone knows of a way.
  16. Can anyone tell me what specific form must I provide to my private mental health doctor to file with my TDIU claim? Or, does she need to provide a letter stating how my my SC mental health conditions has affected my unemployability and if so does a VA form DBQ still has to be completed as well? This all so confusing Thanks
  17. I wasn't sure what to title this and where to put it. timeline: November 2011, rated 70 % SC for MH. Including PTSD, Bipolar, yadda yadda. 2011-Present time, Lots of counselings and changing of Meds. About a month ago, I went to my regular physical doctor at VA. I told her that I still have suicidal thoughts. She made me see the counselor. I talked to counselor in October, and she made an appointment for me on Nov 10, 2014. She said I can bring my wife if I wanted to, and I did. We shot the bull and talked about how things were getting better for us, etc. I am trying to get ba
  18. Okay so I am still awaiting the "official" BBE to come but I do have a coordinator I have been in contact with for several months and she is at the RO office. She and I were chatting today and she "unofficially" told me my breakdown and one of them is 30% for Other Specified Trauma/Stressor......WHAT IS THAT? I had a MH claim in for Anxiety/Sleeping - Eating Disorder and then I added PTSD/MST a few months ago. The original claim is from May 2013. In addition I was 0% S/C for my Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa which is great b/c I can get the treatment now and the VA will out source
  19. 1. Diagnostic Summary Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of PTSD that conforms to DSM-IV criteria based on today's evaluation? YES 2. Current Diagnoses a. Diagnosis #1: PTSD Axis I Diagnosis #2: Alcohol Dependence in remission Axis I b. Axis III - medical diagnoses (to include TBI): Chronic pain, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypothyroidism, GERD, HTN, sleep apnea c. Axis IV - Psychosocial and Environmental Problems (describe, if any): Unemployment, recent death of dog d. Axis V - Current global assessment of functioning (GAF) score: 50 3. Dif
  20. Hi, I have already been approved for SDDI (totally disabled) and have been receiving benefits from them for about 8 months. I want to file for VA disablity for aggravation of a condition while I was in the Army. I am rated 40% with the VA currently but all for physical conditions no mental. My SSDI was approved soley for mental conditions using my VA records of treatment for mental health treatment received at the V.A. My questions are: 1. Does my SSDI "count" at all for a VA mental health rating? 2. I was taking lithium prior to my entrance into the service but the Army disco
  21. I've attached a flier for free counseling services to Veterans and their family members, sponsored by the Texas Veterans Commission and the Burke Center. This particular counseling is begin offered to Veterans and their families, located primarily in the East Texas area, but it's quite possible that Veterans in other parts of Texas may also have similar programs available to them. I haven't used these services yet, so can't qualify the value or quality, but they are being offered free of charge, and might help somebody in need. Mark MHMR East Texas Area Free Counseling.pdf
  22. I have a copy of my mental health C&P exam FINALLY and the diagnoses is as follows; 296.33 Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent, Severe without psychotic features. Memory Remote Memory: Normal Recent Memory: Mildly Impaired Immediate Memory: Mildly Impaired MMPI-2 was administered - It is noteworthy for extreme elevations on scales 1, 2, and 3. This pattern is often referred to as "conversion V" referring to the tendency of the individual to "convert" psychological disturbances into a preoccupation with physical functioning (huh?), to a degree which exceeds what might be a no
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