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Found 14 results

  1. I feel like VA doctors refuse to give a proper diagnosis on anything. From my standpoint, I feel like I get migraines. The pain only occurs like once a month, but when it hits, I feel such extreme pain all around my head and am so fatigued that I literally have to lay down until it disappates or take Migraine Medicine. However, my doctor listed me as having "Chronic headaches with nausea and fatigue, involving light sensitivity". My question is... If I file a VA claim for Migraines and this information is presented to a VA decision/rater, would they recognize it as Migraines? Or do I need a clinical official diagnosis for Migraines? I feel like any person who is being reasonable would look at the text written and safely assume they are describing migraines without saying it.
  2. Hello all, Ever since the desert, I have had weird migraines and extreme pressure/pain in ears about once every month-2 months. I have been to the VA doctor many times for this and they tell me my ears just have wax, or that I have an ear infection. After 2-3 days the issue always goes away. Their water blasting my ears and medications never help with the ear pain. I also get Migraines with the classification of "prostrating" where I am in extreme pain and I have to lay down in darkness. Finally comes the issue of coughing and clearing throat. For the past 8 years, I have been in a constant state of feeling like i have to cough up stuff, but nothing ever comes up. I had lung tests done long ago and my doctor told me that since the test results for breahting/lungs didnt reveal anything, theres nothing she can do and its probably my weight that is causing the issue. Fast forward 8 years of this happening and my VA doc not caring, I get a new doctor. I tell her my frustration of the coughing and ear issues/headaches. She tells me to start taking Zyrtec and Flonase. After one week, I noticed that my throat issues and coughing are gone. I also no longer have ear pain. I still have slight migraines but they are not nearly as severe. My new doctor also scheduled me for an ENT exam where the ENT specialist called me and asked me of my symptoms and such. I told him that the zyrtec/flonase has fixed all of my issues. He immediately diagnosed me with Allergic Rhinitis. Pretty cool, I hear that thats some sort of presumptive condition. So I filed for that one. My question is... Now that Migraines have been improved with the medication, do I not get rated for the prostrating condition of my Migraines? The ear pain has subsided with the meds, so I dont think I would qualify for a VA rating for the ears. But how does a rating work if taking medications for your VA service connected issue reduces the severity of a condition? Would the Rater rate you at your condition with the improvement from meds? Or would they rate you at your condition which forces you to take meds at the severity of not taking the meds? Does this mean that if you have a condition and take meds, which fully fix your condition, do you get rated at the lowest severity of the condition regardless of the extreme severity before?
  3. If I am diagnosed with Sinusitis, which is connected as Presumptive condition due to Burn Pit exposures. Can I also link associated Migraines with the Sinusitis episodes? If I take Zyrtec and Flonase to compat Sinusitis conditions, so Migraines no longer appear as servere, does that decrease my rating for Sinusitis and Migraines? Or, do you get rated on Migraines/Sinusitis based on your symptoms as if you were not on medications? I guess the real question I am having is... If symptoms are reduced by taking medication, do you recieve a leower VA rating than if you were not taking the medications or the medications were not effective? Also, would migraines appear as a secondary to Sinusitis? Or would it just be included within the Sinusitis rating?
  4. I am rated for tension headaches but accepted my low rating because I trusted the VA's decision at the time (ha!). Note that I am NOT rated for migraine headaches. How do I show that I meet the criteria for a higher rating if the higher ratings, to me, apply only to migraine headaches and not tension headaches? Maybe I am misunderstanding. Please help me understand.
  5. So I went in Friday. Saw two examiners. I didn't have time to submit my Statements in Support of Claims (PTSD & knees) my wife and adult children filled out but I had them read them while I was there. I just uploaded them on Monday. The first wa a Nurse Practitioner. She checked my feet and knees. Don't know if this was the smartest idea but I didn't wear my AFO or knee brace at first, because I wanted her to see how I walk, move unassisted. I put it on after her examination and showed her how I'm still not stable on that leg no matter which apparatus I'm using. I explained my quality of life at work sucked becaue there's only one elevator, which means I walk twice as far to use it. I work upstairs and have almost fallen several times. I also told her I was concerned because the last rater wrote I was doing good with my orthotic insoles, when I 100 percent told him that I can't use the Navy issued insoles for regular shoes. My feet rating was decreased because of that. So I made it clear verbally that I was not getting better. For the Migraines increase i showed her my migraine tracker chart and she barely looked at it. It shows that I missed over 100 hours of work last year due to migraines. The second was the Psychiatrist She didn't ask me much about anything my VA psychologist wrote in her nexus letter. She skimmed over my buddy statements. She asked me about 6 questions, pretty much (yes or no) when was my last fight about my job am i taking my medications have I been arrested about my work history about my sleep It lasted about 15 minutes. So who knows what is going to happen. All I know is I left there without any confidence that the evidence nor my exams helped. We'll see.
  6. I have 4 C&P exams this Friday. All for increases. (Migraine, PTSD/depression/anxiety/chronic pain/agoraphobia, bilateral foot pain and knee pain increase [including VA issued knee brace and civilian issued AFO foot brace]). Should I have my wife ad adult kids who both witness and suffer from my mood swings, depression, anxiety and antisocial like living on a daily basis? They can also talk about my constant leg pain and migraines. I also want my supervisor to do one regarding my migraines that have me leaving work early, alot. But that is a touchy subject, because I don't want me asking him to affect my employment. Also I hide a lot from them, to keep my job, like just suffer with headaches and migraines at work. Or fake my way through the day, pretending to want to be around people.
  7. I'm trying to make it easy for my doctor to help me with my VA claim. I'm filling out my DBQ for Migraines and I'm stuck on Section V 5B. I don't understand the section. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  8. I'm trying to make it easy for my doctor to help me with my VA claim. I'm filling out my DBQ for Migraines and I'm stuck on Section V 5B. I don't understand the section. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  9. Hey, I'm service connected for IBS, chronic migraines, anxiety, reynaud's syndrome, and lumbosacral and cervical strain. Upon coming home from Afghanistan and while in country was treated for insomnia and many of my symptoms above progressed in the first year after returning in 2011. I was treated and diagnosed while still on AD. My rheumatologist an AD Col diagnosed me with fibromyalgia end of 2016. I filed a VA claim and told my fibromyalgia was not service related. Is it worth appealing and if granted could the VA take away my other conditions saying they are just part of my fibromyalgia diagnose? My rheumatologist wrote a letter stating he felt my fibromyalgia was service related. Any guidance on how to proceed or do nothing? Any help would be most appreciated. Regards Herb
  10. Hello everyone, This question feels incredibly silly, but it's stumping me. Would like to claim Migraine headaches due to TBI Not currently rated for TBI Not (currently) seeking anything related to the TBI other than migraines Are the migraines secondary to TBI, or Are the migraines directly service connected with TBI being the in-service event? If the migraines are secondary to TBI, how does one ever get a current diagnosis of TBI, seeing as it's an event sort of thing? Or, how do you work around this? In other words, if I broke a bone ten years ago I wouldn't be able to get a current diagnosis of broken bone, thus there is no "broken bone" disability. I would claim the actual disability that exists today, but referencing the broken bone incident as the alleged in-service event and cause. I imagine this is how it works with TBI; claim the current disability but reference the TBI as the in-service event and show nexus between them. Or, am I way off? Thank you in advance!
  11. Hello fellow Veterans, I am trying to figure out, if I can pursue a couple of service connection claims, that I was examined for during my C and P exam/ Persian Gulf exam. The first one is Esophageal Conditions: It states EROSIVE GASTRITIS OF THE GASTRIC CARDIA IS A SECONDARILY SERVICE CONNECTED CONDITION AS THE RESULT OF SERVICE CONNECTED HIATAL HERNIA. Do I file a claim for this diagnosis from my C and P exam/ Persian Gulf Exam? This was the diagnosis from the C and P examiner! Second One is for MIGRAINES....The Opinion was MIGRAINE HEADACHES IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF GULF WAR MILITARY SERVICE....stated by the C and P examiner. Do I file a claim on this one as well?
  12. I'm an emotional xxxxxxx wreck, sorry for the long post. For a long time I struggled with refusing to get help, trying to man up... all the bullshit that comes with it. I finally wised up and realized that as a 27 year old young man with my entire life ahead of me I don't have to continue living like this. Time to hold the Army accountable for its actions. I suffer not only with PTSD but also many other chronic health issues, one of them dysautonomia (a nervous sytem disorder that leaves me bed-bound most of my life). Dysautonomia is said to be secondary to long term, unresolved, PTSD, according to my Autonomic Neurologist. Currently I take large amounts of legal, scripted amphetamines to get out of bed in the morning. I'm looking for the best claims rep in Illinois (I live near Chicago). I don't have time to beat around the bush, fail the claim, have to go through appeals... etc. I want this done right the first time. PTSD, migraines, dysautonomia, gastroparesis, chronic idiopathic constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, tinnitus (that greatly exascerbates my migraines), and a irritable bowel syndrome. No I am not making all of these up. I have a 3 inch binder to prove it, with medical records, referrals, doctors notes, diagnoses, etc. Stanford, Mayo, Vanderbilt, etc. visits all included. My health is completely xxxxxx. I am so sick of being alone, having my family abandon me in my time of need, and living on the street. Is there anyone out there that has an idea of a phenomenal claims rep that they would recommend, to help me get my claim processed so I can have a safe place to stay, for once in my life? I'm ready to move forward and need a good name to help me get this claim rolling so I can spend the money on furthering my medical treatment. Thank you, Nick
  13. Got the white envelope in the mail today. The good news is that the VA rated me 30% for migraines, which put me in bed flat between 2.25 and 2.5 days per month, with migraines running for up to 5 days. Looking at the decision package, they rated me at 30% based on having, on average, one prostrating migraine per month over the last several months. The trip wire for 50% is defined by 38 CFR 4.120 is "With very frequent completely prostrating and prolonged attacks productive of severe economic inadaptability." The raters did not find that my claim met that threshold, despite the outside doctor stating that I cannot work and my migraines are twice the 30% rating threshold. Do I have an argument for a 50% rating?
  14. I am currently in the process of my first claim. I am petitioning for an increase based on my two bulging disks, the narrowing of my spinal collumn, and the thoracic/lumbar arthritis. The migraines are something I just realized may be connected. I usually just ate my motrin 800 , drank some water, and laid down when they would come around. At my appt today, i brough it up with my new doc and explained the symptoms exactly. He said theres a good chance it has to to with my back issues. Question 1: Do I file a new claim for migraines? Question 2: Do i have to wait for my current increase to be taken care of? Question 3: I was never treated for migraines in service, will this be an issue in service connecting it? One more gripe. I closed a bank account i had and forgot to change my comp direct deposit info. A few months later i realized i wasnt getting the check (its only for 10%). I corrected the issue back in march. My last payment went out october 2012. My balance has sine grown to over 1000 dollars and i cant get any help on releasing the funds. They said all someone has to do at my regional office is turn the payment back on. My VFW rep is unreachable(detroit for ya) and when i show up in person they say that they will take care of it. Any help on handling this? Thanks in advance brothers.
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