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  1. My headache claim was denied. I had headaches prior to service but they turned into migraines while I was in and I still suffer with them monthly. My supplemental claim came back and it was denied. Best part is it says “I have been diagnosed with a disability. VA examinations on the dates confirm diagnosis of migraines” what do I do here? Refile with a claim for migraines?
  2. Hello, I have C&P exams all in one day in January. Any advice on what to expect? Here's a synopsis on what I'm up against/working with. - PTSD increase is based off several years of VA mental health treatment and a Nexus letter written by my mental health doctor, which named PTSD, Depression, Chronic Pain Syndrome with depression, Panic D/O with Agoraphobia and survivor's guilt as a diagnosis (last 3 are recently added to records). - Knee pain- VA issued me a big knee brace and my primary care (tricare) orthopedics specialist just put me an Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) brace b
  3. Evaluation of migraine headaches currently evaluated as 0 percent disabling. The evaluation of migraine headaches is continued as 0 percent disabling. We reviewed the evidence received and determined your service-connected condition(s) hasn't/haven't increased in severity sufficiently to warrant a higher evaluation. The examiner for exam conducted on June 9, 2020 opined that you they do not meet medical criteria for prostrating. We have assigned a noncompensable evaluation for your migraine headaches based on: • A diagnosed disability with no compensable symptoms (38 CFR 4.31) A hi
  4. I have a current claim for several injuries to include PTSD. I did some research and found out the best way of getting a rating for migraines is to have a diary through the VA of the migraines. For my PTSD which I got diagnosed through the VA in February, I'm taking Doxazosin (Nightmares), Hydroxyzine (Anxiety), and Sertraline (Mental Health). All of the medication causes headaches. However, the Sertraline only causes headaches within the first 2 weeks. I was going to wait until the claim was complete before filing for Migraines because I wanted to already have the rating for PTSD first so I c
  5. Can migraines be secondary to the pills for PTSD? The VA gave me these pills for anxiety to treat the PTSD. Now I’m awaiting my rating for PTSD.
  6. The issue: I’m on the verge of filing a large VA claim to include migraines, erectile dysfunction, obstructive sleep apnea, and a few other conditions. However, I think I may be eligible for an earlier effective date going back to 2008 for the migraines and ED. I’m hesitant to file for the migraines and ED in this claim because I do not want it to nullify my chance at an earlier effective date. Background (long read, sorry!): After reviewing my C-File, I'm pretty sure VA underrated and possibly clearly and unmistakably erred (CUE) 11 years ago in their decision based
  7. I have a pending increase for migraines. I am now 30%. I have been getting Botox Injections, Nerve blocks for the last 10 years to limit my migraines. Has anyone had Botox etc and then gone for an increase? I am just afraid that they will only see the decline in frequency of the migraines due to injections and not raise it.... Thanks!!!!
  8. I am already at 100% T & P for another condition, but not migraines. My migraines are secondary to my SC condition. Should I still persue having migraines SC even though I’m at 100% now? Or is it just more agavation on me since I would not gain any more compensation if migraines were ruled SC? Thank you, S
  9. What to look for in a c and p exam for Migraines? Also, for the other two, they should be service connected since they were diagnosed as secondary to both conditions....vasovegal episodes and severe gerd condition....your help and reply would be appreciated. Thank You!
  10. Like Shipyard7 it's been a long battle for vendication and will be longer to accomplish what needs to be corrected. I should have been medically retired with full pay, full medical for life, full Exchange privileges, and everything a completely disabled veteran is entitled to as of the day before left Vietnam with a Form DA3349 declaring I was permanently defective in the body organs and systems preventing me from performing at full capacity except for short periods. The P-3 is permanent and supersedes all other profiles. i tried for several months to get any medical records I could while
  11. I am rated at 30% for PTSD and I have other things pending but after returning as a door gunner in Desert Storm, I started having severe headaches and TMJ. Both have been diagnosed and DBQ done by my medical Dr stating more likely than not related to the PTSD. I have an upcoming C&P exam with QTC for my diagnosed Bruxism, related to PTSD. I have broken several teeth from grinding at night and just broke another crown that they will see on Monday when I go in. Anyone else ever dealt with this or have any advice? I sleep with a mouth guard but I am on my 3rd one right now after chewing
  12. I thought I should finally share my story... I separated from the Navy in June of 2014. I started my first VA claim as a quick start ( I was still active duty) claim but it was anything but quick. I went through a rep at MCRD in San Diego who helped people separating the military file initial claims. I claimed/filed for migraines, TMJ, neck scar, lower back pain and shooting pains down left and right leg. I submitted copies of my AD medical records and went to all my CP exams. After waiting close to a year, I got my BBE that contained my claim award that I very much needed and expected a good
  13. Hello fellow Vets, So today I began my journey of filing my first CUE claim with the help of my VSO. I've been rated appropriately for my Migraines (50%) and my lower back condition with sciatica to left and right leg (Combined 40%) over the past several months. The goal now is that I'm challenging the effective date for these conditions to my separation date of 6/30/2014. I was originally denied my back claim and rated 0% for Migraines. I've proven my back claim was service connected and wrongfully initially denied. The challenge will be getting my Migraine effective date changed but I'm
  14. OK Experts, I am currently rated 30% under migraines for headaches NOS. Before i ever put in a claim, I was experiencing jumping of my left eye. I kept going to my family doctor and telling her about the issue and also at my year eye exams. Explained the issue with my optometrist. Kept being told it could be stress, eye strain, lack of sleep. As my headaches became more frequent due to the issue or thee issue made headaches that much worse and the jumping moved down the side of my face to my lips. Well this scared me so I made an appointment with an opthamology specialist, he ordered a ca
  15. I had a CP for my vertigo secondary to my migraines. The neuro was awful but well that is another drama to fight. She did state that I had symptoms that could be attributed to Menieres or another vestibular disorder. Later in the notes, there is mention of a DBQ from an ENT. Does this mean that they are going to send me to an ENT for further exam, it is not really clear to me honestly.
  16. I am already rated 70% for PTSD and have been having migraines for the past 6 years before I had gotten out. Actually I started getting them about 6 months after I received PRK eye surgery in the military but I was only getting them once every 2-3 months. I never reported them because I figured they were just migraines every few months. They have slowly began to increase and now I get about 2-3 really rough ones a month. I scheduled an appointment with the VA physician who prescribed me Relpax. With her prescribed medication, would I have enough to submit a claim for migraines or should I try
  17. I am rated at the maximum for migraines, 50%. I have severe chronic migraines that have become increasingly worse in frequency, symptoms and duration. I started having dizziness, vertigo with some of my migraines in the last year and the last few that included the vertigo were so extreme that I am unbalanced and if you didn't know better you would think at best I am drunk, at worst that I am having some sort of seizure. My neurologist has sent in a PT consult and also a prosthetic consult for a cane/walker. My last migraine with this veritgo component lasted 9 days. I have tried to figure
  18. Sorry in advance, but this is a long one. History: currently 30% for migraines. Diagnosed with this eye condition through MRI and told it is caused by migraines. Had C&P exam for increase on migraines. then they scheduled this one. I have attached both exam. the first one is for the increase. the second one is for the secondary conditions that I feel are caused by the migraines. This last exam looks like it shot my in the head dead. please tell me you opinion. first exam no medical opinion. second exam states IMP not related. but I have an appointment with the VA opthamologist surgeon
  19. hello all, This site is amazing! I have a question regarding the Neuro C & P exam. I am SC 30% for Headaches (NOS) claimed as migraines. Not sure why they are rated as such but anyway several years before my claim was even done, I had noticed that my left eye had started jumping. It would come and go. Well I was thinking no big deal, when I went in to see my PCP and reported this, I was always told it was stress. Each eye appointment I had, it was contributed to stress. Well about 8 or 9 months ago it started getting really intense when I had a headache. It gets to the point it wants
  20. I recently received my letter of denial for increase on the grounds that I needed to have more than one prostating migraine in 2 months and even though my VA medical records never mentioned the word prostrating the Neurologist does say on multiply times that the patient is unable to work during attacks and he has also stated that I needed to lye down in a dark room. The only problem is that it is a teaching hospital so each time I see a different resident and maybe a different attending also. I have become a test dummy for the Neurologist because I have been on multiple medications and have fa
  21. I am aware of the rules for filing TDIU as I am only 60%. However, I still want to apply using the special criteria if you don't meet the 70% rating. I have 50% for migraines which is the highest they can be rated. I have episodes sometimes twice a day lasting hours causing me to be in total darkness and silence. I have trouble doing my daily duties as a mom and wife and need help from my husband and mom. I was laid off from my job due to reduction in force but I know that my disabilities played a factor. I am not fit for any type of work because of the frequency and intensity of the migraines
  22. I need some HELP. First off I am already 70%. PTSD 50% Fibromyalgia 40% Tinnitus 10% I do not know how to file my claim and need guidance. I do not want my conditions to be lumped together as one. Ok here is what I have medical diagnosis for and being treated for since getting out of the service 15 years ago. I show the diarrhea in my military records but not the migraines or chronic fatigue. But I did file a claim for migraines immediately when I left the military and also started receiving treatment from the VA for the headaches/migraines. The claim was denied. lol. go figure. 1. IBS. Bei
  23. I have been having migraines for the last 3 years and was told my a VA doc that the migraines could be caused by my SC degenerative disk condition. The migraines seem to be related to my back or my sensitivity to light (spent a year playing in the deisert) or a combination of both. Should i file a new claim stating that this was caused from my service or state that it is secondary to my back? It has been less than 5 years since i returned from a combat zone. Also could i file a claim for my eyes being messed up and so sensitive to light? My vision is actually much worse than my last eye exam
  24. I am at a crossroads in my battle with the VA. I was service connected at 10% for degenerative disk disease in 2011. My claim was pretty cut and dry and i made it through with little to no assistance. My symptoms became a lot worse after my claim was closed. I was treated on multiple occasions for back problem related to this ailment. I lost a great union job over not being able to preform. They drugged me up with the strongest pain meds 3X daily. I filed for an appeal. I claimed that at my original exam, the C&P examiner forced me to over exert myself. I was actually treated for a bul
  25. I just recently got my 100% service connected disability granted. What kind of letter or proof do I have, to show, so that my children can get tuition assistance. Do you have a request to be granted P&T or is this something the VA decides on thier own? Any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am service connected for PTSD,migraine headaches and Fibromyalgia all of which have been chronic conditions. The PTSD I have been in treatment for 10 years and the fibromyalgia is a chronic disease with no known cure.
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