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  1. I was curious if a remand from an existing claim at BVA would be considered a new claim by VA for a person deemed P&T for a separate claim filed before BVA docket was seen? Would a person who has no future exams then be subjected to possible exams for the PT condition?
  2. I am rated at 70/50/40/40/10 (100%) scheduler AND 100% IU. My letter says P&T. My concern is that I have some issues that were dropped by the VA (specifically glaucoma) when they approved my 100%. As a note, I was 50/50/10/10/10 prior to C&P's that qualified me for the current ratings. I had submitted glaucoma with the UI and increase claim, and the glaucoma shows up as claimed but not service connected. I am trying to understand if I should push this to be SC? I am getting great care from the VA for my eyes, and I have to say, everything else. My concern is that I will eventually go blind and there may need to be modifications done to my home for mobility reasons. I would think the Glaucoma would need to be SC for those grants to have any chance for approval? My service health records has a lot about my eyes (I was ATC), and specifically says asymptomatic for glaucoma. I would have a good shot. My other concerns is that if I don't make it to the 10 years P&T, my wife won't rate DIC. (No jokes!! ). I have a couple other potential SC's that would meet the requirements, but I haven't submitted them yet since I am 100% Can I submit additional disabilities to be SC'd and not shake loose the hounds of H@%#ll? Thanks in advance!! My journey took a short (by comparison) 4 years from first submission to 100% P&T... It was in my HR, just needed to be brought out, highlighted and presented... It took a good lawyer, a few dark alleys with counterfeit scammers just trying to make a buck off us and not doing anything in return... and realizing that for the VBA it's not personal... they are just pushing paper...
  3. In May 2000 I sent a claim to VARO asking that my PTSD TDIU rating of 1998 be made Permanent and Total and in August of 2000 the VARO did just that in a decision saying I was now considered permanent with my TDIU rating being considered Total. The VARO based their decision upon "review of my claims file" only with no C&P exam required or further evidence from me. Also in early 2000 I filed claims of CUE and VA INjury section 1151 that were included in an Equitable Relief Claim for Administrative Review that I sent directly to the VA Secretary with copies to the head of the VBM and to many U.S. Senators and Congressmen of many states. So all this played together for my benefit with several years of backpay of the original TDIU claim. If you think you have strong evidence to support your claim request then go for it as it does not hurt you one bit IMHO as there is very little downside. All they can do is say no or not respond to you. There are more than a few yahool experts in the open internet universe that along with other misleading information constantly tell vets they cannot receive a P&T rating simply by asking for it. This of course is pure BS as I am sitting here looking at both my un scanned claim filed as a statement in support of claim and also the actual un scanned official August 2000 decision letter from the Waco VARO. I will scan both documents when in the mood for future forum publication. I have copies of everything from 1985 forward and including Army medical records I have from Vietnam, Japan in 1970. Being a pack rat has paid off well for me. Always check with Hadit first before asking the yahoos at another point in space. It is always good to compare answers from different sources though. My comment is not legal advice as I am not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO. What works for me may or may not work for you. https://www.facebook.com/Veterans-Information-Journal-105893908788750/
  4. It was a long fight and something I wish we veterans did not have to go through. This took me 20 years. I filed my claim in 2002 and went through the normally BS we all have to go through. Gave up and started again in 2009 at the advice of a friend. Fought and fought and fought. Learned a lot from here and other places. Hired an attorney for the home stretch and it was worth is. Overall: 100% P&T Bilateral Pes Planus: 50 Sleep Apnea: 50 Diabetes: 20 L Upper Neuropathy: 20 L Knee Instability: 20 R Knee Instability: 20 L Ankle Arthritis: 10 R Ankle Arthritis: 10 L Hip Arthritis: 10 R Hip Arthritis: 10 L Lower Neuropathy: 10 (femoral) L Lower Neuropathy: 10 (Sciatic) R Upper Neuropathy: 10 R Lower Neuropathy: 10 (Femoral) R Lower Neuropathy: 10 (Sciatic) Low Back Disability: 10 L Knee DJD: 10 R Knee DJD: 10 Sinus Condition: 10 Bronchitis: 10
  5. Starting a new thread to avoid confusion. I was awarded 100% p&t on 12/1/2020, effective 7/7/2020 (date of last c&p). However, in the decision letter it says they are scheduling exams to evaluate my current severity. What is the point if I’m already 100% p&t. Are they just looking to take away what they just gave me?
  6. I finally received my decision letter granting me TDIU permanent and total. Where can I find out about all the benefits associated with the grant. I read someone's post awhile back concerning free insurance. I want to personally thank everyone on this site. I couldn't have gotten here without your help. I urge every Vet I come in contact with to visit this site for advice and help. Me and my family are truly grateful and blessed !!!!!!
  7. Hello All! The VA made several grants and continued several issues! Overall, I went from 80% to 90% with I/U granted from November of 2020. So I'm being paid at the 100% rate. So thank you all again for the encouragement and advice. It's strange to me, that this was so "Slam, Bam; Thank You Ma'am". I for sure thought that a denial would come and I was gearing up for a fight. No hearings, no meetings with occupational trainers or anything like that. Just, "I/U granted" and some increases from my contentions. I'm very thankful though and I can breathe easier nonetheless!! My two biggest questions are these: 1. Out of the 8 page decision letter, only in one little place to find these most important words: "Basic eligibility for Dependents' Educational Assistance is granted as the evidence shows you currently have a total sevice-connected disability(ies), permanent in nature." That sentence is found where the VA addresses Eligibility to Dependents' Educational Assistance under 38 U.S.C. Chapter 35. So, no where else is it shown that any of my grants state this in any other part of the decision. The only other place I've found is in the letter that you download for commissary privileges, it states: "This total disability is considered permanent. You are not scheduled for future examinations." It seems to me that if this were truly the case, it should actually state so in the decision letter from the R.O.. Does anyone have any guidance or advice here? 2. Should I be expecting another mailing from the VA that explains in greater detail what I/U means? I mean, I have a good understanding (I think) but do they not explain the ins and outs, the dos and don'ts of being granted and living with I/U? It seems to me again, that the VA might want to explain these things, otherwise a lot of vets could find themselves up $%^& Creek without a paddle here. Any advice or knowledge would be great. Thank you all and Semper Fi, Sgt. Wilky
  8. If you have dominantly social impairment from PTSD and there is enough evidence of this and this has worsened, can this alone get you to 100% P&T from 70%. Do you also have to demonstrate work impairment? I'm asking how the VA views 'total impairment.' Do you have to have both social and work impairment or can social impairment suffice? Do they look at how long you have been previously rated in making their decision? I am waiting for a decision letter for a PTSD increase claim that closed last week. The claim includes my private therapist's nexus letter and DBQ where he specifies language of "more likely than not to be permanent in nature". He also provided a long list of session dates that I have had with him since 2009. I have been in continuous therapy with him for 11 years. My original rating was 50% in 2010 but the VA called me back for a re-evaluation on their own (not at my request) in 2012 which resulted in a rating increase to 70%.
  9. I've been TDIU, since 2004, and last year, I knew my son was coming up near college time, so I pursued filing for an increase, and to ask for P&T. It's been a long haul, and I put it off for awhile, because, well, went through a divorce, and I helped some vets at a Vet center, and in the end, I remembered the stress of fighting with the VA, but I knew that I had to do this for my son. The state representative tried to persuade me not to push in case I got reduced. Told him I wasn't worried about it, as my health had gotten a lot worse. Well as soon as he digs in, he thinks I have a CUE claim, which I think we will still have to fight. I did get an 80% rating on the claim that they denied before as it got worse and now I have a loss of use for my left foot. So I got a letter, that I'm now 100% and it is P&T. Whew, I've been overwhelmed for the last week. Now I still have a question or two. One, my son is 16, and now eligible to be on CHAMPVA, he's been on his mother's insurance as all I had was VA before, and her insurance isn't that great since it's in a small company. Is it possible to drop his insurance or will they make her keep it even after he gets approved for the ChampVa, I know that he's eligible for it as well as the education benefits, but his current insurance is really crappy. Any advice or answers? Also, not as worried about this, I'm not dead, but am P&T now due to SC. Wife got remarried, and is now divorced again, younger than 55, is she eligible now for insurance as well as a former spouse? The rules seem to conflict with the wording, so thought I'd ask here, cause I really don't want to ask my Service Officer, because I can foresee him blowing it off and tellilng me to be happy. I told my ex wife I would ask, and if she was eligible I had no problem with it, but I needed to ask some people that actually knew the answer. Anyway, I'm very grateful that I finally got what I felt I deserved for a long time. Hope everyone is doing well. The burden has finally been lifted. Woohoo.
  10. my saga 90% TDIU 8 years 7 back surgeries, 20% degenerative disc, 10% Radiculopathy, 70% stress disorder, 30% bladder During one of my later surgeries on my spine the operation went completely sideways. They were installing a spinal stimulator and it didn’t go well. When I woke up I was paralyzed from the neck down and bleeding internally at the surgical site. I had to be rushed back and reopened to rectify the screw up. After I woke up the second time, I regained most of my movement back except for the use of my bladder. I’ve never urinated naturally since that day and man do I really, really miss it. I have to use a two foot piece of tubing in order to extract the urine. Which you could imagine builds up some animosity over the years. Coupled with a bad case ED from this procedure now we’re really having fun. I did get the bladder connected rate away and left it at that. My tendency to ignore things I don’t know how to process really hampers my existence. So my only interactions with the VA was just calling every three months to renew my gear and meds. Fast forward to 14 months ago I woke up one morning screaming because it felt like my balls had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. It’s been 14 god awful months and it still hasn’t subdued. It hurts so bad I vomit regularly due to the pain. My blood pressure was sent out of control.The headaches are also unreal. I even had some old hernias repaired on my gut to see if just maybe that would help, it didn’t. It was suggested it was a nerve spinal issue. So 5 days ago, I go get an mri done on the surgical site. My doctor calls me and tells me to come in and didn’t elaborate on the test. I did so and he then informs me I had a stoke in my spine, from the surgery, Also that the bladder hypertension, headaches and testicular pain were connected to this issue. As far as the VA said they pretty much told me it was a medical mystery all these years and it might come back. They never said anything about a stroke and just thought it was the pressure on my spine when I was filling up with blood during the surgery. All the built up and suppressed rage from over the years came flooding out. I broke down, but am ok now. But, I’m worried that I my die from this sooner or later heart attack or another stroke it won’t be service connected and my wife and kids are SOL. I have no idea where to start. How do I S.C this VA surgical debacle? It was 6 years ago. They were installing it due to an S.C issue. I have chronic pain upper and lower back. I’m pretty much a professional with ignoring the pain what I can’t control (high bp during episodes, monster headaches, risk of stroke) is what scares me. Any direction on what type of claims this would start as is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading
  11. Yesterday was a great day. I have been working on these claims for awhile and this last year i really decided to do it right and spend the money and time necessary to win that last few claims i had been denied over the years. I was checking my status on va.gov and ebenefits and noticed while va.gov showed it as "gathering evidence" still ebenefits under pending disabilities when you click "check pending claim" it had been listed as "preparation for decision". As a sidenote i realized that ebenefits had alot more steps in it (gathering -> prep for decision-> pending decision approval -> preparation for notification) while va.gov only goes form gathering to prep for decision, so ebenefits can help show in more detail where the claim is at. Anyways. i checked yesterday and it had moved back to gathering of evidence and i was bummed. This claim was started July 2019 and i had finally gotten my in person C&P's 2 weeks ago. I decided to check the Letter section of ebenefits, as in the past that has been sometimes updated faster than everything else and low and behold it showed i had won so i checked "disabilities" again and it repopulated. PTSD - I won my increase to 70% after multiple denials. since 2016 (wasnt continuously pursued since then unfortunately) i had made multiple attempts and after 2 denials in 2017, 2019 i decided to get a IMO again (which i first used in 2015 to fight a reduction). My C&P's were done by both VA & QTC in those past denials and after getting my Cfile i saw that the examiner didnt note down or check boxes on ALOT of the things i had talked to them about. for example i get panic attacks everday and take medication, they check the "less than once per week" box??? Anyways after TWO VES C&P's this year my IMO won out and i finally won this claim. Shin splints - They kept me at 0% but im not going to appeal it now Back - after multiple ER visits and therapy and increases in med doses they finally agreed that it was slightly worse than the original 10% they gave me in 2011 and upped it to only 20%, but ill take it I also had a IBS, GERD & Hemorrhoid claim that was deferred, im guessing until they can do more tests. After this I am now 100% schedular, but they also gave me P&T! which was great! I was impatient about waiting for the letter which was only sent on the 16th so i called the 1800 # and the VA person told me they couldnt send me a digital copy until its past 10 days but he could look at the letter and confirm questions i had and was able to confirm the % & P&T, which was cool.
  12. I was awarded 100% PT for several issues about a year ago. My code sheet (from my FOIA request and confirmed verbally by my VSO, and then by a VA phone rep) indicates that everything rating is 'static' except for my back issue(40%) and radiculopothy for both legs (20% each). Those two items are listed with a re eval scheduled for about 8 mos from now. I am confused how I am P&T but still having to do a Re eval. To make things more confusing I am 100% static for mental health stuff. Even if the reduced my back I would still be 100% for MH stuff alone. Any thoughts?
  13. OK guys. i have a lot of news to update you all on but i haven't gotten my letters yet so i am waiting on those before i post updates. but looking like i have won to very large claims in my favor that should push me over to 100% schedular. all of my claims are disabilities that obviously will never get better and will only degrade for the rest of my life(osa,tbi,tinnitus,back leg feet issues hearing loss,gerd) so with all that being said i am looking into what my next steps are. i know i am going to be fighting some effective dates on some of my claims and that will be a seperate post. but i have searched far and wide and have found very little info on P&T as it pertains to veterans that are looking for just getting their disabilities identified as permanent but not necessarily total. i still work and want to continue to work as i enjoy my job, my employer is good to me and makes great allowances for my disabilities to allow me to continue to work,etc. i worry getting P&T will make me have to stop working like TDIU. so questions: is P&T like TDIU as respect to work? can you be rated permanent and not total? what process do i need to go through to get my claims rated permanent? i have some effective dates that are already "protected"(over the 10 year) but not as permanent (over 20) and some with newer effective dates. if i get permanent or if P&T is given together, will all my claims be protected together, or will each claim have to stand on its own as being permanent? reason i ask this question; i know that P&T is listed on benefits summary page on ebennies, so wondered if you cant have permanent without total and if once you get it its for all claims since its just a yes no question not for each disability. can you not get the benefits of being 100% without being P&T? ie champ va etc? again i tried to find answers to these questions and knew if anyone had the answers it was the guys here. thanks for any help or any resources you can direct me to!
  14. I had a fall about a month ago which resulted in an ambulance ride to the ER. The bills are starting to come in, one I already paid. I have no other insurance but was reading that the VA should pay for the associated medical bills. Can anyone help me out here with some information? I haven't had a trip to the ER for decades and have not a clue how the process is supposed to work for 100% vets. Thanjk you very much!
  15. Well folks, I finally crossed the goal line that I have been moving the ball toward since I started this adventure in 2010. A few days ago, I saw all kinds of crazy activity on eBenefits and VA.gov as I went to check on my slow shuffle in the BVA line. I had already had my hearing and had several claims granted, and was waiting for the VA to move forward on the granted conditions, or see if they were were going to handle the remaining two remanded conditions that didn't amount to much anyway. I was sitting back with something like 33,000 claims still ahead of me in the slow march, so I was surprised to see an attorney fee determination claim pop up out of nowhere. I called my attorney and left a message with his office. He called me back a couple of days later excited and says that it looks like I'm about to join the Chapter 35 Club and that they will be retro'ing my EED back to my original claim dates. He said to watch for the mail, and as usual to never trust eBenefits, which I don't, but I still do go to, which I know I shouldn't, but I do. Y'all know what I mean. Anyway, a couple of days later, I get a nice retro in my account, and see that eBenefits is showing 100%, and the letter generator shows the same with the famous language of permanent and total with no future exams scheduled included in the letter. I noticed all of the BVA granted conditions were showing as service connected, except for one, so I'm assuming they are still working on that little one. Also the two remanded conditions have not been decided yet either. One called for a records review in the BVA remand decision and the other for a C&P, so since we now live in a COVID-19 world, who knows how that will work out? So anyway, I'm sitting and waiting on the one granted remaining and two remanded, but everything online shows green lights. I did notice that there is are now two "new" claims open in my eBenefits, one still for the attorney fee determination and one for a "STR-Medical", and when I go to it, it says the claim is a regulatory and procedural review. I'm hoping that some of y'all know what that means. I know that nothing is super "official" until I get the big brown envelope, or white, or brown and white....whatever the VA has in stock at the time, but it is a relief to finally be near the end of the tunnel that started with a VONAPP submission to the VA. Yeah, I said it...VONAPP......the claims are that old. I know I've said it before, but I will say it again. I joined this site back in 2012, and it has provided a wealth of knowledge, counseling and peace of mind, and also served as a place to ventilate. I couldn't have made it without the help of you folks. I also have to say that Asknod's e-book on Amazon saved me tons of trouble in the beginning, and it as handy as a pocket on a shirt as you navigate through the process. Thanks to all of you, and I wish you peace, good health and happiness. I'll be back and forth on here still to check in, and maybe give some advice or get some advice. Thank you all for your service, both in the military and now. God bless each and every one of you. Mark
  16. I was recently granted IU back in September 2019. I was trying to see if I was also P&T because of my award letter referenced CHAMPVA & Chapter 35 -- but it did not say that I was granted it (see info enclosed below). My award letter also did not mention a future C&P exam either. On eBenefits there is no Commissary Letter or Chapter 35 Letter under Letter Generator. I recently went to a local military base to get my Tan ID card in which the Expiration Date shows "INDEF" and the STATUS/Grade box reflects "DAVPRM". I would like to get y'alls thoughts about this. Thanks! Your Benefit Information: · Entitlement to individual is granted effective April 22, 2019. · Evaluation of posttraumatic stress disorder, which is currently 70 percent disabling, is continued. See Rating Decision to find out why we made this decision. You and your dependents may be eligible for benefits under CHAMPVA. CHAMPVA is a health benefits program in which the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) shares the cost of certain healthcare and supplies with eligible beneficiaries. To be eligible for the CHAMPVA program a dependent must be the spouse or child of a Veteran who is permanently and totally disabled from a service-connected disability. You should call 1-800-733-8387 if additional information is needed, or visit http://www.va.gov/hac/forbeneficiaries/champva/champva.asp. Your dependents may be eligible for Dependents’ Educational Assistance (Chapter 35). For more information on this program, please visit the following web site: https://www.vets.gov/education/gi-bill/survivors-dependent-assistance/ or call 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).
  17. Please, welcome new VET2VET podcast episode: https://youtu.be/waV5t0HPtbM Today we are joined by Thomas Wendel, DAV National area supervisor for West Cost Region. Thomas E. Wendel served in the U. S. Marine Corps from 1983 until 1997. Since 1999, Tom has worked assisting veterans in processing various entitlement claims on the local, state and federal levels; first in Clare County as a county service officer and then when he came to work for the Disabled American Veterans in 2000. In 2008 he was promoted to the position of supervisor of the DAV Service Office in Detroit and later he was promoted to the position of supervisor of the DAV National area for West Cost Region. DAV is America’s largest, most effective veterans service organizations dedicated to the needs of those injured, ill or wounded in service. We have more than 1,300 Chapters in communities nationwide to help make sure veterans from all generations and their families get the benefits and support they deserve. Today, nearly 1.3 million veterans belong to DAV, and we encourage you to add your voice to the cause. Our programs and free services help all veterans get the health, disability and financial benefits they earned. Take advantage of our benefits claims assistance, medical transportation and employment resources. Your local DAV Chapter is a great way to connect with fellow veterans in your area. ★ JOIN US IN OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU AND OUR FELLOW VETERANS ★ ▶ facebook.com/VETOVET2 ▶ itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/vet2vet/id1077206523?mt=2 ▶ twitter.com/VETOVET2 ▶ youtube.com/c/VETOVET2 ▶ plus.google.com/u/0/+VETOVET2 ▶ goo.gl/app/playmusic?ibi=com.google.PlayMusic&isi=691797987&ius=googleplaymusic&link=https://play.google.com/music/m/Iiqawbuzg7eviiyqm6xz7kju62m?t%3DVET2VET ▶ feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:198832065/sounds.rss ▶ soundcloud.com/vet2vet ▶ stitcher.com/s?fid=80842&refid=stpr ★ LIMITED LIABILITY CLAUSE ★ THE INFORMATION AVAILABLE THROUGH THE VET2VET MAY INCLUDE INACCURACIES OR ERRORS. CHANGES ARE PERIODICALLY ADDED TO THE INFORMATION HEREIN. VET2VET MAY MAKE IMPROVEMENTS AND/OR CHANGES OF THE CONTENT AT ANY TIME. ADVICE RECEIVED VIA VET2VET SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON FOR PERSONAL, MEDICAL, LEGAL OR FINANCIAL DECISIONS AND YOU SHOULD CONSULT AN APPROPRIATE PROFESSIONAL FOR SPECIFIC ADVICE TAILORED TO YOUR SITUATION. IF YOU ARE DISSATISFIED WITH ANY PORTION OF VET2VET, YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY IS TO DISCONTINUE CONSULTING VET2VET.
  18. Yesterday when reviewing my medical records I noticed an examiner did a C and P/DBQ addendum. Im currently 70 percent and submitted for an increase(12 months ago) and also filed for IU(2 months ago). I don't know what this nexus means and would like to know if the exam was for the IU or increase claim. This examiner did a table top review as I wasn't present for it. See below: Please utilize this form when responding to VBA requests for either addendums or clarifications of prior VHA examination reports. This Veteran was seen for a C&P examination in December, 2017. At that time it was felt that the most appropriate diagnosis was that of a mood disorder, which was considered to be severe. At that time it was noted that the Veteran had been able to complete a college degree. In July of this year the Veteran was admitted to inpatient treatment, which he successfully completed, and he continued in treatment throught the remainder of this year. Treatment notes reference some improvement in functioning, with the Veteran reporting boredom. At this point, given the available information, I believe it is as likely as not that the Veteran's severe mood disorder would make it impossible for him to maintain employment over an extended period of time. Perhaps vocational rehabilitation, combined with his continuing in treatment might make it possible for him to obtain and maintain employment at a later So my question is.. Does the nexus look favorable? What was this exam for(IU or my increase)? My increase is in front of the DRO and was filed in December of last year after my initial award. The IU claim was only filled a month or two ago. The C and P exam was done 15 days ago. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
  19. Hey all just want to share what I think of is good news, even though I still have to sit and wait. On 8//16/2018 I had a C&P review for my PTSD which was 70% with 10% Tinnitus rating. I was initially rated in 2013 and I had made no requests for adjustments. VA just mandated this C&P. Today, 8/24/2018 ebenefits was up and down all day so I could not really read anything on my statuses until 6 pm PST. I went in and I am, according to ebenefits, at 100% and in the letters I see my rating is P&T. I am over the moon. This RO must be the rocket docket or the QTC doc really wrote a solid case for the bump. or both. Either way I am now in the "watch the mailbox" phase since I won't believe it until i either get paid or the packet arrives. Thanks for all the input from everyone on other posts and my rambling questions.
  20. It's official! After 3 years 8 months of fighting the VA. Now at 100% TDIU P&T. Chapter 35 Bennefits will be a nice addition. I look forward to hearing your success stories too fellow Vets.
  21. I am in the midst of a form 9 appeal, waiting on the VARO to review and certify the appeal. If the claim is granted I will hit 100% disability. If Permanent and Total is not granted by the VARO or BVA, but the claim is otherwise approved, is applying for P&T a new claim or an appeal? My disability goes back 20 years and my claim is from February 2012, so I would obviously be looking to P&T status dated to the date of claim.
  22. Hi guys, as the title implies, i have finally received the news that i am 100% P&T no future exams scheduled. I did this without any VSO's or any help other than that of my family writing "buddy statements". I am still involved with my treatment plan, though the depression makes it hard to even do that but i just wanted to say thanks to the people on this forum for all of the help, encouragement, and information. Previously i was at 80% for: left carpal tunnel- 10% Asthma 60% Allergic Rhinitis 10% Cystic Acne (due to jet fumes) 30% My last claimed which i filed on 12/12 and was finalized on 4/4 was for: bipolar 70% Tinnitus 10% For a combined 100% Permanent and Total. It took 7 years, but here we are. This wil definitely help me and me family, actually this will change our lives. I know thats pathetic, but my situation is extremely somber. Thanks guys.
  23. God is Great! I asked for P%T and well I just went on Ebenefits and I got it!!! I applied for P&T after they awarded me 100% schedular in October. Last month I applied for P&T because I felt that I should have no future exams and that my PTSD should be considered static. I filed the 526EZ in November and asked for P&T shortly after they bumped me to 100 % percent schedular (October) and they awarded it to me. Thank God I do not have to worry about my childrens health insurance and college now. I can only say that it does not hurt to ask. I was prepared for them to say no but I so happy and blessed that they said yes.
  24. He opinioned that my residuals of my TBI effect my ability to work and said this (1) Trauma effects on Veteran's Memory seem to create one of his most significant impairments. Work on aircraft, where the lives of pilots & passengers are at risk, and much of the tasks are quite technical, seems particularly inappropriate for an individual with his apparent level of cognitive impairment. (2) In most employments, relationships & cooperation with coworkers & customers are important. The Veteran's emotional impairments would seem to be a liability. (3) What he interprets as chronic headache, may be a response to cognitive impairment. An employer would be prudent who asks himself whether this Veteran with his impairments is the individual who should be working on aircraft engines. The Veteran's Physician requested from the employer a modification of his work schedule because of concerns about circadian rhythms in the Veteran. That request was nixed because granting it would in the employer's view, it would be a violation of the collectible bargaining agreement with the Union. However, the Veteran's positives with respect to employment were well stated by him when he said to this examiner, "I'm as strong as an OX". My employment as a contractor is an at will which means your assignment and/or your employment can be terminated for any reason, with or with-out cause and with or without notice. At the termination of your employment, Quanta is not liable for wages or salary except those you earned prior to the date of termination. My mistakes made on a daily basis is grounds for being fired and I'm treading on water with no stopping my memory faults. I'm just trying to survive for my family and to support them by not telling my employer I ever had a TBI. I filed for IU roughly 2 months ago and was wondering if what I said to the doctor will hurt my chance I also had an MRI which shows I still have a 3.25 arachnoid cyst in the back of my cerebellum. So my short term memory is a liability for all employers no matter my physical conditions and it's been the same for ten years not any better but not getting worse . Along with my daily headaches which I also filed for an increase from 0%. He opinioned this though since he performed my TBI review as well PLEASE COMMENT ON THE EFFECT OF THE VETERAN'S SERVICE CONNECTED AND/OR CLAIMED DISABILITIES ON HIS OR HER ABILITY TO FUNCTION IN AN OCCUPATIONAL ENVIRONMENT AND DESCRIBE ANY IDENTIFIED FUNCTIONAL LIMITATIONS. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM OPINING ON IF THE VETERAN IS UNEMPLOYABLE OR EMPLOYABLE; INSTEAD FOCUS AND REFLECT ON THE FUNCTIONAL IMPAIRMENTS AND HOW THESE IMPAIRMENTS IMPACTS OCCUPATIONAL AND EMPLOYMENT ACTIVITIES. I do not believe that the headaches per se significantly affect his ability to work in a marked way. However, the overall effects of his TBI do impair his ability to work, and I will comment on that more fully in addressing the DBQ that deals with residuals of the TBI. I just don't know if I will get the increase due to that statement even though he said they occur daily? I have no idea of what is to come does anyone have any guesses for my IU claim or my increases? I'm 90% of it matters for my IU claim.
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