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Found 19 results

  1. Hello fellow vets, I have a c&p exam next week for right hand pain and arthritis. I am currently SC for: 70% amputation of right index and middle fingers, post mortar explosion. 10% Scars right hand 10% osteo stumps with ankylosis of remaining 2 fingers. 20% right shoulder strain 10% right wrist sprain 10% tinnitus 50% ptsd. I am curious about possible pyramid issues, but would arthritis or carpal tunnel be added to my current hand conditons? Va math will have me at 100% if I get another 30%. Any information would be appreciated!
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new here to this site. Have been getting Treatment for 20 years at VA. Anyone had trouble with Salem, Virginia VAMC and or the Danville CBOC?
  3. I was discharged from the military December of 2004 due to multiple convalescent for Right Knee issues (4 Knee Surgery's). I am Service Connected for Right Knee Medial Meniscal Tear with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Degenerative Arthritis that has been getting worse over time. Due to the nature of the pain, I am submitting a (Secondary) claim for Depression due to Chronic Pain. Any advise on what I should do before/after submittal to support my claim? Example: Should I see a Counselor about my Depression First or wait for the VA C&P Exam? Thanks in Advanc
  4. This is my latest C&P what am I looking at? Can anyone break this down? Neck (Cervical Spine) Conditions Disability Benefits Questionnaire Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No Evidence Comments: BOARD REMAND 1. Diagnosis ------------ Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with a cervical spine (neck) condition? [X] Yes [ ] No Cervical Spine Common Diagnose
  5. I have been using "Voltaren GEL" for about a month. Its a presctiption NSAID that you rub onto sore joints especially for arthritis and other joint pain. Its awesome. I got it at the VA, after my wife's doc recommended it for her and gave her physician samples of a similar brand. IT RELEIVES THE PAIN INSTANTLY. No waiting an hour or so for pills to work. You rub it on. I had to ask my VA PCP for it, and he gladly wrote me a prescription for it. Its better than Vicodin as it works faster. I highly recommend it, I realize not everyone can take it (if you ha
  6. Am I the ONLY ONE OUTRAGED by this prejudiced, stigmatizing, doubled standard *%#! calling VETERANS drug addicts!! That is exactly what is happening here! Oh, Holy Mother of God! How are you all not speaking out about this injustice? We have bore the Injuries on the Battlefields resulting in lifetime injuries of pain and suffering to our Knees, from jumping out of planes, boats, trucks, helicopters; to our Necks and Spines from carrying the loads not meant for the human body; suffered the TBIs -with constant migraines....these are but a few that are DENIED their CHRONIC PAIN MEDS by the very
  7. Hi everyone, I already submitted an "intent to file" on e benefits with all the disabilities that I did not claim in the past, these include: flat foot, shin splints and plantar fasciitis. I get really bad shin splints just by walking around, I started noticing this during battalion hikes when I was in the marines. I get pain at the bottom of my feet most of the time because I do not have the arched area at all. There is a part in both my shins where I can see some tissue popping out (under the skin) when I move my feet around. My question is: Should I claim flat foot as a primary disabil
  8. Hi everyone, I went to see my main doctor at the V.A. and told her about the tingling and numbness that I have been feeling in my hands and sometimes next to my elbow. I mostly get it when I drive and my wrists are bent or if I have to bend my wrists for a period of time I will feel the numbness and tingling. (It happens a lot when I sleep). I went in for a consult and my doctor specifically told me that she does not think is carpal tunnel syndrome (with a vague expression on her face). She explained the causes and symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it matches with what I am going t
  9. I tore both of my shoulders had surgery that is S/C already. At the time of me filing for VA claim I had no idea about secondary conditions (just learning bout it). Both Shoulders I have these Symptoms experience: Chronic PainPain Pain Diisorder (believe if I push or grab stuff) Cause Depression Cant Sleep (get well since suregery over 2 years ago) What is the best way to file the secondary injuries? Can I file for each shoulder all those symptoms I experience? Basically trying to understand the best way to file this so I dont get screwed by the VA.
  10. Hi, I am currently rated at 20% for my shoulder. I went in for a CP exam recently and these were the results. This is a remand exam from the BVA. Am I looking at a decrease to 10 or even zero? I am not bending my shoulder so it may dislocate for any of these people or any examination and I think it may have hurt me. If you could take a look I'd appreciate it. Thanks for your time! Shoulder and Arm Conditions Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No AC
  11. Me again, bet some of you are getting tired of me, right? I know I sure am! Anyway, I have an appointment with pain management for consult and/or treatment for pain in my lower back. More specifically for the pain in the illiac crest region, Physiatrist referred me to them recommending injections in my lower back to treat the pain in my waist. My concern is this, will this impede any claim for pelvic region pain, if the injections work and eliminate the pain? I had a C&P exam back on October 30th, for this, but at the time it was filed as hip pain. During the exam I kept poin
  12. I see a Neurologist, in the Pain Clinic. I asked to see a Neurosurgeon, because the muscle pain under my shoulder blade. The Neurologist, said that if he referred the Neurosurgeons would laugh at him. Basically, there is scar tissue, and sevre muscle knots, and trigger points, which I get injections for. I take pain meds, but the muscle pain is not getting better. My spine pain is managed with pain meds. I want to get a specialist to gut this muscle, nerve block, or something. I can't keep on like this? The Patient Advocate is no help.
  13. My claim back in 2014 it was found that my tongue scar was 7822-7800 rated at 10% due to the Characteristic of Disfigurement width measurement. My 2015 reconsideration claim to add a separate code of 7804 for the account that it is also painful was successful, but, they removed the 7800 code for head, face, or neck. The changed it to 7822-7802 so it's still 10% lol....those bastards. So my question is, does it still count as head, face, or neck 7800? It's my understanding that every conflict should be resolved in favor of the higher rating. I mean...it would be a CUE to not see that
  14. Folks: Can male Vets make a claim for Hypogonadism and the prescribed use due to the long term use of pain meds for established service related conditions? As a result, I am now on testosterone treatments for the rest of my life and I really do not like the stuff. My testosterone levels were extremely low and I felt really weak. I also get the SMC for ED but don't know if the hypogonadism would be treated and viewed separately for disability purposes? I take the pain meds due to my SC for my Tank Related back, neck, and spine injuries during my ARMY service?
  15. Hey everyone. Ive been in the army for 5 years and im getting out in 197 days exactly and im just down right terrified. I wana cry at night cause im scared but my body wont let me shed one tear. Im here partly to get help to understand what i should do to get va disability, personal stories and partly for emotional support. Im going to behavior health for suicidal ideation, depression and anxiety currently. Ive been speaking to my ex girlfriend shes studying to be a shrink and she thinks i have paranoid schizophrenia and i was speaking to my mother the other day she said my sister has said for
  16. I have currently have a diagnosis for bilateral patella phemorial syndrome I am rated at 20 %for that and 20 % for bilateral Achilles tendinitis .I have in my medical files after falling off a obstical course it says add back therapy to treatment and for months after that date continuation of back pain and therapy. In my civilian records in more recent times i have been diagnosed with 2 herniated disks in my lower back. in the same area where the back pain was at in service. I have had pain in my back sense service .I was informed that the disk issue could be caused by the fall.
  17. I have noticed most of the site is geared towards helping people file and maintain claims etc and is a wealth of info for that!!! the problem i am having is my back is in rough shape and after getting xrays to find out how bad it was for a comp and pen i now know how bad it is.... i wrote to my doctor via secure messaging and was informed that the ortho i see for other problems does not do backs... but they may be able to tell me where i can get help... i dont do pain pills and im not going to start, other guys i served with that have problems smoke pot for their pain... i refuse to smoke pot
  18. Good morning. This is my first post here. This site has been very helpful since I started reading it. I applied for PTSD starting back in June 2013. I was in Sadr City, Iraq in 2004-2005. I waited 8 years to claim, but my wife and parents were pushing me to claim it. I was awarded last month 50% for MDD. While I was applying for compensation, I was fixated on just getting the PTSD/MDD taken care of. Now that is over with, I am considering filing for the patellar femoral syndrome that I was diagnosed with back in 2008. At that time, I was called up to re-activate from IRR. I was release
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