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Found 5 results

  1. Checked my disabilities and also checked my letter and they are both updated so let's pretend it's fact for now. Went from 10% panic disorder up to 50% August 27th: Filed for increase September 16: C&P exam with LHI October 4: Preparation for Decision October 6: Preparation for Approval October 7: Awarded increase to 50% for panic disorder
  2. I had a cp exam and recently received the results, I found it odd that the box asking if I was diagnosed with multiple mental health issues said No was checked as I have numerous diagnoses in my VA chart and my last mh cp exams all had yes checked? Also, I am being treated at the VA for all of them, one of which is panic disorder with agoraphobia. I do not leave my house alone, ever. I am on a lot of benzos (I know) because of my panic disorder and yet she said I do not have panic disorder nor panic disorder with agoraphobia. The last cp examiner said I do have them, which was 3 months ago, but they weren't service connected........ It was rated then and combined with my other mh etc. I am not sure of her angle here, she was super (or acted super concerned) during my exam. I was having a really bad day honestly and had a panic attack in the waiting room and well, afterward one isn't exactly my best emotional state. I have bipolar 2 (which I am rated for as well) and I have depression issues from that as well. Because I was in such a state during my exam I was actually afraid she was going to Baker Act me, I had to assure he repeatedly that I wasn't actually suicidal. Yes I have suicidal thoughts but I was not suicidal. There is a difference, I had to explain that to her. It was really hard and I was a wreck. She seemed genuinely concerned that I was having such a hard time receiving care through my local va and that choice was taking so long getting me therapy, etc. She asked all the questions she was supposed to. This exam was because the first exam was a 10 minute exam where the examiner did not do the full dbq and I requested another. The box she checked on my notes is for 30%, and she said I have mild bipolar. That is a joke honestly. When somone's mental health is at the point that a cp examiner is asking them repeatedly if they are suicidal during their exam, they don't have a mild mental health issue. She wasn't simply checking the boxes. I feel like she was covering the other examiner's behind. In the big picture I guess it doesn't matter, I am IU PT. Does her saying I don't have panic disorder with agoraphobia negate my diagnosis of every other psychiatrist that says I do?
  3. My psychiatrist of 10 years transferred last December, I have been waiting to be seen by a new psychiatrist since calling in March to see someone and have my meds redone. The mental health clinic schedule me with a pharmacist to bridge my meds, I have seen her 3 times. She is has changed my medication every single time. I am on xanax, ativan, etc. as well as meds for bipolar and many other sc issues. This pharmacist put in my record that I have agoraphobia without panic disorder. I clearly have a panic disorder, I have been on anti anxiety meds for at least 10 years, is this so the VA can say it isn't related to my service connected mental health issues? I also noticed that my future appointment with my new psychiatrist has been canceled, with no new one rescheduled!! Is the canceled appointment with no letter, no phone call what is happening to "cook the books" on when we are seen?
  4. I am wondering if I should filed for an increase for my MH issues, currently rated 30% for bipolar with panic/anxiety, also rated for other things giving me TDIU. My psychiatrist has brought up my agoraphobia a few times but I am beginning to realize it isn't getting any better and I wonder if I should apply for an increase as well as housebound. Does anyone have experience with this, advice? I know my MH rating is much lower than it should be honestly, I am fairly certain with my VA records that 70% would be a definite and possibly 100%.
  5. This is what I would tell any veteran who had symptoms or events in the military involving psychological distress or a post service diagnosis of PTSD. Stay in therapy. Get a service officer and file a claim that results in the adjudication of every post service diagnosis of a mental condition. If the veteran is diagnosed with PTSD file a claim for PTSD. If the veteran has a dual diagnosis of PTSD and Major Depression, file a claim for PTSD and major depression. Make sure each individual diagnosis is adjudicated. If later the veteran is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder file yet another claim for schizoaffective disorder. Psychiatric symptoms need to be evaluated by a clinician. It is not the job of the service officer to play doctor. The service officer should file the claim and let the doctors figure it out. Also, consider that service officers will ask you if there are any treatment records or notes in your personnel file. If you say no they just might throw you out of there office. It happened to me. The problem is that doctors could have noted things and not even told you. File the claim and get the SMR and personnel file and read them before saying no to any potential records. After getting thrown out of the service officer’s office I got my SMR. When I got my treatment notes my angioedema had been diagnosed in the military and I did not even know it. Read BVA cases. Go to the BVA decision search site. Type in the name of a post service diagnosis and start reading cases. These claims can get complex. Multiple diagnoses, changing diagnoses, not properly supported diagnoses etc. Both the VA and the service officers are capable of dropping the ball. The BVA is full of decisions showing the diagnostic histories and logic used to win and lose claims that were denied by the regional offices.
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