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Found 7 results

  1. To: Subject: NDAA Agent Orange Presumptive Conditions January 6, 2021 Directors (00): Please distribute to National Call Centers and Public Contact Teams. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (NDAA) (H.R.6395) added three (3) more conditions to the Agent Orange presumptive-conditions list wherein Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange may qualify for benefits: bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, and Parkinsonism, or Parkinson-like symptoms. Veterans and survivors are encouraged to submit cla
  2. This was a big week at asknod. I just wish my neighbor John had gotten R2 out of the gate. It ain't over until Secretary Bob weighs in when he reads my email Monday morning. One of the Vets, Andrew, is a member here- or should I say- his wife is. She found me here and I'm honored to have helped her. https://asknod.org/2020/02/22/va-baby-you-can-drive-my-car/ When I came home from Vietnam, I never ever thought there would be a day when I'd say I was proud to have served my country. It was ugly in 1972. Now, I'm overjoyed at the ability to pay it forward. Thank you Lord for the Inter
  3. My brother served at Tyndall Airforce Base in the United States Airforce. He now has Young Onset Parkinsons Disease. We have no family history of this in our family. I started to research causes of his condition, this led me to finding out about environmental contaminates and Parkinsons. I came across disturbing information about Tyndall AFB and contaminates of concern noted by the EPA at this post. It is a Superfund site. I was sickened by what I found. Numerous contaminates, complete negligence and disregard by Tyndall AFB, etc. I am now helping my brother to file for service connection. I h
  4. Initial claim approved @ 100% AO connected Ischemic Heart Disease, 15% tinnitus,0% hearing loss and 50% PTSD. Further physical degeneration since 2015: PD diagnosed and evolving thru body , diabetis diagnosed, in 2016 I had sudden hearing loss from 8th cranial nerve crack (TBI) -94 db on right (complete) and -33db on ledt ear. PD involves heavy Levadopa usage, shaking tremors, unintended articulation of limbs and gait modifying. I am being assisted and treated by VA already but is there any further compensation advantage to be gained by pursuing additional disabilities? Or just busy work to ke
  5. Hi, I'm just starting the agent orange application process for my father and have a lot of questions. Would love to get insight from anyone who has been through the process and/or who may have similar circumstances. First, he was on a blue water naval ship (USS Ranger), but he did set boots on ground as part of a work detail when his ship was docked in Vietnam. Has anyone had a similar situation, and if so, did you have to come up with evidence that you set boots on ground? If so, where/how did you find that? Second, he has lewy body dementia, which is believed by experts to be the
  6. I managed to get a copy of a Veterans Evaluation Services C&P exam, It diagnosed me with Parkinson's & said it was not service connected. I am agent orange exposed, Isn't Parkinson's a presumed disease associated with Agent Orange exposier. Later I got a copy if my C File, It said the same thing. See attatched file.CUE pdf.pdf
  7. The Va and American Parkinson's Diesease Assoc Have joint clinics in about 6 major Va hospitals in the US. Not everyone in the Va system is either aware of this and some not willing to give referrals. However here is the main link to the clinic HQ, from there you can find the nearest clinic and get an appt set up. Yes they DO PAY Travel pay to those who get it anyway. This has been a god send to me the Houston clinic treats me as an individual and does help with treatment for the long term not just a lil patch and a pat on the back. I do recommend this Va joint clinic to any serve member who h
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