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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am currently rated at 70% for PTSD and have a gambling addiction due to my anxiety and depression and gambling numbs my emotions but is having a heavy toll on my family and life. I have blocked myself at casinos but online casinos are very easy to access I want to stop gambling and wanted to see if the VA offers this type of support? Also, does the VA give ratings on gambling addiction? I really want to stop but am so depressed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello, I have been looking through the forums trying to get an idea of what to expect during the appeals process, and I learned a lot! Thank you to everyone on here who shares their past experiences and wisdom. I am hoping to get some advice, feedback, or even speculation as to how strong my appeal is. I have been going through the Schedule of Ratings for Mental Disorders to try and figure out where I might fall on that spectrum, but I fit in several categories. Can anyone share their opinion on where I fall? I know this is all speculation, and each case is unique, so I'm not going to take this as gospel. I'm just trying to get an idea of what other people who have experience with this think of my case. Right now I have no clue whether or not my IMOs, C&P exam, personal statement, and my mom's statement are any good or if I may have included any information that could hurt my case. Attached is all of the evidence I submitted with my NOD. A couple of notes: I didn't tell the C&P exam psychologist that I had a personality disorder, I told him I did NOT have one. However, he wrote that I admitted to having one. Also, the progress notes page with the highlighted sentence is from my psychiatrist's progress notes. One attached file is my personal statement, the other file is everything else. Brief history: I had what I believe was a manic episode in the Marines and was discharged with a borderline personality disorder after some shady stuff with my command and the navy psychiatrist, was untreated following discharge for 7 years, had another episode in 2014 that led to me being diagnosed with bipolar 1, my docs urged me to file for benefits because they think this started in the Marines, denied, appeal submitted. Thank you for your time and input! VA Appeal copy_Redacted.pdf 20170511160843_Redacted.pdf
  3. Hello Hadit Members, I have not been on here in a very long time. However, I do check in from time to time to read opinions on different subjects. I appreciate all the hard work that members do here. Backstory: Discharged in 1988 due to “other physical/mental conditions. Personality disorder” In 2008 and after 14 years of battling for my disability for neck/back injuries and depression, I gave up after being denied. I didn’t appeal the BVA decision. I was really worn out. I was diagnosed with PTSD due to MST (changed from depression) back in 2007. For some reason I didn’t pursue it. I told someone after it happened and she didn’t believe me so I held it in. Over the years I shared it with family/friends and they ‘got it’ they now understood why I am the way that I am. I heard of a study that was being done by the VA and I was chosen to participate. When told I would be videotaped, I said no. I wasn’t ready. Every time I would start therapy/meds I would stop, I started again last September, it was going well until she kept wanting me to write about the incident. Yuck. I bailed. Praying that I will get the courage to start again sooner than later. I already feel the effects of leaving. However, I have been taking my meds daily and sticking to it for once. I have resigned from my job once already, just turned in another notice last week. They really like me and my work and are looking for something that isn’t client facing. My anxiety ruins my chances of ever dealing with people on a constant basis. I get angry and it’s just not good for the company. Earlier this year, after my youngest turned 18, I decided to file my claim. While gathering evidence I ran across this a letter from my VA physician at the time. I was so worn out I didn’t even read it to be honest. It came after the fact, if memory serves me. He mentioned the things that he was treating me for and the meds that I was taking. The only thing that he wrote was this one paragraph and it made me scream HALLELUJAH!!! “Her DD214 documents “other physical/mental conditions-personality disorder”. In my opinion, it is likely that depression and fibromyalgia, with onset during time of military service, are causing ongoing physical and mental symptoms.” Is this a good nexus statement? In my mind its yes yes yes, but I know that you all have more experience. Your thoughts?
  4. Hi, I am in the process of starting an appeal. I have been denied an increase for ptsd and depression, and denied SC for my Neck and Back. I am currently at 30% for ptsd w/ Depression, unemployed, and on SSD. What is the best way to go from here? Should I file a NOD, or just a Formal Appeal? I submitted new information, including a personal statement, the last time I filed, but was still denied. I have documentation from the medical center from while I was enlisted for my neck and back, but it was not a chronic issue back then, but with the lack of proper care/treatment from the va, it has gotten to the point where I can no longer function. I have been diagnosed with Bulged Discs, Calcification of Ligaments, Loss of Curve. Have frequent Headaches. The Pain Medications I have been prescribed from the va don't help. I was misdiagnosed with Personality Disorder when discharged from the Army, and later diagnosed with PSTD and Depression. I filed a request for earlier effective date, due to the misdiagnosis, and that was also denied. I have documentation from my Psychiatrist stating that I have been under her treatment since "2012 until present for PTSD, Prolonged. Characterized by Chronic Anxiety, Depressed Mood, Social Isolation, Insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, hyper vigilance, startle response, avoidant behavior, and inability to deal with day to day stressors". She also states that my "chronic mental illness clearly interferes with my day to day functioning and ability to function in a work environment with other people." She adds that she does not see any symptoms of me having a Personality Disorder. This Is My Problem! They Double Talk Themselves. When I filed for an increase for PTSD, they denied it stating, "The examiner opined that my history of mood changes, sometimes several times a day, and pattern of conflicted relationships, is more consistent with a diagnosis of personality disorder than PTSD. The examiner again noted that my personality disorder was mostly the source of my occupational and social impairments, and that my clinical presentation is more consistent with a personality disorder than ptsd.! THEN, When I filed SC for Aggravated/Exacerbated Personality Disorder by my ptsd and military service, it was denied stating that my doctor did not see symptoms of Personality Disorder.! So, in one paragraph, I have a Personality Disorder, and not PTSD... and in the very Next paragraph, I have PTSD, and Not a Personality Disorder...? Please Help...
  5. Morning, Going to try and cut right to the chase. Marine Veteran with 1 year service, discharged with "personality disorder" that was diagnosed as an pre-existing condition. That's my first question, I have my entry records showing my exams were clean and I entered on a clean bill of health. Is there any way to correct this? Since I was in the Marines and had left I have been having issues ever since. As of late I was finally pushed into seeing a therapist and psychiatrist. The standing right now is a diagnosis of PTSD and Schyzotypal Personality Disorder (Cluster A), they are both concerned that these are service connected and I agree. How and what do I need to submit from the therapists to the VA to get my claim rolling. It's been suggested that I quit work and file for disability as my conditions have become severe enough to interfere with work and my interaction with the outside world. I have my OMPF, Medical records, and DD214. I can get any written statement from the docs to forward for my claim so that the VA will consider doing an eval. Any advice is helpful. At the very least I need to get the particular reason for my discharge corrected, I didn't have any issues mentally or physically when I entered and I have documentation to prove so as well. Thank you all.
  6. I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I'm so distraught over my situation & am desperate for some help. My son recently served a year in Afghanistan. While on a mission, he was involved in an IED explosion & suffered a TBI & other minor injuries. The soldier who stepped on the IED lost both legs during the explosion. My son assisted in saving the soldier's life & was later awarded an ARCOM for his actions. My son spent several months in recovery suffering from obvious symptoms of PTSD. He was eventually diagnosed with PTSD while in recovery. He received a Purple Heart for injuries suffered in Afghanistan upon his return to the states. He has had a difficult time adjusting since returning 9 months ago. Unfortunately, it seems that he is now getting railroaded by his platoon. He has been fearful of contacting anyone because he's afraid of making the situation worse. He was recently asked by his CO to sign a paper denying him the opportunity to re enlist due to a personality disorder. I am terrified that the next step is gonna be a discharge for personality disorder which will cause him to lose all his benefits. He will ETS in the next couple of months. What steps are safe to take at this point? Can someone, please, point us in the right direction? I'm afraid time is not on our side. Any advice is much appreciated.
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