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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, Recently actually yesterday the 21st of February the VA gave me notice that my supplemental claim had been decided and that they had sent out the letter that morning as well (meaning the decision was actually made on the 20th). This of course prompted me to check Ebenefits, where I saw no change in my rating. I'm currently rated at 40% for other issues. And in the past Ebenefits updated almost instantly leading me to believe that this supplemental claim was denied. I originally submitted my Epilepsy claim back in august, it was denied about 4 months later due to conflicting phraseology given by one of my doctors (mind you i still have a diagnoses of Epilepsy with 15 witnessed Grand Mal seizures at this point). Once i got the original decision letter I contacted my County VSO's office and set up an appointment. After they reviewed everything they we surprised that my claim was denied as it has a clear nexus and on top of that falls under the conditions; that if they manifest within a year its considered service connected (I separated 02/01/2019, first seizure onset was 05/25/2019). They did review the 112 pages of evidence from my civilian doctors and did see the conflicting phraseology. They told me that if I could get my Neurologist to just confirm my diagnoses and say i was and have been under treatment since 05/25/2019 that we could submit a supplemental claim since that's the fastest route. So that's what we did. That brings us to now. Under the standards for Epilepsy I was looking at a single rating of anything between 80%-100%. An 80% from 40% would have resulted in something Close to 90%. While i'm holding out, since in either case the retro pay (if my claim was awarded) would be greater then 20K that the additional signatures required are slowing down Ebenefits from updating, but as in most cases if the letter has sent and Ebenfits doesn't updated, 90% of the time you Claim/Supplemental/Appeal is denied. ( I mean correct me if I'm wrong). Whats the moral of the story? No matter how much evidence you have to support you the VA will be the VA. I'm lucky that I'm rated for other conditions so that I can at least have the VA help me cut down on the costs of treatment for Epilepsy, but it would have been nice to have it service connected so that I wouldn't have to wait months on months for Neurology appointments since I don't have priority. If any one has any information for me that might help moving forward, I'm all ears as once my letter is received and upon reading of the denial ill be filling an appeal.
  2. Hello, I'm currently rated 30% for major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I recently filed a claim to request an increase. I had my regular C&P physical exam on 10/23/17 and my psych exam on 11/20/17 through a VA contracted company called "QTC Medical Services". I just received my decision letter and am angry, frustrated, and confused. The VA increased my major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder to 100% as of 10/23/17 (date of my exam). They then knocked it back down to 30% as of 11/20/17 (the date of my psych exam). WTF?? The way I interpret this is that the regular VA doctor who conducted my regular C&P health exam on 10/23/17 felt that my disability was so severe to warrant a 100% rating. Then 4 weeks later on 11/20/17, the person who conducted my psych exam (through QTC Medical Services) decided that I was miraculously cured and recommended my rating be reduced from 100% back down to 30%. Seriously???? The psych exam I received through QTC was an absolute joke! It only lasted about 15 - 20 minutes. The guy was rude, condescending, and acted like I was wasting his time. Has anybody else out there dealt with this company?? How on earth is it possible for an examiner from an outside contracted company spend 15-20 minutes interviewing me...have the authority to trump and override the decision and recommendations of the VA doctor who did my initial C&P health exam and my personal therapist who I've been seeing for 7 years now???! If anyone out there can explain this to me...I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. oldtimer92

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] QTC exam for Ptsd, anxiety, depression

    Hello All, Put in 1 claim for anxiety and depression and 1 for ptsd(noncombat). Had QTC exam today.. Doctor said I have signs of ptsd but dont meet full criteria for it. Definitely have anxiety and depression. But he couldnt say if my issues are more of the ptsd or the depression, but I needed to continue counseling. So is this good or bad?
  4. Howdy All! Been a while since I've posted, but I've been reading, lurking and watching.....oh yes....I've been out there watching.....(that was creepy). Took some great advice and contacted Ted Ebert from the VA, via e-mail about my frustration with 95 medical and psych records belonging to other veterans being contained within my C-File, and that they were cited by the VA's last C&P examiner (held by Veterans Evaluation Service in Houston by a 12 year old nurse practitioner dude with a ponytail and a whopping 2 years of experience as a nurse practitioner......ok he may have been 16 years old.....maybe) and the VA's rater (who apparently only knows two functions on his keyboard....copy and paste). Early this year, Mr. Ebert was able to get the VA to acknowledge and purge all of these records, and the latest C-File I received in July looks like it was finally Mission Accomplished after several years of pleading with them to pull the records and reassess. While waiting on this, I received another IMO from Doctor David Anaise on multiple conditions. Although Mr. Ebert advised that the actual C&P examination report, rating denial and the rating decision letter (all three had information from medical records of other individuals) could not be removed or redacted, he advised that he would note in the file that there were incorrect records and that these documents had cited them. The VA finally did a reset and pulled me back down from pending a BVA Appeal back down to the run of the mill Notice of Disagreement, and has now recently scheduled me for a third C&P examination with QTC (My first time dealing with them in this six year Disneyland ride line.) The first C&P by a real doctor at VES was favorable to me, the third was blackballed by Nurse Skippy with the ponytail citing other veteran's records, and now it looks like I'll see another doctor at QTC from what I read. I did an "interview" over the phone with an office employee, who went over the DBQ questionnaire with me and had me answer her verbally line by line each question on the multiple DBQ's. They had already FedEx'd me the DBQ questionaires with appointment information and instructions, which I filled out as instructed, but she said that this would save time and make it easier for the doctor to review than reading my handwriting or filling it out himself. (Don't worry, I plan to bring my own handwritten copies as well, as well as the IMO from my oncologist, affirmative C&P from the VES doctor in 2012, the IME/IMO from Doctor Ellis and the IMO from Doctor Anaise, as well as my STR's and other supporting medical materials. I may also bring a couple of Doctor Seuss books just in case. The office employee was patient and friendly thus far. Fangs may be out when I arrive next week, but who knows? She even let me give her more information when I called her back with additional symptoms that I had forgotten to tell her in the initial telephone interview (I wasn't home when she called, and she caught me flatfooted.) I'll keep everybody advised of what happened on my first QTC experience. Gotta be better than the last VES experience....I hope. This one will involve C&P's for service connection on several conditions and a rating increase on another. Have a great weekend! Mark
  5. ozwald71

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] QTC/IMA Exams

    So here is my predicament. I'm 70% service connected with PTSD and have been for almost four years now. I recently received a phone call from the QTC Corporations asking me if I was available for an appointment. I asked them what it was about. They said the VA is now "outsourcing" their patients and I was on the list. My question is this. If I already have my rating why do I need to go to the QTC? I've got my rating and I go to the VA as much as possible, not as much as they would like me to BUT I do go(think the last time was over a year ago). I'm all anxious about this shit and its causing me stress I do not need. Can the VA be trying to reduce my rating? Is that possible?
  6. Navy4life

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] C&P Exams went well but what happened while I was there infuriated me!

    So I went to the QTC office for my TWO C&P exams today. First one was at 1300 and it was my MH C&P exam for PTSD/MST and my eating disorder. Was with the doctor for about 1-1/2 hours and we went through everything thorough. Apparently the reason I had this C&P was the fact that the VA originally rated me for Anorexia Nervosa back in 2014 separately from my MH PTSD/MST/Anxiety. Looks like I should be under Bulimia rating because of my binging/purging with laxatives and the abuse of the laxatives. The discussion was good, she did not have me 'totally' relive the disgusting event but we did touch on certain aspects. I was personally assaulted resulting with a pregnancy where I lost the child in my late first trimester/early second trimester. I felt pretty good about the exam and thanked her. So I had a few hours to kill before my next C&P at 1615 so I went and got something to eat and chilled. Got back to the office around 1530. Now mind you I was already a bit anxious from my discussion a few hours prior. This exam coming up was for an increase to my L ankle. I am currently on a knee bike and I have an ankle brace on my left foot. So there I am sitting in the waiting room minding my own business. Look at FB to kill time and I over hear a conversation taking place behind the glass in the office area. Now keep in mind, I suffer from MST! here is the conversation: Employee #1 - So this lady was raped 12 years ago. It's apparent you can't do a rape kit. How does she prove this? Employee #2 - Well the VA takes there word I guess. Employee #1 - Well that doesn't sound right, how do they know if she is telling the truth or not SO I F***** LOST IT! I MEAN I FREAKED THE F'OUT! Went up to the glass and said "who the hell do you think you are to even be talking about a patient and their personal file like that?" And "who are you to determine whether the person is lying or not?" "It's not up to you but rather a doctor!!!!!" I asked for his name and he told me it and I asked for a supervisor...Well guess who the supervisor was! That guy! WTF! I got the other ladies name and by now he had brought into the back b/c of how upset I was and just kept saying "I'm sorry" "I'm Sorry" Are you serious? By now the doctor who had examined me for my MH C&P came out and brought me to her office to console me. I was sobbing, I am mean literally sobbing like a baby. She said that was uncalled for and I told her "you are damn right it is". I am going to report this to the VA, the QTC corporation, anyone I can get ahold of! Needless to say I had to get myself together so that I could do my next C&P exam for my left ankle. That doctor, too, heard the whole situation and was so appalled at his actions. I told her thank you. We were able to get through my L ankle C&P. She said b/c of my right foot in a "non-weight bearing status" she couldn't do the "normal" testing of both feet/ankles. She said I am noting it and she also said that the knee bike I am using now for my right foot, is probably causing even worse issues to my left foot ankle b/c now I have all the weight on my left foot/ankle. She told me that I should get a wheel chair and to discuss with my podiatrist. My calf muscle is significantly smaller now on my right foot but that is to be expected. Over all the this exam went well and I believe favorable too. So with all that going on today I am just completely devastated and reverting back to my old self.... Thank you for letting me vent!
  7. Hello fellow hard chargers. I'm an 0351/OIF combat veteran who was involved in the initial invasion of Iraq back in March, 2003. I witnessed and did things that were pretty horrific. The last few years have been extremely difficult for me -- and within the last year, in particular, PTSD symptoms have gotten the best of me and for the last 5 months, after being let go from my previous job (due to lashing out at several clients), I have been unable to procure steady employment. My father, who is a Vietnam veteran, told me about the about the possibility of getting compensation for PTSD. Until a couple of months ago, I didn't know this was even a possibility. So I did my research, filed a claim, and then entered treatment at the VA here in Southern California. Within a week, I was diagnosed with PTSD, and they prescribed me two sets of medications - Prazosin for anxiety/panic attacks, & Gabapentin for nightmares. I just started the medications this week and I've already noticed a decrease in nightmares and panic attacks -- which up until last week were occurring 3 to 4 times a week - sometimes every night. They've also started me on PE (Prolonged Exposure) Therapy which I'm doing but honestly -- therapy inside the stagnant walls of the VA are enough to give anybody nightmares!! But I'm grateful that the therapy is available. Just today,I got a notification for a QTC (C&P) exam at a private facility here in Los Angeles. From what I've read online, it seems this process is happening very quickly -- I only filed my initial claim on July 1st. What can I expect from this interview? Like everyone else here, I would gladly except the highest rating possible, since I really do need (and I believe deserve) the monetary assistance to get me through this time of my life. Can I expect them to have already received the medical records from the psychiatrist I've been seeing at the VA - as well as the notes from my initial consultation with the PTSD specialist? Also, with this examiner, do they go into the details of events that occurred while I was in Iraq? I really hate the idea of having to discuss those details again with a complete stranger -- it was hard enough with the VA psychiatrist. And do you have any other suggestions in general as how I should prepare? The medications are helping with certain sleep issues-- should I bring that up or will that lower my chances of getting a higher rating? Thank you all for your input. It is greatly appreciated...
  8. I received a QTC appointment today for my bi-polar claim. I am a current outpatient at my local Veterans Medical Center. Is it normal for the VA to order a QTC for a current VA patient? Isn't all the info they need in my VA medical records? I am worried after hearing all the horror stories regarding QTC.
  9. I just received my appointment for a QTC doctor for my bi-polar disorder claim. I am currently under outpatient treatment at my local Veterans h to hospital. Is it normal for the VA to require a QTC appointment for patients who are actively receiving treatment from the VA for the disorder that they are claiming? I'm weary of QTC after all of the horror stories I've read. Why would the VA send me for a QTC when I have a current VA diagnosis?
  10. Has anybody out there had any dealings with a company called Veterans Evaluation Services? Apparently, the VA has contracted with them to perform C&P examinations and testing on veterans. I see from their website that they are apparently headquartered near Houston. I was called yesterday (Saturday) by a representative of this company (called me from a Tennessee telephone number) who advised me to call an 877 number on Monday to schedule my C&P examination. He did not know what conditions I was being examined for. (I have several, but tons of medical documentation on a few). He was polite, and told me that he simply didn't know, but that I would learn more on Monday when I called the number. He further advised that his company was also contracting with "local" doctors to administer the examinations, and that I might not even have to drive to Houston. I'm still not sure what he means by local. I'm 2 hours from the VAMC in Houston. Any information about this company and its services would be appreciated. And better still, any veterans that used them during their C&P process have good/bad experiences? Any advice would help me. I'll try to post more tomorrow after I make the call to them to schedule. Have a great week. Mark
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