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Found 8 results

  1. After almost 6 years, all I get a rating increase. Thanks for all the input on my prior thoughts. WTF I'm not able to work, only rely on my SSD and 10% rate. Poverty level. What chances of a 50% increase at minimum?
  2. I am currently rated 10% for keratoconus with a visual acuity of 20/70 in my right eye and 20/40 in my left. The DVA decision letter states a higher evaluation is not warranted unless there is documented incapacitating episodes requiring treatment visits for my eye condition. My question is whether immunotherapy (allergy shots) would be considered treatment visits. I've been receiving 5 allergy injections weekly for the past several years to reduce my eye allergies so I can wear medically necessary sclera lenses for keratoconus. I have no other allergy symptoms except for my eyes. If I don't get the weekly shots my eye allergy symptoms become severe and I can't wear my contacts. Would this be considered an incapacitating episode? My medical records dating back 7 plus years confirm I have been diagnosed with allergic conjunctivitis. If I could wear glasses my eye allergy symptoms would be less severe since anything in the eye increases the irritation and redness. I have been documenting my eye allergy flare ups with photographs. On a side note, I was recently diagnosed with pingueculas in both eyes. Pinguecula (code 6037) further complicates the fitting of sclera lenses, but there is no scaring on my eyes from them. My non-VA eye doctor is great, but I have been to his office 10+ times in the past 12 months while he tries to fit contacts for me that work around my other eye complications. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  3. This is so exhausting, Granted 10 % in 10/2014 for Back injury lumbar strain I have not worked regularly since 7/2013 I have filed appeal for through ATTORNEY for ( increase rating with secondary issues and documented records left right hip pain neck pain sciatica left side chronic low back pain with muscle spasm and depression , TDIU many more ... I been on SSD since 11/ 2014 Just had my VA court hearing in May 2020 via ZOOM. I have 1000s pages of med report, Professional Expert Doctor Reviews What else can I do? advice welcome My chances of 100%rate increase or TDIU
  4. Hi, I have been rated at 30% for PTSD since 2005 (60% total). In 2015 I lost my job and after a year social security found me eligible for social security disability benefits based on PTSD. I have not worked since. In 2018 I filed a claim for increases on several things but not for PTSD. At the same time, I was trying to get the VA to add depressive order to my list of service-connected items as I had the diagnosis for it. The VA then re-evaluated me for PTSD and said I was still at 30% and denied all my increases. I had never told the VA or the rater about social security finding me disabled due to PTSD. I appealed the VA decisions regarding the increases they denied me and now the VA is requesting my social security disability findings so, I went ahead and sent them in through ebenifits. The VA sent me a letter stating that " we completed your request for a higher level review, and discovered an error in our duty to assist in gathering evidence in support of your claim". What are the chances that the VA will raise my PTSD to 100% upon finding out that I cannot and have not been able to work because of the problems I have from PTSD . Also, is the VA supposed to address these kinds of issues if the find them? thanks for any thoughts. I never wanted to mess with my PTSD rating for fear of the VA screwing up as usual and that is why I never asked for an increase or told them about the social security disability based on PTSD.
  5. Apparently, this new program settles increases in less than one month: https://www.military.com/militaryadvantage/2017/09/va-claims-new-program-will-allow-disability-ratings-in-30-days
  6. Hello, It has been a long time since I initially filed my claim back in 00 and don't remember it being this complex as I have read. Or maybe I am reading too much into it lol Currently, @20% due to Invertebral disc syndrome (discectomy) Service connected Looking to increase my rating due to a recent Spinal Fusion due to my rated condition and complications that arose during my surgery that was due to initial surgery while I was on active duty. I started my claim and now not sure how to proceed. 1. Can I file for an increase on my own? I have doctors report from the surgery along with the epidurals and other treatments I received prior to my surgery. 2. Do I need the help of a VSO to submit my claim? (I filed my first claim on my own) 3. I would also like to open additional cases for the pain in my legs due to my back pain. Never knew could have filed for this. the pain sucks and is only getting worse 4. Do I need an IMO, or is this not needed since i already have service connected injury on file? Thanks in Advance for your help!!
  7. 12-B-mbrews


    I already get CRSC- 30%, recently the VA upped it to 70%. I think I'll be getting too much VA money to keep getting CRSC, and I will get back pay from the VA. I am worried that I'll will incur a debt to the CRSC program for getting money I wasn't entitled to
  8. I have never applied for increased benefits. However readng HADIT it appearsthat I may be entitled to more than I am currently receiving. Below is my current rating as it stands in eBenefits. The Pes Planus is service related. Hearing loss is service related (I was a 13E in artillery). Nothing for vericose vein stripping? I just had the right leg in surgery. I have other items that I had while in service that have just gotten worse over the years. Can I file for those as well? Secondary to bilateral varicose vein status post stripping 0% Service Connected 02/04/2011 Varicose veins, right leg 10% Service Connected 03/31/1998 bilateral varicose veins status post stripping 10% Service Connected 09/16/1996 pes planus (flatfoot) Not Service Connected hearing loss Not Service Connected varicose vein stripping left leg 0% Service Connected 03/31/1998 left ankle sprain (claimed as nerve pain) Not Service Connected skin condition (colored skin, right leg, chest and right side of head) Not Service Connected hallux valgus, right great toe with degenerative changes 10% Service Connected 06/09/1992 status post fracture, distal phalanx of the index finger 0% Service Connected 06/09/1992 right ankle sprain Not Service Connected chondromalacia of the patella left knee 20% Service Connected 07/18/1994 Not sure where to go with all of this. Hope I can get some help. Currently I'm going after my C - File.
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