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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning, this is a post I made on another VA message site. Posts: 177 Feb 25 16 5:20 PM Based on a recent hearing test below, and using Hutsky hearing loss calculator (he is a Genius), I am now showing a 50% hearing loss rather than 20% that I had back in 2011. #1) Is it common or more typical for vets to loose hearing more quickly as a person ages, due to a previous service connected HF SNHL military loss? In the mid 1980's I was a combat medic in an artillery battalion; 8" guns (constant TOT shots) and MLRS, flew all over the place in helicopters, was hauled around in 113's, 577's, M88s, C130's C140's, Crappy Gamma goats and up rivers Portable Bridge Boats. I was also involved in explosive demolition, training in close proximity to impact areas with US Army Rangers, regular army, and other multinational units. The combination of this led to my service connected hearing loss. #2) Should I upload this report described as an; "audiometric re-evaluation of his known HL" on Ebenefits, or submit it thru the local VSO? I recall taking this same hearing test from the VA, prior to being rated back in 2010) #3) When or If, I do file for an increase, do I need any other supporting documentation other than this recent VA test and the fact that I have a SC hearing loss since 2011? My occupation, hobbies and lifestyle have not changed since 2010. I do not and have not, hunted, fired any guns, blasted music, ridden RTV's or done anything to exacerbate my hearing loss. Pretty boring eh? However, I am now being treated by the VA for PTSD and take medication and get frequent physiological treatment for that condition; Sertraline 150mg day, Prozasin 4mg day, Zopladine 10mg bedtime. I have not been able to work since 1/4/2016 and currently on SDI until May 16 which will be likely extended due to continued PTSD treatment at the VA. Any advice would be great. ************************************************************* Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date tinnitus 10% Service Connected 03/08/2011 bilateral hearing loss 20% Service Connected 03/08/2011 ************************************************************* On 2/16/16 had a hearing test (entire report below), that I requested because my hearing seemed to be much worse and the VA hearing aids were not working well for me.. This is the VA audiology report I just downloaded via MHV. ************************************************************ Note Title: Audiology 10100 Location: No CA Healthcare Sys-Martinez Signed By: XXXXXX,LEE Co-signed By: XXXXX,LEE Date/Time Signed: 16 Feb 2016 @ 1740 Note LOCAL TITLE: Audiology 10100 STANDARD TITLE: AUDIOLOGY NOTE DATE OF NOTE: FEB 16, 2016@17:33 ENTRY DATE: FEB 16, 2016@17:34:09 AUTHOR: XXXXXX,LEE EXP COSIGNER: URGENCY: STATUS: COMPLETED *** Audiology 10100 Has ADDENDA *** Hearing Evaluation (60 mins) MyLastName, Mark, MALE, MyLastName, MARK CONFIDENTIAL Page 8 of 19 123-12-1234 S: Vet came to the clinic for an audiometric re-evaluation of his known HL. The Vet identified himself by name and SS#. Vet describes a subjective, bilateral, constant tinnitus with an unsure onset. O: See Audiometric Evaluation in CPRS found in the Tools menu under Specialty Applications, under Audiogram Display. A: Audiologic evaluation was completed. Findings indicate: AD: Mild sloping to a severe HF SNHL. AS: Mild sloping to a severe HF SNHL. Physical Examination (Objective Findings): 1. Measured pure tone thresholds in decibels HL at the indicated frequencies (air conduction): Right Ear Left Ear A* 500 - 20 A* 500 - 35 B 1000 - 50 B 1000 - 50 C 2000 - 75 C 2000 - 70 D 3000 - 85 D 3000 - 80 E 4000 - 95 E 4000 - 85 **average 76 dB HL **average 71 dB HL * The pure tone threshold at 500 Hz is not used in determining the evaluation but is used in determining whether or not a ratable hearing loss exists. **The average of B, C, D, and E. 2. Speech Audiometry Results: Speech Reception Thresholds were: 50 dBHL AD and 45 dBHL AS. Maryland CNC word recognition scores were: 56 % right ear 56 % left ear Comfortable listening levels were obtained. Bilateral BTE/RIC style hearing aids were ordered. Also ordered remote, ComPilot and remote Mic. P: Vet was counseled on test results, communication techniques and listening strategies. Vet to RTC for a hearing aid evaluation 3/14 @ 9:00 AM. /es/ Lee XXXX, MS Audiologist, Audiology Signed: 02/16/2016 17:40 02/19/2016 ADDENDUM STATUS: COMPLETED Hearing Aid Service LastName, MARK CONFIDENTIAL Page 9 of 19 S: Lt unit died while here for AE. P: Returned this unit to Mnfctr for repair. Holding EM in cupboard. call Vet or hold for appt. 3/14. /es/ Lee XXXXX, MS Audiologist, Audiology Signed: 02/19/2016 14:32 *********************************************************************** End Mark US ARMY Combat Medic 1/94th FA C Battery MLRS 1983 - 1986 SC - Bilateral Hearing Loss 20% SC - Tinnitus 10% PTSD-MST: Claim submitted 11/14/15
  2. I wasn't sure what to title this and where to put it. timeline: November 2011, rated 70 % SC for MH. Including PTSD, Bipolar, yadda yadda. 2011-Present time, Lots of counselings and changing of Meds. About a month ago, I went to my regular physical doctor at VA. I told her that I still have suicidal thoughts. She made me see the counselor. I talked to counselor in October, and she made an appointment for me on Nov 10, 2014. She said I can bring my wife if I wanted to, and I did. We shot the bull and talked about how things were getting better for us, etc. I am trying to get back in shape and started walking/jogging a while back. Also, I need to add, that my VA psychiatrist changed my drugs from one thing to Lithium. I told the counselor that I believe the drugs were a good thing, so far. I noticed on my BlueButton MyHealtheVet, that she marked that I was doing better, etc, etc, etc.. Well, for one, I don't want to talk about all the bad stuff when my wife is sitting next to me. Because everything I say will be used against me (trust me). I get a call this Monday, (17 November) from the C&P people. They said I need to come in for a C&P re-evaluation or a yearly evaluation for my MH claim. 19 November, I showed up at this C&P reevaluation, and the Dr. asked, Do you know why you are here? I said no ma'am. And she explained that the VA was making sure that I was being properly taken care of, and that my benefits didn't need to be bumped up. When I was in the office with this Dr., my body felt like it was on fire. My chest started beating fast. My hands were shaking. I was crying, etc. She asked me to tell her what the following meant, "Don't Count your chickens before they hatch". I just repeated it like a fool like 5 or so times. I honestly believe that the new drug that they gave me started to kick in. She wanted to put me in the Mental Jail, But she kept asking me if I wanted to go there, but I told her, I prefer not. She said, what if I make you? I said, you got to do what you go to do, but I Prefer not. Those people in the mental ward are literally crazy people. I'm depressed and act all weird, but I'm not "crazy" like some of those. In the mental ward, there was this one guy that kept shitting on everything. I'm not like that. I'm glad that she seen me in my bad times, since it was a C&P exam. But, I am so Scared that they are going to re-evaluate me and say that I don't deserve the 70% that I get. I already feel as though I am using the system, and it makes me feel really bad for having to "prove" my insanity. I wish I could go back in time and not ever go to the VA. I want life to be like it was before I went to Afghanistan in 2011. Anyway, if these post are supposed to be in the form of a question, What is the chances of them downgrading my % ?
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