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Found 3 results

  1. I have been rated 80% with TDIU since 2013. I recently attended my 5 year re-evaluation for PTSD. My exam results showed up on Myhealthyvet today, but I shouldn't get a decision until June or July according to VA.gov. I just wanted to know what you guys thought my rating "MAY" be based on this C&P. Of course, my PTSD and MDD are firing at max speed right now worrying about it. My concern is the part where the Dr says "Moderately Severe" PTSD and depression. I have heard stories about the raters pulling small words like that out and using them for a reason to reduce benefits. Thank you in advance for your time and responses. cp1.pdf cp2.pdf cp3.pdf cp4.pdf cp5.pdf cp6.pdf cp7.pdf cp8.pdf cp9.pdf cp10.pdf
  2. Hello gentleman, I am a new member on the site. Thank you for having me! I'll tell you a little bit about myself.. Background: (Feel free to skip down to present day for the actual concern) I was discharged from the Marine Corps in 2008, due to mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I have struggled with these issues ever since, and am still struggling to this very day. Shortly after being discharged, I was contacted by the VA to come in for a C&P exam to determine a course of action. In 2010, I received a rating of 50% for the issues mentioned above. I had a follow-up exam 6-months later, and my rating was increased from 50% to 80%. At the end of 2010, I filed the paperwork for unemployability, and was granted it at the end of that year. It remains current, and I have been in treatment with the VA since then to work on my issues. In 2011, I applied for the Vocational Rehabilitation program to pursue a 4-year college degree. I was approved, and started attending classes. My first semester went rather well, pulling a B/C average at the end. The second semester, not so well. Ended up having to drop out because my anxiety was so immense. Enrolled to try again the following semester...dropped again...just could handle it, and was released from the program. In 2012, I became very interested in the engineering side of music, and wanted to give it a shot. I liked the fact that it was something I could do on my own, and didn't have to be around lots of others to perform my job. Being alone is when I'm more content. I was hooked. I again applied for Voc. Rehab, and met with a rep. He was optimistic, which surprised me because of my past history with them, and he said he would run it across his boss and get back with me. He scheduled a meeting with me two weeks later and said that they couldn't approve that particular music program I wanted to pursue, and if that I picked something else (with a little better job security), I would likely be approved. I said no thanks, I'll just have to do it on my own. I think this surprised him, and I don't know if it was just because he could tell I was passionate, but he said he would vouch for me, and to go ahead and start the program. He told me that I would need to prove to him that I was serious, and maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to keep pursuing it. I agreed. 3 years later, I am finally a senior, and have not once dropped below the 3.0 GPA mark. WOW is all I can say to myself. I'm not going to lie, I went through some hard times with my mental health problems during these last 3 years, but I have fought hard, and maintained. I'm serious about doing something with my life and resolving my issues all together. My rep is very happy with me, and always reminds me that I continue to amaze him at holding up my end of the bargain. This brings me to present day. The VA has contacted me and scheduled a C&p exam in a couple of weeks. I do realize that it might be routine, but have a slight suspicion that a few VA employees at this facility are out to get me. While my depression has gotten better in recent years due to optimism about being a degree holder, my anxiety level has not changed, which is why I'm hoping that obtaining a college degree will give me that confidence boost I need to survive in the real world and stop getting so worked up about what others think/how they treat me. All I can think about is them taking away my benefits. I can imagine the aftermath, and I know myself pretty well. I would likely go back into depression because funds will start running low, anxiety will increase even more, fear of the future will be at an all-time high, etc. I have been honest with the VA about my claims, and have sought treatment ever since my discharge. I have heard horror stories that if you tell the VA that you are better (as in my depression being better), they will automatically try and reduce, or take your rating away all together. I have worked so hard, and I'm gearing up for my last year of college, but now I feel as it all might come to a bleeding halt. I have been an American Legion member for 6 years, so I do have them as a point of contact, but I'm not sure if or when I should contact them about the situation. Any tips, guys? Thank you for listening, it truly means a lot! And again, thanks for having me on the site. MarineLCpl
  3. I was hoping someone that works at the VA could provide me some insight. I was in the Marines from 2001-2005 with two combat tours. I went through the initial process in 2006 and was awarded: PTSD 10%, degenerative joint disease of the right knee 10% and degenerative joint disease of the left knee 10% for a total of 30%. After speaking with friends I decided to have my claim reevaluated. I opened my claim with the VFW January of this year for: PTSD (Increase), degenerative joint disease of the right knee (Increase), degenerative joint disease of the left knee (Increase), residual injury lower back (New), Hypertension, arterial (New), Rhinitis, allergic (New), tinnitus (New), eczema (New), hiatal hernia (New), elbow pain (New). All of the issues marked as “new” are being reviewed as administrative error. They were evaluated by the VA Dr’s and approved as being service connected but were never given a rating, not even 0%. I was only called in to meet with a physician for PTSD (Increase), degenerative joint disease of the right knee (Increase), degenerative joint disease of the left knee (Increase). During my knee exam I had limited range of motion as well as chronic pain that affects my job and personal life. Also, no x-rays were needed because they had x-rays from 8 years ago proving my condition. During my evaluation for PTSD the Dr said my issues have gotten worse and it affects my work/personal life as well. Long story short my question is about increase and my current process. My status in eBenefits is "Preparation for Decision" but I was never seen by a physician for: residual injury lower back (New), Hypertension, arterial (New), Rhinitis, allergic (New), tinnitus (New), eczema (New), hiatal hernia (New), elbow pain (New). Is it a good or bad that I wasn’t seen by a physician for the 7 new issues that were filled as administrative error? They are in my file as being service connected but again never given a rating, not even 0%. I know it’s a tough call without seeing all my documentation but what do you think my outcome will be? I am open to insight.
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