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Found 3 results

  1. so my claim was submitted on 12/12/2016. I submitted for bipolar/depression (reopen) and tinnitus (new). I sent it in as an FDC with all my evidence. I checked ebenefits on 12/21/2016 and the status is already showing preparation for decision. Is this normal? I haven't even gone to a c&p exam, I haven't recieved any correspondences or anything. For the bipolar depression it is a reopen because when i first filed in 2011, I missed my appointment. After I missed my appointment, the VA sent me papers (back in 2011) saying that they see that i was treated for depression during active duty. but since i failed to show up to the appointment, it was denied. So now i've sent a ton of new evidence that supports my claim and they've reopened the case. But does the speed with which this is progressing means that i am being denied? As noted below, ebennies is showing that the va rep has already made a decision, in less than two weeks. With no exams or anything... What does this mean... Is this normal? have i been denied? Is there a phone number i can call?? im freaking out. Here's what ebenefits show: Estimated Completion: 01/24/2017 - 03/04/2017 STATUS: Preparation For Decision The Veterans Service Representative has recommended a decision, and is preparing required documents detailing that decision. If more evidence is required, the claim will be sent back in the process for more information or evidence
  2. Husband was recently awarded 50% mental health. We feel it should have been 70% and would like to reopen/reconsider. I know we need new and material evidence to do so. There are many symptoms in my husband's VA treatment notes that are in the 70% range but were never included in his very incomplete C&P exam. When asked. rater said they did consider the treatment notes but if so they sure missed a ton of references to all these symptoms. One of the symptoms is suicidal ideation. This is and continues to be an ongoing problem. But, since they said they considered the records, we likely cannot try to reopen with this. However, recently my husband's mental health nurse practitioner referred him to a suicide prevention therapist due to the fact that much of the treatment so far has been borderline helpful at most. He does not have an active plan but the thought is always there. So, would this referral be considered new and material evidence to reopen the claim and at that time we can refer to all the other overlooked symptoms also? Thanks Kate
  3. My Current Claims *My claims are in the Prep for decision phase* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Claim: Date Opened: 6/28/11 Type of claim: Appeal Est Completion Date: New date: 8/13-1/14 | Old date: 6/12-8/13 1. PTSD (Reopen) 2. Tinnitus (Reopen) 3. Rash on Chest (Reopen) 4. Hearing Loss, Left Ear (Reopen) 5. Hearing Loss, Right Ear (New) 6. neutropenial leukopenia (New) 7. bilateral pes planus (New) 8. mitral valve (New) 9. thrombocytopenia 2nd to leukippenia (Secondary) 2nd Claim: Date Opened: 4/19/13 Type of claim: Dependency Claim Est Completion Date: (New date: 8/13-2/14) (Old date: 10/12-4/13) ReOpened but shows as new claim Started receiving VA Pension in Nov 11 First Opened claim Oct/12 to add dependents Claim sent to wrong department and closed 4/13 Should be back pay since claim was within one year 3rd Claim Date Opened: 4/10/13 Type of claim: Freedom of information Act/ Privacy Act Request Est Completion Date: N/A Requested my C-file & Inquiry on Dependency claim ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My info : Entered service Sept 2001 / Honerable discharge Sept 2005 Had a C&P for PTSD last month and got the Initial DBQ .The report seems to be in my favor for PTSD. It says the magic VA words, states the condition is related to service , that I have been getting treatment since discharge and that I been baker Acted four times. In the notes in the report it also says that I was diagnosed with Dsythmic dysorder at time of discharge. I tried to claim the Dysthemic disorder in 2006 but was turned down even on NOD. The C&P report from 2006 has a diagnosis of it and the rating decision has me awarded treatment for it since it was with-in a year of discharge. The thing is I tired to reopen it with the current appeal claims but they didnt add Dysthemic Dysorder to it. Can I reclaim/reopen claim for Dysthymic Dysorder even though it is closed but should have been added? or should I wait to find out SC% on the current appeals. There was no exams so far for the "new" condition I listed above. I called Peggy and they said if they needed more info they would let me know. They do have updated medical reports about the new claims like Neutopenia. My first C&P report has a diagnosis of the new conditions I'm claiming. I wish I knew before about the C&P for condition like neutropenia. I could have filed a claim in 2006 but found out about it last year. :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Current SC% Last Rating Decision was in 2010 Currently awarded Va Non-service pension since Nov 2011 Rating(s) 1. Dysthymic disorder ( Not Service-Connected) 2. Chest wall syndrome, claimed as chest pain, tightness and difficulty breathing (0%) 3. Hearing loss, left ear (Not Service-Connected) 4. Tinnitus, claimed as ringing in the ears ( Not Service-Connected) 5. Residuals of fracture of the left ring finger with pinning, to include post traumatic arthritis with ankylosis of the distal interphalangeal joint (dominant) (0%) 6. rash on chest ( Not Service-Connected) 7. sycosis barbae, claimed as razor bumps of the face (0%) 8. PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) (Not Service-Connected) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can anyone give me a WAG on SC% for the appeals or what to do from here on out. Should I worry about not being service connected for Dysthymic dysorder when its in my 1st C&P and I am awarded meds for it.

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