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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. A friend of mine told me about this website and suggested I ask this question. Right now, I'm in the reserve, and on the 2nd week of my annual training. Last week, during a field exercise, I was lifting something heavy and threw out my lower back, and they put me on light duty for the remainder of my AT. Someone suggested I should file a claim with the VA, however, this is not the first time I've hurt my lower back. About three years ago I did the same thing while at home working in the yard, it was completely unrelated to military service, and not an any orders, and I've received care at the VA since then. I'm able to get free care at the VA since I'm 50% overall between a few different things. They did an MRI, and I've been to physical therapy, and it was mostly manageable over time, and I haven't been in physical therapy for over six months. My question then here is: If I hurt my back three years ago, documented as outside of service, then will the VA grant service connection if I essentially re-injured it here while on annual training orders? I'm already service connected for conditions related to mid and upper back (rated as thoracic and cervical spine), and they are manageable through physical therapy and medications over the years. But this injury has been treated at the VA as lumbar spine, with some radiating pain down through the leg to the foot. I don't have any service connections for lumbar or leg conditions. My plan right now is to simply go back to the VA and tell them what happened to try and re-start physical therapy as I had been for the past three years for this issue. But I'm not sure what to do about VA service connection, or if that's even possible. Thank you
  2. Fellow Warriors, I was a reservist where i attended bootcamp and school (then transferred to reserves with an Honorable DD214) '89-'90, called to active duty for Desert Shield and deactivated with another honorable DD214 ('90/91) and entered active drilling status. During my 2 week active duty in 1993 i was in a HWMMV that rolled over and had subsequent back surgery/injuries. During monthly drills in 92/93 i was at sick call, with documentation, etc. in 94 i started missing drills and was discharged in 1995 with an admin separation OTH (for missing drills). My initial claim for this back injury was denied due to Character of Service (so service time from 91-95 was not honorable). I am due for an appeal next week, and want to know if i have a shot at getting some VA benefits for this even though my discharge was not Honorable even though the documented injury occurred on active duty training.
  3. Vets, I am a 12 year AD Veteran who recently separated under Honorable conditions with RE-1 code. I filled my quick start compensation claim while I was still in AD. My claim status on eBenefits says to be finalize between APR14-NOV14. My career plans after separation did not go as planned. I contacted the AD and Reserve recruiters to see the possibilities on returning to AD or joining the reserve. I was told neither may happen since I submitted a VA claim. Should I cancel or stop my claim in order to return to AD or joining the reserves? Is there a penalty for doing so? Will I be able to resubmit my claim in case I don't get approved to return to AD or joining the reserve? I just don't want to make a mistake I may regret. My DVA rep told me that based on my claim and evidence provided with my medical record, based on her opinion, I may be granted 50+% disability. Thanks in advance. PMJ
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