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Found 24 results

  1. I won a remand at CAVC for reconsideration of an earlier effective date back to 1988 due to missing records on a single issue, where the BVA judge agreed and granted it along with service connection. The RO just sent out a decision packet, which I'm still waiting on. What rating percent will they use (I'm at 40% now, the MEB gave me 10% back then in 1988)? How will they calculate retropay (using todays dollars or 80's pay)? Could I get IU (I was given P&T 100% in 2017) back to the new date (my social security record shows I only made above poverty level in 3 out of 30yrs of working)? Thx
  2. CUE =BVA - retro to 1985 for PTSD There are over 2,000 CUE decisions at the BVA for 2020. Many of them were denied and those cases reveal why they were denied. But persistence pays off: This vet would not give up- the case shows the rigamorale he went through. "ORDER The Veteran’s motion to revise the March 2007 rating decision that granted service connection for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), effective October 7, 2005, on the grounds of clear and unmistakable error (CUE) is granted, and an effective date of April 9, 1985, but no earlier, for the award of service connection for PTSD, is assigned. " https://www.va.gov/vetapp20/files10/20067868.txt This case involved not only CUE but 38 CFR 3.156. Also the veteran appealed to the Court ( CAVC twice and apparently had a lawyer at that point who successfully represented him at the BVA for the CUE. The veteran at some point reopened his claim in 2005 and gained a 70% rating in 2007 (retro back to 2005) The BVA stated: "Here, there is no question that the award of service connection in 2007 was based, at least in part, on the confirmation of the Veteran’s stressors completed through CURR research. So, it is clear in this case that the effective date provisions of 3.156(c)(3) were applicable. " This vet Also had problems getting his stressors verified- problems that probably came from the VA itself-that is why it pays to do all you can to get a stressor verified via JSRRC and/or buddy statements. VA will lie about contacting CURR, when sometimes they never do that. It took 22 YEARS for that to occur in this veteran's case. Still the veteran knew that was wrong- and he proved with his lawyer that hi original 1985 claim for "delayed stress" ( PTSD was still new then and many vets with a PTSD diagnosis I met when I worked at a Vet Center, didnt really know what PTSD was, but they all had been diagnosed with it -from the Vietnam War.) My husband's 1983 award was for service connected "nervous condition"" subsequently changed to PTSD, when PTSD formally went into the regulations. In this case the original claim for "delayed stress" was clearly an established fact that the veteran had PTSD fro the Vietnam War. In many cases ( such as a recent CUE question here) a re opened claim can only generate a potential valid CUE on the original claim, only when there is no doubt that the original claimed disability was exactly the same as the re opened awarded disability. The only good thing VA ever did for my husband was diagnose him with PTSD immediately when he tried to choke a loan officer at the VA. The Director,a VA psychologist, as I mentioned before, gave him a buddy statement, because my husband revealed one stressor to him and the psychologist- was called to the same scene at the Perfume River, Vietnam to treat Marines who were obviously seriously affected by the "volunteer job" they had to do.It was horrible. He was awarded within a few months after that for SC PTSD. 30% SC. Even with treatment for years for the PTSD here in NY, he was awarded 100% P & T posthumously for SC PTSD because PTSD can get worse over the years. Severe stressors never go away. I hope this case above will help someone out there who thinks they have CUE and/or 3.156 potential. Any vet rep or VSO who can read, would be able to understand what a valid CUE is by reading this case, and be able to determine if you should file or re open in that regard. My last post on CUE here yesterday will also help any POA rep ,VSO , or claimant understand what a CUE is and how a re -open can gain a better EED, as explained in that post and in this very recent BVA award.
  3. I received a letter from the BVA dated May 24 , 2018 stating that I had been granted service connection for some issues and a remand for other issues. I am still waiting on an effective date and rating. My question is will the VA implement the grant while waiting on the remand? how long does this process usually take? I was ok while my case was on appeal but since I received my grant I have went crazy. I check e benefits 3 times a day and i cannot stop wondering what my new rating is. How long does this process take? I thought I had won my case but nothing has changed. sooo tired of waiting on the VA. Any info on time would be great or any suggestions to speed this up.
  4. I've received two retros, one in 2015 and the last I'm 2017. Both notices said that I was being paid as a veteran with no dependents. During the retro years, my daughter was receiving benefits and stopped in September 2009. How can I be certain if the VA included her portion. Tried to appeal using ramp, but their decision is upheld. What do I do next? Thanks.
  5. This article recently appeared in the Coast Guard's retiree newsletter put out by the Coast Guard Pay and Personnel Center which handles retired pay for all Coast Guard and NOAA retirees. Thought folks here might find it of interest: I’ve Received an Award Letter from the VA. What happens Now? by Teresa Deckenbach, Military Pay Technician This is the number one question we are asked as pay technicians. This article will give you information regarding our timelines here in Retiree and Annuitant Services (RAS). When RAS is notified that a Coast Guard retiree has been awarded compensation, we are required to deduct dollar for dollar any compensation the retiree receives from the VA. When a retiree is awarded a disability rating of 50% or higher AND served 20 or more years, a portion of the compensation offset will be restored as Concurrent Retired Disability Payments (CRDP). CRDP started in 2004 and higher concurrent payments have been phased in over a 10 year period. As of January 1, 2014, anyone rated 50% or higher, with 20+ years of service, will receive their full USCG retired pay and VA compensation. You will receive two deposits each month; one from the VA and one from the USCG. Exception to this rule: If you retire as a Chapter 61 disability and your longevity percentage is less than your disability percentage, you may or may not be entitled to CRDP. When the VA notifies us of a retroactive decision on a rat-ing, we complete an Audit Error Worksheet (AEW) that calculates any back monies owed to the retiree. In most cases, money is owed to the retiree only from the VA. The worksheet goes through our auditors and our audit proc-ess takes 90-120 days. This time period is determined by the auditor’s workload and the number of starts or changes received from the VA. RAS technicians complete hundreds of worksheets every month and each one must be audited. You will receive a letter from our Branch Chief, Mrs. Debra Farley, when the audit is complete. Once you receive this letter, you will know that we have transmitted the information to VA HQ. The retiree should wait at least 30 days before contacting the VA for a status update. Once a month the audited reports are sent to our contact at VA HQ. These reports are then disseminated to VA Regional Offices to process any payment due. Although the information is sent to the regional offices in a timely manner, it is our understanding that the VA may take an additional 90 - 120 days to process the payment. Their highest priorities are starting initial compensation and working with returning Wounded Warriors. I hope this article answers some of the common questions retirees have when that initial award letter is received. http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/retnews/2013/July13newsletter.pdf In general, the retro payment for Coast Guard retirees can be one of the more frustrating parts of the disability rating process. I waited about a year for my initial rating, then another ten months for my retro payment of almost $10K. For Coast Guard and NOAA retirees who are struggling with the wait, keep in touch with your pay tech at PPC, even after you get the letter from the branch chief stating that your audit is complete, as well as the RO or VSO. My pay tech had to submit the audit worksheet three times and then had to go outside the normal channels to a contact in the VA. Hope this helps someone out there.
  6. im starting to see a lot of people are and have been in the same boat as me regarding retro and change of rating percentage. this question is to kinda find not a time frame but to solidify that something is really off with VA. obviously right im just starting to feel that maybe since this new Ramp program if the DROs or the processors told to drop some things and pick up on RAMP appeals. my past BVA decisions award came within 3 weeks and now its been over 6 weeks since judge grant. so please submit answers as a story and a time frame if you could. THANK YOU
  7. I've been a lurker on here for a little bit, I have been able to find most of my questions answered on here through a quick search, but I'm having trouble finding anything related to my current question. I had a partial grant last month from the BVA; two approvals, one increase, one denial, and two remands. I'm currently waiting on my RO in Muskogee, OK to promulgate my rating. They received my file on February 28th, 2017, and so far nothing has changed in ebenefits, and iris inquiries have left me with more questions than answers. I'm also in an expedited status due to extreme financial hardship. Is a case that's been flagged for hardship treated more expeditiously than a normal BVA grant? I ask because VLJ already stated that it should be treated in an expedited matter because it's an Appeal (everyone is expedited after BVA = no one is expedited, lol). I left a complaint on IRIS to my RO about how that the BVA has the FL 10-02 going over this exact circumstance and that I'm also flagged under hardship status. What else can I do from here? Running out of time...
  8. For Calculating Retro VA Disability Compensation Rates 2012 | 2011 | 2010-2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 Prior to 1999 check here https://www.hadit.com/va-disability-compensation-rates-historic-for-retro-calculation/
  9. I am showing an increase in one of my SC conditions on E-Benefits as when I opened IU claim they also evaluate SC for increases before IU decision. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive retro back pay for this increase? I am owed 4 months at this point.
  10. Hello Berta and All, I just received my decision letter on one of my appeals, and it's 2 things wrong with this letter... (1) I don't see what evidence they reviewed or why they gave me the lowball 10 percent rating (perhaps there is another letter), and (2) either I can't count or they missed retro for the entire year 2015. Can you VA math wiz out there run the numbers and see how much retro you come up with based off this letter. Scroll all the way down for the answer. Please and thank you. SergeantQ Answer: $13437.20 scan_0001.pdf
  11. After 2.5 years, the VA finally processed my NOD which resulted in a 100% rating. I’m very grateful for the help and feedback from Hadit over the past few years. However, I have one more favor to ask. I received retroactive pay based on the effective award date, but it was half of what I expected. I calculated approximately $30k in reto pay vs. the $16k that the VA calculated. Since the NOD took 2.5 years, I had other claims that were processed and awarded during this time, which is outlined below with the effective dates. The sleep apnea claim is the one for the NOD. The calculator that I used to determine retro pay is https://www.hillandponton.com/va-retro-disability-calculator/ Disability Rating % Effective Date Old (without sleep apnea) New (with sleep apnea) disability #1 30% 9/16/2005 30% 30% disability #2 10% 7/23/2008 40% 40% sleep apnea 50% 2/9/2015 70% disability #3 10% 7/7/2015 40% 70% disability #4 10% 7/20/2015 50% 80% disability #5 10% 7/20/2015 50% 80% disability #6 70% 4/4/2017 90% 90% disability #7 50% 4/4/2017 90% 100% Would someone more familiar with retro pay be able to tell me if my math is correct? Thanks, Bolt
  12. I had filed a claim that was denied based that it was not service connected. However, I found 3 places in my medical records that show otherwise. I am already past my appeal cut off date. I am going to put it in again. If they approve it this timee will they go back to the original start date, or is there some other paperwork for that? Thanks in advance.
  13. I am currently rated at 10% for tinnitus. I filed for SC for an ankle injury, bad knees and hearing loss in April, 2010. I was SC for hearing loss and pain in knees in 2012 at 0%. I filed my NOD within two weeks of the decision and have been waiting on appeal since. I just had had my C&P for ankles, knees, and hearing on April 14th. I was told by the C&P doc to expect a letter from them by June 14th (60 days). I am not holding my breath. I have a torn meniscus, effusion in the knee, and pain. I have been issued a hinged knee brace for each knee as well as hearing aids. So I feel strongly that I should end up with at least 30% combined, hopefully 40%. My understanding of the retro pay is I should see retro for the difference in what ever combined rating percentage I end up with minus the 10% I already received, going back to the original filing date (4/2010). As I was married in 2009, but can not add my dependents until I am rated 30% or more, will I get retro for the higher amount of spouse and dependents in a second retro payment going back to the original filing date? I get that it will be the final dollar amount with dependents, minus the single amount at the new percentage - the 10% already paid. If my research is correct I should see a first payment of at least $18,671.44, granted I get at least 30%. I got this from: $407.75 (30%) - $133.17(10%) = $274.58 x 68 (months) = $18,671.44 Once my dependents are added there should be second payment of $12,240.00 I got this from: $587.75 (with spouse and 5 kids) - $407.75 = $180 x 68 (months) = $12,240.00 Any information that I am missing would be greatly appreciated.
  14. So the VA completed my claim and increased my compensation. There is one problem, there are many conditions that disappeared from the original claim that are all over my service records. Also received retro, but not nearly what I have calculated. Any ideas? Increased from 20% --> 50%. Many things were rated as non-service connected even though they are clearly indicated in my records and the initial injuries happened on Active Duty. I'm just trying to wrap my head around this all.
  15. Is a Veteran able to get their adult children into college after the time limit to do so has expired and years latter the Veterans claim decision has been 'Granted...?'
  16. I searched through the forum but couldnt find what i was looking for. This question was posted in my success story post (http://community.hadit.com/topic/64612-ill-take-it-70-combined) If you want to see where this comes from... However i wanted to make it a different post so that others can search and find it. "I got my retro that starts March 1, 2015 and was the correct amount for 7 months (which would include month of september) Octobers payment just hit today (10/29/15) but was still the old 60% payment 311 short, was this because the decision is so recent and will this be retrod later or should i fly the flag now and early Gosh and this sounds like a dumb question... but is the payment that is on say 9/01/2015, 10/01/2015 say for those months, by that i mean the payment you get that shows up every month considered the payment for the following month or the previous. The VA usually shows my payments as 9/01/2015 but it hits the bank a few days prior. The reason i ask is that if this is so they ow me 622 not 311"
  17. Sooo...back in Febuary of 2015 I filed for IU along with an increase. At the time of filing I did not yet qualify for IU without extra scheduler consideration, however I had been fired from my job December of 2014 for schedual adherance issues related to heath issues (ie my panic disorder). I was working at home for an online company and I was not able to get them to fill out the 21-4192 because they outsourced the filling out of all documents for the company. Folowing advice on these forums, I filled out the form myself along with a printout of my paystubs, screen shot proof of disaplinary action against me for schedual aderance due to "health reasons," screen shot of terminated date, and emails from my employer, signed it "employer refused to sign." My question is would the VA pay me retro from the date of my proof of becoming unemployable (21-4192 and evidence), or will they use the date that I filed for IU even though I did not qualify for it because I was under 70% pending an increase, or will they use the date that I was approved for the increase to 70%, or will they use the date of my C&P where the doctor says I am unemployable? They have schedualed my C&P for this up-comming October 2015...8 months since I filed, and 10 months since I was last able to work. I do plan on bringing this evidence along with me to my C&P this time. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you!
  18. Folks: Received my retro a few days ago. From what I saw on the timeline, it took about 3 months. DFAS finished the audit pretty quickly, transmitted the resultsto VA on the 19th of this month and paid on the 22nd. They ended up providing 24 months of retro but still 6 months shy of my calculations? That said,it was more than I figured and phase II (some deferred contentions) of my claim will be finished tomorrow after a CP review by another QTC Doctor. The FDC Program worked well for me and I hope more Vets used it as the VA incentivized it...thanks again to all of those who helped me...can't thank you enough...please make sure that you all consider helping hadit.com with their "fundme" program so they can continue this amazing website that helps so many Vets and their families'. Godspeed..Rootbeer22
  19. I was finally ready to figure Retro benefits. So I filed my claim once in '83 denied....then on May 2, 2014 and continued with my PTSD request. Now I go into the ebenefits and it says I am only eligible (I may be incorrect) ..for retro benes back to June of this year (2 months)..Because of an INTENT to FILE. I just dont get it. I followed the rules and inquired & inquired about any missing forms and they told me that I was good. The effective date NOW is June 16 2015... NOT... May 2, 2014. The difference is huge-never read or heard abt the deadlines for Intent to file...I assume I should have filed an Intent every year???? Help....
  20. Warning: Medium sized wall of text incoming. Well, along with the great relief of winning my award for 100% last month came a bit of bad news. On the 27th of feburary, my Retro-pay was sent to a non-existant account due to a single mistyped number in the VA computer system. The payment was returned to the VA the very next day. I immediately called peggy at the 800 number and changed my direct deposit information to the correct number. A week went by (8th of feb) and I called Peggy again to get an update and I was told that because the payment that was returned was so large my benefits had been suspended until the Treasury could verify my information and issue a new check to the the correct account. I was told that all payments (including my normal monthly amount) were suspended as well and I would not be recieving any payments until everything was fixed. No one at the VA could tell me with any accuracy how long the wait would be before I would see my deposit and I'm very worried. I'm not going to bore you with the fine details. Lets just say that none of my bills are getting paid this month and I've been eating delicious ramen for 18 days. Does anyone have any information as to how long this could take and what I could do to speed up the process? Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY happy to have won my claim. It's just crazy stressful knowing that if my payment doesn't come in next month I could be on the streets. I've been down this road before and it's nothing I want to experiance again. Any advice or information would be appreciated. -ellen
  21. Hello all; After I lost my good paying job, the retro became a high priority for my family. I learned a lot from this forum and wanted to give my stats so others who are also waiting might be able to use my situation when guessing the average wait time. After a two year wait after submitting my NOD; I was awarded an increase dated to my discharge date almost 4 years prior. My NOD was settled in July 2012 with the new monthly disability in the 1 Aug 12 pay. The VA submitted audit paperwork to the USAF DFAS who had till 16 Aug 12 to return it back to the VA. They completed their part on time and it was waiting processing with the VA until 21 March 13. So my wait time with the VA was 8 months; I was expecting at least 12 months before I would hear anything so I am grateful. I am still waiting on retro for my child who turned 18 while in high school, then college. I now realize that we must submit paperwork when they turn 17 to prevent them from being dropped while still in school, then provide additional information after the fact which was taking about a year to process. Attempts to request expedited VA retro processing when I lost my job failed. The VA required proof of overdue bills and or a ruined credit report before they would consider early processing. I would have continued to use my kids college savings before that while I was getting my feet back on the ground with another good paying job. On a positive note, I did get another job, but at only 25% of what I had previously so the VA retro is a blessing till something else comes along. I wish to send a huge THANK YOU to all on this forum. There is a lot of good information and good people who are always here to help others. I did ask the DAV to help expedite my processing but didn't get any positive feedback about success so there is a possibility that they were able to do something but not sure. I do appreciate their support in trying even if it didn't work out, and also a big Thank You if they were successful. Again, Thank you to all; my retro was significant and a big stress relief. Sincerely, Joe
  22. I know this has more then likely been discussed several times in the past, but I'm putting it out there because it's my current experience as I'm living it. Trying to keep it all in one place by adding to other threads that discuss this topic is somewhat frowned upon, which is why I'm starting this one. Synopsis of my process so far: Initial award: 50% in 2004 for a laundry list of things typical to a 25 year Army career of jumping, deploying, sleeping on rocks, not sleeping, not eating, stressing etc, etc, etc. I was in the middle of a bunch of life changes so didn't appeal anything. Bad decision on my part. I would recommend appealing if you feel you didn’t receive the outcome you deserve. Don’t wait and re-file or request increases like I did. Fast forward to 2010: As we age, our "100% more abused then the average citizen" bodies are on a fast deterioration...and it was becoming evident that my days are numbered to continue at the pace I am now, or was. So I filed for increases in several areas and added a couple. I'd like to believe that's why my claim sat idle for almost 2 years, but...my C&P's were done in July 2012. All paperwork/documentation was in and final in December 2010. So, what was happening (Other than collecting Houston VARO dust) from Oct 2010 to July 2012, is an unknown. Maybe it had to do with it being an election year?? Who knows... Anyway, a quick rundown: Second claim opened: 10/08/2010 - I received 3 notifications via mail (Other then the C&P notifications) between Oct 2010 and 1 February 2012 telling me that they were still working on my claim. After that, I received nothing until the C&P notifications. - eBenefits stayed in "Gathering Evidence" until August 2012. - April 2012: I said enough is enough. I contacted my Congressman. They said they were glad to take this on. They sent a letter to the VA inquiring into the status in early May. - Nothing changed. Early June, I contacted the Houston RO and got hung up on three times. - C&P exams (2) done in July 2012. - August 2012: eBenefits back and forth’s from "Gathering of Evidence" to "Review of Evidence".Second claim closed: 09/01/2012 - Found 100% P&T. - Received partial retro deposit before I got the brown envelope in the mail. - Packet received about 6 days after eBenefits showed closed. My AB8 and commissary letter showed 100% on 1 September 2012 with an effective date of 1 September 2012 but the retro amouont was in line with an effective date of 1 November 2010. - Partial retro paid: 09/06/2012 (~40% of total) (If you are a "For time" retiree and under CRSC/CRDP, the VA withholds a majority of the retrospective payment to allow DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) time to do an audit of your pay to make sure you don't owe them or they don't owe you. If you owe them, they get their cut straight out of the retro payment. If they owe you, they pay up and it's reflected in your Retiree Account Statement (RAS) in MyPay. - No contact from anyone, in any way, about anything, concerning the remainder of my retro. I did a lot of digging on the forums here and gleaned some good information, but it was scattered and none of it was consistent.Authorization Review Claim opened: 10/17/2012 - Asked questions here and had several different answers. Still not sure what this type of claim is. - Contacted DFAS on 20 September 2012 and they told me that the retro was under audit, call back for more info in a week or two. Called them back on 3 October and was told the DFAS audit was completed on the 29th. They then BATCH them and send them back to the VA once a month on the 15th. Some say it's the 19th but mine was back at the VA on the 15th of October. - DFAS paid out the CRSC difference in my current retired pay on 10/16/2012. (Too bad the VA can't process payments as fast as DFAS!) Authorization Review Claim closed: 11/16/2012 [*]Retired Pay Adjustment claim opened: 10/17/2012 (**Note: This didn't even show up on eBenefits until the 16th of November, after it was already closed!) - This can have to do with a couple of actions. 1. The DFAS audit and CRSC/CRDP difference (**But that was paid out the day before this claim was opened) or 2. The final retro payment after the audit by DFAS and the review by the VA (Signatures) due to the amount of the retro, which is >$25K. [*]Retired Pay Adjustment claim closed: 11/16/2012 Another thing: My AB8 (Benefit Verification) letter effective date also changed from 1 September 2012 to 1 December 2011, which of course has me curious. Is this the actual date of the most recent payment adjustment to 100%? Or, in other words, the last time COLA was adjusted? Remaining retro received 11/19/2012. Hope this timeline helps reduce someone else’s stress!
  23. Wouldn't it be great if they forced the VA to increase a veteran's rating 1% for each month that the VA took to process a claim after their magical 125 Day response time. 1% might not sound like much, but even under the VA's mysterious rating system, added up, it would definitely make a difference. Plus, it would compel the VA to process claims much more effeciently, knowing there is a 1% penalty per month hanging over their heads. I know it'll never happen, but I had an extra strong cup of coffee this morning, so my brain is in overdrive. Good morning, y'all. Mark
  24. Been lurking on the site for a couple years now. I finally got rated 50% back in August 2011(chronic sleep apnea). Currently waiting for CRDP retro to hit my account. I asked for and received a copy of my audit back in early November. I've seen numerous questions about income tax and figured I'd pony up and register an account. I have been preparing taxes professionally for 5 years. I've slowed down a bit due to my full time job and working on my Masters using the Post 9-11 GI Bill. I keep up to date on the tax laws and keep my PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) active in case I ever find myself out of full time employment. I'll admit, I may not know the answer off the top of my head but I most likely know where to find it. I hope everyone has a great 2012 and I look forward to participating on this forum.
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