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Found 6 results

  1. I am considering filing a claim for Fibromyalgia on a secondary basis. I will have substantial evidence including: 1. IMO/Nexus from Rheumatologist relating FM secondary to my SC disability. 2. Lay evidence from a Chiropractor. This will state I have been a patient with musculoskeletal issues for several years. I look for the RO to ignore this and not even review it. 3. I will have additional evidence as well. My fear is that even though I have my eggs in a basket that the VA will send me to a C&P examiner that needs to meet their quota for rejects regardless of pending evidence. If this is the case will the RO then ignore the IMO/Nexus from my Rheumatologist and deflect like they are known to do? Has anyone had any experience with this or any secondary issue? I am trying to avoid a 6 to 8 year process. Thanks
  2. So I finally got my letter and of course my IU claim was denied. But the VARO service connected my thumb, index finger, and little finger as secondary to my original service connected disability. This seems like a good thing to me since it raised my rating by 10%. Does this mean that my original claim and the secondary condition ratings can be raised separately? I don't understand the VA like a lot of people on here so I was wondering if this is a good thing and also shouldn't this help with my appeal.
  3. I was rated 20% for my shoulder due to many dislocations and 10% for cervical strain. I applied for lower back condition thru the DAV. It was denied because they stated the scoliosis I have is not service related. I appealed and asked for a hearing. Since I didn't mention scoliosis in the claim I'm not sure why that is all that they looked at. I've had a back Xray which showed "2. Mild anterior endplate spurring, with disc heights maintained. 3. Thoracic dextroscoliosis, measuring 22 degrees" Which I'm told is indicative of degenerative disc disease and/or arthritis. However, I don't have any in service medical treatment records for my back because I never complained due to fear of losing my flight status as a pilot. I'm being seen by a private sector doctor and getting facet joint injections and medial branch block. How should I appeal this? Should I get a nexus letter stating the arthritis was caused by my service on active duty as a pilot? Or should I ask the doctor to tie my lower back condition in as a secondary condition to cervical strain or shoulder problems?
  4. Thought it best to start a new post since my other one had become so long and probably fairly confusing with all of the twists and turns that my claim has taken. It seems as though the VA is about to deny my NoD for my knees (or has I guess since the DAV rep told me about the Dr opinion). Should have seen this coming a mile away when the nurse practitioner wrote the nexus connecting for my knees to my back. I just called her office this morning explaining that I needed a Doctor to basically endorse what she wrote so I could resubmit it. In short I interpret this as they simply got a Dr to opine their stance and since a Dr out ranks a nurse practitioner so the VA specialist's word stands. The DAV from St Louis also mentioned that from the VA that in the Dr's opinion there isn't any medical evidence to support the claim (a quick google quickly proves otherwise, but I know this doesn't mean a hill of beans in their eyes). Other than that is there anything else I can do? The other twist to this is that they are combining my CUE with the NoD for my knees. Thoughts opinions now that this is all new and improved "Ramp Based"? Backstory: My side; I have scoliosis (noted in SMRs), I was awarded service connection for back condition (based on records they had in possession at the time of original denial back in 1997 (yes big time CUE). Any quick google will bring back a plethora of material linking the two, not to mention almost any Dr will confirm that there are links between the two. My CUE; well after faxing material to Mr. Spickler's office evidently they routed it for a DRO review (included all pertinent documents). My CUE concerns the fact that they used the information in my SMRs to approve me for my back that they had in their possession at the time of my original claim back in 1997. My CUE claim is basically a textbook case of what a CUE should look like and how it should be decided. Instead they didn't even wait for the ink to dry before they denied it (actually couldn't have sat on the raters desk more than a week, this includes time in inbox). Since I had the other in RAMP I went and had this converted over to RAMP as well. My thinking is that if they are going to deny me under a DRO review then they might as well deny me quicker under RAMP instead of waiting 6 months to a year. If you are interested in reviewing the past history of my ongoing claim (now in appeal status) you can find it here (be forewarned it is long and can be quite confusing, though you might glean a few things of what not to do):
  5. I recently filed a claim for my newly diagnosed Fibromyalgia as secondary to my PTSD and was outright denied. My PTSD started out as panic/anxiety disorder at 30%. My mental health counselors diagnosed with me with PTSD and stated that I should go file. I did and my panic/anxiety disorder increased to 50% as PTSD with panic/anxiety disorder. I went in for an increase to the PTSD as my medication strength was increasing and I was finding myself isolated and such and it was increased to 70%, ever since the PTSD was getting worse, the symptoms of Fibromyalgia began to appear alongside the PTSD. How do I go about claiming or appealing their decision as I was told by DAV to suck it up, you're at 90% and to not f**k with the 5 year VBA rule, otherwise they can reduce all my percentages down to 0% and have me just at service-connected 0% and just pay all my medical, which scares me because I have 3 boys who are highly active and as a single parent with this new, painful diagnosis, it stresses me out more that I can't keep up or participate and be active with them. The DAV rep did say to have my Dr state that the fibro is "at least as likely not" to win my case, but if I'm claiming it as secondary to my PTSD what do I need to do? I'm not sure what I need as both symptoms of the PTSD and Fibro are very much related. So I'm not sure what I need to do at this point as it's becoming increasingly frustrating, because had I not had PTSD, the fibro would not exist. Does anyone know what to do or has been in this similar situation and can help guide me? Side note* I was physically abused by my husband, both of us were active duty at the time, where I did complain about pain in my lower back, neck and elbows and was seen for medical for all three, all of which each of those areas are intensified from the Fibro. I have put in claims for those 3 areas too and have been denied because there's a break in treatment, but if I can handle the pain for a while, and then later seek treatment for them and can only relate them to that time frame/injury, can't those be claimed as stand alone service connected? I know that symptoms and pain can lay dormant for years even decades and can be brought back to surface due to age or aggravated by another event. So how can I get these conditions service connected as well?
  6. Hello everyone, I served in OIF at the onset of the war from 3/2003 - 4/2004 as a front line medic.I also did a tour in 2008. I am currently 70% PTSD/Major Depression, 20% Cervical Radiculopathy and receiving 100% IU P & T as of 5/2013 but have been receiving 100% IU for my PTSD since 2/2010 . I also receive 80% CRSC for both of those conditions since 2013. I was denied service connection for asthma/COPD and Sleep Apnea. Since 2013 new information, and I assume evidence, has come out to establish burn pits as a cause for COPD and that sleep apnea can be a secondary condition to PTSD. My question is 1. Should I attempt to get these two conditions service connected with the goal of a 100% scheduler rating rather than IU or will that most likely adversely effect what I have now? 2. Is sleep apnea secondary to PTSD and COPD linked to burn pits, combat related? So I can keep my CRSC or possibly get it increased?
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