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Found 7 results

  1. I have been following the group for a while. My claim is currently sitting in “Pending Decision Approval”. My question is in regards to my C&P exam. In the notes section of the C&P under GW, the doctor states, “...is less likely than not”. However, directly below that under medical opinion, he states “...is at least as likely as not occurred in service”. Why would he have this distinction? All of my claims were for Gulf War syndrome. The C&P looks favorable for service connection, but not Gulf war. Am I missing something? Are there any thoughts on why he separated these items?
  2. So I went to release of records and I got my c n p exam notes . it's States. Based upon direct evaluation and review of the veterans service treatment records DSM-5 diagnosis of other specified trauma or stressor related disorder is provided. The trauma is.....(goes into my specific trauma) this diagnosis is a clarification of the adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood assigned in service My questions is what diagnosis will I be service connected for?/ did the examiner provide the diagnosis for the OSTRD? I know ultimately the raters decide but from the examiners opinion do you think she's implying service connection.
  3. ALCON: please excuse any unintended etiquette breaking on my post. I stumbled on this forum yesterday while googling about a problem with UPS the VA and medication delivery (different issue, still angry, don't get me started). This forum is massive! I some difficulty navigating it but attempted to read pinned posts and follow rules. BLUF: I incurred an injury during service, I've been fighting to get it added to my claim. I'm currently at 90% and the injury is so significant it will push this to 100% (yes, I've done the VA math on this). What do you do when it keeps coming back "cannot find evidence in medical history of injury incurred during service." It took me 4 years to find the RIGHT diagnosis, it was documented during the medical trauma that I had difficulty with walking, pain in the area where the damage was eventually known to have occurred...2 years of Army docs commenting on my back (clear radiological findings there...no argument about the 8 herniated discs) and ALSO commenting that 'other processes or injury' may have occurred because where some of the dysfunction was, did not match the nerve paths. I have two independent letters from two civilian specialists and my own VA primary care doc (also a Veteran) has written his opinion in the medical chart. I have the correct DBQ filled out from a specialist and the initial letter I got I asked her to write the words "it is more likely than not that this occurred during her medical treatment as it can only occur in traumatic injury GOOD LORD...what do I have to do...print it out, highlight it and walk it down to regional and shove it at them? (not really, I will not do that, this is internet frustration and hyperbole)
  4. Good Morning community- Earlier this month I recieved 100% service connection, a surprizing 2 1/2 months after submitting my claim on e-benefits. After living off of a few hundred bucks a month for the past 3 years I woke up to $6k in my bank account, so life feels great right now. A friend of mine is telling me to file my NOD anyways, for the other disabilities they didn't connect, and also to get my SC backdated to the onset of condition - which would be considered starting in the last 2 months of service before recieving my honorable discharge, 9 years ago. Who has experience with this? Is there a legitimate route I can take to get my 100% backdated to the diagnosis of my PTSD, and without a lawyer? Thanks and happy Sunday.
  5. Hello everyone. What I want to know is if I am getting an adequate service connection percentage. I am currently getting 30% for Bi-Polar disorder. I was originally at 10% and then applied for an increase in my percentage in 2011 and it was raised to 30%. I keep seeing and hearing about vets getting higher percentages than me and it confuses me. Like my brother in law gets 20% for a bad knee and when in my mind I compare a bad knee to constant mood swings, bouts of depression, never ending anxiety, paranoid thoughts especially in social situations whether it be at work or in social gatherings, the occasional psychotic break, and constantly feeling like I'm weird or crazy, that comes with Bi-Polar Disorder, I think to myself, "Now is being 10% higher then someone with a bad knee necessarily right?" I just have problems with understanding how the compensation works and I am wondering if I am getting screwed. Some history about me is that Bi-Polar runs in my family but I did not have any signs of it before I went to Iraq in 2003 and then I had a psychotic break while in Iraq and the V.A. determined that my Illness was already there through genes and that military service exacerbated my Illness. As you probably know Bi-Polar illness is a lifelong condition and it feels to me that it is steadily getting worse as I get older. I have been able to hold down a janitor job for almost 3 years full time but have had to take several sick days because of the stress of working and being around people all day. I'm actually worried that having a stable job for that long would actually screw me if I applied for another increase to my SD of all things. It's not like a Janitor job is a high stress environment for most people but it is the max that I can handle. So, I will be stuck in this job and pay level possibly for the rest of my life or possibly get fired for calling in sick to much and I could never be able to make a higher income even though my I.Q. is 131 and I am a hard worker. So with that all being said should I apply for an increase again to my SD?
  6. Here is my situation: I am currently 0% S/C for Anorexia Nervosa. I have a laxative abuse history for over two decades. I am currently in out patient therapy weekly through Tri-West paid for by the VA. It is helping to a point....I have my days... In November of last year I fainted due to my ED and was rushed to the VA ER. I damaged my lower face to include my two upper teeth. I reported this incident to my outside therapist, Chief MH Director of my VA team, and my PCP doctor. Both the MH/PCP doctor's provided consults for me to go to VA dental but Chief Dental Doctor denied all request stating I was not S/C for my teeth...Yes I knew that...So....I had to seek outside dental help and went to my dental doctor and specialist - $4,500 later I got my teeth fixed! Both dentists provided DBQ's on my behalf and I submitted them along with all my documentation to include ER visit to the VA for an FDC claim. I sit waiting now.... Last month I get a letter (Redacted letter.pdf) from the RO office stating: Due to your dental trauma and passing out from your service connected anorexia nervosa, if you would like to file a claim for increase for anorexia nervosa, please submit your application". Well I did some digging and the Anorexia Nervosa disability ratings are TOUGH: 9520 Anorexia nervosa 9521 Bulimia nervosa Rating Formula for Eating Disorders: Self-induced weight loss to less than 80 percent of expected minimum weight, with incapacitating episodes of at least six weeks total duration per year, and requiring hospitalization more than twice a year for parenteral nutrition or tube feeding.................................................................. 100 Self-induced weight loss to less than 85 percent of expected minimum weight with incapacitating episodes of six or more weeks total duration per year ............................................................................................... 60 Self-induced weight loss to less than 85 percent of expected minimum weight with incapacitating episodes of more than two but less than six weeks total duration per year ....................................................................... 30 Binge eating followed by self-induced vomiting or other measures to prevent weight gain, or resistance to weight gain even when below expected minimum weight, with diagnosis of an eating disorder and incapacitating episodes of up to two weeks total duration per year ................. 10 Binge eating followed by self-induced vomiting or other measures to prevent weight gain, or resistance to weight gain even when below expected minimum weight, with diagnosis of an eating disorder but without incapacitating episodes..................................................................... 0 Note: An incapacitating episode is a period during which bed rest and treatment by a physician are required. (Authority: 38 U.S.C. 1155) I spoke to my rep at the RO rating office and she indicated that just b/c the rating guidelines state certain "wording" doesn't mean I shouldn't get an increase. I think I should be at least 10% but I DO NOT have "incapacitating episodes" of two weeks...Look at the above NOTE for incapacitating episodes. She advised me to consider discussing with both my therapist and my chief MH doctor about writing a letter attesting to my therapy as "incapacitating episodes". Meaning the therapy I am in weekly should be considered... I am really not sure what to do here??? QUESTIONS: 1) Should I attempt to file an FDC for an increase on Anorexia Nervosa? 2) If so, should I wait until the FDC that is pending for S/C dental (secondary to Anorexia Nervosa) be completed? 3) Is there such a way to get this accomplished? Thank You!
  7. Hello, Thanks you all for great help and advice so far in our adventure with the VA. I am helping my father with most of the grunt work for this process and he is represented by the American Legion. The backstory: Claim filed in 2005. Finally awarded in 2012 @ 50%, but they failed to infer the claim for TDIU, even though he has been on SSD since 2003, and the VA mentioned SSD with service connected symptoms in his VA award letter. His doctor letters also declare him permanently disabled from working (VA doctor). He filed a NOD 2013 stating that his claim should have been inferred automatically for TDIU (including back pay) and that his rating should have been higher and considered permanent due to the evidence they were already aware of. Where we're at: We received a letter this week from the VA notifying us that they received the NOD and that our appeal is for entitlement to service connection for anxiety, nos and depression, nos (claimed as PTSD). It states that we have a choice between" traditional appeal process" or DRO. Here is the problem. We are not appealing entitlement to service connection! (Why would we NOT want service connection?) We are arguing that our claim should have been inferred for TDIU since he has not worked since 2003, has been on SSD since 2003 and the VA has acknowledged SSD for "anxiety and depression" in the award for disability which was in fact granted for "anxiety and depression". By two questions are: 1. Why are they claiming we're appealing our service connection when its already been granted? 2. We want to argue that we should have been inferred for TDIU in our original award. Should we pursue the DRO or "traditional appeal process" route? Thank you all so much. I'm sorry I went inactive on my last post, but we are again in the process of moving as indicated in that post. More information about this case can be found here:
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