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Found 11 results

  1. I'm 100% disabled (P&T). Of my disabilities, I'm 10% for Allergic Rhinitis and 10% for Maxillary Sinunitis. Last year I developed a sinus infection that morph'd into pneumonia. I was given an antibiotic for the sinus infection and pneumonia, but had a bad reaction to it. It killed all the good bacteria in my gut, caused an overgrowth of bad bacteria, and also put my heart into AFib. I'm on meds to keep my heart in normal rhythm as well as for preventing blood clots (which can happen in AFib as the blood is not circuating properly). It took almost 10 months to get my gut back to normal, and although my heart is in rhythm for the most part, I do have periodic episodes where it goes into AFib. My question is: With my history of sinus infections (I usually get 1-2 per year, should I file for my heart condition as secondary to my sinuses, being that the sinus condition that caused me to be prescribed the antibiotic that eventually caused the chain of events that lead to the AFib? I know I am 100%, but I am thinking for my wife and DIC if I pass away from a heart issue that was brough along by my AFib? Thanks for the help.
  2. I have severe apnea of up to 70/hr. I also have in my service record showing I was diagnosed with Chronic sinusitus just one week before discharge in 1966. Has anyone been approved of sleep apnea seconfdary to Chronic sinusitus?
  3. I submitted a claim for Sinusitis, OSA,, and Tinnitus. My claim was denied for all 3. The tinnitus they claim was neither occurred in nor was caused by service. My job on active duty exposed me to gun fire, explosions, tanks, and tracked vehicles. I submitted the Duty Noise Exposure Spreadsheet that displayed my AFSC was rated as highly likely to be exposed to loud noise. In the first Exam they claimed I said my hearing loss was from jets flying overhead. Never said that, so they scheduled a second exam. This one they acknowledged the correct job but I was still denied. The evidence listed on the second decision dd not include the MOS Noise exposure chart I included on the first claim. I never went to sick call for ringing ears because that is just silly (had I known then) and was not something you did. I have had quiet office jobs since separating from The Air Force. What am I missing? For the OSA claim, I submitted Lay statements from my current wife and my ex-wife as well as explained to the doctor my symptoms and that when I was on Active Duty i had no idea sleep apnea was a thing. I assumed I just snored and was tired because I was working hard. I had a sleep study this past year and was deemed to have severe OSA. In my claim I listed that I believed my osa was related to my cluster headache disability. They responded Cluster headaches do not cause OSA even if there are many people with cluster headaches and also OSA. I experienced a stuffy nose during my headaches on the left side. This was completely different from the closing of my airway when I would sleep. It was just worst if both occurred at the same time. They claimed I have other risk factors such as being male, obesity, and advancing age. Something I did not include in my claim was the fact that I was on the Fat Boy program at one point on Active Duty and my SMR made a reference to obesity. Would this help support my claim. Also in the second decision they said I was a 73 year old male and I am no where near 73 so they probably mixed my records with someone else. What can I do about this? And Sinusitis, I have a couple diagnosis in my SMR's specifically listing sinusitis. I have had sinus issues since I was on Active Duty. I use a Netti Pot and have been diagnosed post active duty with sinusitis. The DBQ from the QTC Medical Doc claims I have rebound sinusitis because I mentioned using Afrin. I have always been aware of the danger of over use and in my VA records I discussed this concern whenever the VA would prescribe a nasal spray. What am I missing and how can I get this corrected. The errors on the 2 decisions make it seem as if they are not very organized and I have to suffer from their disorganization. Are they supposed to review all of the evidence from the initial claim when you submit a supplemental, or should I have resubmitted all the documents from the initial claim. Are the documents that contain research that supports your claim supposed to be on the evidence list as well? They were not on there and if they did not give those documents equal consideration what is my recourse. Any assistance would be appreciated Thanks for listening.
  4. I'm a Gulf War veteran with 90% S/C for various conditions. Some conditions that have been denied have been frustrating since I'm still suffering with symptoms. How can I create a Nexus for sinusitis and sleep apnea? I'm 30% for asthma and tried to create a relation between sleep apnea and asthma, but that was a no go. I was thinking trying again and tying my PTSD to that. Any thoughts? I was also shot down on sinusitis from the get go, but I thought all I had to do was tie my gulf war time to that condition. I guess I was wrong.
  5. Hello Hadit.com Members, I am new to the site, but I have reviewed a lot of information throughout the different forums and I must say the collaborated efforts to assist an in need fellow veteran is refreshing. Hopefully I am not too much of a burden with my situation and hopefully I can benefit from your guidance because right now I am at a loss on how to approach my claims. I am currently service-connected for TMJ - 20%
  6. I am 0% for Chronic Sinusitis and 0% for Allergic Rhinitis. For years I have had issues with Bronchitis and Bronchial Pneumonia. A VA physician stated that I was 'misdiagnosed' while on Active Duty. He said that I have Asthma due to Allergies in 2014. Since being treated for asthma my condition has improved. I am now doing immunotherapy (weekly allergy shots). I filed Asthma as a secondary to the Allergic Rhinitis and the VA denied the claim. I am also taking Allegra, Flonase, Singular, and Asthmanex. How can I prove to the VA that my Asthma is related to the allergies? Also, the VA refuses to perform CT of my sinuses for a higher rating.
  7. Hi, I am a 30 year retired vet. I retired 13 years ago. I as recently diagnosed with "very severe" obstructive sleep apnea. The machine they gave me is preset on the highest output flow. My episode exceed 35 times an hour with some lasting more than 30 seconds. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple of years prior to retirement and the study and diagnosis is documented in my record. In fact, they wanted to operate on my uvula. There lies the rub. The operation could have ended my career so I didn't persue. Additionally, while on active duty I developed severe chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis and this also is documented in my service health record. I have been living with this and chalking it down to getting old. Fast forward...I recently got a machine that they say I have to wear for the remainder of my life. I just learned that Tricare Prime does not pay for it all. So, I researched online and submitted a claim the E-benefits and it has been received and was under review until today when they changed this to "gathering of evidence" Development Letter Sent. Does anyone know what this means? What do I have to look forward to concerning the process. I watch the news. It doesn't look good, right? thanks in advance.
  8. Hello all, got a question, I have been dealing with multiple issues that are stress related, for over 20 years. During my 2nd year on AD I began to develop sleep issues, and from there I had sinus infections seemingly on a monthly basis. My bowels also began to be grumpy, resulting in diahria 3-4 days a week and stomach cramps. I also started consuming mass quantities of alcohol, mostly Jim Beam, till I passed out. I even enjoyed a NJP courtesy of said Jim drinking. I'm sure my MH problems began shortly after I fell down a flight of stairs during Boot Camp, in November of 1992. I do have a printed list of all my VA prescriptions for various NSAIDs over the years, which are medically proven to cause or increase depression. I was looking on eBenefits, trying to figure out how to file for these contentions. So..my question is, should I speak to my local VAMC bennies counselor, and have him file the claims? He's been pretty good to me so far(got me bumped from 60-80%. Any guidance suggestions clues or hints would be most welcome and greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Semper Fi. Andyman
  9. Ok i let time run out on claim for sinusitus/chronic colds and bronchitis/chronic colds. I had other medical issues that were more pressing including surgery I needed after I retired. I retired in Oct 2008 (1988-2008). Did initial C&P in May 2008 while still in service in NM and then moved to FL when retired so now under VA in St Pete. Initial C&P noted by general practiconer (a DR) "seen by ENT in 2004 for recurrent sinus symptoms. normal nasal endosopy and CT of sinuses were described as having "absolutely no evidence of chronic sinusitis", ENT felt symtoms due to local mold and suggested nasal rinses for relief." she put my date of onset of bronchitis as 2003. Noted i had several bad colds in Guam (2003-2005) that developed into bronchitis, sinusistis and walking pnemonia. improved since she left Guam and only one episode sinusitis in 2008. and course since onset: improved. - she had xray of sinuses done and showed nothing - no endoscopy performed but she noted turbinates and septum normal, no polyps or obstruction - and she said my tonsils were normal (they were removed in 1985) Rating Decision 8/17/09 They denied both sinusitis and bronchitis: here they said no endoscopic evidence of sinusitis by examiner (but she never had test done), last endoscopy was 2004. They listed treatment 1/2003 sinusitis, 4/03 cold sysmptoms, 7/03 severe cough, 8/03 pneumonia/bronchitis, 12/03 bronchisitis with persistent cough, 8/04 brochitis. OK in service record there are over 40 visits/treatments for upper respiratory infection, sinustis, rhinitis, bronchistis dating back to 1989. Best is ENT in 2004 diagnosed allergic rhinosinusitis. of cousre i was PCSing soon so no allergy testing but diagnosis right there that C&P Dr just failed to mention. Could not breath through my nose, sinuses all stuffed but not as much runny. Just figured I couldnt breath well. Went to ENT in 2013 (alot of other issues going on thats why delay) and CT showed 90% blockage on one side, deviated setum, haller cells, septal bony spurring and turbinate hypertrophy. Allergist did testing and i have multiple sever alergies not kept in check with several daily allergy meds. Had sinus surgery, 2 different sinus cavities had lots of junk, oplys removed, fixed septum, scraped turbinates and ballon dialation. terrible surgery and recovery. symptoms coming back with more sinus infections. Have ENT writing letter. So do i reopen with new evidence (have lots), CUE as Dr grossly omitted diagnosis of Allergic sinusitis which ties it all together or try an entire new claim for allergic rhinitis with sinusitis secondary. i had polys which were removed, new CT just done and not sure what will show. Any advice would be great. I am still fighting orginal claim as my surgery after retirement NP tried to say not service diagnosed. just did bva teleconference and they remanded back to St pete. help if you can. i think enough details for even layman to connect dots. They never looked at my entire record...just bits and pieces.
  10. Hello Hadit.com Members, I am new to the site, but I have reviewed a lot of information throughout the different forums and I must say the collaborated efforts to assist an in need fellow veteran is refreshing. Hopefully I am not too much of a burden with my situation and hopefully I can benefit from your guidance because right now I am at a loss on how to approach my claims. I served the USAF from 2000 to 2007 with an honorable discharge and I am currently 40% service-connected for TMJ - 20% ACL Reconstruction - Knee Joint Pain - 10% Right Ankle condition with Achilles tendonitis -10% Here is my issue: In 2005 I suffered facial trauma to my nasal area while participating in a squadron event that has since then continued to affect my breathing to this present day. During the event, one of the participants collided into me very hard at full speed, descending from an airborne position, and inadvertently came downward with his elbow ramming into my nose, which resulted in my visit to the Emergency Room. Upon impact, there was a break in the skin (aka hole) to my nasal area that required 3-4 stitches to reconnect the right alar sidewall to my cheek. My nose instantly bled internally, as well as from the right alar sidewall. I suffered a headache, dizziness, facial pain, and obstructed breathing. The impact felt like my face was broken. During my visit to the Emergency Room, the Emergency Room doctor looked at the injury and after 3 minutes of observation recorded his findings (without an x-ray or CT scan) as a facial laceration (I strongly disagree with this finding because of the symptoms I have experienced since the injury). The Emergency Room doctor then sent one of the aids to stitch my nose, prescribed Motrin for the swelling/pain, and told me to return to the Emergency Room in a week and one of the aids on site can/will remove the stitches. When the stitches were removed, I was still suffering a headache, nasal pain (tenderness), and difficulty breathing through the right side of my nose and made it known to the aid and she documented that. Since this event I have experienced various episodes of sinus troubles and infections (to include sinusitis), and a constant and consistent feeling of a blocked nasal passage. 2009 - sleep study diagnosed mild sleep apnea Could not tolerate the CPAP machine... felt like I was suffocating 2009 - 2013 Various sinus issues including sinusitis, allergic Rhinitis, and headaches. referred to ENT doctor and he stated there was a high septal deflection with Internal Nasal Valve narrowing on the side that may account for my complaints. Would require surgery for correction. 2013 - sleep study diagnosed moderate sleep apnea Trying to use the machine but it feel like I am suffocating.... may ask for different options on visit in 2 weeks. My questions are: Is there away for me to challenge a military ER diagnosis as an incomplete diagnosis to reflect the damage caused? My initial claim for my nose injury was denied because I claimed facial laceration. I did not have a VSO at the time, but when I acquired one, we put in an appeal claim in for a nose injury which has been pending since 2009. Will a nose injury suffice for a claime or does it need to be more specific? Could my sleep apnea be service connected if my sleep doctor provides a nexus letter stating that the moderate sleep apnea condition is more likely than not aggravated by the nose injury that occurred in 2005? or would the nose injury need to be connected first? Would a sleep doctor or ENT specialist opinion trump an ER doctor? Any direction or opinion or answer will be welcomed and respected.... sorry for the long story JFizzle
  11. What options do I have to prove allergic sinusitis at when my service records do not show that I had antibiotic treatment for four to six weeks? I have had more than six non-incapacitating episodes per year with the condition, but I don’t have headaches with it. It’s not in my record that I went to the clinic often enough to substantiate my claim. Why are those records not there? I just lived with the condition unless it was really, really unbearable. It was part of of who I was and am: I just get sick often, and the meds don’t really do that much good for the routine symptoms. I just let the nastiness run its course. The bottom line question is, when you “soldier on” in spite of a condition and your records don't back you up, what is the best course of action? Flying training and combat zone pollution have affected my sinuses...that's my nexus for service connection. I have a 0% rating now, for what that is worth. Here is what the schedule of ratings says about this under DC 6514: 30% - Three or more incapacitating episodes per year of sinusitis requiring prolonged (lasting four to six weeks) antibiotic treatment, or; more than six non-incapacitating episodes per year of sinusitis characterized by headaches, pain, and purulent discharge or crusting Thanks!
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