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Found 6 results

  1. Back in August 2020, my HLR asking for earlier effective dates for several disabilities were granted. Some of these effective dates went all the way back to 2010, so I got a nice chunk of retroactive pay. I had back surgery in 2014, a left ankle surgery in 2015, and a revision surgery in 2016 from the left ankle surgery. Since I was not service connected for any of these disabilities at the time of the surgeries, I did not claim temporary 100%. They all ended up in the appeals process and were finally granted with effective dates well before the surgeries. I just submitted new claims for temporary 100% for all 3 of these surgeries on December 15, 2020, and I see that the VA has already ordered exams. There are plenty of recent exams that they could go on from March 2020 when I had exams for these so they could be rated. I was just wondering if anyone had done this before. I would probably get a couple thousand dollars if all 3 are approved. That first left foot surgery was a long recover with a cast and a boot for several months.
  2. Greetings Vets!! I'm rated 100% P&T for MH and other physicals disabilities and haven't worked in 8 years. I was on IU before and after being deemed unable to be retrained via voc rehab and also a ssd approval, I was increased to P&T. I just recently was informed about smc (s) from another vet with similar issues and not working as well. I checked over my award letter and it basically stated that I didn't qualify for statutory entitlement but that was all. I asked my VSO about it and he stated even though I'm not working and I only get out for appointments that I wouldn't get smc (s) due to the way the VA looks at the entitlement. He gave me the link to 38 CFR 3.350 (i)(2) and he said this what the VA goes by, but I also looked up M21-1MR, Part 4, Subpart 2, Chapter 2, Section H (10)(B) and (F) and it states that HB "in fact" is determined if a Vet can't earn a income. So basically which VA reg determines the entitlement? I think my SC'd rating in itself should being considered originally (Panic Disorder w/Agoraphobia) but it wasn't. How would one proceed with trying to see if I should be getting this compensation? A CUE or a normal claim for it?
  3. Some of you had questions on Bradley vs Peake and its affect on SMC S. Here is VA's Fast letter, 09-33
  4. So I hope I am not JINXING myself. I have received notice from the DAV and also unofficially from ebenefits that a combined evaluation of S has been assigned as a result of the following actions: and it goes on to list at least 10 different actions. Some don't apply at this time and some just restate decisions that were already in place or made in the past. such as the rating of 60% for Asthma. And the denial for COPD, restrictive lung disease, anxiety disorder and idiopathic hypersomnia. It states the effective date which I feel is wrong but I wont NOD it since I currently have a NOD in for an effective date that goes back to 1984. I also am not going to contest or appeal the COPD or restrictive lung disease decision for the same reason. It's been hard enough just getting them to recognize the fact that the Asthma an in-service injury for Christ sake!!! Anyway I was given 70% !!!! for the PTSD (MST) which was very surprising!!! And then Entitlement to individual unemployability. And then there is this sentence that I don't understand which I hope someone can explain and answer what this benefit is. I have read the official regulation regarding this benefit but needless to say it simply confused me even more because none of the regulations are written in plain and simple ENGLISH!!! (And that really pisses me off considering they were suppose to rewrite all these regulation so that they were in plain ENGLISH. But that has not happened! And for the ones that they think they have done that too!!! Well I don't know who it is that is translating the complicated English to Plain English but who or whom ever it is, DOES NOT SPEAK OR KNOW EXACTLY WHAT PLAIN ENGLISH IS!!!) Sorry I had to say that. Got distracted. Anyway on with my question. I don't under stand what the ENTITLEMENT TO SPECIAL MONTHLY COMPENSATION BASED ON HOUSEBOUND CRITERIA BEING MET IS GRANTED FROM Then there is a date. So if someone could explain that to me and I also was wondering if there is a site someplace where I could figure what the retroactive amount will be. (I realize the VA will figure it out for me but I would like to double check what they are figuring) Ya so I guess I don't trust them 100% Does anybody else??? Thanks for the input and help. Aileen
  5. Im curios if anyone has gotten comp for arthritis secondary to a knee injury? Here is the deal: Im at 100 percent and am seeking the "easiest" route to SMC S. I have at least 4 possibilities to SMC S. 1. TDIU..since I applied in 2002, and have not been employed (SGE) since then. My TDIU claim was dismissed by RO as moot: the BVA appeal said it was "not moot" and remanded it to RO for an SOC. This is crazy and assumes the RO is going to deny the remand..predjudicing the RO. (The VA has a duty to maximize the benefits due to Veteran). However, when the RO "implemented" the BVA remand they "forgot" to even mention TDIU, even tho it was required by the Board. I appealed the RO decision but am interested in getting "on with my life" and not spend my last days fighting VA!!! 2. Arthritis of the KNEE(s). I have it in both knees, as it often happens with one knee injury, the other flares up also. I had a fracture in military and have developed arthritis in BOTH knees and its documented by xrays and several docs and physical therapists. My question is if I did get arthritis for the knees, it wont even qualify me for SMC-S unless its "About" 50%. I have 100% for depression 10 percent hearing loss 10 percent tinnitus. Not sure if SMC is added or combined (above 100 percent) but I need "at least" 40 percent for arthritis to make to to SMC S. Maybe somebody has gotten SC for arthritis of the knees and can share their percentage and symptoms. One doc says I have a "leg length discrepency". I dont have a firm "nexus" for arthritis but I may be able to persue it. Its somewhat compelling when you have a fracture that broken bone often gets arthritis. 3. Sleep apnea. Im not SC for OSA but definately have sleep apnea. Since they did not even know what OSA is in the 1970's this is a tough one to get SC'd on. No, I do not have a docs nexus linking OSA to service. Possibly or even probably my nexus has to be something secondary to depression..after all they make me take pills, at least some of which has led to weight gain (and sleep apnea). My doc did say if I could lose 50 pounds it would not guarntee getting rid of sleep apnea but it would likely reduce it. 4. Crazily, Im already "housebound" but its SMP housebound. The VA says Im housebound..but that its not service connected HOUSEBOUND. However, VA did not say in reasons and bases how I can be housebound NOT due to sc conditions. Thanks for the help. Id like to know your opinions on the best or easiest route to househound (SMC S). On ASKnod, he explained to be "housebound in fact" you dont need to NEVER leave the house..but never leave the house "for work". The VA was denying vets housebound if they showed up for a housebound c and p, reasoning if they made it to the docs for c and p, then they were not housebound. Buie struck that one down. Typical VA.
  6. Greetings all! I am a 50 year old male who has had a TKR last week and I am curious about a few things. I have been rated 70 %, TDIU 100 % pay total and permanent. What I need help with is the SMC S and also the increase of my rating for said knee. I have also had an appeal bouncing back and forth for my right knee. I have had an increase denied up to BVA. A group out of D.C. called the NVLSP contacted me about taking this to the next step. I did so and the decision from the U.S. Court of veterans appeals decided in my favor and sent my case back to VARO for the correction needed. Received notification from VARO that they would stand on the 20% with 10% residual for arthritis. The main area I need help with is how would I go about getting my rating on knee raised now that I have had the surgery and getting SMC S. I tried calling the Vet Rep at the VAMCNLittle Rock and he didn't really help. My wife has had to drive me to all appointments because of the cocktail of meds I am on for years now. Once again something that no on from the VA has explained to me ( surprise, surprise surprise ). What steps do I need to take?
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