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  1. Hi Hadit members! I have a question for folks who have SSDI: how hard is it to get? I have read information about SSDI stating it is harder to get vs VA disability, especially if the person applying for it is under 40. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  2. It's been about 7 years since my last ssdi review. Since then I have divorced my ex wife and have custody of my son. Last time I filled out SSDI papers the VA helped me fill them out. Before my ex would do everything and I never left the house much. On SSDI's 10 page review paperwork I forgot information and know I didn't do a good job. Had to call and tell them I forgot to list a medication or two. I got a call yesterday from the reviewer asking if I'd be willing to see a doctor they'd pay for. I said yes. This has me freaking out. I am rated 100% P&T for ptsd and my ssdi is just for
  3. I got a pretty good deposit in my account the day after the election. It didn't sit well with me. I figured they just screwed me again and the fight would have to continue. When I got the envelope the next week I read the decision and knew I was correct. I try not to let this stuff piss me off but it still does. Sometimes really bad. I have attached a copy of the rating decision. I have also attached a copy of a letter that I wrote to my congressman where I point out errors that I see. I have looked at the ebenefits letters. The commissary letter states " compensation at the 100 per
  4. I am currently 100% TDIU 70% PTSD 20% Back. I am on an ALJ appeal with social security. The judge has made a decision within 2 weeks of my appeal date. what are my chances that the letter is a favorable one. Thanks in advance
  5. Got my HLR call Saturday. Yes, Saturday. Hard to believe that someone in the VA is working on Saturday. Good thing the phone displayed VA or I wouldn't have bothered to answer it. I submitted my HLR back on 2 June 2020. Her call was on 24 October 2020. 144 days. The VA will definitely not make their goal of 125 days to the decision on this one. I am not sure what she had looked at in my case, if anything. She wanted to know what I was disagreeing with. I explained to her about the CUE I had filed, all the trouble I had getting VA to accept it. I explained to her how the VA had requested C&
  6. I'm a 58 yr old Air Force vet and I just recently got my SSDI approved which made me Medicare eligible. Me and my wife's health insurance is through Tricare Prime. Tricare rules say that I lose my Tricare eligibility if I decline Medicare Part B. Does this mean I have to pay both my Tricare premium and Medicare Part B premium to keep my Tricare insurance?
  7. I know that SSDI for SC disabilities means near automatic approval of TDIU but not the other way around. Does that mean that I should try to get SSDI first? If so, do you know of any good SSDI resources and forums? Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone. I've been searching this website and yukon website for my answers and I guess I just want to ask this question again because the answers I'm seeing are from 2011 or so and I want to make sure it's still valid for 2017. I got out of the service on medical discharge for fibromyalgia, MDD, and GAD in 2008. I was unable to tell anyone about my MST that happened prior to me developing Fibro (which I found out is usually connected to PTSD). Anyrate, since then I have talked to the VA Psychs for help and tried to "fix" myself and finally I opened up and told them about my MST a
  9. Hello All, Ive been coming to this site on and off for a couple of years, but this is my first post. Lot of knowledgeable and great people here. Thank you to all the old timers and those with experience for everything you contribute here. You do a lot for people, even though it may not be evident. Im a 36 year old 100 P&T VA for combat related PTSD, TBI and other service connected issues. Former active duty 11B B4, fought with the 101st in OIF. Left active in 2009 as I was having issues. No one was helping me, didnt understand what was wrong with me, and of course the culture of
  10. I received the short from from Social Security and checked the box "In the last year, I have not discussed with my doctor whether I can work". This is because it is understood that I cannot, and my doctor and I don't discuss working (at least, I think) because its a given that it is permanent that I cannot. Anyhow, this seems to have triggered the long form from ssdi and I filled it out and sent it in asap. I put my psych dr's contact info and my therapist's. My question is: Should I contact my doctor or therapist in advance or just let them respond to what the SS office asks for? Tha
  12. I got my second denial from SSA for SSDI. I'm 100% T&P Unemployable. I hired a law firm to do my paperwork because I just don't have the ability or concentration do so. So I got my second denial, which I'm not really happy with my Lawyer as I thought I would be getting more help with the filing. I had to fill out the question pamphlet they sent by myself which took forever. I didn't get any help on that. Which I though a lawyer would help with the wording and medical terminology info to make sure it sounded the way the SSA folks needed it to read. Now that I'm on the second den
  13. if SSDI allow you to make 12 grand a year and also the new law in one state makes anyone getting SSI get a job in order the get their checks 700. per month I f I do all my work around my house in like painting, cutting grass . Than I am a no go vet is that correct. I could care less what VA do film me. Their is somethings that members should be allowed to talk about, maybe adding more forums. If I paint my son house for cash money $1000.00 inside work will I tell my Doctors or VA about this.?????? No none of their business if they don't ask don't tell. Its not
  14. Hi, i am SC 100% P&T for bipolar, asthma and a few other things. I tried to apply for ssdi, but was denied - in a nutshell they said "we see that you are disabled, but we have determined that you can adjust to other work. we do not have sufficient vocational information to determine whether you can perform any of your other work". So i take this as them needing more proof that i am really a screwed up person (which unfortunately i am , mainly due to the extremeness of my bipolar). So iread that i could get a doctor to fill out a form to better explain my issues. https:/
  15. When a spouse is awarded SSDI and their Spouse has NSC Pension must they divorce to keep their $? What could be done to avoid divorce?
  16. I received the paperwork for Social Security a month or so ago saying that my case was up for review. It had some paperwork to fill out, etc. I filled it out and also enclosed my 100% IU permanent and total letter when mailing it back. Yesterday I received a letter back saying that they weren't reviewing my case at this time and that I need to notify social security if anything changes. I have never had any doctor or medical appointment for my SSDI, just my VA records. Do I just sit back and wait for them to decide to review or does this mean they will look at it again in 3 years?
  17. I am so lost and confused in this whole ssdi and va. My DAV rep tries to talk me out of applying for an increase but I told him to anyway and went from 30% for anxiety to 70% PTSD with anxiety. now at 100% schedular. My question is can and/or should I apply for SSDI and what are my chances based on what I have stated already. I have 11 different disabilities due to injuries and surgeries from military service. I continue trying to work but have had to quit 3 jobs due to the stress and disabilities :( I love working but struggle to keep working without causing more pain and hurt on my
  18. Hi everyone, I started voc rehab on October 10th of 2016, my counselor put me in a program extended evaluation because I have gone to school in the past and did not work out for me. I get BAH every month while I attend to this program, I volunteer at a call center and the manager submits the hours that I volunteer to my voc rehab counselor. I am required to complete 32 hours every week. During the month of November I completed half of the hours I was required to work resulting in an over payment from the V.A. I could not attend to my place of duty some days because I had ER visits, v.a. a
  19. Hello, I have been on SSDI for the last 3.5 years and got the long form in the mail last night. Obviously, I am very concerned that my SSDI benefits may be stopped. A bit about me. I am a veteran with a 50% rating for issues that are not mental health related but I do have open appeals for depression and anxiety with the VA that have been remanded from the BVA to my local office about 2 weeks ago after being on appeal since 2009. I was awarded a 10% increase in this remand for a physical issue and received back pay for it. The other mental health issues( depression and anxiety) are still on
  20. I am applying for Social security disability.. Does a letter from a family member documenting the effects the respective disability has on me help my claim???? Do any of you guys have any experience with this? Thanks again for your help
  21. So I finished filling out the SSDI stuff online, from the SS website tonight. I started the online process a few weeks ago. I have a letter from about a week or so ago from the SS administration, telling me to go back online and complete the following information: Disability Report Form 3368 Medical Release Form 827 I went back online and finished it, and "signed" a medical release area from the website. After looking up the Medical Release 827 form on the internet, I certainly didn't see anything that resembled that form while finishing up my a
  22. OK hold on to your hat quick review. Haven't worked since DEC 2012. Filed SSDI claim JAN2013 Was awarded TDIU Jan2015. I'm 80% combined rated at 100% Scheduler. Went in front of ALJ June 2015. The fat A$$ judge called me obese, a liar and denied my claim. Appealed on several issues the best one was new material evidence. I was able to get a Residual function test done by OT. And after reading the mission statement I was able to get my PCP to fill out a 6 page questionnaire done by Binder and Binder (NOT happy with them btw) Any how my DOC was thorough and definite as to my disability and ina
  23. Hello fellow vets! Back in 2008 I filed for ssdi after having filed my first c&p claim (2007) and was denied the ssdi, I feel due to my first open claim for c&p award came in 2008 for only primary SC condt--10% rating of TBI w/residuals, secondary SC condt--0% for depression, wasnt enuff for ssdi to be awarded to me. In 2009, I appealed both c&p (2008) award and ssdi (2008) denial and I was once again denied ssdi in 2009 for a 2nd time but was awarded an increase in SC Disb & Comp: 2007 Combined rating 10% increased in 2010 to a Combined rating of 80% Primary SC Condt: TBI
  24. Hello fellow vets! Back in 2008 I filed for ssdi after having filed my first c&p claim (2007) and was denied the ssdi I feel due to my first open claim for c&p award came in 2008 for only primary SC condt--10% rating of TBI w/residuals, secondary SC condt--0% for depression wasnt enuff for ssdi to be awarded to me. In 2009, I appealed both c&p (2008) award and ssdi (2008) denial and I was once again denied ssdi in 2009 for a 2nd time but was awarded an increase in SC Disb & Comp: 2007 Combined rating 40% increased in 2010 Combined rating 80% Primary SC Condt: TBI w/residua
  25. I am a 100% DAV for PTSD, DMII, and a handful of other maladies. I heard something today that has raised a BIG Q. Am I or am I not allowed to earn any income without jeopardizing my SSDI benefits? Thanks, Jim Gilmore 307 FMS U-Tapao AB, Thailand 71-72 617 MASS Da Nang AB, Vietnam 72 616 MASS Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam 72-73
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