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Found 8 results

  1. I’m helping my MIL who refuses to call but once a month or so to check on her deceased vet husbands claim. She keeps getting conflicting information. She was told in June her claim packet would come in July and that he was going to be paid out on at least 5 claims dating back from Vietnam. He was exposed to Agent orange and ultimately passed 4 years ago from complications. He’s been fighting for this for almost 15 years. In July she was told her claim was in Demand to Pay status. Still nothing. We’ve searched all over the web and found no information about what this status means. Anyone heard of it?
  2. I opted into RAMP on 22 May 2018. To date nothing has been posted in ebenefits or vets.gov. Almost every other veteran I contacted via blog, etc. said their status had been updated within two weeks of RAMP submission to show their legacy claim closed and RAMP opened. The only thing I've managed to do is confirm that VA received the RAMP Opt-In on 22 May 2018, and that the Opt-In had not been processed or accepted yet. My appeal is based on VA having made a mistake in applying existing law and I sent a copy of the CFR(law) with my appeal. I talked with a former VA rating official (Doctor) that said they have no choice except to approve the appeal. I did not call it a CUE (Clear Unmistakeable Error, but that's what it really was/is. Its been 65 days since VA received the RAMP Opt-In and I would just like some indication about whats happening. I sent in an on-line question and received a generic run around answer that didn't have any real information. Can anyone advise me on why no status has been posted or how VA might handle an appeal when they clearly screwed up. Did they send it back to the initial reviewer to rework instead of logging it into RAMP. My VSO can't find out anything so far. Thanks to anyone that can help me understand.
  3. Hello! Excuse me if I posted this in the weong section but I have hit a hicup in my claim process. Yesterday my claim changed status to preperation for notification. Then today it changed again. It went to Review of Evidence but in the notes it says the notification letter was sent. Also under disabilities it now says I have a rated 90 percent. So my question is, do I just need to wait for it to update? Is it possible this is some famous ebenny glitch? Also my estimated completetion date changed from 3/29 to 6/06-10/20. Did it actually go back to review of evidence even though it says notification sent AND it now shows I have a rating on my profile? Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!
  4. July 1 went from under review to preparation for notification and todat I went to preparation for decision. Does anyone know if this is good or bad for me?
  5. Hello all, This is my first post in the forum. I got out the service in 2006. I put in the anxiety claims in 2012; first the claim was denied and I appealed finally got 50%. After 50%, I disagreed so I appealed again for anxiety disorder in the past 2 years after VA granted with 50% in 2012. After 2 years waiting, I finally got the Cp exam a month ago for the appeal in 2012 . In 2014, I put in an claim for Iu and I know my criteria does not fit for Iu (50%); but Vocational rehab at VA stated the I'm currently not stable for school that why I put in the IU claim. I only have one job lasted for 6 months since 2006. I have a couple questions regarding the two claim indicated above. I went to the QTC exam last month, the Doctor agreed that my disability should be at 70% and she specifically told me to put in the IU claim after the increase. But I did put it in already so should this be a problem. Once again, the doctor told me straight up to file for IU. 1. My question is if I'm going to get 70% then retro should be back since day one when the 50% was granted? 2. If IU claim is approved then when is the pay started, 2012 or 2014? 3. Ebenefit for Appeal claim in the past 2 years show no status or changing at all ; but last week it showed that "Statement of the case" sent, is that closed? 4. Ebenefit for IU claim show last week the status was changing back and forth between "preparation for notification" and now back to "pending decision approval" why is this happening? 5. I've called VA in the couple times last week, reps always tell me different answers. First is my appeal is done, and my Iu is pending, but now they said that both cases are done SOC sent the same time. Why the answer different? 6. If the cases done then why the generator is still showing the same status even though the SOC sent last week? 7. If my IU is denied, should I put in and appeal or reconsideration? Should I go back to the QTC doctor and ask for a statement to support the IU if it deny. Thank you in advance for all the help.
  6. Well... I have some frustrations that top off at about ready to explode! MST is not a easy thing in any way to live with. I didn't do this to myself! My claim has been sitting in the 'dead pile' for 14 or 15 of the 18 months it has been at the R/O. Frustrated.. you betcha! Each time I call that useless 1-800-827-1000 number I get the same retard answer... it's still just sitting there. Well now it's still just sitting there on somebody's desk. That sounds strangely familiar doesn't it?! Now.. lately since I have been calling once or twice a week, they have come up with a new discovery. A mandate of some sort has come down from the .. as they say "higher up if you know what I mean" that they Must complete all 2010, 2011 cases soon. I've heard soon before too and also "I don't know when they will get to your claim" most often. So, then they say as if it is REAL important information and I should be relieved especially since I have a claim that is taken 2x's the time it's supposed to in Houston... they say that the raters have to stop working on all 2012 and 2013 claims until ALL of the 2010 and 2011 claims are absolutely completed. Oh and get this, they have a task force now and they have status checkers which I just found out a month ago that they even have. I'd been calling regularly for my status and no one had ever even told me. I changed my Power of Attorney to Veterans Service Reps because they are supposed to be really good in getting your claims rated in a proper time frame. They don't know crap either. The status checkers tell me more information than they do and their both looking at the same information! I don't trust the VA anymore! Not in this department. I've been treated quite decently elsewhere but this... NO! In Houston at first they were saying it would take 12-14 months. I kept calling anyway and they kept telling me that it's sitting on someone desk. I filed in Dec. 2011... it is now May 2013. Now when I call.. they tell me, Oh claims in Houston are only taking 1 year to complete.. and I see that you are WELL over that. It looks like they have all the evidence they need, it's just waiting for review... aka sitting on someone's desk - still! ebenefits still says Gathering Evidence. According to the Veterans Service Rep., ebenefits sucks too! So how much faith does that give you in the so-called VA claim filing system? Did I mention that I have done my comp & penn which took only a few weeks for them to receive. That was a long long time ago. Did I fail to mention that the VA kept sending me a form asking me to further explain in detail what happened to me in MST. I was and still am a complete basket case, I'm on medication... I know I have been spiraling all day but it feels good to let off some steam and not have to be civil for things that are not civil to me! What does that do to a person when you ask them to go into detail about the same horrible thing 4 or 5 times! I had to go up there and practically cause a scene to get the guy to understand! I told him to Not send me anymore of them damn forms, I have no more information for them and I keep telling them that! I ended up sick, and in a really really bad way mentally because of the insensitivity of the raters toward my claim. Now they are telling me they should be done with my claim by June 18. She promised me that my file is on someone's desk (I think I told y'all that already) and so that must mean someone is working on it though she can't see who it is. Then she tells me to not call back until 1 July, if it still is not completed then I can speak to a supervisor! I have not heard of anyone speaking to a raters supervisor on any VA claims forum that I've visited so I am sure these people are blowing smoke at me again! I given up any trust I have had in the VA's ability to do their part in taking care of a soldier when they come home. Medical is fine for me, thank God but claims.... I hope that they will one day need to know some sort of information as we do and end up having to deal with someone like themselves. That would make this just about 'square'. Oh yeah, my friend got his SSI & Social Security almost 5x's faster than it's taken me to even get to the point I'm at now with my claim. The Federal Gov't is taking care of it's citizens but not its soldiers! Oh, and the R/O put down all the stuff I'm claiming on one claim. DO Not do this if you can help it. Let them work each claim individually because then you have a little bit better chance of getting one of them to at least be seen by someone. When I first saw the Veterans Service Rep she asked me if I am getting compensated for anything, I told her no and she seemed shocked. I don't know, maybe I'm about the only one who had a moron fill out the claim form. She started to do it separately and then changed her mind and did it all on one claim. If I knew then what I know now...
  7. Well, just about at the point where I was about to let go and fall into another one of my deep depressions and have another manic episode or so it would've seemed, I went online and signed onto ePeggy and, fully expecting to see the same thing I've seen for almost two years ("gathering evidence", a.k.a. "gathering dust") I saw something completely different: the status was "Preparation For Decision" and in my letter generator the letter available for me to print out and prove to people how much disability percentage and payment I receive monthly was not available online. This has peaked my curiosity quite a bit. Along with reading all of yall's posts about your similar situations paired with some expected guidance my local VA rep advised me on recently this all seems to be coming together rather appropritely. Quite odd though being as the VA has never really given me anything but a bottle full of pills that make me high as a kite and years worth of empty promises. Please, brothers and sisters in arms, I would love love love yall's input. Anxiously awaiting! God Bless!!!
  8. I started my claim 14-Sep-1010 I was completed and rated 17-Jan-2012. I have been rated at 100% and recieving compensation. That is good I am happy about it. When I got my rating my dependents had not been included so I filled the paperwork out and sent it in. During the last 7-8 months I have waited and not heard anything from VA until last month. I talked to a lady on the phone, and she said that the claim I filed 14-Sep-2010 was still pending and that I just needed to be patient. I told her that was not correct and explained to here that I already had been rated and that I had recieved my confirmation letter. She looked in the computer again and said oh ok, so what is the problem? I explained to her that I was trying to ad my dependents and that I had sent in birth certificates and my marriage license. She told me that she would call me back. That was a month ago. Well this morning she called and left a message telling me that my claim that I filed 14-Sep-2010 had been completed as of today. She also said in the message that my claim for dependents would be processed at this time. She then after that said that she did not have an answer for me as to when I would be recieving my compensation because it had to go the approval department/office. I was blown away by all of this. I logged in to E-benefits and sure enough right there plain as day that my claim is pending. I look in my payment history and you can see where I got my back pay and where I get my compensation every month. So what I am now worried about is that they are going to kick my rating back or worse yet my compensation may be interuppted until someone can figure this out. I have been trying to call the lady back so I can find out what the deal is, but the number she called on only offers me a directory I cannot access. If anyone knows what is going on that would be great. All I was trying to do was add my dependents and get them some health care.
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