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Found 14 results

  1. My question is can you be on TDIU and still do Doordash? Next year will be 10 years TDIU for me. I'd like to make some extra money to payoff bills and think about a bigger home for my family. I know there's no way I can work like I used to, I've accepted my limitations, but Doordash would let me work when I want and if I'm hurting, I don't have to do anything. Plus I think it would qualify under both marginal and protected environment work. Honestly, though, the VA terrifies me, and I've heard stories of vets who followed the rules and got screwed anyway. So I'm asking for advice or anyone with experience here. I tried going on the Board of Veterans Appeals site and searched up "Doordash" to see if anyone has gone through this, but nothing that applied. Thanks.
  2. Long story short-I was 90% scheduler and awarded TDIU. Many years later I received 100% scheduler p&t, and the VA kept the TDIU designator. So I am currently 100% scheduler with TDIU and permanent and total My question is, has anyone ever asked the VA to make the TDIU moot? If so, have there been any negative ramifications from the VA because you asked them to make the TDIU moot? I am aware I will loose smc s designator and I am ok with that. My concern is that I dont want to go through another round of c and p exams. I just want the TDIU to be declared moot.
  3. Hi, The VA awarded me TDIU P&T. My current rating is 70%. Does the TDIU alone qualify for ChampVA's requirements? Thanks
  4. So I found out that my TDIU P&T was approved. i have a few questions. 1. Can I get champ VA for my depends (son and parent) 2. Can I work for my aunt if the job is a Sheltered Employment, or does that not apply since it is permanent? 3. Can I get a home and not have to pay taxes in Florida? 4. the back pay date just says N/A, when will it post? This concludes all of my questions, thank you.
  5. So i just finished my C&P for tdiu/increase last week. Everything went well, "can't hold job due to service connected symptoms etc".. Now they're saying "We have requested copies of your disability medical records from Social Security." I just contacted social security and they have no records for me, because I never filed for social security. I'm worried about them denying me because I never filed for social security. Should I be worried? Is this normal?
  6. So I meet all the requirements, I have a service connected social anxiety disorder rated at 70%. Due to that, I am unable to work in around people, without severe symptoms. I have not worked in over 2 years leaving my last job due to social anxiety. I filled out the two forms and mailed it today. Should I have any worry about the next few steps? What i've read may or may not have to do another c&p, and it should be an open and shut case, because I match every requirement. What do you guys think, would I be an open and shut case, or will this be a long and drawn out fight? Also, is there a back pay for tdiu? Thanks in advance bros!
  7. Am 72, retired, Vietnam Vet, 4 years active 23 years active reserve and NG, Military pension. Had HPV-16 virus in tongue and applied for AO connection but was denied. Getting SC 90% disability for: Tinnitus 10%, Agent Orange diabetes II 20%, left and right hand nephropathy. 20% each. Lumbarsacrol strain arthritis of spine, inverterbrae disc syndrome and lower lumbar spondylosis 40%, SC for radiculopathy was 10% for both feet then denied as being pinched nerve from back that was not considered SC. In the military, fell off a helicopter (AH-1) while postflighting. Fell on left side bounced on wing, then metal weapons pod, and then concrete. Broke left wrist, Worked my way back to active flight status and left unit after getting static about passing an alternative PT test. Went to Reserve unit and just toughed it out till retirement. Went to chiropractors from 1992 till present to stay flying with Reserves and airline till retirement. Still seeing chiropractors. Even though have documented hip problems, VA says no record of diagnosis on active duty or reserves status so denying service connection for post service pain and disability. The Veteran Service Officer working with me from local County is directing me to go in for a TDIU supplemental claim, as with my 40% and other disabilities I would qualify for TDIU. Originally told me that it was a formality since I had all the 'requirements' - but VA now bringing me back in for a full exam. Is this normal? Any advice on what to bring up or not? While in constant pain from back, neck and shoulder - I feel stupid for doing this with already a 90% rating with all the guys and gals with WORSE conditions than I have. Plus am retired already with a pension. Anyway the items they will check are below. I will try to look up the number here on the web site. Thanks for any input, guidance of what to bring up or not during exam. DBQ MUSC BACK (THORACOLUMBAR SPINE CONDITIONS DBQ NECK (CERVICAL SPINE) CONDITION DBQ NEURO PERIPHERAL NERVES CONDITIONS EXCEPT DIABETIC NEUROPATHY DBQ MUSC SHOULDER AND ARM CONDITIONS CPT 90354, CPT 99090
  8. If I were to get a job where I was considered a Virtual Employee(with a big company) and Worked from my home. Is that considered a "sheltered environment"? Meaning would I get in trouble for working from home and make more than the poverty threshold? Thank you Scott
  9. In 2017 I received my award letter and it stated that I was tdiu permanent and total with no future exams. Since then I have never received anything in the mail from the VA asking whether I'm working or not or earned any income. I got curious about this and read up on a few posts that they now verify if there's any earned income through Social Security and IRS. My question is in 2019 I earned $600 helping an elderly family friend around her house. I cleaned her yard, cut the grass and things of that nature on the days I felt well enough to do it. It was an hour here and there. The total for the year was 600. Well now fast-forward to 2020 it's tax time and since I earned $600 I filed that on my taxes under household worker. I did not realize that I was not required to file taxes under a certain amount of earned income. Nevertheless the taxes have been filed and now I'm worried that this could compromise my tdiu permanent and total status even though I have read up on marginal and or gainful employment criteria and the 600 earned is way under the poverty threshold. I guess most of the worry comes from the conflicting information I read on posts some say that if you make under a certain amount of money under the poverty threshold and are not involved in gainful employment or your employment is marginal then you really don't don't have anything to worry about. On the flip side I've read plenty of post where people say if you work and income is reported you'll be electronically flagged and lose your tdiu so I really need some help and guidance please on how this could affect me and what I should do if I receive something in the mail from the VA.
  10. Hello all, I've been a big fan of this site and would like to thank all for the great insights pertaining to all. My questions follows.. I filed a NOD in receipt on July 30th 2018 as va.gov showed. It was for a DRO review. I filed for 3 contentions for increase and TDIU. Which always shows as 2 different claims on VA.GOV site. My current rating before NOD was at 90%. For total of 12 rated issues. Recently this week showed up on VA.gov and ebenefits as granted 100 TDIU but on ebene I did the math.. 50%, 10%x5, 20%x4, 30%x2.. This should add up to 95% which makes it 100 schedular so I thought... Below are what I saw from ebene. I'm just confused coz if 100 by schedular the TDIU should be moot.. Also, my disability on ebene shows 100 disabled. I want to have 100 schedular. Haven't received the brown envelope yet with decision letter. No retro pay yet. I'm bad at pasting all info from ebene on this post... Ebene benefit summary breaks down with checks: 1. You have one or more serv related disabilities. YES 2. Your combined serv connected disabilities are 100%. 3. Your current monthly award is: effective date of last change amount and date.. $4158.32 / 12/01/2019. 4. You are being paid at 100% due to your unemployability due to your service disability. YES 5. You are considered t&p so let due to your serv connection. Effective dates of your T&P disability dates are 10/07/2017. 6. You are being paid SMC due to your service type severity..etc... YES Everything here looks like tdiu 100 but my total math on my ebene shows 95 which us 100. My retro is another thing..if schedular..it seems as since my increase on the NOD was effective on 11/27/2019 that made me 100 by va math and the TDIU stated above was for 10/07/2017 effective. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. So I was recently granted TDIU and noticed a large lump sum deposit into my DIRECT DEPOSIT on 9/16/2019. Well that account cannot hold large sums of money over $10,000 so I provided them with the new account information 9/17/2019. Well my award is STILL suspended and I'm frustrated and broke. I have two kids with one of them being 19months old. I have no food and $40 to my name. I'm two months behind on rent and my lights will be shut off in less than a week. Of course, the VA is taking their precious time to un-suspend my award. Im calling everyone I can including the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to see if I can get it expedited. Anyone know of this or has went through this. What can I expect and any advice> Thanks.
  12. I filed a claim in october of 2018 for ptsd and TDIU, long story short I tried to do everything myself and didn't have the proper diagnosis so I was service connected for anxiety based on having a medical marijuana card diagnosis for anxiety but the rating was 30% and I much worse off then that. So I obtained a referral from the va to a fancy psychiatrist from the university of north florida's behavior health department and was diagnosed with ptsd, bi polar 1 and panic disorder. I used this new medical evidence as my supplemental claim evidence and filed it April 16, 2019 after receiving my letter March 20, 2019. My claim is now at Pending Decision Approval with an estimated completion date of july 2, 2019 which is super fast from all I have read. My question is, Am I going to be awarded tdiu with the evidence I submitted if they adjust me up to 70% which I think it will . Or if they award 70% for ptsd on this new supplemental claim will i have to re-apply for tdiu again? Or would that all be considered in the final review of the entire claim? Thanks for any help. 1-22 1BCT 4th I.D. "Regulars by God"
  13. Hello all, a few months ago(9/11/18) I applied for TDiu being as tho I am 70% service connected for ptsd (.oef 2010-2011) the dro called me personally since it was a RAMP appeal and was granted tdiu dating back to feb 3 2018. This was 12/29/18..with that being around the holiday time I was told to expect delays almost 3 months later and all that shows on ebennies is that they are with holding funds for a lawyer. My lawyer sent in a letter stating he was removing fees since he actually didn’t do anything other than file the nod. Yet when I call Peggy all they can tell me is that it’s still processing and everything is done just waiting on a signature until the notification is sent out .. can anyone tell me how long I’m looking at waiting here? I’m getting anxious and no one seems to have answers
  14. Hello, and thank you for reading. I have a question regarding my Veteran's Affairs rating and whether I should pursue a 100% unemployable rating due to mental illness since I received benefits in 2010. In 01/2010 I was awarded 100% permanent and total non-service connected disability from the VA due to a bi-polar disorder. I felt this was unfair as I entered the military in good mental and physical health, and experienced hazing in the military to the level I have developed a schizo-affective disorder. After many years of fighting the VA for service-connected recognition, I was granted a 70% service-connected disability in 2014 due to having a schizo-affective disorder. I cannot work, I have sever anxiety, bi-polar, paranoia, and other issues that just go up and down, regardless of what medication my doctor keeps putting me on. I've been hospitalized for suicide attempts MANY times since 2010. Is it worth hiring a lawyer or VSO to attempt the rating increase, or is it too risky after all of the fighting just for 70% in the event of a decrease because a doctor is having a bad day and just doesn't like me?
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